cramped hand & a crushed soul


lisa fabrega


Me and clients in front of a waterfall at one of my retreats.

I’ll never forget the message I got from her. It said,
“Money manifesting is a SCAM.”

A few weeks ago, she’d come across a VERY well known manifestation teacher. Millions of followers. Thousands raving about all they manifested with her secret manifesting formula (that you could download for $11).

She bought it. Then she wrote her intention down 100 times BY HAND every day for the next seven days (just as the “foolproof” manifestation formula told her to do).

By the end of those seven days, nothing happened. But she was patient. She waited a month, nothing. She tried it again, this time asking for something different. All she had left by the end of those seven days was a cramped hand and a crushed soul.

That’s when she sent me that text. She’d been trying EVERYTHING to manifest her big money goals for the year, including working her booty off, so I knew this wasn’t a case of “just expecting things to show up without doing the work.”

I got on the phone with her, because I KNEW this was a capacity issue. Within the first fifteen minutes of the call, she realized why this manifesting hadn’t worked for her.

You can have the best strategic formula in the world, the best manifestation guru on your side and the most positive mindset… but if your NERVOUS SYSTEM isn’t on board with the money you want to earn, NONE of it is going to work.


For my client, she had ALL the right things in place to surpass last year’s income: An excellent business coach, a perfect revenue plan, the right work ethic, a good mindset and the famous $11 manifestation formula that had thousands of raving reviews. 

None of it was working.  

When we dug deep we found a memory from the age of twelve, where she’d gotten on stage feeling powerful and confident. But she’d been laughed at and booed off by some mean girls at her school. 

This experience had imprinted into her nervous system that it wasn’t safe to show up powerfully. And when she thought of earning the money she wanted for this year, she felt powerful. 

But remember, her nervous system associated “feeling powerful” with “being laughed at and booed away.” 

So her nervous system was unconsciously resisting and sabotaging her efforts to reach her revenue goals in EXTREMELY subtle ways that were flying under her sharp mind’s radar. 

I can’t tell you HOW many times I’ve seen SO many in my community do this. The capacity of your nervous system is THE most important thing when it comes to reaching your goals. Yet, no one teaches this (well, except me). Instead, we believe the strategy is the end-all-be-all to our success. 

I don’t care if you have Richard Branson, Oprah AND Warren Buffet all mentoring you, I don’t care if you have the most supreme manifestor on the planet guiding you and I don’t care how perfect your financial spreadsheet and revenue projection plan is for the year…

Without your nervous system onboard it’s NOT. GOING. TO. WORK. Your nervous system must be RECALIBRATED to be able to RECEIVE the next level of your money WITHOUT getting freaked out and sabotaging.

Our nervous system gets in the way of earning more in ways we don’t even notice. It completely drives our thoughts, actions, and decisions to be SMALL out of old traumas that are stored there and it makes it all seem perfectly logical and reasonable. 

I can GUARANTEE you that right now, your nervous system is driving you to make small, subtly sabotaging money decisions and you don’t even realize it. I’ve seen it in EVERY person — beginner to uber-successful — who I’ve worked with over the last 10 years.

To earn more you must address the capacity of your nervous system to receive, hold and handle that money you want to generate.


That’s why it’s not about your strategy, it’s about your capacity.

This is EXACTLY why I created the virtual Money Capacity retreat. One of the CORE TENETS of this retreat is beginning to recalibrate your nervous system to hold, handle and RECEIVE more and NOT subtly resist it. 

I can tell you every person who has attended this retreat has told me they FELT the shift in their nervous system afterward. One woman changed how she was doing sales calls with her clients and signed two new clients afterward with MUCH less effort (and double the profit).

We have only ONE spot left for this week’s retreat on March 7th (this Saturday).

And just two left for March 20th.



In love and capacity,







PS: And if you feel skeptical, here’s some feedback from women who’ve attended this retreat: