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Presence–it’s not for the faint of heart


We have all experienced it.

A person walks into the room and they feel magnetic. You instantly feel safe, heard, and seen by them. Somehow being in their presence always seems to get you activated and more connected to yourself. They uplift everyone around them. You can sit and listen to them for hours, transfixed. Sometimes they don’t even have to say anything to create a shift in you.

That person embodies presence.

A few days ago I was in a session with a client and she expressed to me that she wanted assistance with her “word of the year.” The word she had picked was Presence, and she wanted to know how she could truly embody presence in the year to come.

So, first, we got down to defining what presence really is.

Presence is a buzz word in the spiritual community. It’s spoken about often in leadership training. In meditation. Programs and books have the word “presence” in their title. But do we really know what presence actually is?

It’s not, as I told my client, “just being present” or “just being there,” which is how I see a lot of people using it. In my experience, presence has an even more profound meaning than that. And in my opinion, mastering and embodying the true definition of presence is one of the most important things you can learn in life.

Presence is about bringing your full self to the table in every moment before you. It’s about bringing your full awareness to the moment, the nuances that are happening around you, and responding to those nuances without losing your connection to yourself.

A truly present person is allowing the entire moment before her to be what it is. She is truly serving the moment & transmuting the energy around her by fully feeling the subtlety of that moment in her environment, and contributing her whole self to that moment.

But wait, there’s something deeper to this.

You might ask: How do I bring my full self to the moment? That can be scary! What if I get rejected? What if that hurts?

In order to bring your full self to the moment, you have to be willing to feel ALL of your feelings fully. Even the unpleasant ones. You also have to be okay with everyone around you having the feelings they are having.

Being present means you meet your emotions and the emotions around you in every moment with your full awareness. You don’t repress them, you don’t shove them down and shame them. You allow yourself to fully feel them.

A lot of times when I speak with clients who feel they have a really hard time being present in their lives or in important moments, they are running away from presence by doing other things to distract themselves. Eating… Watching Netflix… Picking at a scab… Jumping from one relationship into the next… Not doing the work they know they should be doing to get their calling out there in the world.

We run away or distract ourselves from being fully present because we fear fully feeling our feelings.

On some level your ego thinks you might die if you truly allow yourself to feel what is present in the moment — your feelings and the feelings of others around you. If you are a highly sensitive person, this can feel especially daunting and overwhelming. So in order to control the situation and not “die” from feeling everything that is present in the moment, we run away from them.

The only problem is that as an outsider, whenever you do this, I never get to experience YOU fully. The FULL YOU is what the world needs right now. You came to this earth to fulfill an important mission, to add to the evolution of our world with your full presence. Every time you distract, run away, or sabotage, you are removing most of your true self from the world around you and we don’t get to benefit from what you are here to offer through your presence.

Truth is, true mastery of presence is not for the faint of heart.
Feeling all your feelings and being okay with others’ strong feelings is for the soul warriors.

When you stop distracting yourself from and you bring your full self to the moment, when you allow the emotions that come up for you in the moment to fully be, you are doing two things:

You are expanding your capacity to feel and handle emotions; and you’re transforming the space around you.

Our natural tendency when it comes to emotions is to try to shield ourselves from them. If you’re a highly sensitive person, you’ve probably read books that tell you to shield yourself from the outside world. I think when you’re first learning how to calibrate your internal world and your sensitivity, creating a shield can be valuable. We need time to hear ourselves, after all. But after a while, this shield becomes a crutch. We become emotionally weaker because the shield has made it so that we are so protected from any feelings outside of us that we lose the ability to deal with strong emotions in our environment.

The answer is not to run away or create a little bubble for yourself. You’ll never really be able to experience life if you do that. You’ll become more and more unable to handle emotions and strong feelings.

The answer is to work your emotion muscles. Expand your capacity to feel. The more you expand your capacity to feel, the more you can handle emotionally speaking. The more you can handle your own emotions, the more you are comfortable when other people have strong emotions.

Why should we care about this? Well, because this is what a really good leader, the kind that shifts the space around her, does. She doesn’t shame the people around her for having the feelings they are having, or judge them. She has expanded her capacity to feel and so she doesn’t feel like she’s going to die if someone around her is having a strong emotion or reaction. She also doesn’t feel like she’s going to die if she gets triggered and has strong emotions in reaction to the strong emotions in her environment.

She is simply present with what is in the moment. She can allow what is present in the moment to be. Does she get triggered by people’s emotions around her? Not as often. And when she does, she can fully feel her own feelings and then respond from a grounded place that is aligned with her soul (not aligned with her trigger).

When you can begin to expand your emotional capacity, you begin to respond from your authentic self, in service to healing; instead of responding from your trigger, which can cause more destruction.

I’ll give you a perfect example. A while ago, I had a client copy something I wrote word for word and present it as her own. Was this hurtful? You bet it was. Was it awkward? Hell yeah. I was working with her when this happened.

But I knew my job was to elevate the space around us and to make sure she was honoring her authentic voice, not copying someone else’s. So I allowed myself to feel the betrayal, the incredulity and the awkwardness. I allowed myself to feel the fear of having to lovingly confront her about this, unsure about how she would react. I had to feel it all and be okay with whatever reaction she was going to have to my confronting this head on with love.

What ended up happening is that when the time came to confront her about it, I was able to speak with love and in alignment with my values of transformation. We had a healing conversation, she had a huge breakthrough and thanked me for confronting her about it. A few weeks later, she had a massive shift in her creativity and started creating her most authentic aligned work ever.

That’s the power of presence.

So here’s a way you can begin to practice presence today:

The next time a strong emotion comes up, practice presence with it. Don’t run away.
Set a timer for 5 minutes and feel it all. Breathe through it.

You’ll notice as the minutes tick by that the more you dive into the intensity of the feeling, the more it dissipates. By the end you will be back to your true self, instead of being in your trigger.

And from that place, you can truly shift the space around you.


I’d love to know how this post helped you today. Did you try the exercise? How did it go for you? What resonated with you the most?


PS: I want to thank my longtime client, Gena Shingle Jaffe who inspired this blog post through a great conversation we had in one of our sessions.

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You’re not crazy, you’re a soul warrior


At the beginning of 2016, I taught a class to members of one of my programs that provided a gentle “heads up” about the year to come…

2016 is the year where everything that is not aligned with our soul will blow up in our faces if we continue to ignore it or stay complacent. If you continue to do your soul work and align your life and work with your soul, the process will be smooth. If you continue to fight or resist what is in alignment for you, it will blow up dramatically to assist you in really seeing it this time around so that you can release it for good.

