disappointment carousel


lisa fabrega

Me and clients on a retreat in France a few years ago

Ever had this experience? You create a new program, product, or service, open it up to the world and one of two things happens:

  • Hardly anyone buys it
  • Or lots of people buy it, but every other time you offer it, less and less people buy.

In the first example, your soul is so crushed, you feel like never offering anything again. It might demoralize you for a few months and make you lose your steam. In the second example you get bored and create something new. Then you’re on a constant hamster wheel of creating and seeing what “sticks”.

I used to have this experience in my business. I’d constantly offer new things because I thought people would get “bored”. Or I’d get bored and want to try something new, hoping it would “do better” and I’d finally hit the jackpot.

This created a feast or famine cycle. Until a respected mentor told me “your business is not here for your entertainment.”

When she first told me this, I had a mini-temper tantrum internally. If my business is not here for my entertainment, then what’s the point of having a business? I need to be creative in my business!! After my temper tantrum subsided, I realized she was right. 

Constantly hustling, having to create new things as “one offs” and lacking stability in your business is a CAPACITY ISSUE. 

Because of one or more of these things:

  • You have a worthiness issue and don’t believe your offering is solid enough to offer over and over again and still be of value. 
  • Instead of getting new audience members you keep trying to placate the existing audience members who need new things constantly. Doesn’t that sound like a toxic relationship to you? 
  • You think you can ONLY be creative by offering new things and don’t know how to channel your creativity into more powerful ways that will actually grow your business (like marketing, how you serve your clients or how you manage your team).
  • You’re looking at all the “trends” in your industry and think you have to follow them in order to remain relevant. 
  • You keep offering things that fall flat and go back to reinventing the wheel to see if this next creation will be “what people want”. 

I had a client with all of the above capacity issues once. She had 17 different offerings because she had tons of “one off” programs based on what she thought was trendy, hoping THAT would be the game changer. It never was. Because she had a capacity deficit.

When you have a capacity deficit, you can release the most “sure thing” in the world, but it doesn’t work. No matter what strategic “experts” you hire. No matter how “on trend” your offering is. 

When you have capacity, what you offer is so aligned, the graphics, the copy and the marketing could be unsophisticated, but the ENERGY behind it is so powerful and aligned, it sells

As my client worked on her capacity, we pared down 17 offerings to 3. Her revenue grew to seven figures that year. And she wasn’t selling ANY business coaching. She was offering “WOO” stuff she thought “no one would pay for.”

You might notice there are even more ‘trends” going on with how COVID-19 has impacted our lives. You might be tempted to start going on that same chase, creating new things just because someone else is doing it. I’m asking you to pause and ask yourself this: 

Do you really want to go on another disappointment carousel ride? Or do you want to fix the ROOT of the problem, your capacity deficits, which keep creating this experience for you?

A strategy doesn’t fix the root of the problem. Strategies can only accelerate your results once you’ve brought your capacity deficit into equilibrium. In that way, capacity and strategy are powerful bedfellows.

If you’re showing up in the ways I’ve described above and you’re not happy about it. AND you’re ready to fix the real root of the problem, your capacity…

Then the Capacity in Crisis workshop is for you.

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And in that workshop, I’m going to ask you four really powerful questions you really need to know the answers to during this crazy time. They’ll become the four pillars you lean on during any turbulent times in your leadership.

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