Work Kills?


lisa fabrega

A friend of mine was sharing a story with me recently about a peer of hers who had a successful launch. But there was waaay more to this story than meets the eye. 

We’ll call her friend who launched “Alice.” Alice did all the things to launch, and it was true blood, sweat, and tears. 

Her online cart broke halfway through and she had a panic attack. She stayed up for nearly 72 hours revising her email sequence and then landed in the hospital. 

On the day of cart close she was so stressed she landed in the hospital with kidney issues. 

At the end of all this she told my friend she felt satisfied and it was “worth it” because she made $60,000. 

My friend’s mouth gaped open: “$60,000 for. . . almost dying?” 

No one should have to be hospitalized for their business. And on a less extreme version, you shouldn’t need two months off after selling a course or to sleep for a week after teaching a retreat. 

If this is how you feel doing ordinary business, then you have an Embodiment Capacity™ issue. 

Often when I speak to people about building capacity to achieve their next level, I get an overwhelmed look. People think building more capacity means adding more to your already overwhelmed plate or pushing/hustling ‘til you make yourself sick. 


I realize that our Western culture glorifies overwhelming workloads, but that mentality is actually the opposite of capacity. 

Show me someone who brags about only needing four hours of sleep or glorifying “the hustle” as being the “key” to success and I’ll show you a red flag for capacity deficits.

Hustle culture is the opposite of having Capacity. Show me someone bragging about only needing to sleep four hours a night or glorifying “hustle” as the key to success and I’ll show you a red flag for capacity deficits.

Yes, when you expand your capacity, you’re able to handle and hold more. 

That part is true. 

We all know how busy Oprah is. 

But notice, she isn’t drained by it. 

She always looks radiant, joyful, and grounded. Because she has the capacity to handle this level of busyness. AND she also has the capacity to be extremely selective about what she says yes to, so the opportunities she chooses to fill her with joy and energy. 

She’s also incredibly purposeful about self-care and getting maximum pleasure out of the little things, including her garden, daily walks, and the amount of help she gets at home. 

Oprah is someone who has mastered Structural Capacity. That’s why she can hold and receive as much as she does. 

Why do you think her “Favorite Things” list exists? Those are all the things that bring her pleasure and enhance her life (including keeping her organized or adding a helping hand.) They fuel her so she can keep going.

As you expand and grow, the demands on your time may increase. The pressure of responsibility increases too, but when you’re like Oprah—you’ll be able to handle more. 

WHO says anything about letting the busyness and pressure make you sick? You will not find that kind of thinking here!

You get to build your capacity in any way you like. 

Everyone has their own unique Capacity Code™ which you can build and create to suit YOU. I often tell my clients their Capacity Codes are as unique as a fingerprint. No one’s is like yours. 

You aren’t a victim to your success or growth. When you have the capacity you know what you can say yes or no to without worrying about “missing a golden opportunity.”

 You don’t resent the growth challenges which come your way as your increase your influence, rather you embrace them as exciting adventures. 

You don’t feel “overwhelmed,” you feel delightfully challenged. And if you DO feel overwhelmed, you know exactly which of the six capacities you need to work on to remove the overwhelm asap.

We’re working on expanding Embodiment Capacity every month in Capacity Shift™, the group program where you get to not only discover your unique Capacity Code but also get actionable steps to expand the capacity deficit which is causing the drainage or stuckness for you, so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling FULLY capable to handle your next level.

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