You’re not crazy, you’re a soul warrior


lisa fabrega



At the beginning of 2016, I taught a class to members of one of my programs that provided a gentle “heads up” about the year to come…

2016 is the year where everything that is not aligned with our soul will blow up in our faces if we continue to ignore it or stay complacent. If you continue to do your soul work and align your life and work with your soul, the process will be smooth. If you continue to fight or resist what is in alignment for you, it will blow up dramatically to assist you in really seeing it this time around so that you can release it for good.

We’ve been in a powerful alchemical transition since 2014. So many of us began to feel it two years ago. Things that had been part of our identity began to fall away. We lost relationships. We lost loved ones. The world lost beloved thought leaders and artists. Our lives went through big upheavals; bigger ones than in the years before. We have moved through all levels of grief, loss, letting go, and finally remembrance.

Many began to move through a dark night of the soul. For me personally, I lost my dog at the end of 2014 which put me into profound grief (my dog was like my child) for a year. Then came the worst, most difficult, year of my life in 2015 when all of my deepest fears about my safety and survival stared me in the face so I would finally get over them. Then in 2016 as I did the work of aligning with my soul, I let go of 70% of my friendships and relationships after realizing they were not truly what I was desiring in relationships.

So many of you have written me that you lost jobs, spouses, loved ones, businesses, masks that you used to wear. If you were listening to your soul, the process was not easy, but it was not so dramatic. For those of you who kept digging in your heels, the process was more dramatic in order to force you to let go. If there’s one thing I know, we’ve all been through the ringer in the last 2 years.

But why?

I’ve said a few times now that our world is in its phase of awakening. The earth has a little wobble when it rotates and when you map out the wobble it forms an ellipsis. You can track specific periods of great human awakening at certain points in the ellipsis when we are moving closer to the center of the galaxy. Dark periods of humanity like the dark ages and the World Wars can be traced to the top of the ellipsis, moving away from the center of the galaxy.

Right now we are in the awakening period on the ellipsis.

You might think, “But Lisa, why does everything seem so dark and scary lately if we are supposed to be in the awakening period?”

The answer is, that it’s always darkest before the dawn. During periods of awakening, in order to fully wake, we must bring up the last vestiges of the nightmares of our collective consciousness to finally purge them and release them. That is exactly what has been happening lately.

Things like Brexit, or the election of a candidate in the US, that frequently used misogynistic, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic terms, into the presidential office of one of the most powerful countries in the world, has pulled up all of the lurking darknesses laid hidden in the last few years.

2016 is the year where we really are asked to take that final look into the mirror. The year where we can no longer fool ourselves with excuses for complacency or by spiritually bypassing.

It is happening right now in real time, my love. You might think, like I did last year, Why is this happening to me? My god, this is so hard! Why do I have to go through it like this?

This was the question that kept me up every night of 2015. I agonized over it. I prayed. I questioned. All I got was silence. I almost lost my faith in everything I believed in. But I stayed doing the work, even when I felt I had not one last breath in me to give.

This year revealed the why to me in incredible ways.

One by one I began to see as some of the clients who came to work with me were now starting to go through the same process I had just been through a few years ago. Except now, I was qualified to lead them through this very process because I had been through it myself. It’s one thing to teach something. It’s another to live it with every cell in your body. I want the teachers that have lived it. They know what’s up.

So my question for you, love, if you’re in a great release, collapse or dark night… or if you’re just wondering what in the world is going on right now… is this:

What if all the loss, the upheaval and the “craziness” you have been through in the last few years has been training you for this very moment in time that our world is going through?

What if the last two years were Soul Warrior training because you are one of the soul-driven leaders who is here to help usher in the new paradigm?

What if now that the world is moving into the new paradigm, the world will need more people like you to step up and lead as the rest of the world begins to go through what you already went through?

What if what you have been through in the last two years has made you uniquely qualified to lead in a new world that is being born out of the death of the old paradigms that we are witnessing right now?

What if this has been the training for your calling all along, so that you can lead those who will be going through the very thing you just survived?

We are in the awakening time now. What if you were woken up through all of your experiences years ago, so that you’d be qualified to lead as the rest of the world begins to awake from their slumber?

It’s food for thought. And since I work with people who are called to lead from Soul within the new paradigm of love, connection & Soul… I think you know what I think the answer is.


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