Amrita Khalsa

“A powerhouse catalyst for emerging leaders, revolutionaries & change-makers.”

Lisa is a powerhouse catalyst for emerging leaders, revolutionaries & change-makers who are ready to claim the precious IMPACT of their grand vision and actually make it happen. When you know deep inside that you’re meant for greatness, getting Lisa in your corner will be one of the most powerful choices you ever make.”




Nisha Moodley

“A midwife of truth.”

Lisa is a midwife of truth. She shows up powerfully to help people detox all that holds them back, guiding them to themselves, to unearth and birth their innermost desires.




Kristen Domingue

“Working with her will change your life.”

Powerfully incisive & loving. Working with her will change your life. I’ve seen her clients and they are living proof.




Luba Mason

“My life has improved drastically–from my marriage to my career to my outlook on life.”

Working with Lisa has been worth every penny. And like you, reading these testimonials, at first I wasn’t sure to fully believe them or if they would apply to me if I were to enter one of Lisa’s programs. I joined her Mastermind program and I am very happy to say, my life has improved drastically – from my marriage to my career and to my outlook on life in general. Specifically: juggling and managing my time more efficiently, taking action everyday to create more abundant opportunities for my career, creating a mindset of being open to receive rather than sabotaging myself, “detoxing” my negative beliefs and stories which then enable me to move forward, and also learning a better understanding of the dynamics of my marriage. I’ve learned (and am still learning) techniques to lead a more productive, fulfilling, creative life and career. And the beauty of the Mastermind is that it is 9 months of continuous learning, re-programming of old habits and most important–unconditional SUPPORT. Working with Lisa is a must – invest in yourself, but ONLY if you’re serious about improving the quality of your business and life!




Lindsay Wilson “Lisa will help you uncover your true desires, guide you to live your deepest purpose and show you how to lead a life in alignment with truth + pleasure.”

When I struggle with the big picture questions — am I holding myself back?, am I playing safe?, am I stepping into the mother I want to be for my magnificent child? — I always come back to my purpose + my desire. And what lies ahead of purpose + desire is what is at my core — my truth. Lisa speaks the language of truth. She is the guardian of your deepest truth. Desire, unconditional love, self-actualized power, and sisterhood are her stepping stones that guide you into living in alignment with your deepest purpose & truth. Anyone can help you detox your life. Only Lisa will help you uncover your true desires, guide you to live your deepest purpose, and show you how to lead a life in alignment with truth + pleasure.




Simone Turner
“I’ve found the coach that I know can deliver powerful transformation.”

“I’ve found the coach that I know can deliver powerful transformation in all areas of my life and my business. I am at a stage in my life and my business where I am not about fluff and fluff is certainly what Lisa DOES NOT do! She will break down your self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors like a ninja and build you back up all in one fell swoop, so that by the time you are done coaching with her, you feel like you can take on any challenge that will come at you! I am grateful and thankful for the experience with Lisa. If you are like me and have invested a sh*t ton of money in group programs, live seminars, and things that have promised success and still feel like something is missing, having a 1-on-1 with Lisa will solve that problem instantly. In less than 2 weeks after my VIP Intensive Day with her, I went from 0 clients and struggling to get strategy sessions with people, to having 5 clients and people dying to speak with me about joining one of my programs. I am also now becoming an established expert within my field of expertise. Best of all, because of the mindset shifts Lisa helped me attain, I am much more confident and excited about the work I know I am called to do.




Priscilla Stephan

“I have NEVER had such a powerful and enjoyable coaching experience with a coach. Ever.”

“I was feeling discouraged, stuck and with diffused focus in my business. In essence, I really wasn’t in a good place. I had a lot of plans and an ambitious vision and goal but there was a gaping hole between where I was and where I wanted to be and I didn’t know how to change it. Lisa and I realized that my limiting beliefs were seriously getting in the way. We did some very simple and incredibly powerful work. The result is that I now feel empowered beyond belief and excited for what’s to come. The biggest gift from my intensive is that my outlook on my business has completely changed. I am so ready to get the clients I want and I feel so much more confident about my offerings (they rock!), my coaching style and what’s next for me. After spending tens of thousands of dollars on coaching programs, I have NEVER had such a powerful and enjoyable coaching experience with a coach. Ever. It was intense and yet it felt so effortless. Just amazing. I am ready to rock my business to a whole new level. If you need a biz and mindset detox, Lisa is your girl. Don’t walk, RUN to her intensive. The alternative is to stay stuck and we know you don’t want that for yourself or your business.”




