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Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 10.56.41 PM
Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 10.56.41 PM

I have to admit, my heart has been so heavy in the past 3 days

ever since I found out about the passing of Maya Angelou 🙁

She was one of my greatest heroes ever since I began to take solace in her writing as a young girl, during some very tough times in my childhood.

I can feel the absence of her calm, fierce grace in the world, deeply. It has weighed heavily on my heart.

But what has really struck me the most about her passing is the IMMENSE reaction I’ve seen in my social media thread.

It’s so clear that her impact in the world was so huge, so positive.

As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed today, I saw one particular post from a man that stunned me…

He posted a picture of Maya and commented:

The world has lost another great leader. Sometimes I feel like all the great people in the world will all be dead soon. Then who will we have to inspire us and carry us forward on the planet? I feel like we have no one left now.

I wanted to grab this man and lovingly shake him!
You see, this is the whole crux of the thing, my love.

It’s the whole reason I am here, tirelessly writing to you, week after week, interacting with you on social media, working with you online, in person at a live event or over the phone in one of my programs.

You really, really need to let this sink in:

The world’s great thought leaders are not dead.

We are not running out of people who inspire us and touch us with their gifts and who change the course of humanity.

There wasn’t a “golden era” that is now gone forever, where somehow the world gave birth to these amazing human beings, never to happen again.


The world’s next great thought leaders are here, among us.

They live and breathe.

They are walking all around us every day.

They’re on the bus you take to work.

They’re at the supermarket next to you in line.

They’re reading this right now.

It’s you. And you damn well know it, love.

You’ve known since you were young that you are here to make an impact and leave a legacy that will forever change the planet.

But the reason we think all of the great thought leaders are dead… the reason we can’t see them…

Is because they’re in the closet, hiding behind a wall of fear, limiting beliefs and self-doubt.

So they procrastinate. They stay mute. They don’t do the very thing they were put here on this earth to do. They hold back out of fear.

Feel familiar?

Aren’t you holding yourself back from your next level of impact and leadership in the world with the very same things?

It wasn’t a coincidence that you ended up here.

Your Soul guided you here for a reason.

So I’m going to say something to you right now that might piss you off and shake you to the core…

but it’s for your own good and I say it with profound devotion to your greatness.

Every time you hold back, self-sabotage and keep yourself from stepping into the leadership you know you were born to embody, you are affecting the fate of the world, because you are removing a key player that assists in its evolution…


This goes way beyond YOU, too. It’s the entire reason you are alive, right now, in this time and place.

So are you going to stay stuck in your business and/or life? Are you going to continue to feel afraid to take that next step?

Are you going to remain quiet due to limiting beliefs?

Are you okay with going to your grave with your great work inside you?

Or are you finally going to unleash your revolution in the world, like Maya did, and leave this a better place than you found it?

I’m tired of seeing you hide, my love. It is literally affecting the fate of the world and not in a good way.

So I created something just for you.

I stopped working 1:1 with people last year. But it’s killing me to see people hold back their greatness.

So for the first time in over a year I am opening up a new way to work with me privately.

You’ll get:

  • One very powerful hour with me to break through the things that are holding you back from doing your great work.
  • You’ll get a specially curated Activate Sparkbook to get deep clarity before our hour together.
  • And as a bonus I’ve recorded three new powerful Activation meditations, for the first time in three years.

I even made you a playlist to listen to for maximum Activation.

I piloted this program with a few people a few months ago, and here is some of their feedback:

“In just one hour with Lisa’s guidance, I walked away not only an infinitely better coach who can now show up powerfully for my clients (and change their lives) but I used her advice to make $3,000 in one day and then have my first $9,000 month. That means I made my investment in Lisa back NINE TIMES OVER with just one hour of her time.
Samuel Hershberger, Entrepreneur. Coach. Creator.


“I made more than 6 times my investment (yes you heard that right, more than SIX times!!! ) within weeks after my hour with Lisa. Best of all, my true voice is in my work now and as a result I can really make the impact with creative entrepreneurs I am here to make.” Therese Cator, Entrepreneur

Now, there’s one big caveat to all of this.

My calendar is packed, so I only have the space to make 10 of these sessions available.

And as one more bonus for the fast action takers, the first five people who sign up will receive a personalized 2 Week Activation Email Challenge to take after your session.

You’ll get personalized daily emails from me to make sure you stay accountable to your goals and stay in action after our session.

So, are you ready to Activate™?

Click here to Get Activated.

With only 10 sessions available, I’m not sure how long these will be around, so make sure you don’t wait.