I work with women who know that they’re supposed to be making a big contribution but for reasons they can’t quite pin down, they’re just not doing it. I help to light that inner spark that sets their revolution in motion.

One of the biggest questions I get from my clients is…

"Is me being stuck on this, resistance…
or is it my intuition telling me I shouldn't do it?"

That is a GREAT question and just the other day a woman in my
Virtual Mastermind program asked me that question.

You see, she had just started working on a program that would give her the freedom
and flexibility she wanted in her business. Yet she was feeling nauseous creating it
and planning for the launch of this program.

She had been majorly stuck for weeks and it was driving her batty.

Creating and putting this program out there was starting to feel hellish.

She wanted to know if what she was feeling was just resistance because
of limiting beliefs and fears she had about her program succeeding, …

or if it was actually her intuition telling her
that this program was not in alignment with her and she shouldn't release it/do it.

That is a very important discernment to be able to make. 

Because your intuition is the #1 thing to listen to
if you want to create a successful biz.

But so often, we can get confused when the voices in our heads
the voices that come from limiting beliefs and fear of expansion tell us otherwise.

I answered her question on a coaching call for our Virtual Mastermind,
and I'm going to share my answer to her question with you.

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“Oh my gosh.  

His website is amazing!”

Wow, he thought of every little detail.

This website really establishes him as a thought leader.

It’s so professional.”

“That’s why people respect him so much and look up to him.

 That’s why he’s so famous.”

“Why didn’t I think of that?”

“You think you’re so amazingly creative, but you’re not.  

I mean, why didn’t you think of that type of design like he had on his site?”

“There’s nothing special or unique about you.”

“You’ll never be respected and looked up to in your field.”

“The people you admire will never take you seriously.”

“You’re too honest. People don’t like that.”

…..”that’s why you will never be in that magazine/interview or guest on that

      show because you don’t fit in”…

“You’ve lost all your creative edge.”

“No one respects you.”

“What’s the point of working so hard to get his message across?”…

“Seriously. It’s hopeless.  You’ll never be that amazing.”


That’s a peek inside my brain a few months ago.

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(Here we are in front of the jet that took us from Panama City to our secret location, with
Dyana Valentine, who I brought down to be our Oracle-In-Residence for the week!)

I’m just fresh off returning from my Fearless Feminine Leader™ Mastermind
in the beautiful mountains of Panama.

We stayed at a gorgeous (super secret) location in one of Panama’s most
beautiful spots. An area with five waterfalls, overlooking a jungle canyon at
the foothills of a beautiful dormant volcano.

It was such a mind-blowing experience, with intensive workshopping on
leadership in life & business.

It wasn’t just the women who were expanded after this experience,
I was too.

That’s the beauty of doing work that comes from your deepest calling–
what gets created in that space is beyond all of you, it breathes you
and expands you to hold more of your purpose.

We talked about the essential qualities that create a leader that impacts the
world in a big way, worked out 2014 vision statements and found the “why”
in the work each woman does.

We did all of this amongst hot tubbing in the afternoon while
overlooking the sun setting over the mountains, shopping at the local
market for artisan wares & having hours-long dinner conversations while
watching fireworks light up the night sky.


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