Michelle Bailen
“A powerful, intuitive coach who will guide you in moving past your limiting beliefs in life & business.”

“When I came to Lisa, my biggest challenge was holding myself back out of fear of “not being good enough. My challenges led me to what I call my “in and out” business strategies. I would tend to put myself out there… then get scared and hold back. I feared I would not be able to handle being a strong coach and a good mom. Because of this, my business suffered. I also struggled with creating a lasting self-care routine, and let myself get too drained when dealing with difficult situations with my children. Lisa was always able to help me go deeper and get clearer about what I truly wanted to create for my life. She pushed me to find ways to be a creator and move past victim mode. She listened without judgement and let me cry when I needed to. Lisa is a powerful, intuitive coach who will guide you in moving past your limiting beliefs in life & business. Working with her is a true gift. Her laser-focused coaching will lovingly push you out of your comfort zone, but she is with you every step of the way.”




Vanessa Codorniu
“My work with Lisa has brought me fans, increased my mailing list and allowed me to expand in my business.”

I’ve been a healer, sacred community creator, and intuitive since my early twenties. With over a decade and a half of service and sisterhood behind me I stepped into the online landscape less than a year ago. I was growing but I was having certain issues around visibility and social media and knew I was holding back. I had a VIP Intensive Day with Lisa that really set the stage for how I see my place in the world now.

As an urban priestess I still carried that tradition in my mind and heart. It is a tradition of wisdom, service AND silence. In my intensive day with Lisa, I told her, ”I kind of just want to be in my temple and have people visit. Or just travel and teach in guest temples.” Lisa said, ”Well, it doesn’t matter how amazing and powerful you are… if no one can find you! You have to put lights on the temple!” Through my old way of spiritual thinking I believed, “the people will find me when they need to find me.” It’s true AND yet you can’t build a business on that.

Lisa helped me understand that for me to give the highest service possible I had to share my transformative work. The reframing of my beliefs with her during the course of our intensive has assisted me in stepping into more powerful expression and more joy. When I worried that my work or my sharing might not be well-received, she said,” your people are your people. Your people will read and KNOW.” Lisa is a staunch supporter that your truth will draw your people. No need to worry. They will come.

She was right. I am more and more expressive through my social media everyday. It works. I get tons of emails and outreach weekly with encouragement and gratitude for the sharing I do. My work with Lisa has brought me fans, increased my mailing list, and allowed me to expand in my business. It also gave me greater peace in how I represent my calling and my vocation. It gave me the power to create and launch my first mastermind program. Words and images flow easily out of me everyday. I’ve finished an eBook in Spanish and am working on another now.

Lisa has a single-minded desire to support you with every drop of her being. Her guiding values are “truth” and “devotion.” She will give you the hard truth, to serve you in the highest way she knows how. That is what I experience as her devotion. I think that everyone should work with Lisa and especially anyone who is holding back on their visibility and expressing their truth. THANK YOU Lisa, for knowing in your bones that the truth always attracts the right people! THANK YOU for knowing that the truth of our experience will always speak for itself.




Erica Hedman
“It’s like a huge veil has been lifted from my eyes and I’m alive again and full of hope and excitement for the future.”

“When I came to Lisa, I was feeling stuck and stagnant in my living and work situation. I was struggling financially with massive credit card debt and not making much money. I felt hopeless and helpless in my self-worth and self-confidence, like nothing was ever going to change and I was going to be stuck forever. I would come home, get in bed straight after work and watch TV, and drink until I fell asleep. I visited therapists and other coaches but my experiences were not good and I made little progress. Eventually I started to feel like I wanted to give up on life altogether.

