What my clients have to say…


Lisa has some kind of ‘magic’. Beyond what you have known before. That word is bandied about a lot. This is real magic. After just one call with Lisa I realized her powers snuck through the lines—and entered my deepest regions where I ever hid my shadows from myself.

It was then we identified a culprit who was operating beyond my awareness and limiting my next level of leadership in an already very successful business. We named it, and suddenly I was freed of its ways. It instantly shifted a part of me that I had struggled with for years and it has been different ever since. I am shy of the woo-woo people, too many out there. Lisa is not one of those; she is gifted and inspired by the highest. Take a risk and be prepared for entering true change. Life changer. Game changer—is Lisa’s gift




 Working with Lisa has been more than I imagined it would be. Right from the start, I was able to use Lisa’s coaching to gain more confidence and see myself as a high-level CEO. Working with Lisa allowed me to address issues with my sense of self-worth and expand my capacity in those areas. 

As a result, this led to my securing contracts that gained back my investment in less than 2 months, more than doubling my prices and getting clients to pay it and to successfully look at and start to address my issues around my self-worthiness. Lisa is a no-nonsense loving force who is gifted at getting to the soul’s work of leadership. I look forward to every call. 


Conflict Resolution Strategist, Author, Speaker, Coach


I had been invited to speak at the World Domination Summit in front of 3,000 people. Fifteen minutes into my time with Lisa, I received profound, soul-deep clarity on my personal message after struggling to nail it on my own for a year. And because of the energetic shifts I made in my work with Lisa, when the time came to give my talk at WDS I received a standing ovation.

After that the ripple effects of having so much confidence in speaking and sharing my story and feeling really confident in my own personal brand continued.

I was invited to speak in Fiji at another famous entrepreneurial event (and had the chance to bring my whole family along for a vacation after)... And gained clarity on the most potent structures and offerings for my new business (and as a result, sold out high end masterminds, leadership labs and private client offerings).


Co-Founder of Simple Green Smoothies, Business Strategist, TedX Speaker, Best-Selling Author


My early coaches were amazing at helping me to soar past the half-million point very quickly. Then I hit a plateau, growing minimally over the next few years. I'd invested in several high-level masterminds with brilliant marketers, and tried many different strategies, but it didn't shift my experience. I was becoming disheartened, and bored.

Lisa has helped me shift so many subtle energy patterns that led to major shifts in my business. I'm now in a place of such momentum and on track to more than double my business. But the best part is how happy I FEEL. I am so TUNED IN that I am running a much more peaceful business.


CEO of Sourced Retreats


Lisa has a magical energy that allows everyone around her to tune in, sink in. As an entrepreneur life can feel so go go go and it’s so refreshing to be in Lisa’s presence and consider what’s really true, resonant, aligned for you today and in the next season. She’s a gift.


Founder Dean Street Society


I resonated with Lisa’s work for a long time and when the opportunity came to work with her, I knew I had to jump on it. I was ready to stretch myself, increase my money capacity, and do even deeper work with my clients - while also addressing worthiness and confidence issues. Just 4 months in to our work together, I feel stoked about the new program I created, tripled my prices and signed my first client at my new rates. I feel a new sense of excitement about my work and the possibilities unfolding. 


Success Mentor For High-Achieving Women


The investment I made to work with Lisa is one of the best investments I have made in my life thus far. Since working with Lisa, I have grown in ways I could not have anticipated ahead of time.  My internal grounding is stronger, I feel anchored and stable even when the world around me is stormy.  Because of my work with Lisa I now know how to make choices that are truly in alignment for my and my mission’s higher good. I am consistently clearer and more balanced in the daily demands of my work. 

I started a new business supporting naturopathic practitioners while working with Lisa and within the first month I made close to $30,000 dollars and had filled my mastermind program. Plus, I signed a new client into this new business at my new higher rates. I feel empowered and on the path that is my true soul's calling. 


Educator & CEO of SageFire Wellness


Working with Lisa has been fundamentally transformational. Even though I’ve had a successful corporate career, I’ve operated with a very dominant and loud scarcity mindset for four decades. This affected everything from underearning, not asking for raises and promotions and not investing enough. 

