There are two ways to work with me 1-on-1:

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Sometimes you don't need a long-term coaching situation. You just want to do a deep, powerful dive into your capacity, shake some things up quickly, and walk away with a power plan to get going!

Your Capacity Intensive will include 3 hours of virtual 1:1 coaching time with me as well as one week of Voxer follow-up for checking-in and integration. You'll also receive an in-depth Capacity Assessment tool sent prior to your Intensive, pre-Intensive prep work so you come to the Capacity Intensive ready to work and clear on what you want to focus on, and a solid action plan to work on after your Intensive.

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The most intimate and highest level we can work together. We’ll be working together privately, one-on-one for 6 months. You’ll experience coaching on a bi-weekly basis with space for emergency, on-demand coaching, texting, and complimentary membership to Capacity Shift™.

You’ll also benefit from a custom-curated, one-on-one 2.5-day retreat designed to elevate you, release your blocks, activate all three Capacity Code™ Energy Gates (Alpha, Beta, and Omega) so you can access your next level with ease and grace.

Only a few spots are available per year.