It takes a village . . . to change a life.

When we radically transform our lives — changing our diets, careers, or daily priorities — we often face resistance from the people who love us most.

It’s not that they’re intrinsically trying to sabotage our efforts — they’re just clinging to the version of our identity that they know & trust. It’s human. But not helpful.

Cradling yourself with support — from a community of like-minded & like-hearted women — makes all the difference.

Take more support than you (think) you need. Trust me. Abundance is key.

Our bodies are designed for extravagant pleasure.

8,000 nerve endings — in the clitoris, alone. Need I go on?

We are biologically designed to experience near-limitless pleasure . . . from the most magnificent orgasm in history, to the heady scent of Madagascar vanilla, to the centuries-old delight of soaking in a steamy tub.

There’s so much to take in — if we’re willing to take notice.
And when we saturate our lives with pleasure, we find a kind of fullness that food alone cannot provide.

We’ve forgotten how to release & relax.

The ritual of Detox is all about r-e-l-e-a-s-i-n-g everything that is too stale, too small & too cruel for you. But it’s nearly impossible to soften & cleanse when you’re caught up in the paralyzing minutia of modern life — endless Facebook updates, Tweets, emails, forums, and blog posts. Demands, obligations, and infinite to-do lists.

We’ve forgotten how to be still. How to be silent. How to be (consciously) empty.
We’re actually terrified of it. So we fill ourselves up . . . with things we don’t need.

Detox can crack open the door to soul-deep relaxation.
The privilege of solitude. Serenity. And surrender.

It’s all about food. And not about food at all.

Traditional Detoxing is about what you put into your mouth. Full stop. End quote.

Divine Detoxing is about what you put into your mouth — and what you put into your life.

It’s about where you’re investing your time, energy & resources. Why you choose to believe the things you believe. How you engage with your friends, lovers & creative partners.
And YES — how you inhabit your exquisitely powerful, sensual, striking & sacred body.
Live in Your Truth.

Food, Relationships and Career becomes a symbol of your capacity to let love in.

And so, the question is not what are you going to EAT today? but . . .

who are you going to BE today?

With extravagant love,

Lisa Fabrega