who knew you were so controversial?


lisa fabrega

I wrote a Facebook post the other day that blew up my page.
I couldn’t believe the amount of positive responses I got,
especially considering it was an extremely edgy topic.

What I shared on Facebook is that very often,
when I’m speaking to other entrepreneurs,
potential clients or current clients who are working
on re-patterning this belief system with me, they will
drop a “name” and then ask me with an awed tone…
do you know who that is?

My answer is usually “nope!”.

And it’s always interesting to see the look of surprise
that scatters across their face.

You see, I have what others would call a very successful
business”, yet I don’t know much about the conferences
“everyone is going to”, the people who are considered “big”
at the moment or the most hyped book that everyone and 
their mother is currently reading.


Well, 2 years ago I unsubscribed from most of 
the hype in the entrepreneurial world, because it was
slaying me and my creativity.

At the time, I was at the 2-year mark in my business,
and like you, even though I was not always totally clear on
what it would look like, I had a big vision and a burning
desire to see my deepest calling come into fruition.

Like you, deep down I had a feeling that I was here
to impact the world in a big way. 

A way that would leave the world a better place
than when I came into it.

Whether you currently relegate that desire to the
corner of your mind or repress it in favor of being
“practical” (“who’s going to pay me to do that? 
Be reasonable!)

or you are just now beginning to allow it to come
forth, trepidatiously dipping your toes in the
shimmering pool of your life’s calling

or you’re already playing big and want to take it
to the next level…

I get you.

You see, there is a big problem you have to face 
when you have such a deep calling to serve.

The “problem” is that you want to have your impact
and you want to have it NOW.  You see the shift that
you can create in the world and you want to help so
much that you can get really frustrated because
sometimes it feels like no one notices you or your efforts.

And that means you might not ever get the chance
to make the impact you know you’re here to make.

And most likely, you’ve never done anything like what
youre being internally guided to do and stepping
into the “unknown” can feel scary with no guarantees.

So, if you’re anything like I was when I first started out
on this path, in order to feel less afraid, you start looking
all around you to see examples of people who are having
some modicum of success doing the very thing that you
are wanting to do.

But thats where we fall into the dangerous trap
I was talking about at the beginning of this post.

I wanted to be successful and I wanted to do it fast.
The faster I became a huge success, I thought, the faster
I could really start to help people on a massive scale.

So I became obsessed with what everyone was doing.
Thinking those people had the secret formula that would
get me the success and impact I was craving.

I subscribed to all the newsletters of the most hyped
entrepreneurs, coaches and thought leaders, I bought
all the books everyone seemed to be reading and raving
about.  I signed up for the programs.
Went to the conferences.

I spent a lot of time, money and focus on what was
happening externally.   And before long, I began to
think that “they” had the answers I was looking for
and that I was not good enough to trust my own
internal guidance when it came to my mission.

As a result, I stayed really unclear on what my
purpose was or how I would even do it/whether
I was capable.

Observing who got picked to be lauded and who didn’t,
who was labeled as a “genius” or a “thought leader”,
who everyone was freaking out about on social media,
who was invited to speak on that popular radio or TV show,
wondering what I had to do to “get noticed” by the people
I was seeking approval from and get them to label me a “genius”…

All of that bullshit was taking so much of my mental space
and emotional wellbeing, that I had a total breakdown.

I went home to visit family one week and I got sicker than
I had been in a long time.  I had a fever, hallucinations,
severe chills, couldn’t speak,  couldn’t get out of bed
for a week and I got fed up with all of it.

And then I grieved.

Because by being wrapped up in all that external hype,
I had lost my connection to my internal guidance,
I had lost my sense of self worth,
I had lost my connection to my truth & purpose
and worst of all, I, a born artist, had lost my creativity.

So I unsubscribed. From everything.

For a few months, I read NOTHING but my own words.
I did not even expose myself to movies, fiction books.

I wanted to hear my voice and my voice only.

And I began writing about all the things I had been
sure would get me ridiculed and ostracized… even
though those were exactly the things my heart had
been asking me to say in order to fully step into
my mission.

I wish I could say that it was all butterflies & flowers,
but it wasn’t always.  I had a lot of people unsubscribe
from my newsletter when I started saying what I felt
called to say.  For 4 months, my income fell to half of
what I had been making. I felt afraid, a lot.  
Many people left nasty comments.