A few weeks after my intensive with Lisa, I went on an interview for a new job. Using the mindset tools that Lisa taught me in our intensive, I ended up blowing the interviewers out of the water and felt completely confident, whereas before I would have been scared and canceled the interview altogether. I ended up not only getting the job and making more money, but the requirements of the job also allowed me to fulfill another goal I had for 3 years — traveling. In addition, I put into action a business idea I had been afraid to explore and within days of using Lisa’s suggestions, I had 3 people emailing me requesting my services for my new business.

I now believe in myself and my capabilities more than ever. I’m HAPPIER! It’s like a huge veil has been lifted from my eyes and I’m alive again and full of hope and excitement for the future. The investment is absolutely worth it. The tools and practices Lisa gives you will change your life in ways you can’t even imagine.”




Kathy Browne

In my work with Lisa, I can say that the conversations we have had have been life-altering. Lisa helped me to finally get to the root cause of the things that for so long have blocked me from moving forward in so many areas of my life. I am truly grateful for that. I feel more confident, am more accepting of myself and have learned how to do what I love and truly enjoy my life, no matter what might be going on.




Lorrie Beck
“This work has completely changed my life.”

When I started working with Lisa in her Mastermind program, I had had an eating disorder for over 40 years that no one, not even my husband, knew about. I was stuffing the emotions of a painful event in my life deep down inside of me and going numb so I wouldn’t have to face them. This made me feel miserable on the inside, but I was still trying to maintain an “everything is okay” attitude on the outside, even though I was completely disconnected from myself.

I felt numb all the time. I was in a job that was sucking all of the joy out of my life and was afraid to make the leap to being a full time coach, which was my real passion. I remember in my first conversation with Lisa, I was skeptical that she would be able to help me because I had struggled for so long, and nothing else had ever seemed to work. I am now so glad I took that leap of faith because Lisa’s work has completely changed my life. My eating disorder is now under control, I am now helping others overcome emotional eating and every day I am making choices that honor what I really want, for the first time in my life. My relationship with my husband has improved and I am more connected with my feminine side. The women in Lisa’s community are also incredible. The friends I made have become friends for life. The unconditional love has been incredible. I would highly recommend working with Lisa. Take that leap of faith, like I did. The transformation will be nothing short of amazing.”

LORRIE BECK, WWW.YBFIT.COM  (Two-time Mastermind participant)



Sarah Buck
“I now have a profound belief that I can live my life in any way I want and that I can do so successfully.”

When I first came to work with Lisa I did not have a real and consistent sense of joy in my life, but you would never know it from the outside. Everything felt pretty superficial and pretend, and it was a lot of energy to keep up that image. I didn’t even have much interest in doing the little things to take care of myself… like brushing my teeth and washing my face every day. And I very often ended up making choices in my life based on what others would approve of, instead of asking myself what I really wanted.

Over the course of the year I participated in her Mastermind program I opened to a loving trust of myself, and a deep reverence and faith in my deepest desires, and their ability to lead me into my deepest purpose. Through my work with Lisa I have gotten in touch with the desires of my heart and have opened up to the deep pleasure of just being alive. I have gone from trepidation and inability to commit to the man I am completely in love with, to a solid mutual commitment, amazing communication and an awesome sex life. I bought the horse I had been pining for for six years. I have granted myself permission to let go of my massage therapy practice and step into my training as an equine (horse) assisted leadership training coach. I have learned to say YES to my life.

Lisa consistently brought the perfect tools with impeccable timing, which allowed me to have a steady shift in the way I was able to both see and interact with my world, irrevocably shifting my confidence and consciousness. Because of my work with Lisa I manifested a business opportunity that shifted everything for me. I am now being groomed for greatness within the company, all because I learned to believe in myself. Without Lisa, her courage and her honesty, I would not be in the shoes I am today. Prepare yourself for unexpected greatness due to this work. I now have a profound belief that I can live my life in any way I want and I can do so successfully.




Maria Victoria
“Everyone keeps asking me what I’m doing!”

