Let’s face it. If you’re here, you’ve been led here.

A strange set of coincidences brought you here or you felt a pull in your soul and now…
here you are.

If we’re honest, you’re here because you’ve been called.

Now, if you’re here, there’s something I already know about you.

You’re intuitive.
You’re creative.
You’re an ambitious,
high-achieving woman
who is here to make an impact in the world with
your unique purpose.

And you’ve always known you’re here
to do something big.

Something that incorporates your one-of-a-kind soul gifts, creates change in the world around you and allows you to live the epic life you’ve always deeply desired to create & live.

Sometimes you might doubt whether or not that could be possible…to really step it up to THAT level–the one you’ve always dreamed of…but I’m here to tell you it is.

There’s a way to live your life and your purpose in alignment with the truth of who you’re called here to be. In a way that feels deeply satisfying and in the flow. To be so connected to your internal knowing that you always know the perfect decisions to make that will continue to welcome emotional, mental, spiritual & financial prosperity in your life.

I call this living Soul Aligned.

Because I believe that:

  • your life and your business should nourish you and not burn you out.

  • you are here to be fully creatively expressed and that it’s those unique gifts that will change the world around you.

  • your soul has the blueprint for your purpose and that all the answers to live that purpose powerfully are already within you, ready to be uncovered.

For the past 6 years I have worked with some of our world’s top, soul centered influencers, helping them lead lives & businesses that are aligned with their souls.

Because when you align with your soul, deep clarity arrives and you unleash the full magic of your unhindered creativity, identify and embody your unique soul gift, and step into the role of a high impact, soulful leader that can hold the container to inspire many.

I do this through a 3 step process–the Soul Aligned Life process:

  1. Challenge: we look at all of the unconscious ways in which your mindsets, thought patterns & unconscious beliefs prevent you from having the clarity you crave or keep you subtly sabotaging the things you so deeply desire to create.

  2. Clarify: we tap deeply into your soul and get you powerfully connected to your Unique Soul Gift so that you can gain instant, crystal clear clarity. Once you get clarity, everything begins to fall into place and the next steps become clear.

  3. Align: we align your life & your business with your purpose. You’ll experience a rush of creativity, joy, ease and flow you’ve never felt before. From here you can do your most powerful, cutting edge work.

There are a variety of ways to work with me.

From 1:1 journeys to group mastermind experiences to go-at-your-own-pace programs.

When we work together, it is an intimate powerful experience. A co-creation of the life and business you truly, deeply desire. A journey deep into the soul of who you’re called here to be.
It will be unlike any experience you’ve ever had.

Click on each banner below to find out more
about how we can take this sacred journey together:

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Only 2 spots left for all of 2016.  Apply here.


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In this powerful, instant shift & deep dive we will powerfully hone in on your soul’s blueprint.

We will align your soul with your message, your business model, your offerings and the way you market your great work in the world, so that you can create the life and business you truly desire.

Here are a few things we can work on in your Soul Shift Intensive, based on your personal goals:

  • Identify the stories & voices that are not your own and that prevent you from getting the soul deep clarity you’re craving, then clear them so that you can hear what’s actually true and aligned for you (vs. what everyone else has told you you should be doing).

  • Clarify your true soul’s purpose and from there align it with your message, business model & offerings.

  • Write aligned copy for your website, create your tagline, program names, core message & more. Once we craft this from a soul aligned place you will become magnetic to your ideal tribe!

  • Get clear on unique, soul aligned programs and/or offerings that reflect your unique soul gifts & truly serve your ideal soul tribe.

  • Create a marketing plan that feels authentic, soulful & ease-ful to implement.

  • Repattern and clear old beliefs that may be operating under the surface and blocking you from stepping into your next level of leadership.

The Soul Shift Intensive includes:

  • Half day soul journey by phone (3 hours), recorded for you to keep forever and review again and again.

  • Two, 30 minute follow up sessions for implementation & any other questions that might come up after our intensive day.


$3200 or 3 payments of $1120

Only 12 spots available for 2016
–book fast as these sell out every year very quickly
Soul Shift Intensives are by application only and require a 15-20 minute chat with me prior to booking. If your soul is calling you to this experience:

Please click here to apply & book a chat with Lisa for more info.


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Do you have a big decision to make, a project you’re working on or something you’re stumped on and can’t quite seem to figure out or access your intuition on?

Would you like a laser focused, highly intuitive eye on it in order to get instant clarity?

If so, the Soul Activation session is a great fit. You’ll be shocked at how much we get done in just one 75 minute session and you’ll leave with powerful, crystal clear clarity on anything that has been keeping you stumped or confused.

Only 12 spots available for 2016.

By application only.

Please click here to apply & book a chat with Lisa for more info.

$850 or two payments of $475


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