astronomical costs


lisa fabrega

Have you ever opened up a mysterious letter only to find out you had some massive bill that you didn’t even realize was accruing?

Or hired someone for what you thought would be a certain price, only to be surprised with a huge bill later? 

While you may not have had these EXACT situations happen to you, I’m sure you know what it feels like to be blindsided with hidden, astronomical costs.

And there’s something you’re doing right now that’s racking up quite the bill. And you’re not even aware of it. 

Last week I was talking to a 1:1 client and we both kept high fiving each other through the screen.The transformation she’s undergone in the last year we’ve worked together has been astounding. So much so, she renewed to work with me for another year.

When we first started working together she used to get into rooms with colleagues, industry experts and go in for big meetings feeling a lack of confidence. 

She often felt intimidated, unsure of what she had to contribute to the room and always made herself “wrong” in the face of people she perceived to be “bigger” than her.

She’d often think things like “well they’re in a multi-million dollar business, so they must clearly know more than I do and wouldn’t be interested in my opinion” and then stay quiet. 

Or she’d get so nervous that when it was her turn to speak, she’d stammer and feel mortified afterward because she knew she hadn’t shown her best self. 

Her zone of genius isn’t always strategy–her zone of genius is internal work. She used to have the belief this wasn’t “valuable” or “respected” in the rooms of big business people she frequented.

But on our call just a few days ago, she told me she’s feeling more and more like she can be in any room, anywhere, with anyone, and completely hold her own. 

That new confidence and change in how she carries herself has recently led to her being connected to some pretty big people who are opening up new roads and connections for her and her career.

Do you understand how incredibly critical THAT is to achieving your biggest goals and impact? 

THAT is WAY more important than what “mindset hack” you just acquired. 

Take a pause and think about it. 

Really, I’ll wait. 

You can have all the strategies in the world, but can you be in the big rooms with the “big players” and feel confident, calm and fully able to handle and seize those kinds of opportunities without flinching? 

How do you think it affects your ability to go to your next level when you DON’T have that type of capacity? 

When you walk into rooms with people who you perceive to be “bigger” than you and you shrink, go silent, or feel less worthy…

What’s the full cost of that? 

Really think about it.

If you’re shrinking in any way in front of people who could easily connect you with your next multi-million dollar opportunity…or your next massive mainstream audience… 

Do you see how not having the capacity to feel confident and comfortable with WHOEVER is in that room can turn into losses of potential millions?

Waking up to this is like getting that unexpected, shocking bill in the mail. People focus way too much on what they’re making and not enough on how much more they’re LOSING by not prioritizing their capacity.

The cost of low capacity is WAY bigger than the cost of not having the right strategy. 

Sadly, it’s something so many people don’t even think about. 

When you have capacity, a strategy mistake can be easily pivoted and tweaked. But if you don’t have capacity, the strategy goes nowhere, or you pívot in a way that makes things worse.

(We’ve already seen this happen to many brands and businesses this year!)

When you get wrapped up in your metrics, strategies, funnels, ad spend or business model, you forget to prioritize your capacity. 

And that’s when I see people who’ve worked so hard to build what they’ve built, totally sabotage and mess up the really big, life-changing opportunities. 

Because if you never bothered to invest in building your CAPACITY and change how you see yourself, you don’t have the capacity to receive those opportunities and maximize them.

In contrast, when you work on your capacity, you show up like my client is now starting to show up. You start playing on a whole other level. 

It’s a level that people who boast about their seven figures online and their strategies don’t even comprehend. They’re still stuck in and focused on the small time stuff. 

My client isn’t quite at seven figures (yet) BUT she’s already showing up with the energy required to be in a room with billionaires. She’s gonna skip right past the paltry seven figure claims from the Facebook experts and move right into the stratosphere where the “big people” play.

That’s why when people are obsessed with their ad spend and strategies, I know they think they’re playing a big game but they’ve only just begun to scratch the surface. They’re not thinking big enough for themselves.

That used to be a world my client felt inferior to. Now she realizes she’s not even in the same playing field- her game is so much bigger.

Mark my words, she’s going to not only surpass but smoke all the other people obsessed with strategy. She’s already starting to.

In the beginning, sometimes it looks like the strategy obsessed are more successful and capable, but the capacity obsessed are the ones who ultimately win the race by miles. 

That’s why it’s not your strategy, it’s your capacity.

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