First, I need to get something off my chest…

If you’re here, I know you’re an empathic, successful, and hella-ambitious womxn who has already achieved a lot in the world and created great things.

You are the kind of womxn who will never stop growing, never stop pushing your edge and you ALWAYS want to see what your next level is. In fact, for you, stagnation and getting comfortable = death.

You also care, a lot. You’ve done a lot of personal development, you’re spiritually connected, and you don’t need more help with your “mindset”.

You’re craving something different. Something deeper. The next level of your inner work that will create the most powerful results at your next level of growth and leadership. You want tiny tweaks that create nuclear level impact in your career, business, and life.

You’re not just here to “make an impact” and “make lots of money” (though lots of money and impact are great, and you WILL make more of that when you work with me)… you’re here to create a legacy. A lasting change in the world that will be here LONG after you’re gone.

Your heroes are people like Oprah, Martin Luther King, Maya Angelou, Audre Lorde, Mother Teresa, Malala, Frida Kahlo, or Richard Branson…

And you’ve probably hired a few “high performance” or “elite” coaches in the past, too. But it still feels like something is missing.

You see, here’s my bone to pick...

Most “high performance” coaches out there are not teaching true high performance. Sure, they are teaching you strategies and techniques to do things like get your year done in 90 days, “mindset hacks” to get more done, or nifty time management strategies…

But notice that all of these things are designed to put MORE work on your plate. To get MORE done. And notice that most “high performance” coaches out there aren’t really TOUCHING your inner world as you grow, expand, and lead more and more people, on a deep enough level.

So many womxn have come to me after working with other “high performance” coaches.

Why? Because they made a million dollars, sure.

They got to speak to that crowd of 10,000 people.

They made more money and achieved more success than they ever dreamed of…

But… then what?

What good is doing all that if your marriage is falling apart at the end of it? Or you’re suffering from daily panic attacks? Or if you feel so burdened by what you’ve built that you are tempted to shut it down entirely or walk away from it? What good is a million dollars if you’re suffering from adrenal burnout?

That’s what most high performance coaches MISS. They’re excellent at the outer work. But they suck at the inner work. Enter: Me.

I believe you should have all the massive impact, millions of dollars, and major influence in the world that you want… without sacrificing your Self, happiness, energy, or creativity. In fact — if you do sacrifice those things, you won’t ever fulfill your full vision for your success. Because at a certain point, without the inner work, you simply won’t be able to sustain that level of success and impact.

The truth is, those tactics work… up to a certain point. But to achieve LONG TERM SUSTAINABLE results, you need inner leadership work. To leave the legacy that you dream of leaving, you’ve got to have the internal fortitude to withstand the many challenges that are part of the path to becoming a high impact, highly transformational leader.

Being a high level leader is going to bring up your deepest wounding. It’s going to challenge you, force you to look in the mirror. Do you have the kind of badass, high level support you must have to navigate the true challenges of leadership and success?

When you’ve got your inner game strong, you’ve got the fuel and the energy to keep expanding your mission and making that impact. And lord knows, our world needs MORE grounded, aligned, and soul-connected leaders (not burned out ones), now more than ever!

So, yeah, I’m a different kind of “high performance coach”. In fact, I like to call myself a “high empowerment” coach.

Because I believe that you can amplify your impact, revenue, and legacy exponentially… Without having to give up your soul and your well being in the process.

(Not to mention, when you’re internally aligned, your vibration is higher and people FEEL that. That also means you can hold space for more people, change more people’s lives… without burning the eff out.)

I call this becoming the Empress of your life.

The archetype of the Empress is:

  • Abundant
  • Influential (When she walks into the room, you FEEL her power. She is a magnet.)
  • Highly successful
  • Deeply creative
  • Connected to nature and the world around her on a profound level
  • The perfect combination of both badass and nurturing, loving energy
  • Sensual, deeply connected to her pleasure and has healthy, fulfilling relationships
  • Contributes to this world and heals with her very presence
  • Owns who she is without shame
  • And she isn’t afraid to ask for what she desires most.


And that’s what I help you do. That’s why they call me “The Empress Maker”.


Before you apply to work with me or to be in one of my programs, here’s what you need to know:

The Four Pillars of Empress-level leadership

When you work with me we’ll focus upon 4 main pillars :

  • Discernment
  • Boundaries
  • Equanimity
  • Sovereignty

As we dive deeper into these 4 main pillars in your work and life, we’ll walk through the 7 levels of leadership (the points of the star), and identify which areas are weak for you and need more work. Tweaking these areas and doing deep inner work in the places you’re weak will create the most powerful results both in your life and your work.

All In or All Out

I take my work seriously. I take you seriously. I put my 100% in and I expect you to put your 100% in, too. My clients are solution/results-oriented and they are ready to be all in for their legacy creation.

In me you will find a deeply intuitive, unconditionally loving, truth-telling, BS-slaying mentor who can see right through to the core of the issue, will passionately hold you accountable to your vision and desires, and help you create powerful change in your inner and outer world in record time.

Womxn who work with me tell me often that working with me is like getting 10 years of results in just a few months. They also tell me that this is “liberation work” and that even their voices sometimes change as they deepen into their power and their unique expression as leaders. The way they move their bodies, the way they carry their energy and use their innate power also changes. In essence, your whole vibration shifts. These changes CREATE big results in your impact, your money and your external world.

If you’re here for BIG things and you’re ready to take your work to your next level of impact, and you’re ready to move from high performance to Empress-level-empowerment, then we’re a good fit for each other.

High-touch, high transformation

All of my programs are by-application only. Because I like to work with small groups of womxn in a very deep way. I love giving my energy and attention to my clients.

That is why everything we do here is high touch and high impact.

You’re not part of a group of 1000’s where nobody knows your name. When we work together, you are not just on my mind during sessions, but in between too. I am holding you energetically that entire time. And in our group masterminds every single womxn is curated to be a perfect fit for you. So you’ll never find that weird, catty, competitive energy that many womxn’s masterminds have.

Take a look below and apply for the program that calls to you most.

Once I receive your application, my team will forward it to me (only I will see it), and if there’s space available, we can hop on the phone to chat and create your next-level plan.


THE EMPRESS CODE: a 4 month mastermind for womxn leaders committed to creating high transformation for others and reclaiming their worth by commanding high-level prices for their work.

By invitation only. Apply below to get an invite.

THE EMPRESS CIRCLE: our exclusive, renowned, and by-application-only, 10-month leadership incubator for high earning, high performing womxn who are here to rule their inner and outer worlds and amplify their impact, revenue, and legacy.

10 months, 2 virtual retreats and 2 in person retreats, monthly coaching, strong sisterhood of hand-selected participants who are a perfect fit to help you get to your next level.

Learn more and apply now.


EMPRESS DAY: a 1.5 day experience in my magical home in Santa Barbara (location may vary). Come be pampered and receive laser coaching from me in your business and life. Included are custom curated activities designed to bring out your most soul-aligned work, lush healthy meals, and unlimited coaching time in this intimate, 1:1 retreat with me.

Only one spot currently available.

THE EMPRESS EXPERIENCE: The most intimate and high level on which you can work with me. Only 5 spots available per year. Work with me 1:1. Monthly coaching on a bi-weekly basis, text access to me, free membership to the Empress Circle, and a custom curated, 1:1 retreat designed to elevate you to your next level.