lisa fabrega

As I write this to you it’s a few weeks after leading the “Capacity in Crisis” workshop. It’s been kind of a whirlwind lately (with some really awesome news on the professional front I can’t QUITE share with you yet, but soon I will!).  So I’m a little late in getting this note of gratitude out to you.

I’m laying here on my couch reflecting on the workshop after a workout (see the kettlebells and mat in the background of the photo?). I don’t really need a weighted blanket, as you can see, because my dogs like to lie their combined 20 pounds directly on top of me! Apparently they can never get close enough! (and the rescue said they might never be affectionate dogs! Ha!)

It was such a powerful experience to be with so many of you! Attendance was great, everyone was engaged and having “holy sh$t” moments left and right and we got so many beautiful messages of gratitude afterwards from participants.

That’s what really blew me away. All the sweet, kind and grateful messages from so many of you who came! My phone was full of them!

Here’s one of my favorite ones that came in as soon as the workshop ended:

What I’m hearing most is what an eye opener this call was to all the reasons why you aren’t feeling good about how you’re showing up in crisis. Reasons and blind spots you couldn’t even see before.

And that’s important- because that’s the beginning of this work- SEEING where our blocks and blind spots even are, because when we can fully see our blind spots, that’s when the most powerful work to increase your capacity for more growth, wealth and impact can REALLY begin. You can’t skip past this part of the process. 

And many of you who attended have booked calls with me to talk about going further with capacity work. I’ve spoken with so many of you who raved about the workshop on those calls and immediately signed up to continue the work in our Capacity Shift program! I can’t wait to speak with each and every one of you who has a call booked with me in the next few weeks to see how I can support you even further.

This is the work to be doing right now if you’re a leader and want to be showing up in a way that makes you feel good. 

And I’m HERE for it.

Strategies alone won’t do this for you.

Capacity supporting your strategy will.

I’m honored to support you in that. So thank you for showing up for yourself and reading these emails every week. I know they can be confrontational because it’s hard to look at our blindspots! It’s hard to face the things parts of us want to avoid.

But the beauty of capacity work is that when you do it- not only will you be able to manage a pandemic year like a champ, but you’ll be able to manage all other crises in the future that arise seamlessly and with calm. 

That’s not just possible- it’s inevitable when you do Capacity Work. 

It’s no secret that our world changed irretrievably in March of this year. The new reality we’ve been ushered into requires WAY more capacity from us than ever before. Good leaders notice when this happens and then go get the capacity they need so they can keep growing, thriving and leading their communities in powerful ways.

Now I’m off to plan the amazing virtual Capacity retreat weekend for all my clients in Capacity Shift (the group Capacity program that starts at only $375 a month), Capacity Circle (our mastermind) and my 1:1 clients! That’s coming up in a few weeks and just like spring’s retreat, it’s going to be fabulous!

The last few weeks have been hectic, but full of love from y’all and I’m grateful to share this space every week with you! Thanks for being part of my community!

Ps:  if you want in on one of these Capacity Assessment calls and want to talk more about which Capacity program is a good fit for you, just head here and fill out this form. I’ll personally review your application and if I feel I can help, we’ll reach out to get you schedule for a call.