“More than just a detox, Lisa’s work is truly all about making a lasting life change. In my time working with Lisa I have healed emotional wounds that were holding me back, have lost weight, have deepened into love and connection in my relationship with my husband and left a job that was no longer aligned with what I wanted to be. Early last year, a “big deal” company came to me, wanting to hire me as a consultant. Using the tools Lisa taught me and with her support, I was able to have the confidence to ask for exactly what I wanted, terms that would normally not be accepted in a deal like this. Not only did they accept every one of the conditions I asked for (being able to work whatever hours I wanted, whenever I wanted, from wherever I wanted) but they also offered me a salary that would have made me one of the highest paid women in my country. Even with all of this, because of my work with Lisa, I could feel it was not my desire, so I turned the offer down! They called me two days later to THANK ME for teaching them so much and making their hiring process better, even though I turned them down! This is what it means to be a powerful creator in your life and this is what my work with Lisa continues to do for me. Everyone keeps asking me what I’m doing! There’s a reason why I always have her in my corner as my coach.”




“My life is finally beginning to look like what I have always wanted it to look like.”

emily mcbrayer“I had been feeling unhappy with myself before working with Lisa, feeling unsupported in my desire to get healthier/detox, concerned with my relationship – was it going to last? was it even good for me? Because of my unhappiness with myself, my relationship was suffering with lots of bickering and not much connecting. I was very hard on myself about my body, especially weight struggles. I felt I was stuck in the small box of my work which was then suffering because it felt bad to even be there. After working with Lisa, I’m more at peace now with who I am, even with the parts I may want to change or improve. I know I can do anything I want, that I am truly POWERFUL and accessing that power in deeper ways every day. My life is finally beginning to look like I have always wanted it to look like; I feel like it’s happening for me not to me. If your search led you to Lisa then you owe it to yourself to take a look at why that is, what part of you is begging for this kind of support?  Even if it’s scary and seems a bit crazy you are worth the exploration, time, money, and energy to become the best you possible. Lisa can help you with that!”




Ibetliza Frias
“I’m more confident with being who I am and no longer feel afraid to embrace my purpose.”

“Lisa is very wise, filled with what feels like ancient wisdom. She is supportive in a way that I’ve never experienced before from a coach. When you work with her you can feel that she really devotes herself to her work and her community of women. Since working with her I feel more open to speaking my truth with my own community and my partner. I’m more confident with being who I am and no longer feel afraid to embrace my purpose. I had always wanted to open up a home chef business and with Lisa’s help I had a full client roster within one month of opening it!”





“If you are ready to make leaps and bounds in every area of your life, then you came to the right place!”

lakshmi“I started working with Lisa because I was feeling overwhelmed and like I was never going to be able to accomplish my goals. I felt stagnant. I lost my ability to create my life. I was uninspired and lacking confidence. After working with Lisa, I have the confidence to actively pursue my dreams and so many things are unfolding because of it. I’ve started a yoga clothing line, my long-held dream of making a peace documentary about Hiroshima came true and the documentary is gaining considerable attention. Understanding my value and worth has helped me find a job that provides me with a schedule conducive to working on my own projects and provides enough money to focus the rest of my time on the project. I’m more confident. I can stand up for myself. I feel worthy of my dreams. I’m learning to see the stories I created long ago and see them as just that – a story. I found my truth and am no longer afraid to speak it. If you are ready to make leaps and bounds in every area of your life, then you came to the right place!”




keti sharif
“I am much more confident in my own power to create great, healthy change. I’m happier!”

“I came to work with Lisa in her group program because I wanted to get my life organised – including work/life balance, perspective on relationships, and also take charge of my health and body as I had gained weight after the birth of my child and a challenging year previous to the move. Lisa’s challenges were exactly what I needed and very timely – organisation, relating, perspective, but mainly our relationship and honouring ourselves were catalysts for big change.

I feel more in control of my life and how I feel day to day. My diet has improved overall and I have started losing weight, I feel better about myself. I’m happier! I am attracting the right kind of people and situations into my life now, I see it every week!  I am much more confident in my own power to create great, healthy change. I think each person will find that several areas in their lives open up and they will be offered the opportunity to heal and prosper, with the backbone of Lisa’s knowledge and a supportive community.”




rebecca renee
“If you have tried everything, and are still coming up short – find a way to work with Lisa.”

