Why masculine/feminine balance is the key to tripling your business (and keeping you sane in the process)


lisa fabrega

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 6.46.44 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 6.46.44 PM

3 years ago, I was sitting in my parents kitchen in Florida, having a conversation
with my father about my business and I had a major eureka that changed how I
approach my business forever. (Yes it was THAT big of a realization).

Over the years, my father has been an invaluable sounding board for me,
as he is the only other entrepreneur in my immediate family.

It’s been a lifesaver to have him to talk to when no one else in my family understands
what I do or really “gets” what it’s really like to run your own business.

Well, here I was in the kitchen talking to him and as he launched into asking
me questions about what my “revenue plan” for the year was, what did I have in
my “launch calendar” and was my business model supporting my income goals…

my eyes began to glaze over.


I hated talking about this stuff in my business and had been avoiding it like
the plague for almost 2 years at that point.

I felt this part of me wanting to run away from the conversation and simultaneously
get really annoyed and overwhelmed at the questions he was asking–
“why do I have to do things like a ‘revenue plan?”, I thought to myself.

At that time I preferred to make all my business decisions solely by my intuition and
fly by the seat of my pants. I didn’t want to be “caged” by revenue plans, budgets
and business models!

Besides what if halfway through the year I decided I wanted to change what I offer?
Who knew what would happen 6 months from now? Isn’t it limiting to be so structured?

I just wanted to write my newsletters, post on Facebook, spend time creating my
programs and do the work of helping my clients.

I didn’t want to spend time on all the things in my business I wasn’t superb at–
like keeping track of the numbers and planning my entire year out ahead of time.

Yet here was this man sitting in front of me, my father, who has done well in his
business, asking me these questions. So in the back of my head, I knew I needed
to listen up–clearly if he had done well, perhaps I should listen.

As the conversation progressed, I started to think about why I was feeling
so much resistance to handling this whole other side of my business that
he was asking about.

And the answer came when I thought of something that I teach religiously to all
of my clients. It’s something that is absolutely CRUCIAL for long term success
and happiness in your life & business–maintaining a masculine and feminine
balance in your business.

What does that mean?

Masculine energy is focused, direct, forward moving and action-oriented.
It gets sh&t done.

The “masculine” in your business is the part of your business that holds the
structures, takes direct action and does all the planning.

Things like creating a revenue plan, creating budgets for your programs, creating
a launch calendar (exactly what dates you will launch your offerings), pricing your
programs…all of those things are the “masculine” side of your biz.

Feminine energy is all about beauty, creativity, inspiration and intuition.
It moves more like water, rather than in a straight line. It flows. It receives.

The “feminine” in your business is the part of your business where you spend
time being the visionary and creator.

So whenever you daydream on your couch about what you want your business to
look like in 5 years, the time you spend in your creative space when you create
your latest offerings or content and the time you spend helping your clients–
those are the things that represent the feminine side of your business.

Now–here’s the REALLY important part:

If we go too far into the masculine side of our business…
we become overworked,too structured and rigid, we suffer from exhaustion and
our creative ideas totally dry up. We feel unhappy and burdened by our business
and want to quit. We burn out.

If we go too far into the feminine side of our business…
we start to get that “airy-headed” feeling. We spend a lot of time in daydream land
and we don’t take a lot of action. We suddenly start to feel foggy and confused about
what we do and how we should express it and hold back. Then we start to feel a sense
of guilt over not taking enough action in our business and that makes our creative
ideas shut down and we feel even worse.

Has this ever happened to you?

Both have happened to me in my business. Many times, in fact.

Going too far into either masculine or feminine in your business is a recipe for
unhappiness and stuck-ness.

If you’re depleted or unhappy, you just aren’t going to put your best work
out there and that means no clients & no money, or the wrong clients and
an unsustainable business that eventually will break you down.

The OLD way of succeeding business was more in the masculine.
That became unsustainable for so many and we left it behind. We burned out.
As a result we can sometimes take a swing a little too much into the feminine
as we “rebel” against the overly masculine structures that wore us out.
Extremes on either side, are not sustainable.

The NEW paradigm of success in business involves balancing both the
feminine and the masculine in your business. And understanding that success
isn’t just about how much you made last year, it’s about how happy and well
resourced you were while doing it.

How do we balance our masculine and feminine in our businesses?

Here’s how:

The masculine energy works best when it sets up structures and holds the perimeter
for the feminine energy to do her dance and do her flowy, beautiful, creative thing.

When the feminine energy has a structure/perimeter to hold her while she does
her thing, she suddenly feels really safe and happy, because there is this lovely
perimeter/structure to keep her safe while she floats around.

As a result, she becomes even MORE creative and pregnant with juicy ideas that
are soul-aligned and that magnetize people to you.

So, if you really want true inner and outer success in your business,
you will put your masculine in service of the feminine in your business.

When I put the masculine in my business in service of the feminine, my income
tripled and everything became SO much easier.

Creative ideas just poured out of me and I created and released my two best
programs–Impact™ and Fearless Selling™ (which is coming soon!).

Putting the masculine in service of the feminine in your business, means
taking the time to set up the proper structures (your revenue plan, your
launch plan, your yearly budget), so that your feminine can relax and
surrender into that structure because she knows exactly what her goals are
for that year and exactly how she’s going to go about it.

Clarity leads to unbounded creativity.

That takes a lot of stress off of you and releases you from “not knowing what
might happen”, so that you can go off and be the creative genius that you are
and do your great work, while the “annoying left-brained stuff” is taken care of.

Fortunately I developed a method of doing this, that allows you to have fun
while setting up these structures and makes it much easier (and less annoying).

And I’ve put it all into a workshop I call VISUALIZE™: A live, interactive, 3 hour
online workshop to help you put the masculine in service of the feminine in
your business.

For the past few years I have only offered this workshop to private mastermind

But the results have been so mind-blowing for my clients after completing this
VISUALIZE™ process with me, I decided to invite a small group of individuals
in my larger community to be my “beta” group for offering VISUALIZE™ to
the public–for only $177!

If you’re reading this–that means you’re invited!

Now because this is a beta group, I am going to keep this group small.

I can only take up to 25 change-makers like you, and 7 spots are already taken.

So I’m personally inviting you to participate.

Here’s what you get when you join us in VISUALIZE™:

  • All of the revenue planning worksheets that I personally use to plan my year for success and abundance.
  • A clear plan for determining what services/products or programs you should offer so that your offerings truly reflect the soul of your brand.
  • Live coaching from me on your budget and revenue plan for the year
  • My super effective pricing method–that allows you to price your offerings in a way that feels good to you and that magnetizes high quality, ideal clients to you.
  • A few of my fun tricks I use to manifest money quickly when I need it.
  • FAST ACTION BONUS: On the spot, 3 minute website reviews to maximize your profit & traffic using your website.

All of that for only $177.
I am only pricing it this way this one time (because it is a beta group).

If I do decide to offer this program again, it will never be that price again.
And you can quote me on that.
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I’m looking forward to helping you start your 2015 off right, so that you can maximize your
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It’s possible–I and my clients are living proof.

Come grab your spot now for the VISUALIZE™ workshop before it fills up.

So, I’d love to know in the comments below–have you ever struggled with masculine/feminine balance in your business? If so, what did you do to get
yourself back into balance?