you won’t believe what this person said about me…


lisa fabrega



I’m beginning this post by letting you know that today I am “outing” myself

about something that I’ve been keeping hidden for a long time.  Those who
are in my inner circle know about it and my clients have been direct recipients
of it.  Still, up until now it has remained a relatively unknown secret.

But a conversation I recently had with a woman who was hesitating to join
Impact™  (now open for enrollment) made me realize this is not something that
can’t be hidden anymore, it doesn’t serve the collective and it doesn’t serve you
when I don’t speak about it.

In our email conversation, she was telling me that she felt really called
to start a business based on this very specific intuitive work that she does.

It is her true zone of genius, this work…but she wasn’t doing it, at least not fully.

Instead she was doing something else that was merely in her zone of
excellence (Gay Hendricks, the author of the Big Leap, identifies your
zone of genius is what you’re meant to do and your zone of excellence
is what you’re pretty good at, but not your true calling).

Why  was she not doing the thing that she was deeply called to do?

Well she had this really scary scenario in her head about what it would
mean to really commit 100% to doing the thing she was called here to do
and show up more visibly in this work…

she was afraid that she would be judged as too “woo woo”
that people won’t take her seriously or think she is a weirdo…
therefore she will lose the love & approval of her community…
therefore people won’t want to buy what she has to offer….
therefore she will ultimately fail and have no business anyway.

So her subconscious mind was coming up with all sorts of reasons like
“there’s too much going on right now, I’ll work on it next year”
or “it’s been a hard year, so I need to rest now and do nothing”

And so, she was totally self-sabotaging without even knowing it.

Has this ever happened to you?
It certainly has happened to me and ALL of my clients.
It’s a paradox we deal with every day when we feel called to do
work that is also aligned with our soul and purpose.

Our deepest calling battles our deepest need for safety.

And then we freeze.

I dealt with this very same thing in the first 2 years of my business.
I started a business based on what someone else told me would be a great
money-maker, vs what I really wanted to do.  2 years later I majorly crashed.
I got so sick I couldn’t get out of bed for a week.

(When we don’t listen to that little nagging voice of the soul, our bodies have
a way of stopping us in our tracks so that we WILL listen.)

So I started listening.

I started posting the stuff I was afraid to share on my social media and in
my newsletters.  Yes, I lost a ton of subscribers–about half of them actually.
That was scary.  BUT the people who remained are the people, like you,
who are still here today.  And YOU are the people I love to talk to, serve and
have conversations with.  The other people, are just not my client, and that’s
okay–there will be someone out there that will be a perfect fit for them.

I also started attracting amazing clients that were my dream to work with
and then one night I went to bed asking for guidance on what I could create
that would serve the people I’m meant to serve, the most.

In my dream an entire new program came to me.

I woke up the next morning with the entire program in my head and with big
swaths of white art paper and markers I created the entire program.

Let me tell you, I was TERRIFIED, when I saw it all out there on paper.

I thought “no one is going to sign up for this–no one has talked about business
this way before.  There’s all this spiritual stuff infused into it, some of the
perspectives on marketing go against what most people tell you to do…

my audience is used to me talking to them about detox stuff, why would they
want to sign up for this thing that’s all about overcoming the obstacles that
keep you from truly living your calling and making great money at the same time?”

But I put it out there.
I expected, at BEST, 20 people to sign up.
Instead, 55 people signed up.

I had mostly done 1:1 work up until that point but had a nagging feeling for
months at that point that my zone of genius was working with groups.
I was worried that because this program was pre-recorded content and
live group calls that the powerful energetic transmissions I send to my
clients 1:1 would somehow be lost.

Instead, the first week of the program, I had 20 people from the program
post in the forum or write in to us privately saying that they had had crazy
amazing energetic experiences listening to the modules that had propelled
them forward in their businesses and that they felt like I was right there with
them in the room, talking to them 1:1.

AND, that fear I had about working in groups vs. 1:1?

Well that got busted too–because within 1 week, I had clients have faster
results than any work I have ever done 1:1.  We seriously had about 15
people in just one week, double their income, get clients for the first time,
overcome writer’s block that had lasted 2 years and more. It blew me away.

I thought to myself?  “Wow, working on my soul-aligned biz doesn’t have to
be exhausting, hard and a lot of work.  It can be easeful, fun and programs
can just come to me in dreams, effortlessly”.

This was a big realization.
Whenever we think of doing the work of overcoming our beliefs that hold
us back in our businesses, we think it’s going to be hard and so we can
shy away and not take action.

But here I had discovered a whole new way of working and moving
forward with my goals:  alignment.

When I posted about this on social media, however, the same thing that
woman I mentioned at the beginning of this post was afraid of, happened to me.

Someone actually wrote that I was “evil” and doing the “devil’s work” for
talking about how my program came to me in a dream.
Another wrote “this is new age bullsh&t”.
Another accused me of making the whole story up.

BUT, here’s the part we don’t think about.

I had five times as many people say “thank you!!!” when I posted about it.
And I had 55 people in a program whose lives and businesses were
transformed forever in Impact™ because I dared to be “out” about it.

(Most of them wrote in their testimonials of the program that they wish
they had had this  program before they purchased all the other ones,
that it should be required to take before all other programs, imagine!)

So, here’s my “confession”.
The one I’ve been skirting around for months.
The one that makes my heart quicken as I type this.

I am a Seer.

That means I can see clearly what most cannot see.
And the truth is that, my clients have come to me for my seer abilities
for years.  I am able to see things about you that you can’t always see
and because I can “see”, I can see right through all the things that
are holding you back from getting the results you want, the things that
you never imaged were there, and the things no one else has been
able to see.

And I do it quickly. So that it’s easy for you to just get on with your great work
instead of toiling away for months or even years until you find your answers.

I have infused all of my Seer abilities into the Impact™ program, not just
in the modules, but also, you get me live for 4 calls–upon which I will
“see” you and coach you live.  Being seen can be incredibly powerful.
It produces powerful results in minutes vs. months.

This is one of the reasons why Impact is only 8 weeks long.
Because we don’t need much more time than that.

It’s also why Impact is broken up into easy to follow modules that you
can listen to at your own pace, as you’re jogging, or taking the kids to school,
or cleaning your house.

I don’t think you need years to achieve your results.
You just need to be seen and get laser focused answers.

So I’m owning up to this today and saying it out loud for all to see.
Because I’m hoping that it will inspire you to no longer be afraid
of owning up to your amazing gifts.  I’m hoping it will prompt you to
stop hiding your true calling from the world and instead step into
the powerful purpose you were meant to live in this world.

I hope you will stop hesitating to be visible and join us in the Impact
program.  You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

So tell me in the comments below, what’s one gift of yours that
you’ve been hiding, that you’d like to out?  I’d love to know.