“Before this work with Lisa, I felt lost as to where I would find my happiness, and prone to secretly hoping/imagining that romantic love would fill the hole I felt. Since working with Lisa, I can now draw boundaries with people. I just did it yesterday with a ‘bad’ client. AND today with a co-worker. 🙂 I am getting better at living in MY schedule, and not considering EVERYONE’s before mine. I am living more consciously, daily. I have gotten back to communing with God. I now know that money is a flow ~ and I’m learning that if I show up fully for my dream and take care of the bit that I need to take care of, everything else will work out 🙂 I do not stress out about work so much anymore- I just try to do the work and handle things as they come instead of hide my concerns. Through doing this work with Lisa, I finally realized a life long dream of starting my own business. It was one that was buried inside, but with Lisa’s encouragement, I was able to have the courage to make it a reality.  If you have tried everything, and are still coming up short – find a way to work with Lisa. No matter where you are in life, if you ‘just have something missing’ – find a way to work with Lisa. If you are lacking a team of women who support you, and want to hear you – find a way to work with Lisa – she will do this AND will introduce you to your biggest fans yet!”




“I’m a whole new person! I feel empowered! I have released so much that wasn’t serving me!”

“I began working with Lisa to detox my life, lose some weight and find out how to grow my coaching business enough so that I could leave my day job. Since working with Lisa, I have lost weight that I’ve been able to keep off, I have no more eczema, and my migraines are nearly gone. I’m a whole new person! I feel empowered! I have released so much physical and emotional weight! I have a better relationship with myself and am feeling strong in my new business. I LOVE MYSELF NOW in ways I never thought possible, and I take care of myself without any judgement. I can clearly see my path now. By following the plan that Lisa and I worked on, I have built my coaching business up so much that I am now leaving my day job! Lisa will give you practical tips to detox your life and this process will lead you to connect to deeper layers of yourself, so that your authentic self can really shine through in all the areas of your life. Lisa is the real thing, with a mystic touch!”




ann young
“Words can’t express what my work with Lisa has done to me.  It has given me a different life.”

“I knew I had to work with Lisa as I was feeling so out of touch with myself, both spiritually and emotionally. I had recently left a very illustrious corporate career and was feeling so stuck in my corporate mindset and it was definitely holding me back. I couldn’t connect with me and I knew it was a problem and major roadblock in moving forward with my new journey and career as a coach. After my work with Lisa, I feel a sense of inner peace. I have a different outlook in that whatever the outcome, it’s going to be ok. I’m more open and accepting of my imperfections, and I’m not trying to make everything perfect anymore. I can be real and not afraid of showing my weaknesses. As a matter of fact, I am attracting more people by being showing the human side of me. I’m softer and kinder to others and I accept their imperfections too. I feel like a beautiful person again and I’m not just talking external, I mean internally. I love how my heart finally feels whole again. I’m feeling good in my skin and I’m no longer caught up in the hell of having to live up to others expectations.  Words can’t express what my work with Lisa has done to me. It has given me a different life”




“I’m taking risks! I’ve opened my heart to find love!  I’m truly a happier person!”

Taryn Weaver“I signed up to work with Lisa because I just felt stuck. I felt like my life was controlling me and I was not an active participant in my health and happiness. Since my work with Lisa, I’m much more in tune with my body and my emotions. I feel more in control. I’m charging forward. I’m embracing pleasure and passion! I still have challenges (those will always be part of life) but I feel much more equipped to work through them. I’m taking risks! I’m taking dance classes, music lessons, and signed up to do a Triathlon… because I was scared to before! I’ve opened my heart to find love! I’ve been afraid of feeling vulnerable but I’ve learned to open myself up to it and embrace it so that I can enjoy love and not sabotage it! I’m truly a happier person. I’m aware of myself and my surroundings like never before.”




Beth Devlin
“I think the changes I have made in 10 months with Lisa would have taken most people a lifetime to accomplish without her support”

“I came to work with Lisa because I was gaining weight by turning to food and I felt unattractive and avoided certain social situations. I was getting a lot of negative feedback at my day job and almost completely ignoring my true calling as an actor. I was hiding from my feelings and using food as a way to numb almost all the negative feelings I had about my career and body. Since working with Lisa, my mindset has changed. I am overall much happier and much better at dealing with stressful situations. I have also learned how to make decisions based on what I want, using my own inner guidance and intuition. I am less afraid of being alone, and am much nicer to myself. I was able to leave my day job and make my acting career a full time job! Lisa is an amazingly intelligent and intuitive woman who will both support and challenge you. You’ll learn to look differently at your beliefs and choices after working with her, and if you put any effort into your work with her, it will come back tenfold. I think the changes I have made in the past 10 months with Lisa would have taken most people a lifetime without her support.”




ana elizabeth blue “I have empowered myself to enjoy life, to release fears, to make myself my top priority.”

