why I don’t believe in rational decisions


lisa fabrega



A few weeks ago, I watched a woman take the stage and deliver one of the most powerful talks on limiting beliefs 
that I have ever seen.

What most impressed me was not even her amazing content, but how confident she was in giving that speech, how she just glowed from the stage and how she just OWNED it.

She was so mesmerizingly in her power and the audience was completely captivated, on the edge of their seats the entire time she was speaking.

At a certain point in the video, I had to stop the video and take a few deep breaths. Want to know why?

As I watched this woman close her speech, I saw the room go wild over what she had just shared.  What brought tears to my eyes, what blew me away, was that this woman, just a few years ago had been on unemployment, barely able to pay her bills, in a job she hated and living in a tiny apartment that suffocated the life out of her.

She was completely unclear on what she was meant to do on this earth and was heavily in debt with no money and was slowly destroying her health by emotionally overeating.

Sometimes it was so bad, she didn’t leave her house.

She felt her life was passing her by.

Now she was standing before me in a bright yellow shirt, at her ideal weight, living in the place she had always dreamed of living, but never thought was possible for her, with a successful business and commanding the stage to the point of bringing people in the audience into a resounding, thunderous cheer.

She now had the ability to MOVE people.

She was a magnetic thought leader.

And she was my former 2012 Fearless Feminine Leader™ Mastermind client.

So I knew I had to interview her for you as soon as I saw her speech.

Because if I had told her this is where she’d be when she first started the Mastermind with me that year,  she would have slammed a door shut in my face and been insulted by what she thought was a blatant lie I was telling her.

She tells me all the time now:

    • <p.“Lisa, not only is

my life completely unrecognizable to me in the best of ways,

    but I am completely unrecognizable to myself. Not only did I reach my goals of who I wanted to be, I far surpassed what I could even imagine was possible at the time. This amazing way of living was not even within my reality, or a possibility I considered”.

She spilled all the secrets in this incredible interview with me below. 

And there’s one thing she reveals at the end of the interview that is THE secret to her incredible success in her business and life, doing what she loves.

You have to learn this secret, it even blew ME away.

It was completely irrational and counterintuitive…and it worked!

Check it out below by clicking on the video below.

If you are the first to watch the video and guess the secret correctly, I’ll send you a free Kindle copy of my favorite book, “Choose Yourself” by James Altucher (one of the many amazing gifts the women in my 2014 Mastermindwill be receiving from me.)

Just hit reply once you’ve watched the video to the end and take a guess 🙂

Click the image below to watch the video.

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