Within four months of working with Lisa, that shifted. I have a much more abundant mindset now which is positively impacting my relationships (friends, family, boyfriend, work colleagues), career prospects, business opportunities, my retirement investments and more. Working with Lisa has opened me up to a completely new way of BEING in the world - one that is way more powerful than I ever imagined. The beauty is, she sees my bigness when I can’t (or more accurately, won’t) and calls me out on my b.s. so that I can grow and really use my gifts to their highest level.


Corporate Executive & Leadership Coach


Lisa will rock your world! Lisa makes taking your life and work to the next level pleasurable and authentic. She’ll lovingly push you out of your comfort zone and help you create a business you actually love. There are no gimmicks, just solid strategies that you can use over and over again. Having started my business several years ago, I can say that this work is effective whether you're a beginner or someone who's more advanced.

I made more than 6 times my investment (yes you read that right- 6 times) within a matter of weeks of joining the program, so the program paid for itself!




Working with Lisa has allowed me to deepen into and trust my intuition like never before, remain calm and centered in the face of some of life's greatest challenges and release the fears and blocks in order to rediscover and embody my natural sovereignty in all areas of my life. Because of this, I’ve been able to easily attract ideal clients, navigate a business transition with confidence & ease and expand my work to align with my highest gifts.

The sisterhood I have received from her programs are also one of the greatest benefits of all. I am forever grateful for the sacred support that is available to me at all times in this program (and beyond). Thank you!



I’ve doubled my client base and every woman is getting amazing results! I am a thousand times more confident in the direction of my business and my unique message in the world. I trust my instincts and move forward without questioning them. I am more aligned than ever before and it feels amazing.


Copywriter & Founder of Wealthy Witch


I decided to work with Lisa because I was feeling tired, burned out and overwhelmed. I also felt like the amount of time and effort that I put into my work wasn’t reflected in the amount of money I was making and the people and opportunities I was attracting into my business. Something wasn’t right.

Working with Lisa I became a gold leader with DoTerra and then a few months later, Diamond ($50,000/month and up). For most people, it takes about a year to hit that rank, and I did it in four months. I now have about 300 women on my team globally. For my signature coaching program, which Lisa helped me create, I set a goal to attract and bring in a certain number of clients every month. I have surpassed that goal easily.

One of the biggest realizations I’ve had since working with Lisa is that I can only work with people who I know are there to lift me higher and support my leadership. I experienced that with Lisa and I’m so grateful for all of the guidance and support.


Diamond Leader at DoTerra & Life Coach


When I signed up for Lisa’s Mastermind, I had had an eating disorder for over 40 years that no one, not even my husband, knew about. I felt numb all the time. I was in a job that was sucking all of the joy out of my life and was afraid to make the leap to being a full-time coach, which was my real passion. I remember in my first conversation with Lisa, I was skeptical that she would be able to help me because I had struggled for so long, and nothing else had ever seemed to work.

I am now so glad I took that leap of faith because Lisa’s work has completely changed my life. My eating disorder is now under control, I now have my dream business, helping others overcome emotional eating and every day I am making choices that honor what I really want, for the first time in my life. My relationship with my husband has improved and I am more connected with my feminine side.

The women in Lisa’s community are also incredible. The friends I made have become friends for life. The space of unconditional love and the community Lisa has created in this program is like nothing I have ever experienced before. Your transformation will be nothing short of amazing. It’s why I worked with Lisa for  3 years now.”


Athlete Coach


I was feeling stuck in my life and business and unsure what direction I wanted to go in. I had been health coaching in a successful business, but it no longer felt aligned. I felt stuck in every moment which took me away from being present with my husband and kids.

After working with Lisa I have stepped into my power with my own mother, communicating more effectively to my hubby, new levels of honesty with myself and my biz partner and have new levels of creativity as I stopped looking to others as the guides. I have now started a new business, which quickly climbed to multiple six figures.




Before I began working with Lisa, I was coming out of a deep and difficult passage -- I struggled with feeling embarrassed that I was struggling financially and much less directed in my work. I was feeling shame about where I was and was lacking in confidence. These things got in the way of growing into a better version of myself. 

What drew me to working with Lisa is that she focuses on [capacity growth] over the “make 6 figure income” bullshit. The work with Lisa was essential for me to flip beliefs that were limiting me and helped me build more love for myself and more belief in my own talents and abilities.  

As a result, I’ve found that this internal shift has led to more paid work and more confidence. I feel more excited about the future.

Overall, because of this program, I feel like I stepped into a new "ring" to play in. Everything we do moves us forward in one way or another, but this support system will help you bypass your old patterns and step into what you are actually wanting.


