why I sold everything I own and went homeless


lisa fabrega


I know that I’ve been quiet lately.
In the last several years that I’ve been running this business, I’ve never gone more
than 2 weeks without writing to you and suddenly…I went silent for 4 weeks.


It’s because 3 weeks ago,  I gave up the lease for my really nice NYC-area apartment, 
sold or gave away everything in my home, packed the rest of my life into 2 suitcases
and moved to a whole different country with nothing but those 2 suitcases and my dog.

It was such a huge transition on mental, spiritual and emotional levels and there were
so many profound shifts and lessons in the process, that it
 has taken me 3 weeks to
find the words to write this email.

I am now homeless, own nothing but my business, a piece of land in Panama
and whatever fits in my suitcases.  I 
let go of almost everything that has
defined me for the past 35 years of my life.

I winced in pain as I threw away beautifully written love letters from old boyfriends that
I had cherished for years, had to breathe really deeply
 when I threw out old journals
 I poured my teenage heart out, cried as I released sentimental knickknacks
from now-deceased loved ones & in what some would call a “stupid financial move”
I let go of all of my
almost brand new furniture for less than half of what I had paid.

A few times I had a mild panic attack and got sick to my stomach during the process.

Why on earth did I do this to myself??

Read on.
Because what I have to say today is arguably one of the most important things
that you will need to understand if you want to have a fighting chance
 at living your
purpose on this planet during your lifetime and living the truly incredible life that calls
to you from the depths of your soul. (I know it does).

Understanding what I’m about to share with you will mean the difference
between you walking around half-dead or fully alive.

And you get to decide the outcome by choosing to do one thing:

Heeding the calling in your heart.

You can call it whatever you like–trusting your gut, listening to your inner goddess,
communicating with your higher self, following your bliss,
 connecting with your desires,
following your intuition…

But the fact remains, we all have it–that little voice inside of us that tries to get our
attention when it’s time to take another step on the beautiful journey of
 evolution on
which we, as conscious human beings, are meant to be.

Now here’s the thing–you can choose to participate consciously in the journey and
listen to what that little voice inside of you is telling you to do
 (even it part of you thinks
it sounds crazy), or you can choose to ignore it.

But either way, you are meant to evolve and you will either be smacked in the
head if you ignore it, or you can choose to avoid the impending smack-down
altogether and honor that voice as the divine universal wisdom that it is, by
doing what it tells you to do.

For many years, I chose to ignore it.

And it culminated in me developing food addictions, eating disorders, digestive issues,
immunological problems, having toxic relationships
 and ultimately ending up sitting
in the parking lot of a hospital waiting to find out if I was going to die.

For others it shows up as anxiety attacks, mysterious illness, feeling “stuck”,
or addictions to food/alcohol/work/sex.

But the fact remains…it will not be ignored.

Because you are not meant to live a life that feels disconnected and monotonous.
Your life is not meant to be “okay” or “just fine for now”.

You are actually a human being with thousands upon thousands of nerve endings
designed to experience pleasure, pain and every sensation under the sun.

Your body is built for every one of your cells to be turned on and teeming with life.
Your heart is built to expand and expand, cracking open continuously 
to give and receive endless amounts of love.
Your soul is built to open up increasingly every day to receive the abundance
that is your birthright, just by virtue of being a human being.

You are designed to feel the electricity of life coursing through your
very veins and be on fire with passion, purpose and love.

Anything less is BS (and you and I both know it).

It has taken me years of getting smacked over the head by the Universe to understand
that that little voice inside of me is literally the divine speaking
 to me, guiding me every
day to be more and more in my purpose.

And I have spent the last 4 years of my life teaching this to the men & women I
work with. Guiding them in detoxing all of the things that are preventing them from
connecting to their own internal divine, their
 own internal GPS. Showing them that
when we finally release all the things that are keeping us stuck and stagnant, and
we become connected to our internal truth
, it will always take us exactly where we
need to
 go in order to live our purpose.

You don’t need books or courses showing you how to find your
purpose–you just need to release all of the stuff that is drowning
out the internal guidance within.

Once my clients understand this, the things that they begin to 
manifest in
their lives as a result of listening to that internal voice are astonishing:

  * Going from 0-5 clients in 2 weeks after a VIP Intensive Day with me.
  * Finally implementing a business idea that had been suppressed for years
and already being so full, there was a WAITLIST on the day the business opened.
  * Going from being the brink of divorce to madly in love like never before.
* Having writer’s block that had lasted for 2 years, then writing EIGHT blog posts
in 3 days after a coaching session.
* Negotiating a deal for a job that made her the highest paid woman in her country
and allowed her to work the exact schedule she wanted.

So when I started to get that nagging little internal feeling in February of this year,
I knew that I had to listen (either that or face another Universal smackdown).

Still, I shrugged it off at first, and slowly the symptoms of ignoring that voice started…

I started to feel burned out about my coaching work. Stopped wanting to be creative
in my business.
 Stopped enjoying my home, which I had so carefully designed and
put together
 for myself to make it the ultimate haven for me and visitors.

My internal voice told me loud and clear:
“It’s time for a change.  I am craving adventure.  Let go of this life.”

A month later, all the busses that go in and out of NYC in my New Jersey
neighborhood were somehow mysteriously re-routed to the street right behind
my apartment!  So the quiet, peaceful street
 my windows faced suddenly became
a hotbed of squealing bus brakes and
 loud revving engines that interrupted calls with
clients during the day, disturbed my peace and made it so that
 I was only getting
4-5 hours of sleep at night.

I was clearly being forced out of my apartment.
So I finally listened before the smack-down got worse.
(Thank you Universe for the loud message!)

And let me tell you, I was given an opportunity to walk my talk like never before.

That voice told me to do something absolutely insane.

It told me to let go of everything that had been part of my life for the past 35 years.
I was filled with an insatiable drive to purge EVERYTHING.
It made no sense to my logical brain, whatsoever.

But I was reminded over and over again, by this voice, of the very thing that I teach:

In order to truly live your purpose and step into the abundant,
fully-felt life that is your birthright, you must be willing to let go
of all of the self-limiting beliefs, old stories and even the physical
objects that are no longer serving who you are meant to be on
this planet.

So I did it.
I cried, I laughed, I stressed out and I even lost some money in the process.
Nothing about my big life detox and subsequent move was “practical”.
I don’t really care.

Because if there’s one thing I have come to learn from detoxing my life and the lives
of others for the past 10+ years,  it’s that by going through this huge life detox, I have
sent a huge message to the Universe that I am ready to receive the next level of my
purpose.  I am opening up an enormous space for HUGE new things to come in.
Perhaps an epic soulmate relationship or an opportunity to serve more people
in a bigger way.  Who knows?  The sky’s the limit.
We’ll find out in the coming months…

But for now, I already feel a deeper level of freedom, one which I haven’t experienced
before.  My creativity is through the roof. I’m sleeping better.
Life tastes absolutely delicious and I’m more present than ever before.

And it feels so damn liberating to not own anything except what fits in my suitcase.

So much for “practical” huh?

So what do you need to detox in your life that you keep ignoring?

What is the voice of your truth shouting loud and clear?

Just once, let yourself be led, wild-haired, on the incredible journey of
expansion that is 
the living of your divine purpose on this earth.
If you let go of all your fears and your desire for the “practical”, you will
find that the world is already waiting to welcome you into your destiny
with strong, open arms.

(me at the beach on the first leg of my adventure, doing a “welcoming abundance” ritual.)

With profound devotion to your truth,
Lisa Fabrega
Life Detox for women on the edge of liberation

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