“I signed up to work with Lisa because I had constant excessive energy and mood swings and did not know how to conquer them. Often I woke up in a bit of a funk so the day already began as an uphill battle emotionally and physically. I had lots of free time on my hands and felt overwhelmed with how to structure my time or myself. I had a variety of goals and desires and felt overwhelmed with how to conquer any of them. I was struggling with feeling dis-empowered in every situation. I had many great tools I wanted to implement into my life (such as meditation) and did not know what the block was in implementing it. Financially, I felt all over the place and felt very stuck with my job and work situation. I wasn’t able to DO my life! I wasn’t able to wake up energized and excited to create my day. I was stuck in revolving circles of emotional BLAH and frustration. When great opportunities did come my way, I felt fearful that I couldn’t physically or emotionally handle them.

Today since working with Lisa, I wake up excited to start my day. I find small ways in the moment to enjoy myself. I am sooo much more structured and organized and have cleared out so much clutter from everywhere. I have empowered myself to enjoy life, to release fears, to make myself my top priority. I now trust that my desires are leading me on my true path. I have begun to listen to what my body is telling me, and I can sense on a deeper level what I truly want in various situations. When fears, blocks or blahs arise, I am able to tune in to myself and ask questions to discover the core of my feelings. I am making more empowered choices with money.  Lisa has helped me to transform my mindset about jobs in a really important way. I have begun the process of getting creative with how to create more revenue for myself and seek out a job I want.




Natalie Holmes“I have a new tool box full of strategies to deal with the obstacles that come up in life.”

“Before working with Lisa, I couldn’t get out of my own way, I was unable to move forward in projects in my life and I had no self esteem about anything. I was finding that jealousy, fatigue, self doubt and food were dragging me down into a world of uselessness that I couldn’t escape, and it cut me off from my life. Since working with Lisa, I feel more confident about my abilities in my work. I took a job I was extremely scared of and find that I actually like it. I’m proud to say that I have faced some of my fears head on and have found myself coming out of those battles feeling free. I have a new tool box full of strategies to deal with the obstacles that come up in life. I’ve been able to let go of feeling like food is always the answer and I am finding new ways on a daily basis to let fun and pleasure into my life.”




meg hubbard “I discovered my life’s purpose. You can’t beat that!”

“I came to Lisa because I felt like something was missing. I was happy and very blessed and had no reason to complain… but it felt like something was missing. This gave me the “blahs” from time to time and I felt like I was in a rut. At first I was doubtful that Lisa could help me because I have read and studied a lot, I kept thinking “what can she teach me that I don’t know?” I was so wrong! Since working with Lisa I discovered my life’s purpose, you can’t beat that!

I am doing so much — building a new business, taking classes, and putting myself out there more!”




Carmen“I’ve found my confidence again and I trust myself in the steps I’m taking.”

“Before working with Lisa, I was unsatisfied a lot of times, because I didn’t know what to do with my life. I knew that my current situation was alright, but only alright. I couldn’t imagine being “stuck” in it for the next 40 years, and who knows if it would change when I’m retired! So I was depressed, unhappy, unmotivated, let opportunities pass because I had no self-confidence. I thought a lot about the past and everything I had accumulated inside me, and those emotions and memories would not let me progress. I had to get it out and get some insight.