Holistic Wellness Coach and Yoga Teacher


Before I came to work with Lisa I felt unfocused and unsure as to how to put my offerings together in a format that felt aligned.  I was trapped in comparison which left my business feeling stagnant and isolated.  I wasn't utilizing my gifts and talents in a way that supported me or my clients.  I felt torn between 2 businesses that couldn't coexist. I felt like I had no confidence and I would never get to have the business that I dreamed of.  I thought that I would have to trade in my principles to have a business like everyone else in order to succeed which left me not creating anything.

I had worked with a business coach before and it was the biggest waste of money.  I was scared that that would happen again.  Plus, because I desired a business model that was different than the standard one-on-one coaching model I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to be coached to use a standard blueprint for success.  I needed my desires to be heard and supported.

Now, I feel more confident in who I am and what I do.  I feel there is greater integrity in my work and that my 2 businesses are now one thriving business which has created much-needed ease in my life.  I also feel my creativity and intuition have a space to thrive.  Along with greater clarity on how to share these with my clients and family.

I also no longer feel compelled to buy every business and self-help course. I feel more relaxed with my pace, I no longer feel the stress of striving and achieving to compete and compare.  My business now serves the current rhythm of my life as a business owner, mother, and wife.  I am better able to hold myself accountable to my goals and my benchmarks to get there.

Lisa's listening skills and intuition are her greatest gift.  She is able to pick up on the subtleties in your words to get to the heart of what you are trying to convey.  From there she is able to open up possibilities and answers that would have taken way longer to get to on your own.




I was scattered, lost and with no direction before I began my work with Lisa. I was so stuck and did not know how to find my way out or find answers to help me progress on my path. Much of my past had left me weary. I had no idea what direction I wanted to go, who I really was or who I was intended to be. I had struggles around money. I always felt it was never enough and was stuck in lack. I also felt stuck in my business/career, as it just wasn't paying the bills. During the program, I realized that it wasn't the job or lack. It was me! I was allowing it! I was allowing it to be just what it was.

After this program, I am now confident, making decisions is a breeze, I feel lighter, I've actually lost weight during the process (she did not put us on any diet by any means -- the weight fell off). I can speak confidently to people I just met, I am able to go out in public with no fear. My issues around money have healed. My business has picked up, out of the blue sales and bills are paid!  

I know now that I am not my past and what came up for healing I knew just what to do in helping it heal and letting it go because of the exercises that the program provides. I have finally embraced the Goddess within and stand in my truths. 

Because of this program I know now, what I was put on this earth to do! A whole new chapter in my life is opening up and I am ready for it!


Entrepreneur & Online Store owner


Before I started working with Lisa, I was feeling my soul´s call to step out and follow my deep heart desires but at the same time I was stuck and very confused thinking that maybe I was making all of it up. I knew I needed to dedicate deeper studies to looking at anything within me that may have been blocking me on fully following my life´s purpose. 

I have noticed many breakthroughs and significant changes within my life. I feel more empowered than ever right now. I began setting healthy boundaries, taking care of myself first, speaking my truth and prioritizing my needs. This has brought so many blessings in my personal life!  

I´m so grateful that I made the decision to join the program, overcoming any fears before registering. Thank you so much!


Health & Wellness coach


“I was feeling discouraged, stuck and with diffused focus in my business.”

I had a lot of plans and an ambitious vision and goal but there was a gaping hole between where I was and where I wanted to be and I didn’t know how to change it. I now feel empowered beyond belief and excited for what’s to come. My outlook on my business has completed changed. I feel so much more confident about my offerings (they rock!), my coaching style and what’s next for me. After spending tens of thousands of dollars on business building programs, I have NEVER had such a powerful and enjoyable coaching experience with a coach ever.




I already had one successful business endeavor running, but wanted support in how to laser focus my time and energy in creating a platform for my next three ventures . The challenge was feeling spread thin and not knowing how much time to focus on what and when, and how to build a framework that I could hold myself accountable to.

I wanted to be sure I was going to be working with someone who was very practical as well as intuitive.  I also wanted a coach who could see my unique gifts, and not following a cookie cutter version or methodology of "building mailing lists".  Lisa was crystal clear and supportive in helping to zone in on action steps AND seeing the bigger picture at the same time, so that I feel the purpose in my baby steps without knowing the form of the end result.

