might piss you off, might change your life


lisa fabrega


I had a client fretting this week because she raised her prices and she got a “no” from someone she quoted the new price to. She was going into self-doubt about raising her price and questioning herself. She’d felt her client’s money fear and it got to her.

Now — I think this IS a valid question. COULD your price be too high? Yes, sometimes. Sure.

BUT – in the last 10 years of working with people, I’ve seen women say no to a $1,000 investment because they “had already invested in another coaching program” and then go buy themselves a $2,000 item and post about it on social media.

I’ve seen people who claim they don’t have the money to invest in the most important shift of their lives then post on social about all the little things they bought that month like Venti Starbucks coffee every day, restaurant visits four times a week, Roombas, brand new cars, essential oils, and weekly movie theatre visits. (Which all added up to more than the cost of the program they “didn’t have the money for.”)

AND I’ve seen people sell their high-end cameras to invest in a VIP Day with me and get their return on investment within a few weeks.

I’ve seen people take out $20,000 loans from friends and family to invest in one of my programs, determined to make it back — and get it back 5 times over.

When I started my business ten years ago, I was sooooo financially strapped. A coach I wanted to work with told me her program was $3,000. I picked up extra work for the next few weeks, opened up a CC, borrowed some money from friends and hodge-podged it all together to make it happen. I had to really cut down on expenses and restaurant visits for a few months and FOCUS.  

It was HARD and beyond what I EVER imagined I could come up with at the time. That amount was two months of rent for me at a time when I was unemployed. But I made it happen! I didn’t let anything get in my way. The return on my investment became my first six-figure year in early 2011.

What’s my point?

Many people say they want change, but when push comes to shove they would rather keep spending mindlessly because it’s what they’re used to, rather than get focused, make some sacrifices, expand their thinking about what they can afford and invest in what they actually need. 

OR, sometimes people can feel how POWERFUL their work is going to be with you and they do the “avoidance dance” because they’re afraid of the change they know is coming. So they unconsciously lie to themselves that it’s “about the money” and that they don’t have it or they’re financially strapped because they already made other commitments, or are “too busy.”  

What’s REALLY going on is they’re used to being comfortable and their ego is terrified of the change they can feel is coming.

It’s actually rarely about not having the money. It’s that they’re not actually ready to make the change they say they want. They’re afraid. Or they simply don’t see the value in what you do yet.

Because they bought a new luxury car to make them “feel rich” so they can “attract abundance,” but they wouldn’t invest that amount in your services. The car will depreciate the moment they drive it off the lot and be done in 10 years. While you know that the investment they make in you will last them a lifetime and continue to appreciate.

Or they might have paid $2,000 for a piece of jewelry and posted about their “queen statement piece” but they can’t pay $2,000 to make a shift in your program. 

Somehow that jewelry or that car fed the fantasy of having the life they want more than the idea of doing the work that would ACTUALLY give them that life, in one of your offerings. It felt easier to spend the money on the jewelry, because it’s the kind of spending they can “justify.”

This is exactly where most people get trapped when it comes to money. Gratification of a fantasy makes us feel like we’re actually doing the work and progression. But that’s not the same as actually doing something about it.

If you’ve ever had to bust your ass to make an important investment in your growth, you know what A HUGE bolster to your self-confidence and earning ability it is JUST to see what you’re made of when it comes to coming up with the money.

When we don’t push ourselves to our money edge and see what we’re capable of doing to get the money, we never get that amazing growth lesson. Which consequently IS the only thing that allows us to earn more.

As for me, in the last ten years of running a business, I rarely spend money on fleeting things. I reinvest it into my personal growth and my business because I know when I invest it there, I get 100 times the return in value.

So there’s no reason for you to doubt your prices when people who sometimes don’t have their priorities straight or aren’t aligning with what they say they want, say they can’t afford you. It has nothing to do with your price being wrong. 

This is why Money Capacity work is SO important. 

Because when your Money Capacity is expanded, you KNOW deep down when it’s actually your price and when it’s just a client who doesn’t have their priorities straight or isn’t yet ready to work with you. And you don’t waste energy freaking out when people say “no” to you.

Also, when your Money Capacity is aligned and expanded, you don’t get distracted by temporary financial delights that will depreciate the minute you drive them off the lot or put them on, and instead, you choose the SMART investments that will make you more money and pay off for decades.

(That’s not to say you can’t indulge in a thing or two here and there. I’m not here to tell you how to spend your money — only pointing out some of the ways I see people using money for short term gains, not long term sustainability.)

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PS: Here are some screenshots of amazing things women have said after attending this retreat. ‘Cause I know sometimes we want a little “social proof.”