self sabotage


lisa fabrega

A few days ago, I got this message from one of the participants who signed up for the virtual Visibility Capacity retreat:

I loved this message because it was literally the perfect example of what it looks like when you’ve reached a Visibility Capacity plateau, and I LOVED the level of self-awareness she had to sign up and stop the self-sabotage spiral!

VISIBILITY Capacity is your ability to let ALL of you be SEEN – professionally and personally. 

When this particular capacity is not expanded enough to meet your next level of visibility, what ends up happening is exactly what you see in the message above.

This is why I’m always reminding you that you can have the best strategy in the world, but if you don’t have the CAPACITY to receive, hold and handle all the business/visibility that strategy will send your way when you implement it…

Well, to be blunt, you’re going to sabotage the sh&t out of it!

Just 2 days before getting that message, I had a conversation with ANOTHER woman who signed up for the virtual Visibility Capacity retreat who had the same issue.

She’d had “the best year in her business, EVER” last year. Yet, this year, she was struggling to meet the same level of income, and her clients were much more difficult.  

Why? Because she hit her previous upper limit on her capacity for visibility when she expanded so quickly last year. None of her coaches had talked to her about expanding her capacity for her NEXT LEVEL of visibility. Instead, they just gave her more ingenious strategies, and as a result, none of them worked.

A strategy isn’t going to give you anything if you haven’t dealt with your ‘upper limit’ on your visibility. 

You can’t pour 20 gallons of visibility into last year’s container 

that only holds a pint. The ONLY way to keep growing without 

sabotaging is to change out your pint sized capacity for visibility 

to a 20-gallon capacity for visibility.


This is exactly what we’re going to be covering and working on in the virtual Visibility Capacity retreat. Have you signed up for it?  

If not, we’ve got just two dates left – and this week’s date (February 1st) is about to sell out!

There are just a few spots left for the February 7th virtual Visibility Capacity retreat now.

I REALLY would rather you keep up your amazing momentum than to go into a downward spiral like the woman who messaged me above was starting to go into. Luckily she won’t be sabotaging her opportunities because she signed up for the retreat.

Want to learn more about what you’ll get and learn from the retreat, plus dates and times?

Just head on over to the link below and I’ve got you covered.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


PS: Have any questions? Just leave a comment and I’m happy to answer. Don’t be shy, ask away! 


PPS: We have a payment plan as well if you need it! Just email let us know you want it and my team will create a special link just for you.