I've fine tuned my inner "knowing" of when to take action when it's inspired, versus taking action for the sake of pushing ahead to reach goals.  I've relaxed with my perfectionism and have also found ways to be patient with myself. I speak about what I'm working on more freely, and lightly. I feel more confident forging forward with being seen as someone who is passionate about bringing deeply transformative experiences to other women.

You will get straight up honesty and clarity from Lisa!  She truly devotes herself to holding your vision, your mission, your passion and your blind spots with great care, thoughtfulness, ingenuity, down to earth practicality, and above all, good humored mama bear love.

I deeply appreciate the quality of women who Lisa attracts into her programs.  It was clear that not one of us was a novice at having the willingness to face all the barriers on our own side, and that willingness to grow is a beautiful and mutually supportive catalyst for momentum.  I feel so proud to be a part of a movement of women who are all committed to taking great strides for positive transformation in the world, and thanks to the quality of women who Lisa attracts, and her intuitive selection of women, it was continually enriching, inspiring and clarifying to tap into the well of wisdom in these women at any point in time.




What I love about working with Lisa is that she's 100% present.  I don't get that out of other programs or masterminds that I've been in.  I love that.  I feel like I'm leaving with a solid action plan.  I have a lot of tools to take back home with me and I feel like that's really going to set me up with a solid foundation to build on.

I feel like the tools that I've learned here and that I'm taking back with me to implement will help me to walk my talk and take better care of myself.  That way, I have more to give to the people around me.


Website Designer, Entrepreneur


 “When I signed up to work with Lisa, I really wasn't sure to expect. I knew very little about Lisa, and normally wouldn't sign up for something with someone I don't know much about.  But something told me to take a chance and go for it. I immediately dove into the program and learned so much. Lisa has a way of presenting information that makes self and business growth easy to follow and understand. I found myself excited to look inward every week and do the exercises in each module.

The support I had throughout the program from Lisa and the community was instrumental and priceless.  For anyone looking for clarity, direction and profound inner growth, working with Lisa is a MUST!  I loved it so much I signed on to work with Lisa privately for 6 more months.” 




Before the capacity work,  I was lost as to what I was doing with my business. Fear controlled me and was holding back my great work in the world.  Through working with Lisa I had a huge shift.  Lisa's honest, truthful, loving, but cut to the chase approach really helped me to focus and put myself out there in a bigger way. One of the best parts of the program were the group coaching calls with Lisa. Even if I didn't have a specific question for Lisa, listening to other people's questions and the answers that Lisa had for them ALWAYS brought up something that was applicable to me. I also loved the amazing community support on the private Facebook forum with other like minded people.

The number one thing that I learned is to not be afraid to be fully myself in my business.  Speaking my truth and putting it out there has been the best feeling in the world. I feel empowered like I never have before. If you want to take yourself and your business to the next level, then you MUST sign up to work with Lisa. In fact, I was so impressed that I decided to sign up for her masterminds well.


Wellness Practitioner


This has been the most powerful work I have ever invested in. There are so many specific teachings that have guided me to new insights both in my own life and ideas that I have already used with clients. It has helped me to be bolder, trust myself and move faster than before (and not only in my business). Lisa's support was spot on, there for both good counsel and accountability. Thank you!


Coach, Entrepreneur


This is the best work I've invested in in the last 4 years. Just the first week was the most empowering thing I've ever done, it has shifted everything. I have let go of my fear and limiting beliefs and am no longer feeling held back.

Doing this work I am much clearer about my mission in business and what I help people with. Basically, all you need to know is that it will change everything!! You and your business will never be the same!!!




Can't say enough good, no… GREAT things about Lisa's work! I feel I now really have the tools to make my business great and I loved the accountability and loving support of the community. I may be like many of you and feel like I love what I do and that I'm good at what I do, but I needed help with action steps to make my dream business become a sustainable and financially supportive one.

I am on my way now to achieve that, thanks to Lisa! I am so very grateful that I listened to that Intuitive nudge to sign up for this program!


Nutrition Consultant


Working with Lisa was just what I needed. Just one module alone was mind-blowing and worth what I paid for the entire program. I am an entrepreneur-consultant opening my own firm and leaving a full time job.  This work gave me the strength to not panic the first months and enjoy the transition.

Now, I celebrate all that is as a period when I sowed the intentions, network and goals to finally harvest clients and projects totally aligned with what I want to do. Thank you!!