We’ve been in a powerful alchemical transition since 2014. So many of us began to feel it two years ago. Things that had been part of our identity began to fall away. We lost relationships. We lost loved ones. The world lost beloved thought leaders and artists. Our lives went through big upheavals; bigger ones than in the years before. We have moved through all levels of grief, loss, letting go, and finally remembrance.

Many began to move through a dark night of the soul. For me personally, I lost my dog at the end of 2014 which put me into profound grief (my dog was like my child) for a year. Then came the worst, most difficult, year of my life in 2015 when all of my deepest fears about my safety and survival stared me in the face so I would finally get over them. Then in 2016 as I did the work of aligning with my soul, I let go of 70% of my friendships and relationships after realizing they were not truly what I was desiring in relationships.

So many of you have written me that you lost jobs, spouses, loved ones, businesses, masks that you used to wear. If you were listening to your soul, the process was not easy, but it was not so dramatic. For those of you who kept digging in your heels, the process was more dramatic in order to force you to let go. If there’s one thing I know, we’ve all been through the ringer in the last 2 years.

But why?

I’ve said a few times now that our world is in its phase of awakening. The earth has a little wobble when it rotates and when you map out the wobble it forms an ellipsis. You can track specific periods of great human awakening at certain points in the ellipsis when we are moving closer to the center of the galaxy. Dark periods of humanity like the dark ages and the World Wars can be traced to the top of the ellipsis, moving away from the center of the galaxy.

Right now we are in the awakening period on the ellipsis.

You might think, “But Lisa, why does everything seem so dark and scary lately if we are supposed to be in the awakening period?”

The answer is, that it’s always darkest before the dawn. During periods of awakening, in order to fully wake, we must bring up the last vestiges of the nightmares of our collective consciousness to finally purge them and release them. That is exactly what has been happening lately.

Things like Brexit, or the election of a candidate in the US, that frequently used misogynistic, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic terms, into the presidential office of one of the most powerful countries in the world, has pulled up all of the lurking darknesses laid hidden in the last few years.

2016 is the year where we really are asked to take that final look into the mirror. The year where we can no longer fool ourselves with excuses for complacency or by spiritually bypassing.

It is happening right now in real time, my love. You might think, like I did last year, Why is this happening to me? My god, this is so hard! Why do I have to go through it like this?

This was the question that kept me up every night of 2015. I agonized over it. I prayed. I questioned. All I got was silence. I almost lost my faith in everything I believed in. But I stayed doing the work, even when I felt I had not one last breath in me to give.

This year revealed the why to me in incredible ways.

One by one I began to see as some of the clients who came to work with me were now starting to go through the same process I had just been through a few years ago. Except now, I was qualified to lead them through this very process because I had been through it myself. It’s one thing to teach something. It’s another to live it with every cell in your body. I want the teachers that have lived it. They know what’s up.

So my question for you, love, if you’re in a great release, collapse or dark night… or if you’re just wondering what in the world is going on right now… is this:

What if all the loss, the upheaval and the “craziness” you have been through in the last few years has been training you for this very moment in time that our world is going through?

What if the last two years were Soul Warrior training because you are one of the soul-driven leaders who is here to help usher in the new paradigm?

What if now that the world is moving into the new paradigm, the world will need more people like you to step up and lead as the rest of the world begins to go through what you already went through?

What if what you have been through in the last two years has made you uniquely qualified to lead in a new world that is being born out of the death of the old paradigms that we are witnessing right now?

What if this has been the training for your calling all along, so that you can lead those who will be going through the very thing you just survived?

We are in the awakening time now. What if you were woken up through all of your experiences years ago, so that you’d be qualified to lead as the rest of the world begins to awake from their slumber?

It’s food for thought. And since I work with people who are called to lead from Soul within the new paradigm of love, connection & Soul… I think you know what I think the answer is.


PS: If you’re ready to step into soul-driven leadership, I am finally opening up spots in my group coaching mastermind, soul-retreats, & 1:1 coaching next year. I only open these up usually about once a year and they sell out pretty quickly. If you’d like to explore how you can step into your leadership next year, message my assistant Sara ([email protected]), who can give you more info, then set us up for a quick chat to see where you’d best fit into the offerings we have.

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Bright lights attract moths


Your boundaries are too rigid
Your boundaries inspire me, thank you!

Your voice is nasally.
Your voice is so soothing, I love listening to it.

I question your integrity.
Your integrity inspires me and I love how you walk your talk.

The fact that you charge the prices you do for the higher end programs you offer means you don’t care about actually helping people.
Wow — your pricing inspired me to ask for more for myself. I love how you give scholarships out and so much amazing free content every week!

Your emails are too long and I’m offended by their length.
I love your emails and love how they make me take time for myself to connect with my soul.

You are sending out too many emails.
Thank you for sending out such high value emails, I love them.

I haven’t worked with you yet but I think your work is a crock of sh$t.
I feel like this work has saved my life.

You’re a fat [email protected]
Thank you for being a model that shows me it’s ok to accept & love my body in all its iterations.

You’re a stupid white b$tch.
Thank you for representing for us POC and fellow latinos.

These are just a few of the polar opposite comments I have received over the years of running a business, speaking my truth, and putting the work I am called to do out there.

But in the last few weeks since the US election, the hateful, negative comments have intensified.

I find this incredibly interesting. A few days ago, I was talking to a mentor of mine, and relayed to her the increase in vicious, vindictive, and triggered messages we have been receiving over here since then (particularly around my last two blog posts about activation and the sister-wound). She said something that really resonated to me.

She said, “During unstable and chaotic times, there is a battle between dark and light.”

I thought about that for a while, then remembered a conversation I had with a friend years ago. I was telling him about one particularly vindictive person that we had to block from everything because she would not stop harassing us. He said to me, “Lisa, I’m not surprised. Bright lights attract moths.”

What this meant to me is that those who reject their shadow and are stuck in the darkness, unable to move out of their pain, will be drawn to the light; but will attack it, because it is too painful to let go of their pain and let the light in. Sometimes, when you are used to being in pain, you become attached to it and it can be painful to let love and light into your heart again.

To me, the election of a man who has made racist, homophobic, xenophobic and misogynistic remarks, and received the endorsement of the KKK, is like the ripping off of a mask for all of us. Removing that mask finally forces us to look in the mirror at all the things we have not wanted to admit about our world. We are being forced to see that these awful things still exist. That these injustices still happen every day. That there are still people in the world who think and act in ways which promote divisiveness, otherness, and the dehumanization of people they perceive as “different.”

