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Author, Coach, and Co-creator of Super Size Me (Entrepreneur)

How A Successful Author, Producer & CEO Stepped Into Her Next Career Level And Fell In Love With Her Work Again

Alexandra Jamieson, an acclaimed author and co-creator of the Oscar-nominated documentary "Super Size Me," faced significant challenges despite her impressive credentials. Struggling with a loss of motivation, declining revenues, and creative block, she felt disconnected from her purpose and overwhelmed by a misaligned business model. Through targeted coaching, Alexandra redefined her business, raised her rates, and found a niche coaching powerful women in tech. This strategic shift led to signing high-value clients, increased visibility, and a renewed passion for her work. Today, Alexandra's business thrives at new revenue heights with much less work involved, and she embraces her artistic side, including hosting her first art show and winning an artist residency in Ireland.

Caribbean Food Delights, Sabrina (CEO) & Simone (COO) HoSang

Family-owned company and leading manufacturer of Caribbean frozen foods

From Legacy to Prosperity: Revitalizing Executive Roles, Enhancing Team Dynamics, and Transforming A Family Business into an Efficient, Profitable Legacy


Caribbean Food Delights (CFD), a premier manufacturer of Jamaican patties and other Caribbean delicacies, faced significant operational and leadership challenges under the new generation of family leadership. With team inefficiencies, role misalignment, and profitability issues in one division, the company's growth was at risk. Through strategic coaching and restructuring, CFD resolved compliance violations, improved team dynamics, and clarified executive roles. This led to a profitable turnaround, allowing the CEO to take a full maternity leave and the COO to step up seamlessly. The company is now on track to increase revenue by $30 million, demonstrating the power of effective leadership development and strategic planning in family-owned businesses.



Founder and CEO of Rasa, Innovator in Adaptogenic Coffee Alternatives, and Forbes Top 1000 CEO.

From Bottlenecks to Breakthroughs: Empowering Leadership, Streamlining Operations, and Reaching Eight-Figure Revenues

Facing bottleneck issues and team challenges, Lopa van der Mersch, CEO of Rasa, was overwhelmed with daily operational fires and unable to focus on strategic growth. Through targeted coaching, Lopa empowered her team, improved morale, and implemented effective succession planning, allowing her to step away and focus on high-impact CEO activities. This strategic shift led to an impressive increase in revenue, recognition in Forbes' Top 1000 CEOs, and the highest seed investment round for a woman-owned business on Wefunder. Most importantly, Lopa regained confidence in her leadership, solidifying her role as CEO and driving Rasa forward with renewed vigor and strategic vision.

Sarah Deguia

CEO of ChangeLab Solutions (Nationally recognized non-profit organization)

Navigating A Leadership Transition and Strengthening Organizational Impact for Sarah DeGuia, CEO of ChangeLab Solutions


Sarah de Guia, CEO of ChangeLab Solutions, faced significant challenges during her leadership transition, including building strong board relationships, aligning long-standing team members with her new vision, and boosting her confidence as a CEO. Through dedicated coaching, Sarah transformed these challenges into remarkable triumphs, enhancing her leadership confidence, establishing robust board relationships, and successfully restructuring the organization for better efficiency. Her efforts empowered employees to take ownership of their roles, leading to faster decision-making and increased operational efficiency. Under Sarah’s leadership, ChangeLab Solutions continues to advance equitable laws and policies, connecting with over 28,000 public health practitioners across nearly 3,000 communities.


The AdGirls Courtney (COO) and Jennifer (CEO)

Founders of a Multimillion-Dollar Ad Agency Generating Over $20 Million in Client Revenue (Agency)

From Burnout to Empowerment: Streamlining Operations, Enhancing Team Satisfaction, and Rekindling Their Passion for Business

Courtney and Jennifer, co-founders of The AdGirls, faced significant challenges with team performance, client management, and workload balance, which led to burnout and strategic misalignment. Through dedicated coaching, they revitalized their business, enhancing team satisfaction, improving work-life balance, and reclaiming their leadership effectiveness. Courtney successfully took a two-week yoga training, significantly boosting her well-being, while Jennifer focused on long-term strategic goals. Their revamped client onboarding process set clear expectations, reducing administrative burdens and increasing client satisfaction. Today, The AdGirls thrive under their dynamic leadership, integrating cutting-edge technologies and inspiring industry innovation.


Celebrity Astrologer & Best Selling Author (Author & Entrepreneur)

How a Renowned Astrologer to Royals and Celebrities Transformed Her Leadership, Embraced Greater Visibility and Built A Multi-Million Dollar Astrology Empire


Debra's journey from grappling with leadership and self-perception challenges to achieving remarkable success epitomizes the power of transforming challenges into triumphs. Initially overwhelmed by team management responsibilities and resisting greater visibility, Debra's fears threatened her business's growth. However, through coaching, she conquered her visibility fears, confidently embraced media opportunities, and adeptly delegated daily operations to her capable team. This shift not only led to significant business growth and millions in revenue but also allowed Debra to focus on visionary leadership, spearheading new creative projects and capitalizing on high-profile opportunities. Now, with her company flourishing and her students taking on more responsibilities, Debra stands as a testament to the transformative power of overcoming personal and professional obstacles.