Everything is different since working with Lisa. The way I analyze situations has changed, I’m calm and clear and hardly ever get upset anymore… I’m able to express myself and my feelings in front of others in a much clearer way than before, and I’m not afraid of rejection or loss. I’ve found my confidence again and I trust myself in the steps I’m taking. I’m on my way to rediscovering my passion and this is very fulfilling. I have changed physically as well. I lost 25 pounds of weight and I now weigh the same than when I was 20! My skin is clear and healthy, my eyes are shining and not swollen, I’m awake. My digestion improved. I’m happy, I smile a lot, I’m able to have fun, my physical pain is almost gone and my mind feels clear. I now know that I’m able to make my dreams come true, and that I deserve to be happy. I now know that I have a purpose in this life and I have a lot to contribute. I’m excited everyday I think about my projects and I love working on my ideas and sharing them with my support group, which is constantly growing thanks to Lisa. I made new friends who make me feel amazing, and I detoxed others that were doing the opposite. I’m cleaning up!”




natalie neckyfarow
“I feel vital growth towards the person I would like to be and having the career I would like to have.”

“I came to Lisa because I was feeling like my previous efforts to be healthy had fallen by the wayside. I was feeling like I didn’t have enough time in my days, feeling stressed out and tired all the time and desiring to find a way of eating that truly fits my body and my energy needs. Since going through Lisa’s group program, I feel more positive. I feel like my body is lighter, the perpetual tension in my shoulders is virtually gone. I am allowing myself to be in process with my career and not drive so hard all the time. I recognize more often when I’m agitated and try to honor that by changing gears and taking a break. My voice (singing) is opening up. Much less phlegm and mucous. I am being more patient in general. More loving to myself and others. I feel vital growth towards the person I would like to be and having the career I would like to have. I’m more confident in my choices and more grounded. I am more able and willing to articulate what I want from others and from myself. There has been a lot of  joy and great reward in this work.”




“Lisa will help you take your life to the next level!”anna d

Since working with Lisa, I’ve noticed a stronger commitment to myself. I am becoming responsible for my choices, actions, myself. I’ve unearthed my emotional attachment to foods during different circumstances. Now I can see it as it is happening and talk myself through it or choose a different reaction. I’ve got more focus and confidence. I feel great most of the time! Physically, emotionally, mentally. I feel empowered. I even love and appreciate myself more than ever. Lisa helps you look at your life holistically, that all areas of your life are interconnected. She holds you accountable to yourself. She works with each person where they are. If you’re ready, Lisa will help you take your life to the next level!”




ashley taylor
“I now have a thriving full roster of clients, a happier life, freedom, and a real supportive tribe of women.“

I came from a place of utter confusion around who I was and what I truly wanted deep down at my core. I wasn’t taking the best care of myself and had struggled a lot with fitting in – I chose to keep silent out of a fear that no one would really understand me or get me. If they did I had this fear / BS belief that they would run away and out of my life once they got to know the real me. I spent many years unsure of my truth. I craved for connection and for more… I knew it was there somewhere I just was not sure how to tap into it. I DESIRED desire.

I am so grateful to have had the ferocious life detoxing – desire tapping coach Lisa Fabrega in my circle. She stands right there with you and gets you to dig deep like never before. She won’t let you quite out of fear. She has this uncanny talent to connect you with your truth + your core desire. The work I have done with her has incredibly changed my life!  My self-care has gone up and I now no longer feel a twinge of guilt over pleasure. She showed me this new ideal / shift that when we give ourselves pleasure, abundance actually flows right back to us. Incredible!

After spending years upon years of holding myself back and never listening to my desire OR acting upon it when I had the help and support of Lisa and detoxed all of the toxins I had built up inside of me is when abundance automatically began flowing to me – without much but me trusting and allowing to give in to my desires. I have since created: a thriving full roster of clients, a happier life, freedom, and a real supportive tribe of women.

Lisa was the mirror I needed to recognize all that I am was all I needed to excel. My investment and decision to work with a powerful coach like her was the connection to my truth that I was so fearful and unsure of.  I can guarantee that even a 20 minute conversation will leave you feeling a huge shift and get you that much closer to your truth and what is blocking you from accessing it.




“Before starting my work with Lisa, I was dealing with many challenges with money and abundance, marriage troubles, and feeling creatively constricted. Since working with Lisa, I feel less afraid to be myself and am constantly becoming more conscious of where my fear is and that I have the choice to let go of it. I have more stability and harmony in my marriage, increased clarity in my career and less fear with my spiritual path. I am happier and feel more connected to my purpose than ever before.