sorry but I’m calling you out


lisa fabrega

The strangest “phenomenon” has been coming up this week as I’ve been talking to many of you who are feeling deeply pulled to attend the virtual Visibility Capacity retreat.

I’ve gotta show it to you in screenshots from emails I got. It’ll be easier to understand if I show it to you this way:

Do you see what I’m talking about?

“I’m feeling I’m not in the same league as most of your clients.”


“I never felt successful enough or established enough to work with you.”

Okay, honesty time — if you’ve felt this way too — can you do me a favor and leave a comment and tell me? I’ve heard this from so many women, I want to know how many of you feel like this.

Now, here’s why I’m calling you out with a lot of love…

This is a MAJOR Visibility Capacity issue.


If you’re comparing yourself to some “ideal woman who always has her shit together” (that doesn’t actually exist) so much so that you think you’re not ready to work with me or do Capacity work…

If you discount yourself THAT quickly, then that means you are automatically discounting yourself from SO many other opportunities before you even ASK or CLAIM them. Any wonder you’re feeling restless, stuck or unhappy with things not moving along faster for you?

And you probably find yourself thinking or saying things like “I’m just not courageous enough of a person to do this,” or “it’s not the right time” because “I’m not ready yet.” 

Or you’re waiting until you have your “shit together” or waiting until you “feel advanced enough” to start capacity work.

With FIERCE LOVE I call BULLSH%T on ALL of that!

If you don’t see yourself as “worthy enough,” “perfect enough,” or “put together enough” to do capacity work… then how are you ever supposed to expand your capacity so that you CAN change how you see yourself?  

See how you put yourself into an IMPOSSIBLE loop when you do that? Could this be why you feel stuck? And frankly, at what point are you going to get sick of that?

It is A LIE that your ego tells you to trick you into not moving forward — this lie that “women who work with Lisa on their capacity are perfect, are all millionaires and never have any problems.”

I work with women from ALL levels — beginner to experienced. I work with dance instructors, coaches, corporate women, mothers, auto body shop owners, brick and mortar business owners. Women earning $50,000 to $10 million, women transitioning out of corporate careers starting new businesses with zero new income. And more.

What I look for in clients is their ATTITUDE and their ENERGY more than a number in their bank account or on their revenue sheet. What I mean is: a womxn who is ready to go ALL IN on herself. Who is ready to do the work with no excuses and who has big goals she’s ready to tackle.  

ALL of us need to do capacity work.  

And one last thing — the whole POINT of Capacity Work is to show up as you are. How the heck are you supposed to expect yourself to have perfect capacity before you even start? That’s like expecting yourself to take an SAT without studying or preparing and expecting to get a perfect score.

It’s counterintuitive. It’s a mindf%ck and it’s one of the ways YOU ARE HIDING and MAKING EXCUSES to not show up for your god given talents and impact on this earth.

You’ve got to be willing to show up messy and vulnerable for this work to even work! So please, stop hiding the mess and lean into it. Stop hiding the messy parts of your life, or the places you feel insecure. One of the most successful Instagram influencers I know literally posts pictures of herself with baby vomit on her t-shirt.

Part of expanding our capacity to step into our next level is changing how we see ourselves.

And I guarantee that part of why you’re not at the level you want to be at is because you keep seeing yourself as ‘not that kind of successful womxn Lisa works with.’ And you’re doing this EVERYWHERE in your life.

THAT IS A CAPACITY ISSUE. Get it now, sister?

Ready to expand your capacity? And ready to see yourself as the badass you ALREADY ARE?

The virtual Visibility Capacity retreat is open for enrollment right now. We’re 50% full for next week’s retreat. And the other two dates are filling up as I write this.

This retreat will help you CHANGE how you see yourself so that you KNOW you are worthy and therefore start FULLY TAKING UP SPACE and claiming the success, wealth and impact that is rightfully yours.

The whole reason you need capacity work is because you don’t have it yet. So stop expecting yourself to have capacity before you start capacity work. It’s a never ending self-victimizing cycle. This is why you feel frustrated and stuck. This. Is. Why.

Come messy, come as you are. The only requirement is that you’re all in for finally effing choosing yourself, damnit.


In fierce love & uncompromising capacity,