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lisa fabrega

Ever watched the TV show “Billions“? I hadn’t until last week when a friend texted me and said
“Lisa, you’ve got to watch this show. The character of Wendy does what you do!”

Now, I’ve never met anyone that does what I do, so I HAD to watch this show. I binged the first season and was HOOKED. The show is about a billionaire (Axe) and the ups & downs of running a company that manages billions of dollars. 

He keeps a “performance coach” (Wendy) on retainer for both him and the analysts at his firm. He pays her handsomely (her bonuses alone are $5 million). He even says many times that without her coaching him on his capacity, his company would never be where it is today. Her role is so important to him he considers her a co-founder.

It’s clear why he credits his success to her because in one episode he loses over $400 million in a bad trade. And the CAPACITY he shows after this loss is IMPRESSIVE.

Now, picture yourself losing $400 million dollars… that’s enough to send anyone into a spin out. Could you handle having and then losing $400 million dollars without it ruining your entire year and giving you the worst stress of your life?

Maybe you can’t even picture what having $400 million to lose would be like, it’s such a large amount of money maybe it feels foreign to you (that’s a Money Capacity issue, too).

But he doesn’t spin out. And he doesn’t call a meeting with a brilliant team of strategists to figure out what failed in his strategy. This is what most people would do. But that’s why they’re not billionaires. People who are at that level of earning KNOW that what gets you there is capacity, not strategy.

Instead, he calls Wendy, who is essentially his capacity coach.  

He tells her the most important thing is to figure out WHY he made a bad trade decision. Because he can never make that mistake again. He KNOWS his mistake came from a blip in his Money Capacity which subconsciously drove his bad decision.

They meet for a session and finally identify the culprit. An experience he had as a child, which subconsciously affected his capacity to make a good decision in that particular trade. It was something that had never come up until now. Yes, even now that he was making billions, which is why you always hear me say that capacity work never ends.

After his session he tells his wife at home “I feel like a new man.” He goes on to do a massive capital raise which more than replaces the $400 million he lost. 

That’s the power of expanding your Money Capacity.

Maybe you don’t have $400 million to lose. Maybe you do. The REAL question is, if you DID lose it, could you take it in stride like he did and get right back to making more money? 

Because that is exactly why he’s a billionaire. He has immense Money Capacity. You have to have big capacity for money to pull in numbers like that.

  • Or would you be curled up into a ball feeling like life is over as you know it? Or waking up every night having panic attacks about it?
  • When a client skips a payment or doesn’t renew their work with you, does it make you break out into a cold sweat as you scramble to find a replacement for that money?
  • If you buy a new house and your mortgage payments are now higher, do you hear your ego anxiously asking you “what if my business doesn’t do well one month, will I be able to make my house payment?”
  • When you have a lower cash flow month, or you get less people booking sales calls with you, are you freaked out and losing sleep?
  • How do money stresses and ups & downs affect your nervous system? Your ability to get right back up and stay focused?

The answers to the above questions will tell you A LOT about where your Money Capacity stands.

What you CAN’T afford is money stressors impacting you so much it affects your momentum. Getting into desperate or anxious states when money is fluctuating leads to bad decisions that further drain your money. 

That can look like signing bad clients “just because you need the money.” Or wasting more money throwing it at strategists that aren’t going to get to the CORE of your Money Capacity issue and solve it.

It’s a never ending roller coaster when you aren’t prioritizing working on your Money Capacity. And I bet you’re sick of facing the SAME money loop over and over again.  

No matter HOW much you’re making, these issues can affect you. Yes it affects billionaires too. Having money doesn’t mean that no Money Capacity issues are present. And not expanding your Money Capacity will lead to a decline in your revenue or income, BIG TIME.

Can you imagine if Axe freaked out over losing $400 million then hid for a few weeks licking his wounds? He’d never have come back stronger than before. His company would be finito.

Whatever stresses you’re having around money right now, no matter how little or how much money you’re making → they’re signs of a Money Capacity issue. NOT a strategy issue.


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