Why you need to get dizzy AF

She was crying softly on the phone.

What is underneath this new and sudden resistance you’re feeling? I gently asked.

I was speaking to an incredibly powerful woman. Everything was going so well for her. Programs selling out, filling faster than ever. Feeling powerful and on purpose like never before. And then, suddenly this little bit of resistance was creeping in, threatening to stop her momentum.

There is a small part of me that feels that all of this success is so much to handle and it’s making me dizzy, came the soft voice on the other end of the phone.

A week prior I had spoken to a friend about the same issue. She was flying high, business doing well over seven figures. Rabid followers that she served with her entire heart, who were getting the most life changing results because of being exposed to her work.

Now she was flat on her ass with vertigo. Momentum stopped for three days, right when she was getting the biggest opportunities of her career.


And then a few weeks prior, everything in my world had accelerated, too. Suddenly opportunities to buy the land on which I have lived came up and it was seeming actually possible. No evidence of the how, but everything in my soul and the world around me kept sending signs pushing me forward.

Visions of hosting spiritual retreats here came to me so fast and furious, I consulted a psychic. Without saying a word to her, she spoke anyway: The land you live on. We need to talk about it. You are supposed to buy it. It wants you there.

Inside of me, the ancient child who was beaten, told it was dangerous for her to want the biggest things, rose up in fear, while the mother in me comforted her.

What if this all makes me dizzy and I get in over my head? she said, in a thin, fear-tinged voice.

For some reason, in that moment, the whirling Sufi dervishes come to mind.

And then, one of my favorite Mary Oliver poems:

There are lots of ways to dance and to spin, sometimes it just starts, my feet first then my entire body, I am spinning no one can see it but it is happening. I am so glad to be alive, I am so glad to be loving and loved. Even if I were close to the finish, even if I were at my final breath, I would be here to take a stand, bereft of such astonishments, but for them.

If I were a Sufi for sure I would be one of the spinning kind.

The whirling dervishes belong to a mystical sect inspired by none other than a Sufi poet named Rumi. You know, the man we all love to quote all over the internet.

They spin and spin as a form of devotional dancing.
Spinning allows them to express emotion and achieve the wisdom of God.
Through their twirling dance they received the ecstasy and love of God, desert the control their ego has on their greater spiritual purpose and find alignment with the soul. 

Through the spinning journey, they return able to serve all of creation with their alignment.

When our leadership and impact expands, it can feel so much like everything is spinning.  Opportunities are coming to us fast. Growth is happening quickly. The risks our Soul asks us to take are bigger and scarier.

That is the path of those who are here to leave legacies.
That is the path of those who are here to impact the world with the unique soulprint of their leadership.  

We are always, always being asked to grow. We are always presented new challenges, so that we learn to not view them as challenges, but rather, invitations to step into the next level of our great purpose.

This is just what happens when you are born to leave legacies.

You must become the Empress of your kingdom.
You must learn to retain your internal peace and your joy, no matter the spinning, so that you can continue to serve at your highest and hold greater amount of light for the world.
You must learn to expand your insides, handle more than most human beings can, hold more space.

Traditional advice for when you feel like your pace will start to make you “dizzy” is to slow down, take a rest. Breathe.

But what if, in some cases, the opposite is true?
What if you’re supposed to throw your hands up in laughter and spin?

What if, this is an invitation to embrace the dizziness with exhilaration.
What if you are to let yourself be led by your hair into the vortex of the Universe,
and come back with jewels of wisdom in your hands.

What if you are supposed to let go of what your mind thinks you can handle, and instead, trust that you are never given a pace by the Universe that isn’t sustainable. And that this pace is leading you, ever expanding, into the legacy you are here to leave?

What if instead of whining about our busy-ness, we can use it as a tool to expand our inner strength and capacity to hold space for the dizziness in others who look to us as leaders?

What if?

I can hear my client’s breath on the other end of the line still.

A Rumi poem murmurs itself into my head.

Dance and make joyous the love around you.

Dance and your veils which hide the Light shall swirl in a heap at your feet.

You know what? I tell my client. I’m not going to tell you to slow down and do more self care, like every other coach would right now. Instead, your work for the next 2 weeks is to embrace the dizziness. In your office, I want you to dance and twirl and twirl. Rearrange your threshold for dizziness. What if this momentum is just asking you to expand your capacity as a leader?

So what if you get dizzy?

Do you remember as a child how you would spin and spin and laugh and laugh?
Do you remember how you would hang your head over the side of the bed and imagine what the world would look like if you had to walk on the ceiling and step over chandeliers?

Do you remember the joy it brought you?
The new perspective of a world turned upside down, which helped you see things you never saw before?

What if that dizziness you’re afraid to feel is your great purpose and the Universe conspiring towards your greatness? What if, it’s only your ego that tells you you cannot handle it all.

But in reality, you are an endless being capable of holding endless amounts of light?

What if you let your legacy happen to you and meet it with a fervent devotion to courage?

What happens then?

With love,






PS: I’d love to know how this resonated with you. Feedback is how we determine how we can serve you best on a weekly basis. Let me know in the comments below <3



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