why your blockage is your greatest calling


lisa fabrega


I am up late writing this to you with a fire in my belly.
I should be fast asleep right now but there’s something I have to say to you.

You see, today I was on the phone with an incredible woman who
is not only a badass entrepreneur, but also one of my favorite people.  

We were on the phone because she was interested in my 2014 Mastermind
and as we began to talk about why she felt called to it, I felt a fire in me get lit.

Like most of my clients, she’s always felt called to serve the world in big ways,
she’s done amazing things in her life, has built 
up a successful business
in another area of expertise/another career,
 but as she told me,
she felt like there was something missing.

There was something that she knew she was supposed to be doing.
A change in her career path that she had felt coming for a while now.
In fact, the Universe was sending her all sorts of signs that it was time
to begin, like big red flags saying “It’s time! Start!”.

But she felt blocked.
In fact, she told me that she felt a huge wall of fear inside of her
her back from her greatest desire.  Whenever she’d sit down
to work on the thing 
she could feel she was being called in to doing,
she’d get blocked 
by her thoughts.

She had been making all the necessary outside changes to
make space for this change, but she still was having trouble

getting into the real action that was going to manifest that vision
and finally have her step into her full power and her true calling.

Now let me tell you, as I listened to this woman describe her mission
to me, I felt myself get all fired up.  Because I could feel the power in
her mission statement.  I could see with my intuitive eye and feel it
in my entire body that, yes, this is what her calling was leading her into.

She was meant to do this!  It was so obvious.

Yet here was this badass, incredible woman who had achieved so
much in her life, feeling stuck in this one area of her life,
not understanding why she could do everything else so well,
except for the one thing she felt most passionate about.

But I understood exactly what was going on.
And I told her.

You could have heard a pin drop on the phone when I blurted it out.
And then she let out a short gasp of realization.

Want to know what I told her?

The thing you feel most blocked about is usually
the very thing that is your greatest calling.

After working with over 3,000 women, this is a pattern
I have seen over and over again.

You want to know why?

It’s not because you’re dumb, incompetent or “can’t get it right”.
It’s not because you don’t have what it takes to step fully into
the powerful leadership
you know you were put here to fully own.

It’s  because when you are called to serve big in this world, 
the deepest fear of all human beings comes up–
that you will be killed 
for fully stepping into your power.

Through centuries of humanity on this planet,  we have seen
people like Gandhi, MLK, Jesus 
and more, be killed for stepping
fully, powerfully
 into their 
leadership, speaking the truth that burns
like fire in their hearts 
and following their
 calling of impacting the world.

Women have the memory in their DNA of being burned alive
at the stake as “witches” simply for sharing their truth.

This is deeply rooted in our collective DNA–
speaking your truth equals rejection, judgment, withdrawal
of love, torture and even death.

So yeah, you bet that on a subconscious level, t’s going to feel
scary to step into your calling to lead, to accept the mission
you’ve known was yours since you were a little girl…

And hell yes, your brain is going to subconsciously try to block
you from moving forward into your calling every step of the way.

Because on a subconscious level your brain thinks it is
literally entering a life or death situation.

You may not feel this way consciously, but it’s in our
collective subconscious.

“Conform… or else.”

But I know you and deep down you are not a conformist.
Not if you are part of my community.

So I’m going to let you in on a secret.

Your brain is right.
It is a life or death situation.
But not in the way your subconscious brain thinks of it.
You’re not actually going to be killed.

The life or death situation we’re talking about here is the
difference between you going to your deathbed with your
greatest gifts still inside of you or being fully self-expressed,
fully living your life in your purpose and leaving a legacy
that impacts generations to come.

So if you’re ignoring your calling. If you’ve been feeling blocked
for a while now and can’t figure out how to move forward…

I want you to think about what kind of life you want to choose to live. 
Right now.

Do you want to be fully alive?
or walking around half-dead?

Now, here is something I have learned the hard way for the past
several years that I’ve been stepping into my calling by running my
own business.  This is the one mistake that I see most of the women
who are struggling or feeling blocked, make over and over again.

You absolutely cannot do it alone.

I had to burn out and break down 3 times before I finally got this one.
So please listen to me so you don’t have to go through what I went through.

Stepping into your calling to be a leader, to impact the world
is not something you can do alone.

In fact, it requires big, HIGH LEVEL,
game-changing space-holding
and support. 

The kind of support that makes it safe for you to step into
the new paradigm you are creating for yourself and the world.

That makes is safe for you to speak your truth, step fully into
your power and live your purpose
as the fearless, feminine
leader that you were born to be.

So that your brain can stop blocking you from stepping into your
calling to be a world-shifter, because it’s mistakenly trying to protect
you from the illusion that it will be dangerous to follow your calling.

And me? Well, I’ve known since I was a little girl
that I was born to shift paradigms and hold space
for the world’s next-generation of feminine thought-leaders.

The people who are going to change the world
with their unique gifts.

It’s exactly why I created my Mastermind program.
That’s the kind of support you get in it.

it’s unlike anything else you’ve seen.
(and I didn’t say that, this feedback came to me from the women
who have participated in the Mastermind for the past two years).

In my first year of running this program, the women didn’t want it to stop,
so I had to extend the program by 5 months.
In the second year of running the Mastermind, 5 out of 6 women
came back to join it again for 2014.
Some of the women are now in their THIRD YEAR of the Mastermind.

It has the highest rates of people returning than any other Mastermind
out there.  And there’s a reason for it.
This is my calling.

      “I can guarantee you right now that you have no idea of the heights at
which you will arrive.  It will catalyze your business & life in ways you
could never even imagine”

–Sarah Buck, 2012 Mastermind Participant–

In a few weeks, this program will be taking applications.
There are only up to 20 spots and 8 are already taken.

That means I only have 12 spots open.

This is a hand-curated group of women revolutionaries
like yourself, up to massively world-impacting things.

If you want support, sisterhood and space-holding that
will help you finally break through that blockage once
and for all…

If you’re ready to move the world with your unique calling…

Hit reply to this email to be the first to get access to the program
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the world, forever.

Holding fierce space for you, my love.