why you’re like an exploding star


lisa fabrega


“I don’t understand why this is happening to me?  I just lost a HUGE
opportunity and a lot of money that would have really helped me out in
this moment. Sometimes it feels like the Universe is against me.”

These were the words that came out of a client’s mouth this week after a deal
she has been counting on for her business, fell through.
She lost $5,000.00.  That’s a lot of money.

I felt her pain.  I’ve been there too.
Many times actually.

When I was an actor, I remember I got to the final rounds of booking a
primetime network television show.  I had made it past all the rounds,
I was being fitted for wardrobe, screen test, the whole shebang.

“Finally! Finally this is the big break I’ve been looking for!” I thought to myself.
I walked around on air for an entire week.
Life was finally looking like I’d “made it”.

A week before we were going to begin shooting, my agent called me to tell me
that at the last minute, they had decided to cast someone else, someone who was
a friend of one of the producers.

In an instant my “make or break opportunity” had gone down the drain.

I’ve had worse things ripped away from me.
Loved ones.
My health.
A place to live.

And I too have felt like the Universe was against me.
In fact, at times I felt like the Universe must hate me.

Have you ever felt this way?

You try to do all the positive thinking mantras and the exercises in the self-help
books.  You sit down and do your manifesting meditations.
You pray as hard as you possibly can.

But no matter what you try it seems everyone else is having a better life than you,
making more money than you, having better sex, greater relationships…. etc…

I know exactly how you feel.  I used to feel this way all the time.

And then one day, Einstein changed my entire perspective.

Yes, Einstein.

I’ve alway been a huge astronomy/cosmology nerd.
Scientific American is one of my favorite magazines, I’ve read textbooks on the
workings of the Universe just for fun (nerd alert!). It fascinates me.
So in college I jumped at the chance to take a cosmology class from one of the world’s
leading experts on dark matter (floating objects in space that we can’t see because
light is not being reflected off of them).

So what does this have to do with feeling like the Universe is against you?


I’ll never forget the day I sat in that class and learned about Einstein’s Theory of
Relativity.  I’ll spare you the boring details but what struck me was that Einstein’s
theory proved that the Universe is not stationary.
In fact, it is in a constant state of expansion.

Let me repeat that again:

The nature of our Universe is that of expansion.

When I learned that I had a HUGE realization.
We are literally made of the same stuff stars are made of.
(This is scientifically true–the elements in stars are the same elements
that make up the matter not just of our world, but of our bodies too)

We ARE the Universe.
And if the Universe is always in a constant state of expansion,
WE are in a constant state of expansion.
Life is in a constant state of expansion.

So if something happens to you, where it seems like you lost an opportunity
or something didn’t go your way, putting aside all of the self-help/personal
development canons that always tell us “things are happening for our own good”,
basic science will tell you that everything is constantly in a state of expansion.

Even supernovas (see picture above) reflect that.
A supernova is basically a star that has begun to die that at some point collapses
in on itself and literally explodes in a huge nuclear bang all over the Universe.
It’s the supernova’s expansive explosion that creates the birthing place for new
stars to be born in the Universe.  How cool is that?

So next time something happens to you, where it seems like you’re being led into
a state of contraction, where something has been taken away from you or you’ve
somehow lost an opportunity, remember–everything is always moving into greater

That means that something bigger and better is on it’s way to you.
Something that will help you expand into an even greater version of yourself.
Something that will help to expand you and live even more deeply into your purpose.
Even if you can’t see it.  Even if you’re convinced the Universe is against you.
If you really look back at all the times you thought you were being punished, you’ll
always see–expansion was just around the corner.  So keep your chin up.

Everything is always expanding.
That’s not just a woo-woo concept.  It’s science.

With profound devotion,
Lisa Fabrega
Life Detox for women on the edge of liberation

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