Why your calling is a b$tch


lisa fabrega


Photo by Wendy K Yalom

I’ve been silent for a few weeks since I wrote my last post.

It’s because I’ve been quite sick.

A few days after speaking to 100 men at the Conference For Men,

I picked up a cold from somebody there and got knocked on my ass.


I’ve been unable to write for 2 weeks, had to reschedule clients,

important interviews and even a flight to NYC.


All my “plans” for the next few weeks were waylaid.

All of them.


And that was hard, because I had some beautiful things planned

that I wanted to show you, that I was rearin’ to go on….


All of which had to be paused.  All of it.


Why am I telling you all of this?


No, I’m not having a pity party.


There’s a greater lesson in this that I notice comes up for most of us

who have a deeper purpose here on this planet, in this lifetime.

I’m a big believer in the fact that colds, for me, are always the sign

of big internal shifts and clearing out stuff that no longer serves.


Amongst having to lie in bed doing nothing/zip/zilch,

I can feel some major shit shifting.


I have been getting visions for clients and friends during this time,

that , when I share with them, blow them away and leave them speechless.


“That’s so spot on.  Holy crap Lisa!”, is what I keep hearing.


And I’ve also been having visions of my work in the future

and what that all looks like in the grand scheme of things.


Things that are scaring me, because my mind sometimes wonders

if I’m truly ready to step into this next level of my leadership.


But this is clarity on a deeper level than I’ve ever had before,

all while going through illness.


And I’m not the only one going through this.


I’ve heard from tons of you, saying that you are going through the same.


This is a time of major shifting.

Everything that is no longer aligned with who you are and what you

are meant to do on this planet,  is falling away.


And well, if you don’t listen, you might find yourself getting sick

or dealing with something similar.


So If you’ve been going through something similar

here’s the most important thing you need to know:


Whenever we devote ourselves to the path of our calling,

we devote ourselves to plunging ourselves into the unknown

over and over again.


That is what following your calling is.


Yes, I know–it’s frightening at times.


The mind wants to fight the calling you are feeling in your soul.


The one that tells you “hey, you need to move in this direction,

I know it makes no sense but do it. Trust me”.


The mind wants to keep you safe.

That’s it’s job.

To make sure you don’t die.

So it stops you, or at least, attempts to.


But your calling is not about being safe.


Following your calling is about jumping off the cliff

and figuring out how to sprout wings on your way down. Tweet this!


It does not have templates or how-to’s or any certainties, at all.


This is a journey that is undefined and that will be unlike anyone else’s.

So, often you can’t even look to other people to tell you how to do it.


You have to go into the dark, with a blindfold and a candle,

and fumble your way around until you reach your destination.

Create your own pathway in the darkness.

In fact, the only certainty in this journey, is the voice of your Soul,

calling out directions to you in the darkness, whispering, nudging

you forward, inch by inch.


And if you don’t listen…


Your calling will create divine discomfort to push you lovingly

into the next level of your leadership and purpose.




Because the Universe unconditionally loves you.


Take that in.


The Universe unconditionally loves you.


What I most want you to know right now…


is that every twist and turn, everything that feels like a bump

in the road or something that leaves you sidelined for a while…


is the Universe guiding you to the impact you were born to make.


It’s not a punishment for having gone against the grain…

It’s not the “proof” of your mistake in not doing what everyone

else wanted you to do.


It’s the Universe, loving you so fucking much, that it is putting

all of its attention on guiding you into your Soul purpose.


And if you start to veer off track, it will put obstacles in your way

to deviate you back to the path that is most aligned for you,

for your own greatest joy and so that you can make the impact

you were born to make on this planet.


Really think about that.


Think about the amount of love that has to surround you at all

times, in order for that to happen.


You, out of all the millions of people on this earth, receiving that

level of attention from the Universe.


That tells me that you’re pretty fucking special.


And that you, my love, were put here to do great things.


That’s why you have a calling.

And that’s the difference between a regular business that

looks like everyone else’s vs. a revolution that you unleash

in the world to make it a better place.


So, yeah.


I think I got a mini-Universal smackdown by getting this cold.


If I’m totally honest, I’ve been avoiding a deeper level of my work

that I have been being called into since the end of last year.


My mind has been fighting it…


“how are you going to make money doing that?”

“nobody wants to hear about that!”

“what, are you going to burn your whole business to the ground?”


And then I got sick.

I get it now.  It’s time.

Last night, it became very clear to me in a conversation with my dear
friend, Dyana Valentine, what I need to do.  What the next level is.

I could feel my inner kid fighting it.  Scared to death.

This morning, after staying up all night struggling with my ego

in my sleep, I woke up feeling tired and afraid.


I went out onto my balcony to be with the ocean.

I let the ocean hold my trembling child as a mother.


I let myself feel the boundless amount of unconditional love

that is constantly surrounding me, surrounding you.


And that’s when I heard the ocean.


She said to me…


“My love… Trust.

Open wide, let go and trust.

I will always love you so much that

I will never let you go astray”.


And I was suddenly calm.


I wanted to share Her words with you today.


Because it’s all you need to know:


Open wide.


Let go.

Step into the unknown.


If you can make the choice to see that the Universe is not against you…

that the obstacles are not signs that you should quit…


you’ll see the truth:


You’ve got an entire Universe behind you

and the unrelenting, badass warrior voice of your Soul

guiding you every step of the blind way.


She/He will tell you when to turn, when to take a rest,

when to break into a full on run…


If you learn to follow that voice, even when you’re afraid,

if you trust in the deep, unconditional love all around you,

you will never go wrong.


I promise.


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