LBD or acid-washed jeans?


lisa fabrega

A few months ago I found myself in the middle of a verrry interesting conversation with a fellow business owner at an event we were both attending. 

She was BLOWN AWAY I still send emails to my community and write blog posts on a consistent basis. Her exact words, said with a condescending laugh, were: “WOOW. You still blog and email? Ha! Isn’t blogging and email DEAD?”

Then she couldn’t believe I still liked working with people 1:1. “Isn’t that kind of 2009? Isn’t the whole point to scale massively? Ugh, I hate working with people 1:1, I’d be so exhausted.”

(Ummm that’s a capacity issue… but I don’t give unsolicited feedback, so I kept my mouth shut.) 

Finally, she implied I was lying about how much my business earns because she couldn’t BELIEVE it’s so successful when I don’t obsessively chase and adhere to many of the “newest trends” other online business owners do.

I wasn’t thrown or offended by her comments. In fact, I was even more sure that Capacity Work™ is the answer to SO many money problems ambitious women have. NOT the “latest fad” in strategies.

I’ve been running my own business for ten years now. When you’re running a successful business for that long and have not only survived but THRIVED, you’ve seen A LOT of business trends come and go.

Do you know how many times I’ve heard “blogging is DEAD! Email is DEAD! Facebook ads are DEAD!” 

That usually gets followed by, “YouTube is the ONLY way to market your business now. Massive launches are the ONLY way to hit seven figures. The ONLY people having success are using this new ‘funnel’ for their businesses.”

It’s no different than what happens with diet fads or beauty trends. There’s always something new to tell you you’ve been doing it all wrong. And I’ve been where you are, wondering WHICH of those million things will actually work for you and feeling very overwhelmed by all of it.

Do you remember acid wash jeans? Allow me to refresh your memory. 


They were SUCH a huge trend back in the 80’s when I was a kid. And sure, there might be an 80’s resurgence happening right now in fashion, but before then they were pretty much dead and forgotten about for 20 years. They were exactly what fads are — temporary.

Now let’s look at the “LBD” or “little black dress.” 


The LBD has been a staple in fashion for YEARS. It’s NEVER gone out of style.  The LBD looks good on any body shape because it’s endlessly customizable and a color that works well on many skin tones and goes with all other colors. You’ll ALWAYS look fabulous and on trend in it. 

The LBD isn’t a trend or a fad. It’s a classic. 

Which would you rather be? The acid washed jeans someone wore for one summer and now sitting in the back of someone’s closet for 20 years or thrown away?

Or the LBD which will forever be a long term classic, chosen over and over again?

Which one made more money in the last 20 years? Clearly, the LBD.

That brings me to my point today. Please take this advice to heart, from a seasoned professional who’s seen it all at this point.

Anyone who talks that way about business (X is DEAD, THIS is the new thing!) with that trend-fervor in their eye is an immature business owner. And I mean immature as in “not running their business from a place of sovereignty and you probably shouldn’t take advice from them if you want to build long-term wealth.”

They live hopping from one bandwagon to the other because the fad doesn’t last, and then they constantly have to keep up with the next one. That’s exhausting. And expensive.

Those types of business owners/career people always lose the most money/earn the least in the end (don’t be fooled by their 7 figure year claims– ask them in 10 years if it’s still like that).  

That’s because:

  • It’s EXPENSIVE to be constantly throwing money at every latest trend hoping that will be the thing that finally makes your business take off.  
  • When you rely on trends to keep your business going, you’re going to be EXHAUSTED and burn out from always having to “keep up with the Jones’.” You can’t make money if you’re too tired to run your business properly.
  • You aren’t unique when you’re only doing what the trends say. Business messages, brands, marketing, models and people who look like every fad don’t stand out in the sea of sameness. It’s the unique people that let their freak flag fly and have the capacity to make the strategies on their own who get paid the big bucks. Ask me how I know 😉 

Now, NO SHAME if you’ve been one of those people who got wrapped up in the fads.  I’ve been there, done that, too. The fervor of these trends makes it easy to get all excited and swept up in it. 

But years ago, I started to notice that what my soul asked me to do was what always made me great money. And every time I didn’t listen to that and followed a trend because my ego wanted it, I saw loss of money or money plateaus. 

Did you know THAT is Money Capacity?

Having good Money Capacity means knowing what works for YOU and being able to leverage that into continuously earning, saving and investing more BECAUSE you don’t allow yourself to get swayed by trends.

Now, if you’re sick and tired of being acid-washed jeans… If you’ve been through it throwing money at things that haven’t worked or haven’t brought you the financial results you desired, then you have a Money Capacity issue.

And YOU are who I created the virtual Money Capacity retreat for. For the woman who is tired of being disappointed and is ready to REALLY EARN what she is meant to.

Our virtual Money Capacity retreat is just a few days away.  

Only 1 spot remains. 


Are you finally going to commit to discovering what your version of the LBD is? 

Or are you gonna continue to be acid-washed jeans?

Only you decide. I’m here, ready to walk you through the door to long term financial success. All you gotta do is take my hand.

I just got this text today from a client who’s been working on her Money Capacity with me. She was told by “experts” there was only “one way to launch” in order to be successful. When we worked on her capacity, THIS is what happened:

THAT’S Money Capacity. 

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In love & capacity,

PS: If you have any questions, feel free to comment, I’m here for ya.

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