mindset work doesn’t work


lisa fabrega

Whenever I talk about Capacity something interesting happens. Inevitably, I get a bunch of comments from people that say ““yes! I’m working on my mindset!” or they’ll say they’re working on their capacity when what they’re actually doing is just signing up for another “mindset hacks” course. 

People often think when I talk about capacity I’m talking about mindset. No. Mindset doesn’t hold a candle to capacity. ⁣ Mindset is like focusing on your fingernail when you should be taking a look at your entire arm.⁣

If you keep focusing on mindset, you’re barely scratching the surface. Mindset is superficial at best. It’s like putting a bandaid over a wound that needs a good cleaning and some stitches. It doesn’t really address the core of the issue.

Mindset work just teaches you how to “correct” your thoughts and sometimes bypass them. But it doesn’t really stop the CORE belief that keeps creating those thoughts that block you.

I find the same issue happens with NLP, the darling of the coaching world. I’m not criticizing NLP, I think it can help a lot of people. But often, I see people using NLP to manipulate others and themselves, or to bypass actually FEELING and instead staying in their heads. This does nothing to actually shift you at the core, so that the change becomes permanent.

The best advice I can give you then is to stop trying to “work on your mindset” and start working on your capacity. ⁣

So many successful people have come to work with me after working with the best mindset coaches on the planet. So if mindset work was truly enough, then why are they still not getting the results they want? Why do they still have blockages that a mindset coach was supposed to take care of?⁣

That’s because “mindset” only goes so deep. If you’re not addressing the core things UNDERNEATH the mindset AND expanding your capacity to feel, hold, handle and receive your next level, mindset work is just a temporary quick fix high that will only work for a short while.

It’s one thing to correct your mind about what it’s thinking about. It’s one thing to learn to redirect your thoughts, which is truly valuable. But if you don’t IN YOUR BODY AND VERY CELLS KNOW and BELIEVE that you have the capacity to HANDLE that thing you want, you can recite mindset mantras til the cows come home…you still won’t be able to grow to your next level.

Many people have used mindset work just like they would a diet pill. A quick fix solution or “hack” that actually doesn’t solve anything long term. It’s like those events you go to where you leave on a high but within a week you’re still sitting with the same problems. Nothing shifted. You just got high but didn’t actually internally change.

Capacity work is the opposite of that. We go deep. We look at the core issues. We shift the way you see yourself ENTIRELY. So the mindset stuff now WORKs. Because now you BELIEVE yourself to be the person with the capacity to receive your highest vision. Now you believe yourself to be the person you say you are in all your positive thinking mantras.

That’s something that isn’t just about your mind, it’s about your body, soul, heart AND mind working together and being aligned. It’s about actually building the foundation and expanding your CAPACITY to receive the next level of what you want. That’s what Capacity Work™ is all about.

You can have the best mindset in the world, but if your capacity is only a pint, you can’t hack your way into making that pint sized container into the 10 gallon container it needs to be. The only thing that can get you to that level of capacity is…yep…Capacity Work™.

Can you see now how just “doing more mindset work” can be a form of self sabotage, where you’re just spinning your wheels and not actually getting anywhere?

It’s not your mindset. It’s your capacity.

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