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This is my body

blog for may 20

This is my body.
This is her at her heaviest weight ever.
And I look at this picture and I think
how beautiful.

I want to bury my head in between those breasts and feel the love of that woman.
I want to grab onto those arms and feel the strength of a goddess who is brave enough to stand by you in the dark, scary parts of the forest and will you to keep going.
I want to touch the softness of her belly and feel her gentleness, her quiet fragility.
I want to kiss that face and feel the sweetness that erupts from those cheeks.
I want to dive into the liquid knowledge in those mysterious eyes.
I want to put my ear to her chest and know all of her secrets.

All the ways she has been loved, all the ways she has been hurt.
All the things she keeps hidden close to her ribcage.
All the things she has seen and felt that will go to the grave with her.

I want to excavate her, plunder her, explore her, love her tenderly, pamper her, hold her.

But I didn’t always feel this way. Read More





Space.  It’s all I am surrounded by whenever I come to Iceland.  It’s why I come here.

And in that space, I lose most of my words.  Because I am listening.  Listening.  Turning my ear to the great below.  Quieting to hear the voice within.  Letting the cold wind blow through me, taking with it the bits of debris that build up, other people’s voices, shackling thoughts that are not of the true essence of my being.


A few days ago we came across a cabin in the middle of nowhere.  A tiny black fisherman’s cabin with a view of the sea and the grand, silent behemoths that are the fjords.  And it beckoned me.

Come here and I will hold you in your silence, it said.  And I am listening.

A few emails later, I found the owner of this beat up fisherman’s cabin with the tiny bedroom, tiny kitchen and the large, blustering views.  Her name was Lisa.  It is available for a week, she says. I had planned on visiting the Faroe Islands after the Iceland Soul Adventure was over, but it is clear now that what is called for is more silence, here.  I am listening.


I went to one of the most remote parts of the world for five days.  I’m just now getting back to civilization before I head out again.  There was so much silence within.  Not a thought.  Not a stirring.  Just empty space, the only thing that can accommodate such beauty and such majesty in this untouched part of the world.  Where there is no time to listen to anything that is not truly you because the mountains demand you show up as you actually are.  They’re not playing around.


The first night in the little black fisherman’s cabin, I closed my eyes.  I usually like to fantasize as I’m falling asleep.  When I’m feeling brave I let my heart dream big.  I see myself in a magical world, full of beauty and nature.  I imagine myself as the heroine of this magical story. Read More


Is the soul path the “harder” path?



In the last two weeks no less than five friends and clients have all shared the same thing with me. That they want to follow the path of their soul, but that they are afraid that that means they are “choosing the harder path”. They’re afraid of what they might find there, or that it will mean they will be less successful because less people will want the deeper work they have to offer.

Several of them told me a lot of their resistance to actually listening to the guidance of their soul and just doing what they know they need to do already is because of that belief. That it will be so much harder. People who aren’t connected to their souls have it “so much easier”, one friend said to me.

Is it really so much easier? Is choosing the path of the soul, really the harder path? Read More


In Defense Of The Long & Slow



We live in a fast culture. We’re all in a hurry. We need it all summarized for us into tiny, compact parcels of information. We rush off to the next thing.

Millions of bits of data invisibly fly past our heads every second, faster than breathing.

Today I saw a woman write online that she is insulted when she opens up an email and it’s long. How dare they not respect my time?! She is actually that angry about it. How dare someone create a piece of art that requires her to sit down and slow down enough to read it?

I watch as several people comment indignantly, agreeing.

Slow and nuanced has become a personal affront, it seems.

Shorten your captions on Instagram photos, it will get you more followers and likes.
Blogging is dead, it’s all about short peppy videos now. Stop writing, make videos.
No one reads long posts anymore.

All of the above are pieces of advice I have received from “experts” and colleagues over the years. When I’m in a place of insecurity and self-doubt it has caused me distress and pain.

It has triggered in me all of the inner child stories about how I am not good enough. It triggers the same in everyone I talk to who received the same feedback. How can you feel good enough when the natural way in which your soul expresses is not a cute, peppy, short video, and therefore “not something anyone wants”?

Then we translate this into my soul, my heart, the expression that brings me joy is unwanted. Unloved. Rejectable. Unworthy. Unacceptable.

And then I’m sitting in front of a waterfall with my clients on retreat, over a long, slow, leisurely breakfast. The kind of meal that has enough space for deep, soulful conversation to emerge. And one of the woman says, I love your long messages. Every time I get one, I go make my coffee and I know I need to sit down and take the space because I’m in for a journey.

That one sentence says everything. Read More


Looking in the mirror and seeing you are whole



Two weeks ago, when I announced I was going off social media, I got a few comments and emails with some unsolicited thoughts & opinions which really triggered me and made me want to go into hiding.

But as I dove deeper, I realized they were reflecting my deepest fears back to me and I ended up going on a journey which led back to this: what does it look like to love and accept ourselves radically? What if we could use the things people do and say that trigger us as reminders that we are not broken but instead, whole?

In today’s Real Talk audio I share what happened and how I used the process of mirroring to dive deep into healing a core belief that was holding me back from fully showing up in my work.

If you have ever wondered how to work through core wounds and beliefs that hold you back or why something in your life keeps showing up for you over and over again, you’ll want to listen to this week’s audio. Read More