We are being forced to look at how we create otherness and division inside of us. We are being asked to face the potential we all have — the potential racist, misogynist, and homophobe inside of each one of us. And oh, I know that triggered you reading that. Especially if you perceive yourself to be a person who believes in equality for all. It’s painful for me to even say that those could ever be potentials inside of me. I know it sucks to even have to think about that.

The truth is, while you may not choose to be a racist, homophobe, or misogynist actively, or decide to be that in the world, that potential lies inside all of us. We have all potentials inside of us. It’s a matter of what we choose to act upon or feed that creates that flowering of our intent in the world.

One of my favorite quotes by one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Thich Nhat Hanh, says:

Your mind is like a piece of land planted with many different kinds of seeds: seeds of joy, peace, mindfulness, understanding, and love; seeds of craving, anger, fear, hate, and forgetfulness. These wholesome and unwholesome seeds are always there, sleeping in the soil of your mind. The quality of your life depends on the seeds you water. If you water a seed of peace in your mind, peace will grow. When the seeds of happiness in you are watered, you will become happy. When the seed of anger in you is watered, you will become angry. The seeds that are watered frequently are those that will grow strong.

People who make angry, vengeful comments, or send hate mail are just people who have watered the seed of hate for so long that it is stronger than the seed of peace and love.

Usually, they are in a lot of pain or you are serving as a mirror for their own deepest fears.

The woman who writes in, telling me I am disgusting for charging the prices I charge for my higher-end services, is usually the woman who struggles with her relationship with money and deeply desires to charge more money for her own services. That woman is terrified to charge higher prices because she has beliefs that tell her it’s not spiritual to make money, she will be judged, money is evil and so forth. Beliefs that hold her back and keep her struggling financially. When someone shows up mirroring to her what she so deeply desires, she gets angry because she already told herself long ago she could never have what she really wants. To see someone serving as a model that says “you can have what you desire” opens up that wound for her again. Too fearful to do something about it, she lashes out at the person who serves as mirror for the unresolved fear inside of her.

The man who tells me my emails are too long is usually the man who deeply desires to say what is in his heart, but keeps suppressing it, because he’s been taught to say it in the way others expect him to say it, instead of speaking in the length and tone that is true to his heart. I show up with a long blog post or email and it forces him to face his fear of writing a longer piece or expressing his voice in the way he most desires. That feels too scary to do, because a long time ago someone told him, “no one wants to read long pieces,” or “your words aren’t original.” So he lashes out against me as mirror instead, blaming me, and making me wrong for writing long blog posts. That way he doesn’t have to face the fear of saying what he really wants to say.

Yes, we have both seeds inside of us, the seed of anger and the seed of peace — but the answer is not to shove the anger seed down and try to pretend it doesn’t exist. The answer is not to shame the seed of anger inside of us, and believe we are inherently broken because of it. Believing you are broken only promotes broken behavior in the world. Believing you are broken makes you feel powerless and helpless, and the seed of anger then gets watered unconsciously with that powerlessness. We have to acknowledge that seed is within us. By doing so we can make sure that the seed we are watering is the one that aligns with the values we want to promote in the world. In acknowledging the seed of anger with compassion, we can begin to heal the division inside and outside of us.

When we do this, we are no longer victimized by our anger and our internalized shaming. We no longer project our fears onto others and feel the need to attack people who are not actually our enemies. Instead we are now free to identify the real sources of our pain and suffering, and dismantle the real enemies of love.

I often wonder what would happen if all that energy that trolls use to project their fear and pain onto others were actually used in a positive direction. What would happen if instead of calling me a wh&te bitch (I am a latina woman, not white), that woman instead focused those energies on calling her government representatives to make sure they were doing everything they could to stop a person who has openly made racist statements from becoming president? Or stood up for the Muslim person on the bus who is being harassed by an Islamophobe?

What would happen if that woman who sent five messages repeatedly accusing me of not caring to help others because she can’t afford the program I offered, instead donated some of that time to the Standing Rock trip I created to help our Native American brothers and sisters fight the Dakota Access pipeline? Or what if she took advantage of all the free content we offer or participated in our many scholarship contests for several of our programs every year?

Amazing things would happen, wouldn’t they?

I know you’re afraid to speak up because you’re afraid things like the above may happen to you, but I want you to really listen to me here. The world needs your voice now, more than ever.

You can’t pretend to water the seed of peace and love inside of you by ignoring the seed of anger, hiding from it or avoiding it. When we ignore it, we unknowingly water it. When we ignore it, we ignore the ways that anger can be productive and that compassion can be fierce. When we ignore or avoid anger, we unknowingly contribute to division in tiny ways by not standing up for what is right, not speaking our truth because we’re afraid of what others might think, or not taking action in the fulfillment of our purpose to bring more love and connection to the world.

It’s really, really hard to look in that mirror and see that those possibilities lie within all of us or within others. It’s so much easier to pretend that the world is always hunky-dory and that we have overcome all of those societal issues. But this week, it’s clear that we haven’t. Just take a look at the news. This president-elect is showing us our shadow; and the only way to heal and integrate the shadow, is to see what it is here to teach us. So we can make sure to not allow the seed of anger to grow in the world through complacency, fear, or pretending it doesn’t exist.

We need to look our internal and external trolls in the face.
We need to continue showing up as light, even when the darkness threatens to extinguish it.
We need to know that not speaking up because we’re afraid of trolls is just contributing to the same thing the trolls contribute to.

Speaking up for love in the world, speaking your truth, will always generate triggered, angry responses. But in times like these we cannot afford to be neutral when it comes to spreading love and connection with our words. You will need to accept that trolls come with the job description if you are here to make a difference and have a voice that you use to speak up for what you are passionate about.

Like the opening statements of this blog post, you will get a million pieces of feedback. Sometimes opposing bits of feedback. If you give them all equal credence you will feel like you don’t know who you are anymore. Your truth will fade or get clouded.

This is why what matters most is your connection with your own Soul and knowing clearly what your values are and what is in integrity for you.

While every once in awhile I am hurt by some of the comments I get, most of the time I am not. Because I know the pain a person must be in to say such awful things. And I refuse to let anyone shut me up or dull my shine. I know who I am, where my heart is, and what is speaking through me when I open my mouth. I do the internal work every day to know that and to make sure I always know that. I have advisors to call me out when I get out of alignment. And I know what I stand for. I take feedback from people who I know and trust have my best interest at heart (even if they challenge me), not from people who I don’t have established intimacy with or who I haven’t asked for feedback, whose intentions are unclear or unknown.

The people who are truly your tribe will see it and get it too. The people who are in resonance with love will fall into alignment with you.

If you let every little rude comment or reaction get to you, you will stop speaking up. And that is the last thing we need right now. Cultivate your own sovereignty. Know who you are and carry that with you as you speak your truth of love in the world, regardless of what the trolls say.

