A soul aligned tribe exclusive: live interview with Selena Soo!

Ever wondered how to get more attention for your great work? Want to know how to get publicity in a way that feels in-integrity for you, while making impact in the world and becoming more visible?

I managed to snag an exclusive interview for our tribe with my dear friend and publicity strategist, Selena Soo, who has assisted many of the the online world’s most popular thought leaders in getting their message out there in bigger and more soulful ways.

I have sent a multitude of my own personal clients to her and watched them skyrocket in their media presence. From TV show interviews, to national magazine coverage and more. You know how fiercely I guard and adore this tribe and I would never just send them to anyone. Selena is the only person I send my clients to when it comes to media strategy and publicity.

Watch my incredible video with Selena below.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 9.48.27 PM

Here are some of the points Selena and I cover during the interview:

  • Why do change makers need publicity? Why should we care?
  • How do we overcome our fears of being seen/putting ourselves out there? (Selena had some amazing suggestions here)
  • Are there certain types of media & publicity we shouldn’t be pursuing? How do we know what is the right type of publicity for our work/business?
  • What are the details of how Impacting Millions is structured and exactly what is included? (If you missed the free webinar on Monday, you can get a great recap here)
  • And more…

When you’re done, head on over here to snag my and Selena’s bonuses. But don’t take too long because several of these bonuses expire tomorrow. And make sure you use the link here, which is my affiliate link, otherwise you won’t be able to get my bonuses!

Can’t wait to see you in Impacting Millions if you’re called to it!