you have q’s, I have a’s


lisa fabrega

This will be short and quick today- I want to answer some questions I’ve been getting about the new Capacity in Crisis workshop I announced last week. We’re closing enrollment soon and I want to help get you off the fence one way or the other!

I can’t make it live, will there be a recording?

Yes! I encourage you to come live BUT there will be a recording of the call sent to all who register. So go ahead and register if you have a date conflict so that you don’t miss out on this important info!

I don’t have a business yet or I’m a career person working a 9-5 job, is this class only for entrepreneurs or business owners who are already millionaires? 

Capacity work is for everyone. People who do capacity work with me are (but not limited to): 

  • corporate leaders
  • just starting their businesses after leaving a corporate job
  • auto body shop owners
  • Dentists
  • real estate agents
  • stay at home parents
  • church leaders
  • artists 
  • writers
  • and yes, some are millionaires and running large companies.  

We ALL need capacity work. So no, there won’t be anything in this call that will ‘go over your head” or “be too advanced for you.” When it comes to capacity, there are no “levels” to which capacity doesn’t apply. We are ALWAYS expanding our capacity every time we choose to go to another level of our growth, wealth and impact. No matter where we are in the process, capacity work, works.

Grab your spot here. 

Is this class only for women?

Nope! Capacity work is for everyone. I’ve worked with people of all genders in the last ten years. So if you have someone in your life who wants to come or who you think would benefit, by all means, invite them to come by signing up! They’re more than welcome*. 

*Please note your “ticket” only covers you, so if someone wants to join you on the call they must purchase their own spot in the workshop. 

What if I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do? Is this class right for me?

If you’re still in the process of figuring out what you want to do with your work/new business etc… or you’re in transition between two careers and have been struggling with picking “what’s next” THAT IS A CAPACITY ISSUE. 

So I can think of no better thing to do than for you to come and get some major aha’s around where your capacity needs to grow right now, so that you CAN figure out what you need to do.

Join us here.


That’s all my answers to your q’s! If you have ANY others that aren’t addressed here, please hit reply and I’m more than happy to answer!

We are closing enrollment for this workshop soon, so make sure to grab your spot now.