Your unique truth has a particular song to it that was brought here to contribute to the greater symphony of the world. When you hold back that song out of fear of the darkness attacking your light, you hold back that song, and the symphony of the world becomes dissonant.

Our world is in dissonance right now. The trolls and the dark chasers are louder than ever now. Sing your song, sing it loud, and look your perpetrators in the face — whether they be internal or external ones. Let them know your song is here to stay and that love will reverberate through every corner of the world.

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This is not a defeat, it’s an activation

My beloved, soul-driven changemaker…

What I have to say today may piss you off.  It may ruffle your feathers a little bit.  It may be the greatest fire lit under your booty that you have ever seen.  It may be all of the above.  If you feel a little challenged reading this, that’s okay.  I’m not here for you to always like me. That’s not my job.  

My job is actually to challenge you to step into more for yourself.  Sometimes that means I’m going to have to make your ego a little bit angry.  It’s to get you to get out of your comfort zone and step more deeply into the greatness you were called here to embody.  The greatness you so easily forget was meant for you.  Please know that everything I say to you here today is coming from the deepest unconditional love in my heart.  Please know it comes from me believing in you so damn much that I refuse to accept your ego stories and excuses any longer. And if that means risking you not liking me for a few moments, that’s fine by me.  Those are the only kinds of mentors I want to be around anyway.

So by now the outcome of the US presidential election is clear.  And many of us are feeling gutted. I want to be clear–this is not a political post or a place to start trashing candidates and each other. What this is about is the collective state I witnessed not just in the US but in the rest of the world on Tuesday night and Wednesday during the day.  Many of you are still feeling the “hangover”.

I went to bed feeling like a rifle had blasted through my chest.  Laying in the darkness of my room, I heard a voice deep within me say–feel it all now, because tomorrow you are going to have to do triage in your community and your people are going to need you to show them the light at the end of the tunnel and how to process all of this.  And the next day, triage I did.  I went to bed exhausted as if I had been working in the emotional ER all day.

Despite all of this, here’s what I know with every bone in my body.  And this shit is important, so listen up and stop distracting yourself with thoughts about how you’re too busy to read this right now.  

Fear has run us long enough.  It has been the way of the world for a very long time.  I stopped watching the news a long time ago because the news these days is less about good journalism and more about fomenting fear, rage and panic.  When human beings are in those survival states, they can’t think for themselves. This is how they get you all worked up so that you can be easily manipulated by being in a state of pure adrenaline.  This is how they distract you from your mission of light in the world–by pulling your attention away and into the drama.

I watched the election coverage for 2 hours on election night and finally had to turn the TV off. It was making me ill noticing how each news channel was trying to manipulate my emotional state, making broad statements to induce panic.  And it was working.  I chose to have my sovereignty back.  I chose to restore my equanimity.  I turned the TV off.

I think fear, sadness, anger and all of those intense emotions are important and fabulous. Don’t get me wrong.  I am not saying don’t feel it.  On the contrary, allow yourself to fully feel all of those feelings you are having.  Cry it out until you are a snotty, unraveled mess.  These emotions, though unpleasant, are a gift, they are reminders that we are alive.  Pain often reminds us of what we don’t want and often we can’t really change until we really feel the pain fully.  So feel it.  Get real about it.  

But when you are done, be done with it.  Don’t go back to the same old thing, the same paradigm that keeps you distracted and complacent.  Be done with this paradigm of fear and complacency forever. Watch out for wallowing in fear, for getting your adrenaline fix every day through panicked social media posts or articles on news sites that use these triggers to hook you in.  That is your ego getting caught up in the drama.  Every ounce of your energy should be preserved right now for your soul’s mission of making the world a better place. Watch out for feeling this fire in your belly for change for a few days and then falling back into the same patterns that have been keeping you in complacency, because you got sucked into the drama and the stories of the ego again.

Why do I say this?  Because the world has operated in fear long enough.  It is what led us here.  For years, I have been saying that a change is coming.  That the old paradigms are dying, that we are being prepared for a big awakening.  I have said 2016 is the year that everything that is not aligned with our Souls, with our wholeness, is going to blow up in our faces because all that is false and not truth will always fall away.  The more we resist seeing it the more dramatically it will explode.

For the past six years I have been here, week after week, in the blog, with clients, in every avenue I could think of talking with you about doing the soul work and prioritizing it.  We have talked about what it means to be a leader in the new paradigm, driven from soul instead of ego.

I wasn’t teaching this because it sounded nice. I was teaching it because these are the survival skills we need in the new world that is being birthed right now.  I was teaching this because this is what I have been preparing you for. This.

The Dalai Lama said recently that the world has reached the point where tools that were once considered spiritual niceties are now literal requirements for the survival of the human species and our world.  Things like compassion, kindness, sovereignty, equanimity, a connection to the voice of your soul, alignment with your calling and being of service to others.  Things that we teach here week after week, relentlessly.  Things that are not easy to learn.  Things that require effort, getting out of your comfort zone, taking big leaps and investing time, energy and sometimes money into learning and mastering these skills from an expert.

And then last night happened.  And I thought back to the Dalai Lama’s words and saw what he said coming true right before my eyes. These virtues, which have been laughed off as afterthoughts and things to work on after we achieve the fame and the seven figures, are now becoming the most important qualities that all good leaders must have.  The most important qualities to truly change our world for the better.  The things we should invest more of our time, resources and energy in instead of always putting it last behind your branding, your busy life or your business model.

I know this felt like a defeat to you.  I know because for a few minutes, I went there too. But this is the most important thing you can realize right now:  This is not a defeat.  This is an activation.

The truth is, we’ve been too comfortable and complacent.  I see it all the time in my very community.  In me.  In you. (This is the part where you might get a little pissed off.)

I see a lot of us saying we want change but not being willing to do the sometimes not so comfortable work of creating that change.  I see a lot of us saying we want to step into the greatness we are called to, that we want to launch that program, open up that business, be a healer in the world or play big but then making excuses for not doing so like “oh I can’t afford it” or “I’m just too busy” or any other variety of reasons I’ve seen over the years.  Or we justify opting out as “giving ourselves space” or “going with the flow” or “trusting in the Universe.”

Every week I send out tons and tons of free content to my tribe.  Videos, audios, posts, meditations. You have probably gotten many of them.  Do you know the percentage of people out of the thousands and thousands who are part of this tribe that actually take a moment to sit down and consume this content and participate in the homework assignments I give at the end of them?  A very, very small percentage in comparison to who is in our tribe.  And no this is not because we have terrible percentages–these percentages are standard across most online businesses like mine.  How many times have you told yourself you will go back to it later and then never returned because you got wrapped up in the proverbial “busy-ness” of life?

