total spiral


lisa fabrega

By the time she got on the phone with me she was spiraling. My client, let’s call her Alice, in the course of one week, had:

  • one person try to stop payments for her coaching program
  • another client had managed to start a “mini-mutiny” in her group coaching program and turned two other clients against her.
  • another client try to postpone her sessions indefinitely because of her stress
  • had to cancel a ton of live events she made 50% of her income from.

To say she was going through a stressful time would be #accurateAF.

On top of all that happening in her business, she had the stresses of being in her sixth month of self-isolation at home, feeling lonely and being separated from family and friends.

These times are demanding greater capacity from us than ever before. These times are also showing us our capacity deficits. 

There’s a lot to manage, a lot to handle and a LOT to hold. And during a time like this, which we have never seen in our lifetimes, the people we support look to us to lead the way.

But how can you lead the way if you’re spiraling, you’re worried or your thinking is all foggy and you’re so damn tired from all the overwhelm? How can you lead the way when everyone is crankier, more reactive than ever and leaning on you more heavily than ever before?

How can you find the strength to persevere through an underperforming launch right now without thinking it means you’re doomed or this year is “a wash” and no one will ever buy anything from you until 2021? Or without thinking the ONLY way to make money this year is to hustle to superhuman levels you don’t have the capacity for right now?

If you’re:

  • not liking how you’re showing up this year as a leader in all the stressful situations thrown your way
  • or you’re seeing other people grow and thrive even during this pandemic and you’re wondering what the heck they’re doing to get those results
  • finding the stress of this year revealed some wobbles in your business and leadership staring you in the face and you aren’t liking what you’re seeing
  • noticing you don’t have the capacity you thought you did to deal with this year how you’d like. And you can’t quite seem to stay centered.
  • If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t get ready but instead you STAY READY so you can do what’s best for you and your community to make sure this is the best year yet for your business…

If you know these times are for true leaders to shine, and you want to be one of those leaders who thrives and grows during this time (and as a result helps others to do the same)…

Then my NEW Capacity in Crisis Workshop is for you. 

It’s only $99, it’s 90 minutes and it will help you unlock your personal capacity code to make it past phase 2 of the pandemic. (And through any crisis you may ever encounter beyond this year, because we all know life hands us plenty of crisis.)

And we’re going to cover the 4 pillars you need to be relying heavily on right now so you can get through this time like a badass, THRIVE and keep moving forward WITHOUT letting fears immobilize you or lead you to make ungrounded business decisions.

As for my client, Alice, here’s what happened: we worked on the four pillars of capacity the day she called me. By the end of the call she knew what she needed to do.

  1. She got on the phone with the client who wanted to cancel her payments and had a grounded conversation. The client was so grateful for how powerfully Alice led the conversation, she asked to not only renew her program but paid in full a month early!
  1. She had a direct, firm but loving conversation with the client who was triangulating her group. The client apologized and completely changed her tune.
  1. She saw past her fear of the in person events canceled and gained more capacity to create a plan to recoup the income she lost. She hosted the event virtually a few weekends ago and completely surpassed expected enrollment numbers. Yes, even in the middle of a pandemic.

Now she’s got the capacity to deal with her new world and as a result, is leading her business, clients, team and family calmly without getting thrown off by the chaos.

If the way you’re showing up or not showing up is nagging at you and you want help, join us at the workshop.

**We close enrollment next week.** 
And yes, there will be a recording. Though I highly recommend you be there live, you can still get the recording if you can’t be there.