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Sometimes you don't need a long-term coaching situation. You just want to do a deep, powerful dive into your capacity, shake some things up quickly, and walk away with a power plan to get going!

This is ideal for you if you:

  • Are the kind of person who can do one deep dive, and then take powerful action towards the goals you set in that session, without needing a lot of checking in.
  • Want to focus on one or two exclusive things and go DEEP with them, and don't have the time to meet for a longer period of time over months.
  • Love the idea of getting a whole day one-on-one with my eyes and full attention on your capacity in an intensive, super-focused container.
  • Want to focus on something that takes a concentrated chunk of time to create: like reviewing copy or branding, working out your own framework for your business, creating a structure for your life and company that actually works, etc... Basically, you want to get nitty-gritty with a few focused objectives.

The Capacity Intensive includes:

  • 1:1 coaching time with me over Zoom (including a lunch break)
  • One week for Voxer follow-up to be used for checking in and integration (we'll shake many things up in a good way during your Capacity Intensive and you'll love being able to check in after that).
  • A solid action plan to work on after your Intensive. You will NOT walk away from this "not knowing what to do". You will have a clear, actionable plan of things to work on before we meet for your first follow-up session.
  • An in-depth Capacity Assessment tool was sent before your Intensive to get clear on your unique Capacity Code so we come into the Intensive knowing exactly what capacities are in your way and what we need to work on.
  • Pre-intensive prep work so you come to the Capacity Intensive ready to work and clear on what you want to focus on, even if you feel you have "no clarity" this prep work WILL get you clear.

What kinds of things can we work on in a Capacity Intensive?

What I love about 1:1 work is it's bespoke and customized to YOU. So we can work on ANYTHING in these intensives because you've got me for a day (with Voxer access afterward for integration).

That being said, here are some examples of things I've worked on with clients in Capacity Intensives:

  • Did a review of all online assets for a client. Worked on Visibility Capacity and Embodiment Capacity which was causing the online marketing copy to be misaligned with the client's true purpose. Completely re-wrote the website copy with the client, sales page copy, and marketing emails from a place of bigger capacity. This client generated sales IMMEDIATELY after this rewrite from a place of expanded capacity and clients who read her sales page and website emailed her telling them it impacted them so much they were crying and had to work with her.
  • Helped a client develop an entire, aligned framework around her work. Before the Intensive, she was unclear on how to put her work into a clear, concise framework that could be repeated and replicated. We worked on her Purpose Capacity and Structural Capacity, and from that place of greater capacity created the four pillars of her work, a system and trademarked process for her work. This framework became the basis for:
    • all her content creation (a capacity-expanded framework made her content creation 100 times easier because she could just write content directly pulled from her framework, whereas previously she felt "all over the place" in her marketing and never knew what to write about).
    • her book. She just needed to write all the chapters for her book straight from the framework we developed.
    • better marketing. She could now talk clearly and concisely about how she works with people.
    • better podcast interviews. She could come to interviews with a framework to cover so people could better understand her work.
    • created a signature talk from her framework that got a standing ovation.
  • Worked with a very busy and overwhelmed mother who felt like she never had time for both childcare/attention to her family AND focusing on growing her business. We worked exclusively on her Structural Capacity, and by the end of the Intensive, we had a clear, DOABLE structure for her life, her calendar, and her business. For the first time in two years, she was able to juggle family and her business growth and started marketing her new business.
  • Cleared visibility fears for a client who kept holding herself back and not marketing herself for fear of being judged. Worked on her Visibility Capacity and Boundary Capacity. Set clear, aligned boundaries so she wouldn't be afraid of others' judgments due to her visibility, and by the end of the Intensive, she was posting again on social media and marketing without holding back. She was able to completely shift the nightmare clients she was getting and attract more aligned clients she enjoyed working with.
  • Helped a client who was shifting out of a very successful seven-figure brand into a new brand she'd be the face of. The client had been hiding behind the old brand name she had built with a business partner and needed assistance in languaging how to be bought out and sell her half of the company back to the partner. The client also needed assistance crafting her signature talk before an audience of 3,000 at a very big business conference she'd been asked to keynote. Together we cleared Embodiment and Visibility Capacity deficits and:
    • Built her signature talk which received TWO standing ovations and generated an invitation to another huge conference where she was able to take her whole family on vacation.
    • Successfully exited her old company and built her new brand.
    • Launched her new brand under her name and quickly filled her new mastermind.
  • You can view a client testimonial here.

These are just a few examples of what a Capacity Intensive can do for you!


Investment: The intensive starts at 5 figures.

When: Whenever works for you and my schedule

Where: Zoom (this is a virtual intensive)

I will personally review your application. If I believe I can be of help, you will receive a link to reserve your Capacity Intensive by making a deposit or paying in full (whichever option you choose, payment plans are available).

After you make your investment, you will receive a link to schedule your Capacity Intensive. We choose a date and time that works for both of our calendars. And you can choose any date within a three-month time frame, so if you need to schedule your Intensive a little further in the future and want to make sure to reserve your spot ahead of time before all slots for the year are booked, you can absolutely do that.

Feel free to email us at if you have any questions.


Not sure if a Capacity Intensive is right for you?