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lisa fabrega

In the last six months, I’ve seen a lot of people “battle it out” online about “what we should be doing during this time.” On one side of the arena are people saying tone-deaf and privilege-unaware things like “if you don’t come out of this pandemic with a new skill or having improved yourself, you’re just lazy.” 

On the other side of the arena are people saying “we’re experiencing trauma right now. Of course you’re tired, you’re in basic survival mode. Rest. Don’t do anything.”

I think there’s an important nuance here that’s missing from both sides.

We’re ALL going through a prolonged collective trauma. Processing trauma affects our brains, clear thinking and ability to make good, aligned, clear-headed decisions in our lives and work. Research has already proven traumatic events make us more tired and throw everything we thought we knew into question, making us more susceptible to make bad decisions.

Traumatic events like the pandemic and the murder of George Floyd also have a way of forcing us to look at some ugly truths, blind spots and weak points of capacity within ourselves and our businesses. Truths we’ve been avoiding but MUST face.  

Maybe you’ve been having that experience already. Maybe something hasn’t felt “quite right” to you about how you’re navigating this year and how you’re showing up as a leader and you want to CHANGE that for good.

So how do you navigate this gracefully, effectively and show up as the leader you want to be, WHILE dealing with very stressful circumstances? 

When the pandemic first hit the US, I stopped going to the gym. Normally I’m there six days a week because it has a wonderful effect on my mood, gives me clear thinking and a positive outlook. I went from six days a week to NOTHING for two weeks!

At first, I allowed myself to be tired and process the shock. But by the second week I was more susceptible to negative thoughts which affected my mood and gave me low-grade anxiety. This caused me to feel hesitant about some business decisions–no es bueno. I even disregarded my own advice, read some fear-mongering articles on the economy and felt worry pierce my normally solid equanimity.

Thankfully, I saw this quote by Ijeoma Umebinyuo: 

1. You must let the pain visit.  

2. You must allow it to teach you. 

3. You must not allow it to overstay.

I got my ass up, got back into the routines that support me to show up at my best for my community, team and business. I booked sessions with my therapist and business mentor to get myself back on track. Six months later I’m taking great care of myself and feeling positive. Business grew tremendously during the last six months and my clients immersing themselves in Capacity Work™ are navigating this year like bosses.

I’m in a position of privilege. I have a home, food, I’m healthy and a business that’s thriving. I haven’t had the virus. I have health insurance. That means it’s NOT okay with me to sit and overly wallow on the couch. It’s NOT okay to let “old-me” behaviors rule and affect the way I show up for my community. 

The world needs you to have capacity right now. Your business, your clients and your loved ones need it. If you want a thriving business and life right now, it’s no longer an “elective” to have capacity. It’s the #1 REQUIREMENT. 

So, if you WANT to have the capacity reserves to lead during this time, you better be ready to handle it and navigate this time easefully and with confidence. 


It’s really hard to show up and make SMART decisions that’ll keep our teams employed (because they feed themselves and their families from your business revenue, under your leadership) when we’re wrapped up in old stories that keep us frozen, hiding or overly relying on ‘strategies” to “save us” during times of crisis, we can’t make good decisions.  

It’s hard to be a good leader when our blindspots cause us to ignore deeper capacity-related problems that are crying out for our attention, in favor of more strategies, funnel-hacks and “increased ad spend” because we’re in a panic.

THAT’S why we need capacity work. 

During times like these, leaders with privileges are CALLED to show up with strength for others. We don’t get to wallow, freeze and stay stuck for months if we aren’t in the categories I described earlier above. The world now requires this from you.

So, if you’re uneasy about how you’ve been showing up during this pandemic, you know something is off about how you’re showing up AND you want to figure out not only why but HOW to CHANGE that…

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