wrong question


lisa fabrega

A few weeks ago I was on the group call for Capacity Shift™ (our signature group coaching program) and I noticed everyone’s question was boiling down to the SAME question. 

“How do I…”

  • NOT feel afraid every time I post something on my social media account? 
  • stop feeling the fear of being judged when I speak up more in my business?
  • stop worrying I can’t handle all the good stuff that comes my way once I take solid action?
  • have this difficult conversation with my friend, client or team member without feeling nervous and them freaking out on me?
  • protect everything in my business even if we do have a big stock market crash?
  • prevent my mind from psyching me out every time I go to share my new offering with my community?

Every person I spoke to was trying to prevent themselves from feeling “unpleasant” feelings when faced with tough situations. They thought if they could STOP feeling afraid, they’d stop self-sabotaging and take action towards their goals. Or if they could just find the right “plan” or “strategy” they’d be able to control the outcome 100%.

Problem is, you’re asking the wrong question. Don’t ask how you can stop feeling afraid. Ask how you can build your capacity to deal with the unknown.

Last year, NO ONE predicted we’d be housebound in a global pandemic in 2020. You can’t fully predict what the stock market will do, nor how some people will react to your message. You can’t control whether someone will quit, hate you or randomly decide to drop out of your program. That’s just life.

No one had a “strategy” for how to behave, run a business or market during a pandemic. We haven’t had a pandemic in a century. That’s what the “unknown” is all about– WE DON’T KNOW.  

And we don’t always feel 100% confident in how we will react to or handle the unknown. THAT’S what you’re really afraid of. You don’t fully trust how you’d react or if you’d have the capacity to handle it in a solid way.

Let this sink in. What you’re really afraid of is the Unknown. And your capacity (or lack of) to handle it. 

You’ll never FULLY stop the anxiety, fear or discomfort of facing unknown situations.

Instead of wasting time trying to make a survival emotion like fear “go away”, expand your CAPACITY to handle the anxiety, fear or nervousness. Grow your capacity to handle anything thrown your way. Even a global pandemic.

When you KNOW deep down in your bones:

  • you have the capacity to handle WHATEVER comes your way in life or business
  • and even if you DIDN’T have the capacity in the moment, you have the exact tools you need to QUICKLY gain the capacity to handle it…

…you won’t waste your time trying to “stop fear”. You’ll instead feel the fear and have the capacity to do it anyway. Knowing deep in your bones you can handle fear, makes the fear 80% less intense anyway.

A pandemic can hit and you’ll feel your feelings, pivot smoothly and STILL move forward like a MF BOSS. This is what capacity does for you in your life and work. Ask my clients. All are growing and thriving now, pandemic or not.

With Capacity, you KNOW you can handle anything thrown your way. If you’re ready to move through your life and business with that level of confidence and CAPACITY, then the Capacity In Crisis workshop is for you. 

When: Friday, August 21st at 11am Pacific

Where: Zoom (virtual)

Investment: $99

Time: 90 minutes.

You’ll learn the four pillars you MUST have in place to have the kind of capacity you need to navigate ANYTHING. 

Pretty sure this is the last time I’ll be teaching this class, so if you’ve been on the fence, get off now. People who attended this class last time were THRILLED with what they learned. It’s good stuff.

Ps: yes, we WILL send out a recording if you can’t make it live. But in order to get it, you have to enroll. Grab your spot here and we’ll send you the recording after.