But I also started getting some of the most amazing,
heartfelt letters from people in my community.

My liberation began to liberate others.  

And before long, I had a tribe that was on the edge
of their seats and roaring for more.  I had to hire
a Customer Care specialist to handle all the thank
you emails I was getting and all the people, I had to
wait list my programs and my business revenue
doubled to multiple six-figures.

When I sign up for things now, it’s because my gut
tells me to. This year I signed up for a very pricey
high-level mastermind, simply because I liked the
people running it, could feel they were aligned with
themselves, authentic and my gut got a good
feeling about them.

Because I don’t read much anymore (I’m subscribed
now only to the newsletters that challenge me in a
good way and that help me reach higher), I had no
idea if that program was the thing everyone is doing.

I didn’t even know much about the people running it
other than that I liked them.

The events I’ve signed up for this year,
I simply felt called to do so in my gut.
And because I gave myself the space I needed
to re-connect with my true voice, I trusted it. 

My creativity has come back full force (and I know
there is still even more creativity to tap into!).

My last program actually came to me in a dream.
I woke up and had the entire program in my head
and drew it with color markers on big white sheets
of paper.  That program became IMPACT (which all
the women in my Fearless Feminine Leader Mastermind
are getting for FREE this year).

IMPACT contained all of my most truthful sharing
about what I’ve come to learn about following your
calling and removing the internal obstacles that prevent
you from doing that.  There was some pretty edgy,
not-often-spoken-about content in there.  I was scared
to launch it, because nobody was talking about some
of the stuff I opened the door to in that program.

But when I launched IMPACT,  I sold twice the amount
of spots I had anticipated and it ended up being my
most successful launch of all time.  

You should see the testimonials for that program.
They fucking blow me away.

Im not perfect.
I still get sucked in to the hype machine sometimes.
I still get wrapped up in the comparison trap at times.

But I have the tools now to learn to quickly extricate
myself from it.  Because every minute you spend in
the comparison trap is a minute of creativity that is
being robbed from you, that you will never get back.

Every hour you spend focused on trying to find your
truth outside of you, is an hour thats been robbed
from the limited amount of time you have to dedicate
your life to leaving the planet a better place with your
beautiful mission.

My primary focus now is on staying connected to my truth
and creating everything from that place.

And thats what women entrepreneurs and future 
thought leaders now come to work on with me.

It’s why I created the Fearless Feminine Leader Mastermind.

Because the world needs more of you fully rooted in 
your truth and serving up your soul’s deepest offering
from that place.

So if you’ve ever wondered “how that person does it”,
chances are that they are not reading up on what
every one is doing.

Theyre focused on how they serve.
And they have a shit ton of support.

Sorry, but you will not be able to do this alone,
because the path of a mission-driven, visionary 
thought leader is a path of initiation.

When you decide to go all in for your lifes calling, 
you are taking a path less traveled because most people
are afraid to go for it and instead opt for a half-dead life.

You WILL stand out, because there is nobody else on
the planet quite like you, with your perspective. Some
people won’t like it, because you will remind them of
all the things they are not allowing themselves to do.

Being such an outlier amongst your peers, all of your
unconscious fears and doubts will come up and
in order to move past them so that you can unleash
your revolution in the world

you need not only an expert guide who has been
through it and is on that path for life…

but you also need a high level tribe that is going
to have your back every step of the way, even when
you’re feeling afraid.

That’s what the Fearless Feminine Leader Mastermind
is all about.   And there are now just a few spots left.

(You can apply for that right here , but hurry because
the application deadline is January 31.

I created this Mastermind because it’s time to stop
getting wrapped up in that external BS and forge
the path that is your soul’s calling.

The one that not only will be deeply fulfilling, but
that will help you build that unique thought-leader
brand that you’ve been desiring, instead of turning
you into a second-hand clone of someone else.

It all starts with you making the decision to cut the crap
thats keeping you small and get the high-level support
that you need for your big vision.

Disconnect from the illusion of hierarchy and hype.
Re-claim your unique Self and your creativity.

With profound devotion to your revolution,
Lisa Fabrega

ps: have you seen the incredible testimonials. from
the women who have participated in the Mastermind
in the past?  You should definitely check them out,
even if you’re not interested in the program, they
are SUPER inspiring.  Watch them even if you just
need a little inspiration today.