you’re not here to be liked


lisa fabrega

blog post LF

blog post LF


You are not here to be liked.

You are here to create the amazing sh&t that is inside of your soul.
You are here to paint your colors across the sky.
You are here to breathe the precious fire of your sacred truth into the wanting atmosphere.
You are here to play the opposite of safe.

You are here to leap off cliffs, plunge into the blue waters of the unknown and feel
the exhilaration that is on the other side of what you thought was

You are here to create your life as art.
You are here to hold the tender places between your ribs that say do not love me.
You are here to shake it up, rock the boat,
until the whole damn thing flips over.
You are here to redefine the status of the status-quo.

You are here to rise gloriously and just as gloriously fall. Over and over.
You are here to feel emotions that no human being has ever felt before.
You are here to be burned down and risen.

You are here to let yourself be pulled by the inexhaustible song of your soul.

You’re here to be afraid and dance with your fear.
You are here to experience longings that are untold.
You are here to whisper prayers into the stars and surrender to the faith
that they are being heard.
You are here to discover the magic of believing in magic.
And unlock the God within

Liked is complacent.
Liked is a comfort you cannot afford.
Liked is the slow death of your growth and creativity.
Liked is a cage where the cowardly go to die.
Liked is a forgetting
of who you Are.

are not here
to be liked.

You are here to serve the world by loving yourself enough
to stop the unwinnable game of becoming likeable.

You are here to be a beacon, a lighthouse, a star amongst dark matter.

You are here to remember
that you are here to be love.

Liked is an illusion.
Because you were never here to be liked.

You were only ever here to be the love which you have always been
and that which you are, can never be taken from you.

Now get to creating, love.