money ghosting


lisa fabrega

Ever been “money ghosted”? Bet you have. You might have unknowingly money ghosted someone, too. Allow me to explain.

Last month, when I announced we were opening up the virtual Money Capacity retreat, we had SO many people sign up for the interest list (way more than spots available). 

When the time came to enroll, I personally reached out to people on the interest list to let them know they could now sign up.  

Yet half of those people who voluntarily put themselves on that list, opened it, and read my email numerous times never even replied

At this point in my business, I know there’s no topic that causes more ghosting in business transactions than money. So, no, I’m not writing this because I’m bitter. 

Money can feel like a scary topic. So much so that even talking about it can cause the most considerate person to ghost like Casper.

I’m NOT calling this out to “shame” you if you were one of the people who didn’t reply.  

But I DO care profoundly about your Money Capacity. Everyone should have the ability to earn, save and invest increasingly every year, so they can have lives they LOVE.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who said ‘yes’ to working with you further, then you emailed them a calendar link to schedule a session or sent the invoice to pay… and they disappeared? 

Have you had someone default on a legal payment agreement while refusing to reply to your emails, so now you have to send your lawyer or collections agency after them?

All of the above (and variations) are money ghosting behaviors. Maybe you’ve done those things, too.

Money ghosting happens when we don’t have enough Money Capacity. In particular, it happens when you:

  • Are afraid to say you just don’t see the value in investing and simply say NO, so then you have to pretend to be a yes and ghost.
  • DO have a way of getting the money, but it’s going to push your edge to come up with it. It feels overwhelming to come up with the money you want to invest in something. So you convince yourself you just can’t handle the pressure and give up.
  • Can FEEL the transformation that’s going to happen if you invest in something, and your ego freaks out because it doesn’t want to be taken out of its comfort zone.

Being a “hell yes” to expanding your Money Capacity and then ‘ghosting’ when the actual opportunity to do something about it is right in front of you, IS a Money Capacity issue. 



Here’s some other forms of abundance avoidance (which leads to money ghosting):

  • Thinking, “I’m a high earner, so I don’t need to work on my Money Capacity.”
    • We all need to work on our Money Capacity, no matter how much we earn (I sent you an email about a billionaire working on his Money Capacity just a few days ago).
  • Saying, “I know I need to invest further in this, but for now I just need to sit with what I already learned and spend some time ‘integrating’ it.”
    • In ten years not a single person who said that to me actually did it. Instead they stagnated their progress right there and didn’t move beyond that.
  • Blaming your revenue/earning/income plateau on ‘the current market,’ ‘your industry having a bad year,’ your business model, your audience, your marketing, or your strategies. 
    • When you have Money Capacity the market doesn’t really affect you and your business success isn’t at the whim of external systems.
  • Thinking that you need to work on some other issue ‘first’ before you work on your Money Capacity.  
    • Money Capacity is intertwined with EVERYTHING. Ever-y-thing. If you don’t work on your Money Capacity, nothing else will move and shift.
  • Accepting no-salary positions in a project or a startup and ‘waiting’ for the funding to come in… instead of bringing in money now.
    • Sometimes you do this because it’s scary to really put your all into what you really want to do, so you find a less risky option where you can justify not pushing your money edge and making more.
  • Telling yourself you need a break from earning money because you’re ‘in-between building companies’ or ‘between gigs.’
    • You know deep down it’s been long enough for your break and you’re just scared of the unknown before you.

This stuff is SO TRICKY. And I bet you’re seeing yourself in some of the above behaviors and probably feeling a little triggered right now. I warned you a few weeks ago, this is going to be confronting.

But it’s okay. I don’t share this with a personal agenda. I share it because I want you to have a good relationship with money.

And if you don’t face it, it will control you

And then you’ll wonder why you’re hitting a plateau. Or still stressed about money, even when you make plenty of it.

If you saw yourself in any of the points above, you have a Money Capacity issue. And the particular Money Capacity issue you have is that you’re money-ghosting/you’re in avoidance.

This isn’t something you can keep avoiding and flirting on the edge of. Adding yourself to an interest list isn’t enough to expand your Money Capacity.

This must be handled now or it will continue to impact your earning way into the future. 

You don’t want to be on top of the world, doing great in your business or career and then BAM — suddenly you hit a plateau and you throw everything at it to no avail.   

If you AREN’T continuously expanding your container to HOLD, HANDLE AND RECEIVE the next level of your money, you’ll subconsciously block it.

You don’t want your money situation to come back and surprise you, like some guy you ghosted that you just had to hide from at your local pharmacy.

Being in avoidance of working on your Money Capacity keeps you small. It reinforces stagnation with your earning and expands limited financial thinking. 

If this is hitting a chord for you and you’re thinking, “Ugh, I really can’t keep avoiding this anymore…”

That means you’re ready for the virtual Money Capacity retreat.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The virtual Money Capacity retreat is a judgment-free, no-shame-allowed container to really HEAL this aspect for yourself. I hope you welcome the opportunity to do this work in a safe, high vibration space, with other women who are healing their money stories and capacities as well. I mean, wouldn’t it be good to know you’re not alone and you don’t have to be ashamed? 

Spots are filling up and the last virtual retreat we opened up SOLD OUT of all three dates. 

Our first retreat is next Thursday, February 27 and only has two spots left!

I only allow 8-10 people max per retreat as I want us to have plenty of time to coach you on your Money Capacity issue.




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