In my Facebook group of almost 1,300 people, I do weekly video lessons on concepts that could create huge shifts in your life, but only 5-10 people comment or do the weekly homework we send out–for FREE–to help you have breakthroughs and step into what you feel called to do.  That’s telling, isn’t it?  Why is that? Because we are still allowing ourselves to be distracted by our ego drama.  We are still allowing ourselves to be victims of our busy-ness.

Statistically something like only 7% of people who buy courses and programs online actually complete them.  Though we have much higher completion rates than most, there are still people who have all of that amazing content and don’t take advantage of it.

This shocks me.  Because we live in the age of information.  Literally, we have, at our fingertips, so many amazing resources that can help us create what we want, that can help us change the world within so that the world outside of us radically changes.  We have, so many people that can show us how to lead in this new strange world we find ourselves in and yet we don’t take advantage of it. We would rather be comfortable.  We would rather say things like “I am awakened.” or “I commit to doing the work!” instead of actually doing it. We would rather collect libraries of free stuff, just collecting and hoarding information, instead of choosing one thing that is going to kick you in the booty and get you into true action.  I see it all the time, everywhere.

Whenever I get a note from someone that says “Wow that really resonated! I have this problem and it felt so good to hear someone name it!” and I reply with “great–what are you doing to actually solve that problem in your life right now, though vs just say you see the problem?” I never hear back again or I get a response like “I’m going to be the change I need to see in the world.”  That’s not taking action.  That’s saying empty words that don’t actually lead to aligned action. This is what I mean by “we’ve become too comfortable.”

We’d rather spend $100 on crystals to post photos of on Instagram than put that money towards something where we will have to do a little more work, yes, but where ultimately we will change our lives. We’d rather take 3 hours to Netflix than to take 3 hours to go to a retreat where we may have to do some hard work internally but we will be changed forever.  We’d rather pay for the cheaper program with no support than to invest time, money and energy in the one that will push us beyond the edge of our comfort and demand our greatness to show up all year.  We’d rather someone give us the fast track to millions quick fix pill than to do the much harder work on the internal emotional states that would cause us to be abusive to the teams of people that we hire for our seven-figure companies.  We’d rather get busy than take time for self care and self nourishment.  We’d rather say “I just need to take next year to rest and be comfortable instead of show up as our soul is calling us to do.  Instead of pushing the ego to its edge and doing what the soul is telling us, which is to get uncomfortable and take action.

All of this indicates an underlying passivity that has grown like a cancer in our lives.  We are too passive, too comfortable.  We have taken spirituality and concepts like “trusting in the Universe” to mean we don’t have to be fiery participants in our goals.

I know what you’re going to say–trust me, I’ve heard all the excuses.  I’m so busy, my life is so hectic, I have kids, I’ve got drama going on.  I don’t have time.  I don’t have money.  And I hear you. I know they feel very real and justified to you.  I’ve used those excuses in my life too.

And yet, these are all still excuses.  And because I have used them myself I know they are self sabotage.  Because you know darn well that when you have really wanted something, you have moved hell and heaven to get it, create it or do it.  

By being complacent and comfortable and never taking risks or leaps we are letting self sabotage win in so many little ways. And self-sabotage is dangerous for our world right now.   It is dangerous because if you are an artist, a healer, a lightworker, or anyone with a calling to change the world for the better, the world needs you now more than ever.  But if you’re self-sabotaging or being comfortable, you are not stepping forth as a light for others in a big way.

When you self sabotage through choosing comfort instead of pushing your edge, you don’t play big enough.  You don’t fully show up for where you’re needed.  When you give in to your ego fears and ignore the pull of your soul, you are cheating the world of the transformation you were called here to bring to it.  The transformation it needs right now.

We sabotage by not pushing to the edge of our comfort zone.  We sabotage by not pushing ourselves to show up when we know deep in our hearts we are here to lead the change we want to see in the world.  We sabotage by letting the voices that tell us who are you to think you can do this? remain there instead of doing the work of getting actual, tangible help in rooting those voices out forever.  Instead, we buy one more book that will sit on our shelf collecting dust or we comment spiritual platitudes on people’s social media posts and pat ourselves on the back as if we did “enough” for the day.  The real scary, big goals can wait for “some other day” when we “have the time” or “the money.”

How many times have you stopped yourself from speaking your truth because of fear or self sabotage?  How many times have you played small and not gotten uncomfortable or taken the scary soul leaps to bring forth the truth in your heart that the world needs to hear?  How many times have you let “I don’t have the money or the time right now” rule your decisions?  

If I were to have a dime for every person who told me “I know this could help me but I’m waiting to buy your program until I have enough money” or “I know this will change my life, but I’m going to wait until next year because this is not the right time” and then never write back again because they never progressed beyond that point, I would be retired by now.

The truth is the work of awakening is not all rainbows, butterflies, light and crystals.  It’s not about saying we’re awakened on social media and posting beautiful memes about spirituality.

Awakening is often messy, destructive and uncomfortable.  Finally committing to honoring your soul and doing your true soul’s work feels “dangerous,” for it will upheave much of what you thought you knew, much of who you thought was you.  It involves risking disappointing people because you are no longer willing to be what you aren’t as a trade for them loving you.

It means rolling up your sleeves and digging in the mud.  It means expanding your heart to feel love, pleasure and joy to the point where it almost hurts.  It means dedicating time, energy, resources and respect to these areas of your growth, as much as you already do to “growing your business” or “manifesting a windfall of money.”  And no it doesn’t mean saying you will be expanding and growing–it means hiring mentors or resources that will actually DO that work with you.

Awakening requires faith because often you will feel like you don’t know who you are anymore or what you actually believe as you navigate the edges within yourself you never even knew existed.  It requires that you take big leaps that make butterflies in your belly, like investing more than you’ve ever invested in something before so that you can have your big breakthrough.  Or investing time and energy into showing up for the event you felt called to go to.  Or finding a babysitter so you can show up to your class that is going to expand you.  Or getting uncomfortable and NOT waiting until “next year” when you think things will somehow be settled down more.

If you’re not doing this, then there is no point and you are contributing to the problem, love. You are contributing to the complacency and comfort that leads to the thriving of old institutions that no longer work for all beings.  You are contributing to the status quo you are grieving over because you are not rising up in your leadership to create the paradigm that you want.  Instead you are focused on being comfortable.

We need bold leaders now–leaders who are willing to get uncomfortable for their mission. Who are willing to be afraid as they speak their truth in the world or detox the fears that have held them back for so long.  Who are willing to push their edges in every imaginable way and who will not let tricky, very rational sounding self-sabotage win.

