why this woman made me cry


lisa fabrega


Yesterday, I was sitting on my couch, with my computer on my lap,
with tears streaming down my face.

A woman who I had worked with last year had made me cry.

But it wasn’t because she was mean to me.

It was because I was watching the culmination of all our work together
come to life in the form of a documentary film that is now having world impact.

When Rebecca first came to work with me, I remember clear as day
what she told me.  She said “I know that my mission on this earth has
to do with spreading world peace, but I don’t know what that looks like
or how I’m going to get there


She knew she was “stuck”.
Feeling limited in her life and in what her great work looked like in the world,
she felt “murky” about her purpose and was often afraid to step out and
say how she felt.

She was struggling with limiting beliefs that were keeping her stuck from
taking action in her mission.  What would people think?
Would loved ones abandon her?  Was her purpose too big for her?
Was she capable of accomplishing it?
Would she go bankrupt?

She was working in a job as an English instructor in Japan that was not
very fulfilling to her and wanted more flexibility and time to figure out
how she was going to make this world peace thing happen.

Over the course of the year we worked intensively together, helping her
uncover the limiting beliefs that were blocking her from connecting to her

Releasing the negative thoughts that were keeping her stuck.

In that time that we continuously examined and released those negative
beliefs and helped her connect more and more with her truth & purpose,
she managed to get a raise, a promotion and a schedule that
everyone had told her was “impossible” to get
in her company.

She manifested more money and created an even deeper bond with her

Then finally one day she said to me:  “I now know what I need to do
to spread world peace”.

Her idea was to create a peace documentary that would shed light on
the effect nuclear weapons have on humanity.

There was just one catch--she had never made a film before, had no idea
what it took to make a movie, had no crew and not enough funds to make
the film happen.

By using the tools I taught her she managed to raise thousands of dollars
to make her film, created the entire film herself & got a great team.

And yesterday I sat, crying with pride, watching her incredible film on
my computer screen.

Not only did she make the film happen.
Her film is garnering international attention.
Governments from around the world are requesting her movie to use at
important international events and meetings.
The mayor of her town in Japan took interest.

And she is being invited to some pretty incredible, highly important events
with world-leaders
, with an opportunity to promote her film.

Rebecca is now crystal clear on exactly what her next steps are to continue
to promote world peace.  She tells me this film is just the beginning.

Her financial situation is better than ever, she is more in love with her husband
than ever before and she even manifested an incredible apartment recently.

That is the power of releasing the fears & negative thoughts that are keeping
you stuck and held back from building the business or dream project you
want to build.

Before Rebecca came to me, she had tried other things.
She had worked with other coaches and spent money on a myriad of products
to help her move forward in her mission & business.

But the problem is that, until we detox the junk in our minds that keeps us
small and afraid of taking action, there is no way we will get into action and
start making the money and the impact we so long to make in this world

(and that is our birthright).

So if you’re ready to finally get unstuck and make more money and more impact
than you ever dreamed was possible.

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It’s time to stop being afraid and doing your great work in this world, Sister.

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With profound devotion to your mission,
Lisa Fabrega
Life detox for women on the edge of liberation

ps: if you want to watch Rebecca’s film, go here.  It’s amazing.