After working with thousands of womxn in the last 8 years, I know one thing: there is no business coach, strategy or blueprint in the world that will TOUCH what capacity can do for you.

You can create a million dollars or followers…but what good is that if your marriage is falling apart, your health is suffering or you’re burned out?

You can have the best strategies in the world...but what happens when no matter how good the strategy, nothing seems to be able to get you past your plateau and to your next BIG level?

Hey there, I’m Lisa Fabrega.

I help successful women like you reclaim your agency and solidify your legacy—through expanding your capacity. It’s been my experience that once a woman reaches a certain level of earning and success, she needs to stop obsessing over strategies, hacks and tactics and instead start focusing on how she sees herself-her capacity.

When I was a little girl, growing up in a dictatorship in Panama, my family adopted two little boys from the ghetto. My mom took them under her wing and gave them anything that they would accept, in order to help them transcend their circumstances. Yet, still, one of the boys wound up in jail, the other one ended up dead. Ever since then, I’ve been obsessed with helping people expand their capacity so that they can transcend their circumstances and make the impact they were put here to make.

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That’s why today I’m a mentor to people who are here to disrupt the status quo and create real change in the world. I work with people who are growth-oriented and are always looking to go to the next level of their impact and success. Whether coaches, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, artists, speakers and creators, this work is for you.

What good is making 7 or 8 figures if your relationships have fallen apart by the end of it? Or you’re suffering from adrenal fatigue and have to shut down your business? Or feel unfulfilled, exhausted, and have lost the essence of who you are?

When you expand your capacity, everything changes.

Have you ever wondered how people like Oprah do all that they do and still enjoy their lives? In one day they could hop on a plane to fly across the world, deliver a press conference, shoot an episode of a TV show, sign a lucrative merchandising contract and then be home to enjoy their families or get in the tub for some self-care time.

How the heck do they manage to do this?

The answer is capacity.

When you have capacity, you can hold, handle and RECEIVE MORE without burning out. Plateaus melt away. The sky is the limit. You feel like YOU CAN HANDLE IT ALL. Because you CAN.

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