turning down God


lisa fabrega

  One of my clients during an in-person retreat

One of my longtime mentors, Voge Smith, told me an amazing story the other day (it’s so good, she put it in her book). An old Zen story of a man who’d spent his entire life searching for God.

On his long and arduous search spanning many years, he finally meets someone who tells him “I can take you to where God lives.”  

This leads him to a house with a long set of stairs and the stranger tells him, “God’s up there in a room at the end of the stairs. When you get there, just knock on His door and you’ll meet Him.” 

The man climbs up the long and tiring stairs. But when he gets to the door and is about to complete his lifelong quest, he pauses. “If I knock and God opens the door,” he thinks, “I’ll have met Him. And my search will be over.”

With that, he takes off his shoes and quietly goes back down the stairs so as not to accidentally alert God to his presence. He chooses the known comfort of continuing his quest, rather than facing the unknown of what happens when he completes his biggest goal.

When Voge told me this story, I had goosebumps all over. Because it perfectly put into words something I’ve seen SO many people do in the last ten years of running my business and working with thousands…

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a call or an email from someone telling me, “I’m ready! I’m definitely ready to do this! Sign me up!” I always slow them down.

Because (a) I need to talk to you to make sure we’re a good fit and that Capacity Work is the right support for you and (b) I don’t believe in coercing anyone, so I have a specific way I teach you to connect with your soul and get a Soul Yes behind your decision. 

But sometimes, even after I’ve spoken to some of you and you’ve heard your soul say YES several times during this exercise, something odd happens. 

We get to the part of the call where it’s time to make a decision that will change your life forever in a positive way.

THE thing you’ve been longing for and wanting is now sitting there on the other side of the door, waiting for you to claim it. And suddenly something shifts in some of y’alls energy. 

The REALITY of FINALLY solving your problem sets in. And then the ego talk starts. The fear. The excuses. I’ve heard them ALL by this point in my career.

“My spiritual teacher advised me not to do this.”

“I’m too worried about getting laid off in the next few months to commit to this.”

“I don’t have time, I’m too busy with the kids.”

“I’m just about to buy a house and I need to wait to do this.”

“I just need to sit with what I’ve already learned from you and put it into action before I continue on this path.”

“I need to wait until I feel ready.”

“Yes, but not right now.”

“This investment is a little out of my comfort zone.”

I could fill an entire email with the clever ways women turn their backs on what they really want. Just like the man in the Zen story turned down meeting God. 

How many times have you gotten right to the edge of something you KNOW could change everything for you — THE thing you’ve been wanting all these years… and then turn away from it? 

Way more than you think. I know, ‘cause I’ve seen many of you do it. In the last three weeks alone, I’ve watched THREE women in my community do this. 

This is a Capacity issue. 

Why do we do this? 

Well, as much as you complain about not getting to your goal yet, you’re somewhat comfortable in that struggle because you’ve been in it for so long and it’s what you know.  

That’s why, when the chance to finally solve the struggle comes along, your ego convinces you it’s too scary or it’s not the right time. Or you start looking for flaws. Or you invite people who you know will tell you NOT to do it to give you their opinion.

As much as it sucks, going back to what you know is less fearful than knocking on the door to the unknown. Even if the unknown holds everything you ever wanted.

I want you to take these words in… REALLY take them in: You are doing this way more than you even realize. It’s in your blindspot.

I KNOW your ego gives you REALLY REASONABLE sounding excuses for turning away from the door to ALL of your goals coming true. But they are lies.  

You are capable of SO MUCH MORE than your ego tells you. That’s why allowing your ego to control you ends up creating a life for you that’s too small.

Now, if you’ve got big financial goals for this year, you’re who I created the virtual Money Capacity retreat for. This retreat IS the doorway to get what you want money-wise. 

Will you turn your back on getting what you want money-wise with the same excuses?

Or will you try something different than you normally do and trust your Soul Yes on this?

Just like God was on the other side of that door in the Zen story, everything you want when it comes to your relationship with money lies on the “congrats for enrolling” page. I know it because the top thing I hear from women who attend is, “Omg, I can’t BELIEVE I almost talked myself out of signing up for this. I would have missed this amazing shift.”

Here’s your chance to break the curse of ego comfort. To not be like the man who turned down meeting God. 

Because what awaited him on the other side of that door was a whole other world of possibilities, joy and expansion. And he gave it all up for the comfort of the known. 

We have ONE spot left for the final virtual Money Capacity retreat on March 20th.


In Love and Capacity,






Lisa Fabrega