Because the world needs you right now, more than ever.  The world needs activated, awakened and inspired leaders to chart the way, to be the lighthouses.

And those leaders that change the world?  They were ready to get uncomfortable.  They were willing to face death threats, illness, criticism and more in order to be of service to the liberation of all beings.  They took big risks.

If you’re not planning on taking big risks right now, in a month or next year and you’re not investing time, energy and resources to step into a container that will ensure you actually take those risks, then you’re being complacent.

If you’re not making sure you don’t just plan for it but create an accountability system to make it happen… or if you’re not making investment of your money, time and energy that scares you a little so you can stop holding back and do your great work in the world, then you’re choosing comfort.  Hint: if you’re thinking you’re going to do achieve this on your own by buying more books or consuming more cheap information that doesn’t provide accountability outside yourself, then you’re sabotaging and choosing comfort.

Now is not the time for comfort.  Now is the time for stretching beyond what we think we are capable of.  Now is the time to roll up our sleeves and begin the work we were called here to this planet to do.  It requires your absolute focus, dedication and commitment to being at your edge a lot.

This is a crucial moment–because right now you’re fired up, you’re activated.  But in a few days and weeks, you could be going back to old habits and getting complacent again.  You could be using your old, complacent mind to solve future problems that need bold thinking and you could end up back in your slumber. Honestly, 50% of people who are upset right now, will be there in a month, back to posting spiritual memes, buying more transformational books or cheap programs that will collect dust and say “one day I’ll get to where my dreams want me to go,” while doing nothing at all to change their circumstances.

But I don’t want that for you.  

Nothing great in this world was ever created in someone’s comfort zone.  Greatness does not come from complacency or comfort.  Will you fully wake up or will you go back to sleep?

Will you choose comfort over standing in your true mission as changemaker, even when it’s scary and asking so much faith of you?  Because changemakers are uncomfortable 95% of the time.  The greats in this world who changed it for a better place, they have taken the risks, they have heard the call in their souls and leapt without knowing if the net would appear below them.  They are no longer worried about being uncomfortable because they know these are the conditions for their greatness to change the world.

Now is the time to rise as a leader of love or fear, you choose.  What are you going to finally decide to feed in the world? Fear because you’re remaining complacent and comfortable?  Or love and connection, that requires fierce, bold risks?

You are the creator of your reality.  You can’t control the world outside of you but you can control the world within.  Participate in your transformation.  Fully be in your life.  Don’t go back to being half asleep, thinking that you’re a victim to mysterious forces in the Universe. Don’t go back into those old excuses that you are too busy, don’t have the time, can’t afford it. The change starts with you when you take back your internal freedom and create your world from within, without letting your fears create it for you and limit you.  

You’ve been awakened.  Stay wide awake. The world needs you.  Our work has only just begun and this is going to be a long road.  Sure. Have a temper tantrum about it if you need to.  But don’t fall back asleep and bs yourself into getting comfortable again.

PS: If you’re ready to take big leaps of faith and step into the only program out there for soul-driven, awakened leaders like you, then I invite you to apply for my High Priestess Circle mastermind.  This program is for leaders who are here to lead awakened, inspired and aligned.  Who are ready to strengthen and expand in their inner world so they can lead with impact.  Applications close on Tuesday, November 15.  In this mastermind we will be learning the very qualities of leadership the Dalai Lama described and you’ll meet a group of like-minded leaders like you to support you and help you lead the way. Click here to apply now and get uncomfortable.






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I Have Failed You


The other day I received an email from a woman that made me stop and think, wait a minute, I think I’ve unconsciously failed y’all! In fact, I’m really grateful for her email because it made me see where I have been failing you all and I take full responsibility for it. Let me explain…

A few weeks ago I invited her to chat with me about joining the High Priestess Circle mastermind because I had a really good intuitive hunch about it, especially knowing some of the amazing projects she has lined up for next year that she wants to achieve. To summarize, her super sweet response was that she was very busy next year, didn’t really see the need or reason why internal work would be necessary next year and instead needed to focus on mounting her project, didn’t have time/energy to “hold space for other women” right now as a result and wanted to make sure she could do that if she was in the mastermind and that she already had a circle of friends and women that she felt would be enough to support her in her goals next year.  

While I totally adore her and know that not everyone will feel called to or aligned with this kind of a container…her response also provided a very eye-opening view into something I had not even considered.

Misconceptions about what a mastermind is and isn’t and misconceptions about what it actually takes to do achieve your big soulful goals.

I realize that when we look at a program like this, which is a high level of investment and is so immersive, it can be easy to immediately disqualify ourselves and say “oh, this is just not practical for me right now”.   But I truly believe if all of us really understood the value of a true mastermind experience, we would all sign up for them, even if it means having to take out a loan to do so, even if it means getting a bit uncomfortable for the sake of ending up completely transformed on the other side of it.  I did this a few years ago for my first mastermind and it was the best decision I ever could have made, because I ended up tripling my income three months after I joined the mastermind.  I have also seen the women who join my mastermind do the same thing, repeatedly.

So right now I’m sitting with this and understanding that I did you a disservice because I never took the time to explain what a mastermind is and what it is not. I never took the time to explain WHY masterminds exist (and no, not just because they are super trendy in the last few years), why I believe in them and why they are so different than programs you do on your own, private coaching or even stand alone retreats.  

I think if I clarify that, then at least I will have done right by you in helping you understand more clearly what you want to choose for yourself next year in terms of support in achieving your goals.  You see, when we have big change to make in the world, it’s really important to get crystal clear about what type of support we need to achieve those goals. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is pick the wrong kind of support. This will often slow down the achievement of your goal or will get your results you don’t want. I know because I made a lot of costly mistakes in the last 6 years, including one that cost me $70,000, so let’s learn from my mistakes and the mistakes I have helped other women climb out of in the past few years.

The word “mastermind” is becoming increasingly trendy in the last few years.  When I first started my mastermind back in 2010, I think only 3 other women coaches were doing them at the time. When people began to see the kinds of accelerated, amazing results that can happen within masterminds, the word caught fire.

But not all masterminds are the same. And the misuse/abuse of the word has led to some of the misconceptions my client reflected back to me when she replied to my email inviting her to the mastermind. I see people slap the word “mastermind” on virtually anything these days, presumably because it carries some level of prestige. But not all masterminds are created equal.

A mastermind is not something to think of as “a luxury experience for later” or “something only certain kinds of women do”.  That’s one of the most common misconceptions I see about masterminds.  And sadly, because of this misconception a lot of women disqualify themselves from ever participating in one, or think they have to wait until later to join a mastermind.