Founder Projects with Purpose


Working with Lisa helped me pivot out of an old, exhausting business model into one that I love. I doubled my prices... twice. Now I work less and make more money, and this is not a gimmick - it’s the Goddess’ honest truth! I’m clear about the value of my work, and am publishing a new book with my husband, positioning us to work at higher levels with corporate clients as well as my individual coaching.


Author, Coach, Co-creator of Super Size Me


Working with Lisa has been worth every penny. My life has improved drastically—from my marriage to my career to my entire outlook on life. This is a container of continuous learning, reprogramming and most important—unconditional support. Working with Lisa is a must.


Broadway & Recording Artist, www.lubamason.com


Lisa is a powerhouse catalyst for change-makers and leaders. When you know deep inside that you’re meant for greatness, getting Lisa in your corner will be one of the most powerful choices you ever make.


Former CEO of TreeSisters and Eyes Wide Open Life


​I have been working with Lisa for two years - ​from the very beginning of my business. Throughout my time with her, my transformation in my personal and spiritual life is mind-blowing and my business has skyrocketed.  We have worked through some deep-rooted issues: depression, anxiety, financial crises, and Lisa just always knows exactly what to say and where to go in order for me to work through the issue. I always feel so much stronger and more empowered.  

I have done two of her retreats and they are indescribable experiences.  I never knew clearly WHY I wanted to go, I just knew I had to be there. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. It was healing, liberating, enlightening and completely life-changing. If you are thinking of working with Lisa - RUN to sign up with her now.  She sells out quickly because her work is THAT good.   I feel honored and privileged to be working with her privately.


Lawyer for Entrepreneurs, BeachBody Team Leader


Working with Lisa is a game-changer for your business and your life.

I’ve been working in the self-improvement/personal development world for some time, yet I’d begun to feel stalled out and stuck. Working with Lisa opened up areas of my business and personal thought processes that have allowed me to dramatically increase my earnings in a very short time as well as renew flagging self-confidence.

Lisa challenges you in a loving manner while exposing outworn and outdated modes of thinking that aren’t serving you anymore. This sounds simple and Lisa makes it easy to expand your capacity. That’s what makes the changes you’ll make not only possible but inevitable.


Therapist & Founder of The Guardian’s Gift


After 20 years as a coach myself, it's unique for me to take a workshop and feel such a profound shift! I'm grateful I said yes to Lisa's invitation and recommend you do too! By the end of her workshop I realized that I get to decide what my visibility looks like and I can ask for what I want instead of saying yes to every request that comes my way. It's already changing my upcoming launch strategy because I'm feeling so much freedom around being seen!


Writer, Master Coach & Creator of Created Life Academy


Working with Lisa in the mastermind has given me exactly what I needed to take myself seriously, own my gifts and talents & take center stage in my own life. This means that I have more of a personal life than I ever had before, all whilst my business, income, team, and clients have grown to rise and match the woman that I am becoming.




Before I worked with Lisa, I was plateauing in my business and feeling really overwhelmed. Working with Lisa, I’ve found my confidence and owned my value, got clear on my boundaries in my spaces, and have had the best months of income and revenue in my business ever. I had my first $40,000 month.  I’ve enrolled new clients in a $20,000 program with ease and enjoyment, and I’m feeling confident in what I am creating moving forward.

What I love most about working with Lisa, is she really supports the foundation of us creating our success through alignment, she is soulful and authentic and calls you forward in your truth, in a gentle and fierce manner.  She models holding our worth and I’ve found tremendous value in working with Lisa as a mentor. I am truly grateful.


Founder of Epona Retreats


Working with Lisa helped me leave my comfort zone and my procrastination around working to earn money. Since I started her mastermind, I could feel consciously my own power, and embody it. I’m able to cope with everyday drama, learning not to quit or get away from my dreams. I also have more clients than ever before, I’ve been invited as speaker to a nationwide event, my social media engagement has skyrocketed and I got more clients in two months than the entire year before.

I finally feel confidence in how much I deserve and set my boundaries when things weren’t aligned with my purpose.  Working with Lisa helped me see real results and showed me I can always create what I crave. 



“The Mastermind held a space for me so that I could rise above my stuck feelings and walk into the spotlight of author and truth speaker with a confidence that I didn’t have before.

