want a $22,000 check?


lisa fabrega

This morning I woke up to this comment in the forum from one of the Capacity Shift™ program participants who is currently working on expanding her Money Capacity:

Mind you, she upped her price from $12,000 straight to $22,000 just a few weeks ago BECAUSE she said the Money Capacity work made her feel confident enough to quote that price without blinking an eye!

It never gets old seeing messages like this! I jump for joy every time.

Here’s a few ways to work with me on your Capacity and get results for yourself like the one my client got in the screenshot above:

1) My program Capacity Shift where you can work with me for less than $400 a month. I currently have two spots open for March enrollment. Wanna know more? Just hit ‘reply’ to this message and I’m happy to answer your questions.

2) Come to my virtual Money Capacity retreat. Raising your prices confidently and attracting people who are ready to invest in you is 100% about expanding your Money Capacity. 

The virtual Money Capacity retreat is this coming Saturday and we have one spot left for it. We only have two spots left for the March 20th retreat date. And then that’s it for the Money Capacity retreat. (If you’re waiting for “the next time Lisa offers them” you might be waiting a year because I don’t have any current plans to offer them again. And making more money is never something you should pause for yourself for a year.)


PS: I get this question a lot — “I’m not sure what my purpose is yet… am I the right fit for the Money Capacity retreat?” Another question I get is, “I’m a successful corporate woman, but I still haven’t started my own business, though that’s my plan — am I the right fit for Capacity Work?”  

The answer to all these questions is YES. I have artists, auto-body shop owners, corporate women, news anchors, coaches and entrepreneurs ALL doing Capacity work with me right now and all types of women with all types of careers have attended. 

Stop looking for ways to disqualify yourself from this work. You are welcome and worthy. Join us here.


PPS: We have a 2-pay payment plan. If you want it, email us at support@lisafabrega.com and we’ll send you the customized link for that.