Lisa Fabrega

Are you ready to uncover the areas of your capacity that need support?

Lisa Fabrega

Are you ready to uncover the areas of your capacity as CEO that need support?

I want to help you create an action plan for what needs to shift in order for you to achieve your visibility, wealth, and profit goals for the rest of this year (and beyond!)

This free Capacity Assessment call is designed to discuss and identify your specific and unique capacity goals. This is NOT a pushy sales call. This is a call for the person ready to take action and make a decision, but who wants a little more information and to discuss what is the right fit.

During this call we will ...

  1. Do a complete capacity assessment of your strengths and struggles as a CEO,
  2. Get to the root of the capacity challenge that's preventing you from stepping into your next level of profitability, visibility, and scaling without burning out,
  3. And create a clear action plan for what we want to work on during our time together.

NOTE: If you are currently working with another coach that precludes you from investing and working with Lisa at this moment, we ask that you do not schedule this call until you are able to make an investment. These calls are very in demand, and at this time, we can only book this call for people who are ready and able to invest and work with Lisa.