When I joined Lisa’s Mastermind, I was about to have a book published, titled “The Healthy Girls Guide To Breast Cancer,” and I was scared to death of walking into that role of author, talking about cancer, talking about health and sharing my journey. By joining the Mastermind, Lisa and the rest of my Sisterhood in the program helped me to create the vision of success and impact that I wanted. The Mastermind held a space for me so that I could rise above my stuck feelings and walk into the spotlight of author and truth speaker with a confidence that I didn’t have before.

The tools that I learned in the Mastermind help me on a daily basis. I am constantly checking in with myself: How do I want to feel and what is it that I need to change in order for that to happen? I’m now coming back for a second year in the Mastermind.”


Author and Health Revolutionary


I’m a savvy corporate leader with a string of successes to my name. I’m the person you go to if you need to create a successful pitch to get the company to spend money or design projects officer-level leaders will love and approve. From the outside, I’m pretty darn cool and have nothing to complain about.

On the inside though, I didn’t sleep, I had massive anxiety, and I was completely and utterly burned out. I had no passion, took no pleasure in my work or life, and felt trapped in a pointless grind.

I was on Facebook one day and the next thing I know I’m listening to Lisa in a video. As I experienced just that one taste of the work, I knew I had to do this work on a deeper level. I realized I’d clung to what’s safe, comfortable, and normal. This was the change I needed to rekindle the fire I had lost.

The difference in working with Lisa is the space she creates for you. Many times during this program I stood in front of a deep, dark well and wasn’t sure where it led. When I jumped in, I was able to lean on the support of the community and our coaching calls to explore what I found. With their help, I realized it wasn’t as dark as I thought it was. That I wasn’t deficient or broken like I had been told I was. And because I did this work I am:

  • A better leader and communicator
  • Able to manifest what I want to create
  • In alignment with my soul and heading toward my true north

Not only that but people I work with have been asking me what I’m doing differently because I’ve completely transformed the way I approach things

I’ve stopped fighting things that aren’t in alignment for me and I’ve started working toward things that are. I’m creating more space for my team to grow and develop the way they should because I’m not taking it all up trying to “work” myself into being successful. 

It’s creating more joy, trust, ease and pleasure on every front in my life. 


Corporate Leader


I began working with Lisa nearly two years ago and in my wildest dreams I never imagined the transformation that would unfold from that simple beginning. After working with Lisa one-on-one for a while, I practically begged her to let me into her Mastermind! That’s when even morel magic began to happen!

I left a job that I had spent nearly 20 years struggling to enjoy to move into my own dream private practice as a Child Psychologist and have now launched a business as a Parent Coach! Being an entrepreneur can be hard - I’m also a wife and mother to 4 teenagers - that can be SUPER hard! But through participating in the Mastermind, I now have a network of soul sisters that have my back and hold space for me in this universe every single day.

As a result of working with Lisa I made $100,000 in my first year of business and multiple six figures after that!!


Parent Coach & Child Psychologist


Hello beautiful. If you are like me, then you are probably wondering whether or not you should sign up to work with Lisa. After much hesitation and some pretty intense emotional turmoil -  I made the leap.

I once stumbled upon a meme that read, "Ego Says: Once everything falls into place, I will find peace. Spirit says: Find peace and everything will fall into place." This is exactly what Lisa teaches you to do.  And while your ego is freaking out you stay the course because Lisa and your fellow soul-seekers are there cheering you on. 

In just a few short months, I've experienced increased levels of wealth, happiness, healing, (physically, emotionally, and in my relationships). I feel more confident, more clear on my purpose in life, more accepting of myself and of others, and more grounded. I have more energy and I am happier than I have been in years. 

If I had not stumbled upon Lisa’s work, I know my life would not look like what it does now. My partner and I were on the verge of separating, his business was in a downward spiral, our finances looked dismal. And after years of therapy, I still wasn't happy, I still didn't feel whole.

Now I know that I am whole. Now I experience more bliss, more joy each day. My partner's income is about to triple, our relationship is on the mend and has been steadily improving and growing stronger each day. 

The results you get from working with Lisa are nothing sort of miraculous.




I was stuck in a lot of areas in my life -- clarity on my purpose, feeling fulfilled in my every day, having healthy boundaries, being able to show up fully as my authentic self and so much more. I had already done so personal development on my own but I knew that to get to the next level, I needed someone to guide me through and I was craving community -- a place where I could share and get support. 

