money and your mother


lisa fabrega

A few days ago I told you we’re going to talk about Money Capacity for the next few weeks. I announced three NEW virtual retreats dedicated to expanding your Money Capacity. We’re already 25% sold out!

I also prepared you for the fact that in our convo about money for the next few weeks, we won’t be discussing the same stuff every money guru talks about. This conversation will be DIFFERENT. It will go deep instead of barely scratching the surface.  

Today I want to tell you one of the WILDEST money capacity stories I’ve ever heard. It came directly from a session I had with a client many years ago.

This client hired me because she’d been stuck at the same earning plateau for FOUR YEARS. 

She’d had a successful corporate job earning $200,000 a year. Then she quit that job to start her own business and even after two years of busting her bum and spending $25,000 on a business mastermind… she still couldn’t earn more than… you guessed it… $200,000.

What in the ??? Right?

I’ll never forget the capacity coaching session we had when we delved deep into WHY this plateau was ACTUALLY happening.  

Because it clearly wasn’t that she didn’t have the right strategies. She’d received excellent business coaching from the mastermind she’d joined. But no one had taken the time to go deeper and find the capacity issue that kept her revenue plateauing.

After 30 minutes we hit on the reason BIG TIME.  

A memory came to her: 12 years old. Her father walking out on her mother and their family after she got a big promotion that put her salary at… yep… $200,000.


As a child she learned from that experience that when a woman earns more than $200,000 she will lose people she loves, including her life partner.  

This got buried DEEP into her subconscious. But it was still ruling ALL of her decisions. So, on a subtle, totally unconscious level, she was setting prices to work with her that were not high enough and turning down opportunities for more income under the guise of “it just doesn’t feel aligned.” 

In reality, her subconscious was making those decisions to keep earning no more than $200,000. It was a huge blind spot that was affecting her earning.

See how no strategy can work until that’s out of the way?

BIG Money Capacity issue.  

So we worked on her Money Capacity for the next few weeks. And I’ll never forget the text I got from her, excitedly exclaiming that she’d finally broken past the $200,000 ceiling. By the end of the year she was at $350,000.

And her relationship with her partner was thriving. He had NOT walked out on her when she made more money than him as her father had done to her mother.  

When we got the capacity issues out of the way, her marketing funnel started working. The strategies she’d learned also worked. Like magic. But not really. It was just a capacity tweak.

Your Money Capacity is your ability to earn, save and invest increasingly larger and larger sums of money in ways that support your vision and mission. When your Money Capacity is out of alignment it shows up as abdication of financial responsibilities, hitting financial plateaus or stressing about money unnecessarily.

When your Money Capacity is balanced it’s communicating abundance, trust and capability to hold, handle and receive more financially. 

Right now, you’ve got a blind spot around your money that you can’t even see and it’s ruling so many of your decisions.  

It contributes directly to your frustrations with money. Until you’ve got help finding the blind spot, you’re not going to get where you want with your money. 

And if you’re thinking, “Oh I already know what my money blindspot is” … NOPE.  

The whole reason it’s called a blind spot is that you CAN’T SEE IT, so it’s NOT whatever block you’re thinking it is. It’s something you can’t even see right now.  

If your Money Capacity is communicating anything other than abundance, trust, and capability to hold, handle, and receive more financially…

… you have a Money Capacity issue – which means you’ll want to have a front row seat at the upcoming virtual Money Capacity Retreat. 

I’ve made three dates available to choose from, so “I can’t make that date” is taken care of for you. Plus, if you’re committed to working on this, schedules can be flexed so you can be there.

And, if you can believe it, I’m offering it for the same, reasonable price I offered the previous virtual retreats, only $500.

Each date is limited to only 8-10 women, as I want to make sure you get enough time with me to really address the core of your Money Capacity issues.  

If you want to learn more about what you can expect during the retreat, get the dates for the retreats and more, click the button below to learn more and enroll.

Heads up – the three previous virtual retreats ALL SOLD OUT.  FAST. 

So book your seat now. This isn’t a tired-internet-marketing-gimmick to get you to scramble to buy. It’s just the plain truth.  

And as always, if you have any doubts or questions, just leave a comment and I’ll be happy to personally reply.

PS: Wondering if this will “work for you?” I was just speaking with a woman who attended my last virtual capacity retreat yesterday. You know what she told me? (I actually wrote her words down because they were so impactful.)  

She said, “Lisa, I don’t think you understand. The virtual capacity retreat has literally changed my entire way of BEING. It really changed my life. And unlike other events I’ve gone to, this wasn’t some “high” that only lasted a few days. I’m DIFFERENT. I’m acting differently. I’ve gotten more things done in my business in the days after the retreat than I have for months! Thank you so much for creating this work, I can’t believe this kind of work exists!”