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lisa fabrega

In the last few weeks, we’ve been diving deep into expanding your Visibility Capacity. It’s been a BLAST to meet so many of you in the virtual Visibility Capacity retreats and see the huge breakthroughs you had. Check out just a FEW of the raves we got from those who attended:

Now it’s time to switch our conversation to another area where we’re constantly hitting a ceiling…


Now HOLD UP – here’s what we’re NOT going to do…

We AREN’T going to have the same old conversation about money that you see every ‘manifestation’ and ‘abundance’ guru talking about these days ad-nauseum. This is NOT yet
another ‘money mindset’ discussion.  

Because that approach to money is barely scratching the surface of the REAL and DEEP conversation we need to be having about your capacity to receive, hold, and handle MORE money.

This is NOT a new ‘manifesting formula’ or a spreadsheet of ‘budget cuts’ you need to make. 

This is something TOTALLY DIFFERENT. And much deeper.

And I’ve now opened up three NEW dates for the virtual Money Capacity retreat where we will focus entirely on expanding your Money Capacity.  

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Okay, so WHAT is Money Capacity?

Money Capacity is your ability to earn, save, and invest increasingly larger and larger sums of money in ways that support your vision and mission. When your Money Capacity is out of alignment, it shows up as abdication of financial responsibilities. 

Let’s take a quiz. Put a check mark next to each one of these bullet points that resonate even just a little for you:

  • Remaining in scarcity mindset even when you’re making money (hello obsessing over coupons, discounts, haggling and getting things ‘cheap’)
  • Hitting the same revenue or earning year after year and not knowing why you can’t seem to move past your earning plateau
  • Making lots of money but still being stressed about money, having cash flow issues, stressing about paying your team, not feeling like it’s ever ‘enough’
  • Lending people money who you know will never pay it back
  • Attracting customers/clients who default on payments to you 
  • Hearing “I can’t afford it” from potential clients (and it’s really starting to drain you)
  • Not having any savings for bigger dreams you have planned for your life
  • Not charging more money, or resisting raising your prices because you’re afraid people or current clients will get ‘mad’ at you
  • Asking next-level questions in a free Facebook group of colleagues, because you won’t invest in working directly with a coach
  • Continuously underearning (this affects women and men at EVERY income level) 
  • Undervaluing yourself and your work and feeling like you’re not worthy of receiving all the wealth
  • Never getting the raise you want or feeling like getting more clients is always like pulling teeth

Now count up your checkmarks. Listen, if you have even ONE checkmark, you have a Money Capacity issue. And by the way, you can STILL have Money Capacity issues, no matter WHAT your earning level is… I’ve worked with women earning tens of millions who had Money Capacity issues, as well as women earning far less. 

One last warning…

This is going to be confronting.
We’re going to talk about things no one is talking about. You might get triggered. You might not like the reflection in some of the mirrors you’re being asked to look into. You might have to face some places within you where you’re not in full integrity with what you say you want money-wise.

That’s okay. We’ll breathe together through it. I STILL find places where I need to up my Money Capacity. That’s because Capacity Work is lifelong, it’s ongoing, and it’s a journey, not a destination with an end date.

If you’re ready to break past the stress around money, break a financial ceiling, and/or start to earn, save, and invest more, Money Capacity is where your focus needs to be.  

(And yes, I’m still offering these retreats for the same amazingly reasonable price that the Visibility Capacity retreat was offered for.)


In love & money capacity,


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