I was also struggling in my relationship because I was afraid to show up fully, afraid to open my heart. I was stagnant in my corporate job and losing interest, FAST. And although I had done a lot of spiritual work on my own and had grown in that a lot, I wanted MORE. I felt like there was a depth that I wasn't quite able to reach. 

Now after working with Lisa, I sometimes catch myself in the mirror or hear myself saying something or catch myself in the middle of doing something and I think "holy crap, this is me!" I'm a new version of myself. I'm this woman I used to see in my dreams but didn't know how to be. All of my relationships have shifted. I have deepened connections with my friends and family -- really good juicy delicious kinds of close relationships. Not because those people changed, but because I changed. 

The in and out daily parts of living are richer and full of more love and connection. My capacity for love, empathy and understanding has grown exponentially. I literally find myself being thankful on a daily basis.

I have a renewed sense of excitement in my corporate job and out of nowhere, my career path is taking me exactly in the direction I'd like to go.

Lisa is all about empowering you to do the work. I love how she guides me to the answers that are within me instead of imposing something that comes from her. I know that long after I've finished this program I'll still be reaping the rewards. This is not the kind of program that you just finish and that's it -- it's the kind of work that sticks with you for a lifetime, that kind that keeps unfurling and blossoming long after the work is "done.”

So many times I've envisioned going back in time to visit the me that signed on for this program -- I want to hug her and thank her for doing this for me.



Early in 2016 I set a very strong intention to be a clear channel for deep wisdom. I wanted my life to be about more than just lifestyle marketing and promoting the newest thing to make money. I wanted to impact others in a very real way. I had been trying to build my online business, blogging and affiliate marketing, for over two years but it felt as though I was just spinning my wheels. 

I was making no progress despite my daily efforts. Too foggy to move forward and too afraid to quit or change directions. I attended one of Lisa’s retreats and had a very visceral spiritual experience. I believed I was receiving and opening to be that “clear channel” 

Lisa’s work creates a powerful dynamic for clarity and personal growth. I am much more grounded and centered. I have become very consistent in my daily practices. Clarity is increasing as I am learning to trust my own inner guidance. I was able to make the difficult decision to put my business on hold as I allow my Soul to show me the way.

The real win for me came in the area of my health. Before I began the program I felt like my body was deteriorating. And then only days later after the program began and I began to learn to connect with my discernment, I followed my curiosity question after question and the answers started showing up one after another. My own inner wisdom tailor made me a treatment plan that is clearing my brain confusion and bringing back my health and stamina. I was able to complete an online training and certification program in the past week that just might be my next step in business. No more spinning my wheels.

Lisa is able to hold energetic space in a way that I'd never experienced before with any other mentor. Even apart from the coaching calls and the wisdom that is shared, I have trusted that she and the other participants are holding space that supports my personal journey and healing. It's very powerful and in some ways beyond words.




Before I started working with Lisa, I was full of great ideas but wasn’t getting anything done. The work with Lisa helped me move forward more quickly in a few weeks than the many months I had spent trying to do it on my own.  I finally got clarity on my core purpose, my unique business offerings and how to brand myself authentically.

I now feel more empowered, capable and confident than ever before. The doubts that held me back from moving forward with my business for years were shattered.  Regardless of where you are on your path working with Lisa is a crazy-awesome value and packed with content that will serve you forever. I can't recommend it enough.




Working with Lisa at one of her retreats changed my life. I have been on a path of self-love for some time now but what happened that weekend has propelled me to dream bigger than ever before. Being with Lisa and the women who join you is an incredibly spiritual experience.

I cleared and uncovered so much that has been hindering my growth and business. The retreat was 4 months ago and I am still processing and benefitting from what I learned. I can not recommend working with Lisa more. If you feel it in your heart, in your gut just a tiny twinge then go and honest to goodness you will never ever look back.


Owner at Klein and Kind essentials


Right before joining Lisa’s retreat, I had just sold one of my businesses and was moving into  creating a new business in the publishing arena.  I knew that I needed more structure for how I wanted to move forward.  I had worked with Lisa in a VIP Day already and knew I wanted to go further working with her.  The retreat was the logical next step for me.

Not only was the content great, but to be in the same arena with other women who are dedicated to creating their own businesses aligned with their desires was great.  It's that cross-pollination that I was looking for in addition to the sacred container that Lisa holds so well for all of us to really step into our power.  