So, first let’s define what a mastermind actually is.


A mastermind is created when a group of high-achieving individuals get together under the guidance of an organizer/mentor to achieve goals that they know they cannot achieve without the help of other like-minded folks. All of the world’s greats had massive help in achieving the things they did, none of them did it alone. In a mastermind, you get to have many brilliant brains on your goals vs. just yours. Because these individuals in group with you have been hand picked by someone who is an expert at matching you up with people who will compliment you, you will also experience a higher level of accountability than you ever could on your own or with a random circle of friends. Everyone in the mastermind container is dedicated to your greatness and will show up for you in that way to keep you on track with your goals. The results you can achieve when you are part of a mastermind are much higher than when you do a stand alone program or try to go it on your own. Or go to random friends for advice.

If you have big goals and big dreams, if you are ready to make them ACTUALLY happen, if you’re ready to have an incubator of brilliant minds advising you and making sure you reach success and you’re ready to accelerate the results you want in your life and business, and you’re seriously committed to making your biggest desires a reality–you join a mastermind.  

Now, I have participated in and led quite a few masterminds in the last 6 years of my business.  Here are the qualities, in my opinion, of a good mastermind.  

1) The mastermind is led by an experienced, qualified individual


I have been a part of masterminds with lots of brilliant minds with no leader and I have been a part of masterminds with one appointed leader who hand picked each person carefully. The ones where I experienced the best results were in the ones that had a leader that curated the group. A lot of people put together their own “masterminds”. Usually it’s a group of friends who all share a common interest and want to brainstorm. While I think this can be great up to a certain level, it’s really not going to be enough for you if you’re wanting to really go above and beyond where you are.

When I have been a part of masterminds with no qualified leader, things are chaotic.  There is no real accountability, so a lot of times, only half the people show up to meetings and you only get half the feedback you really need to move your goals ahead. In addition, personality clashes occurred, which ended up taking away a lot of energy from focusing on goals, because the members were not picked by one individual who has experience putting the right kinds of people together. In addition, friends who are under no leader or accountability system will flake on meetings or drop out because there is no container where an investment has been put in to keep you accountable.  

Do “friend/peer-based masterminds” work? Yes, sometimes they do. But in my 6 years of personal experience, my opinion is that I have seen very few of them work. For exactly the reasons above. You may think you have a great circle of people around you to support you, but if they aren’t coming together week after week for the explicit reason of supporting you in achieving your specific goal, you’re going to get a lot less support than you imagined you’d get. If you have a big goal to achieve next year, you want a group of people organized by an expert to give you the attention and focus you need to move it to the next level.  

2) You feel a little “intimidated” by the people in it

When I was an actor, I LOVED it when someone who was a better actor than me showed up to do a scene with me. Why? Because I knew that I was going to have to rise up to meet that person at that level and that my acting would probably be the best it had ever been as a result. I always did my best acting with the actors whose energy made me rise to my best self. And I got to walk away a better actor afterwards as well.

I see a mastermind in the same way. When I curate my mastermind groups, I think long and hard about every single woman in the mastermind and how each one will compliment the other, how each one will raise her sister up and where each one can fill in gaps of learning for each other. When I’m putting my masterminds together it’s not about getting as many people as I can to fill the spots. In fact, often I don’t fill all the spots, because for me it’s more about getting the right-fitting people together.  

I want to clarify, this is not an elitist thing–it’s more that I want to make sure you are getting the best out of your experience. If I don’t feel the people in the group will be a good match for you, I would rather you save your money and go somewhere else where you can find a better match or wait until there is a better group to match your strengths and strengthen your wobbly areas.

If, when considering a mastermind, you feel a little bit like “Whoa, these people are so amazing! Do I belong here?”, that is usually to me a good indicator that you are getting into the right container for exponential growth & support. Trust that if you feel called to it, it’s because you DO belong. By masterminding with people who will grow and challenge you you’ll naturally rise to bring your best to the table and as a result, will bring your best at levels you never even knew existed to your work and your life. There’s a reason why every time I join a mastermind I experience ridiculous results like tripling income in a month or having huge breakthroughs in my relationships that took me years to even get to before the mastermind. There’s a reason why my 1:1 clients achieve even MORE results when they move from 1:1 coaching to my high level mastermind.

3) You are filled up & deeply supported by the participants


The comment the woman who emailed me made about “not having time to hold space for other women” really opened my eyes up to how we tend to wrongly perceive being part of groups. The biggest misconception I hear about joining a mastermind is from busy, overwhelmed women. I often hear, “I just don’t have time to be supporting other people, I’m too busy”.

I get it, when you’re already feeling overwhelmed and feeling like you’re doing everything for everyone, to think about having to add more calls to your calendar and a few extra trips to mastermind with people in person feels like you’re just adding more work to your plate.

BUT in a good mastermind, the calls and retreats will actually make you feel MORE supported and any support you do end up offering will flow from you naturally without draining you because you are so filled up from the support you’ve already received. It’s like an infinite loop of energy.

The reason for this is that the right people are giving you as much value as you are giving them, so that by the time you leave the group call or retreat you feel ten times more juiced up to tackle your to do list and achieve your goals. Also the right, well curated group, will contain emotionally healthy people who will support you, not drain you.

Some of the busiest women I know are in masterminds. Women who literally cannot add one more call to their calendar without it breaking. Why are they in masterminds then?  

Because they understand that a well curated group of women actually leave you feeling filled up vs. more drained. The top bit of feedback I get from the women who have participated in my masterminds is how much they love hopping on the calls and coming to the in-person retreats, because in the hecticness of their lives it is like a “spa day” where they get to be around women who rejuvenate them, love them up and fill them with confidence and joy.  

I had a woman in one of my masterminds who was one of the busiest women I know and she used to tell me that the calls with our mastermind group were sometimes the only time she got to just be herself and be filled up by the amazingness of her sisters. She never missed a call!

Sometimes when you’re busy and overwhelmed, instead of taking more things away, you actually need to ADD more of the right kind of support to your plate and remove the wrong kind. The right kind of support with people hand picked for you makes ALL the difference. Be careful you’re not using the “I’m too busy” excuse as a way to shut yourself off from being vulnerable with people who can take you to the next level.

4) There is accountability built into the program at every level

Ah, accountability. The thing we want to rebel against but also the thing that makes us soar.

I’m going to be quick and blunt about this one–when we try to do things on our own, we just will not achieve what we want to achieve. Period. You can argue with me about this one until the cows come home, but that won’t take away the fact that this is the truth.

