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lisa fabrega


I’m writing today’s missive from my hotel room in Portland, Oregon,
where I am preparing for the third retreat for my 2013 Mastermind program.
The retreat starts tonight and we’ll talk about the importance of using desire
as your GPS to have success in your business & life.  We’ll do this in a
gorgeous suite at the Hotel Monaco (one of Portland’s highest rated hotels)
amongst desserts, champagne and an intimate group of women who have
become total soul sisters over the past 9 months.  I can’t wait!

I just had to send you this picture of the cute robes they have
in the hotel rooms!  I feel like a kid with this zebra bathrobe!
So fun!

That being said–today’s newsletter will be quick, but powerful!

Last week you heard about Simone, who after our VIP Intensive Day went
from 0 to 5 clients and went from obscurity to people chasing her down to
work with her, in less than two weeks!  

In her video that I shared with you, she revealed what I think is the most important
quality you can possess when creating the life and business you want.

So many of you wrote me afterwards, telling me how inspirational Simone’s
story was and how it got you motivated and inspired (she’s a badass isn’t she?)

So today I wanted to share with you another f@#$ing incredible story.
It’s the story of my VIP Day client, Jacqueline.

When I first met Jacqueline, she was totally stuck,
confused & overwhelmed.

She had a desire to create a blog & business that helped young women like her,
connect to their purpose and live fearlessly.  But it just sat there.

She was suffering from the most horrible writer’s block.  She had written nothing.
She felt awful about herself every day because she knew what she needed to do,
but she wasn’t doing it
Every time she had an idea, she’d shut it down and end up writing nothing.

You’ve felt that way at some point in your life, right?
I know I certainly did when I first started my business!

She also had a business idea that was a total goldmine, but she was just
sitting on it and not doing much with it at all.

As we talked, it was very clear that Jacqueline had a lot of limiting beliefs
that were holding her back from actually turning her great ideas into
tangible action steps.  

After 3 hours together, she walked out of the VIP Intensive with a full picture of who
her ideal client was, a crystal clear mission statement that described exactly what it
was that she did for her clients and a complete re-patterning of her limiting beliefs.

As we hung up the phone, Jacqueline told me she was feeling more clear and
excited about her purpose than ever before.  

3 days later, I got an email from her.
What she revealed to me literally made my jaw drop.

Out of the over 2,500 women I have worked with, this is one of the most
incredible transformation stories I’ve ever seen
In just 3 days after our VIP Intensive Day, she achieved things with her business
that took me 2 years to accomplish when I first started my business.

Jacqueline was so amazed by her results, that she actually hunted me down to
put her on video so she could tell her story to this community.
So, of course, I HAD to share it with you!

I still get chills when I think about the utterly amazing thing that happened
with her business just a few short weeks after that fateful VIP Intensive Day.

Click the video image below to find out what happened.

You’ll want to watch until the end, because one of the coolest things that happened
to Jacqueline’s business gets revealed towards the end of the video!

ps:  A lot of you have been writing, wanting to know where you can book a
VIP Intensive Day with me.  No worries–I’ll be back in you inbox in an hour
to provide you with those links.    I have only 8 spots left now!

Lisa Fabrega
Life Detox for women on the edge of liberation