 This retreat gave me an action plan. It also gave me an audience.  I left the retreat feeling empowered to be able to step into this new business, to write to impact a younger generation, 

I know the kind of leader I want to be and what I want to shine a light on in the world.

The friendships I made on this retreat are long-lasting.  For Lisa to bring all of us together in such a loving container is amazing and we’ve all gone off to create amazing things because of this. 


Author & Entrepreneur


I joined one of Lisa’s retreats because I needed to step into my leadership and truly own the business that I've started, which is totally different than anything I've ever done. I needed to be able to stand in my power and stand firm and tall and let it roar.

The whole retreat blew me away.  I came to the retreat somewhat sick and run down, yet I'm leaving here healthy and vibrant and full of passion, juice and life. I'm leaving with some amazing sister-connections and I am now really okay with being fully myself in my business and letting the world see it.  I’m walking away grounded in my own power, with incredible tools for growing my business and life.  

The experience is magic.   If I try to tell you with just words about this retreat, words will never do it justice.  It's a completely magical experience. I can’t wait to come back!


Entrepreneur and Founder of Connectavid.com


When I made the decision to work with Lisa, I had an existing business, a loyal following, and had spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on coaches and programs, but I still couldn’t seem to elevate and grow my business to where I wanted to be.

Just the first week working with her shifted everything for me and my business.

This work was the missing key in all the other programs I had previously participated in.  As a working mother, I also really appreciated how Lisa set this program up to be results-driven with a feminine focus that allows for pleasurable action-taking.

The first month working with Lisa, I made back three times what I had invested. I was able to infuse my truth and align myself with my message in the work I was already doing. I also learned how to take all the ideas I had which were overwhelming me and focus on the ones that would make the most impact with my clients, and my bank account.

I am now doing the kind of work that was once only a part of my wildest dreams and being paid more than I have in the entire five years I have owned my business. If you are on the fence about working with Lisa, I can tell you that it was the most powerful coaching experience I have ever had.”


Artist, Author, Photographer


“Before I started working with Lisa,  I was frustrated with my business and life. I did not like my job and my mind was blocked with fear and anxiety. I was most frustrated with myself for not taking enough steps to take my business to the next level and self-sabotaged by procrastinating.

Capacity work revealed to me the limiting beliefs that were holding me back and helped me shift them.  I feel clearer about my purpose and as a result better circumstances and people gravitated towards me. If you find yourself struggling in your life and business and do not know who to talk to or where to turn, this is where you need to be.”


Makeup Artist


What a blessing to go through this experience. The community support provided was huge for me. I realized that I thrive MOST and stay on track with my goals when I have a community to turn to and wow, was this community engaging. Also, the tools Lisa provided us with for busting through fear-based beliefs was incredible.

 I am launching my first official online group program and no longer procrastinating with getting my video blog up and running. I am very excited about what's going to unfold because of the tools I've received from this work.




Working with Lisa inspired and empowered me to move past my fears, limiting beliefs, and sabotaging behaviors. Before, I was incapacitated by fear.

I am now moving past my fears and taking action to create the life I was born to live. I am no longer holding myself back and I am stepping into my power and purpose. I just released my book and will launch my coaching practice this month.  I am so grateful to Lisa for the sacred space, tools, and encouragement for me to face and overcome my fears.


Ph.D., CLC, Coach


The first week of working with Lisa was worth the investment in the whole program. Each week I eagerly awaited the new module, and with each week I could feel my soul expanding, and my anxiety around my purpose in this world and my business, come to an ease.

The most powerful thing was learning to trust and listen to my own voice.  In the past I've looked at what otherss have done before me, and have tried replicating them. With Lisa's help,, I have clearly defined my self-limiting beliefs (that I'm not good enough and I don't know enough) and have learned effective techniques to rewire my brain so to speak.

I WISH I had this program several years ago when I started my business as it would have saved my thousands of dollars on the various books and programs I've bought trying to understand what Lisa teaches.

This should be a prerequisite to all coaches, entrepreneurs and thought-leaders.




Lisa has created a stellar program that guides you and challenges you delve deep into true transformation. I've already made significant changes in myself and my business to catapult me to where I want to be. 


Sex Coach


Before working with Lisa,  I spent my days avoiding making decisions in my business and putting things off. Now I have more clarity and structure. I've defined my priorities and envisioned the end goals. With a more agile and creative mindset, I can figure out how to get things done. Bad days still happen, but now I bounce back quickly and keep things flowing.