When I first started my business, I had two colleagues who graduated in the same class as me. We were all in financially tight spots. I knew I needed someone to check in with and to keep me accountable if I was going to succeed in the skills I had just invested my money in to become a coach. I remember I worked extra shifts, borrowed money from a friend and used a credit card I never used to invest in a mastermind that was at that time about 6 months of my income. The other two classmates told me it was “too expensive” and that they just wanted to get their business started first, make enough money with their business until they could pay for some coaching and that they were just going to set goals in their calendar and check up with each other.

6 years later I am still in business and have achieved goals beyond my wildest dreams. The other two classmates who didn’t want to invest in accountability? They are no longer in business. A few of my classmates who graduated with me have actually worked with me to put their great work out into the world and I’m so grateful to have had that opportunity to see them soar.

There is something deeply powerful about knowing that no matter what, you’ve got another human being (or in the case of a mastermind, a whole group) of people who are not only showing up for you every day, but who are keeping track of your goals with you and not letting you give up or fail even when you want to quit.  

This is why I have 4 layers of accountability built into the High Priestess Circle mastermind programs–through 1:1 coaching with me, smaller accountability groups (Priestess circles) within the mastermind, our Facebook forum and in our live events. There is just no way, within a good mastermind, that you even have the option to give up or fail. It’s impossible.  There are too many “checks and balances” of support.

You join a mastermind when you’re serious about having THAT level of support in your life. You join a mastermind when achieving your goals and dreams are that important to you that you refuse let yourself fail without the proper support.

5) It’s a bit of a financial leap or stretch


Any investment that is going to grow you beyond what you can currently imagine is going to create butterflies in your stomach and is going to stretch you. All good transformational experiences do that. In a good mastermind, the investment level acts as another layer of accountability for you, it motivates you. The more you invest, the more you don’t want to squander your investment, so you show up powerfully when you invest at the edge of your comfort zone.

In addition, I have always believed that the pricing of a program should be like a portal.  What I mean by that is that the investment level of a program should create an experience where you have to step into the next level of your Self just through making the investment.

If you want to be the badass you of 5 years, you invest like the badass you in 5 years would invest, not like the you of right now. The you of right now got you to where you are now, which is awesome, but you join a mastermind because you want to grow, not because you want to stay the same. That is why a good mastermind will always have an investment level that stretches you. It is growing you from the very beginning, through the level of investment.

Let me be clear, this doesn’t mean that you put yourself in a terrible financial situation that freaks you out. There’s a reason why on the application form for all my masterminds it says very clearly “are you able to make this investment without considerable financial distress?”, because if you invest at a totally irresponsible level, you will be freaking out the entire time about making the payments and that will contract you energetically and disable you from really moving forward or growing.  

But it should feel a bit scary and a bit like a leap. If you want to be the you of 5 years, you’ve got to behave like the you of 5 years. The quickest “shortcut” to getting there is to use your investments to automatically step into the you of 5 years.

This is the reason why, almost every time a woman has invested in a high level experience with me, nearly 90% of the time she immediately manifests abundance afterwards (the other 10% of the time she manifests the abundance a few weeks or months later). Because when you lay down that level of investment you are sending a powerful message that you are ready for more because you are stretching to hold more.

A good mastermind is a transformational experience even down to its price tag. (In addition, good high level masterminds cost money to put on, so the investment level is usually higher for that reason as well).

And last but not least..the BIG kahuna of them all….

6) There is equal time dedicated to internal work as there is strategy

I’ve already dedicated the last email you received from me  to the topic of why internal work is SO important, so I won’t go on too long about it. But there is a reason Tony Robbins, one of the top coaches in the world, focuses SO MUCH on mindset in his work with presidents, top business leaders, creatives and visionaries who pay him $1 million dollars a year to do so.  

Because it’s that important.

When you are here to build big things, create a movement or impact the world in a powerful way, you are going to hit roadblocks. Deep fears you didn’t even know you had will come up. Remember that saying “new level, new devil”? That is exactly what happens.

If you think you’re “too busy” to do internal work, or “have done enough now” and just need to “get to work now,” then I hate to say it but you’re going to be in for a rude awakening. If you think internal work is something you do for a while that detracts from you “getting to work,” then you’re misled, love.  

Internal work doesn’t happen in a bubble. It happens at the same time as you are taking action towards your great work in the world and making it happen.

You can’t take effective, aligned and results-driven action without internal work supporting you as you’re doing it. You just can’t. Reaching for you at your highest level means that the big fears around being more visible are going to come up. The dangers of you working too hard and burning yourself out are higher. If you haven’t cleared your fears, how do you think you’re going to handle it when those fears are magnified because you’re about to speak to 2,000 people vs. 20?

In addition, not all internal work is about dredging up horrible things or fears from the past.  A lot of internal work that we need to do as leaders is learning how to expand our capacity to hold space for others, learning how to feel more joy and opening up the heart so that we can lead with more compassion. If those things are not present in your quest for greatness, how do you expect to be a heart-centered leader who actually changes things in the world for the better.  As leaders we model the behavior we want to see in the world, which means we have to be working on the areas within us that we want to see in the world around us.

You need to make sure that you’re in a mastermind where strategy is not the only thing being obsessed about. The internal work should actually come FIRST in level of importance, because without it you can’t effectively implement any of the “cutting edge” strategies you learned anyway because you’ll keep sabotaging at every new level you hit and slowing down your growth, which as a result will slow down your goals being achieved.

The best masterminds have a sweet spot of strategy and soulwork–with soulwork coming first.


Did that help?  

I hope it did.

As you can see, if you’re looking to have:

  • lightning-speed levels of growth
  • powerful, hand-picked like minded peers who grow you & support you powerfully
  • have multiple layers of accountability so that it’s impossible for you to fail
  • a highly skilled mentor guiding you and coaching you to your highest potential
  • a container that is designed for you to achieve at levels you can’t reach on your own

And you are a soul-driven, heart-centered ambitious woman with big dreams and big goals for next year, to impact the world with your unique soul gifts, then I want to make sure you have applied for the High Priestess Circle mastermind.

We have only 3 spots left now and I designed this mastermind to include ALL of the qualities above, because in my opinion and extensive experience running masterminds in the last 6 years, this is what makes a mastermind that truly changes you, your life and your work at a cellular level.

If you’re ready to create this level of transformation and you’re serious about achieving your goals next year, then apply for the High Priestess Circle mastermind.

(and even if you don’t, I hope this helped you clarify the kind of support you DO need next year–it may not be a mastermind, it may be something else!)  But if you want to create the best results you’ve ever created and see growth that you’ve never imagined was possible both in your life and your work–a mastermind is the way to go.

With love,





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