I work with people who know that they’re supposed to be making a big contribution but for reasons they can’t quite pin down, they’re just not doing it. I help to light that inner spark that sets their revolution in motion.

Participants of one of my Mastermind retreats, celebrating a powerful weekend.

There I was sobbing my eyes out, several months ago…
in front of an entire circle of women, mascara everywhere.

Great.  The ONE day I decide to wear makeup….THIS happens,
I thought to myself.

“Sometimes I feel like I have to do it ALL by myself!

It feels like I’m holding the entire world and no one
is holding me.  I need more support and I don’t feel like
anyone is capable of giving it to me”, I cried.

As I heard myself say the words, a part of me marveled.

I’ve been leading groups of women and curating tribes for
entrepreneurs and visionaries that are here to change the
world, for the past 4 years in my business, and this is exactly
the same thing they mention to me before they join my group

That they feel alone.
That they have to do it all by themselves.
That it feels like the people in their lives aren’t capable of
supporting them in the way that they need to be supported…
so why ask?

This is exactly what I have been leaning into more myself
over the past 5 years…and yet here it was again…ANOTHER
layer of this same “I’m not supported enough” belief.

I thought I was past it.  Clearly, I was not past all of it.

I was suddenly instructed to lie down and let all the women
in the group adore me.  I wanted to bolt towards the door
and never come back…

But I did as I was told.

I lay down while a group of women surrounded me and told me
how much they loved me, how much they saw me, with their hands
on my heart, my belly and arms.

There was so much love and support being directed at me
in that moment, flooding in…

and all I could think about was how uncomfortable I felt
and how I just wanted it to stop.  It was “too much love”
coming my way.

And that’s when it dawned on me.

The only reason I didn’t feel supported, or like I didn’t have
enough support, or like no one could truly hold all of me…

is because I wasn’t LETTING anyone do that.
At least not to this new level I was just now becoming aware
of, that needed a whole new deeper level of support.

Just as I had a really hard time receiving love and adoration
from this group of women, who clearly WANTED to help me
and support me, I was having a hard time truly receiving the full
support of the amazing tribes of friends that I have built around
me in the past 4 years.

Just today in calls with clients in my programs, THREE clients
told me that they were not feeling like they have enough support,
in their businesses and in their lives…

even though they were telling me this while on calls surrounded
by other people who are in the program with them who are just
dying to help them out…

if only they would just ASK.

So here’s the re-frame I want to offer you as a gift today, love.

What if the belief that you are alone, that you don’t belong, that
you have to do it all by yourself, that no one wants to support you,
that no one “gets” you…

is simply an illusion.

What if the one cutting off all the support available to you, is you?

What if you’re the one not allowing in the support that the Universe
is so desperately trying to send to you?

If you say you don’t feel like you’re getting enough support, what if, maybe,
just maybe, you’re the one blocking the vast expanse of support surrounding
you at all times?

On the calls with my clients today, I had each person in the group
with them state how much they want to support them.  Sure enough,
each client experienced an entire tribe of people telling them “we want
to support you so much, but you don’t LET us”.

It was the same thing those women in my circle said to me, many months
ago, as I sat there, crying all of my mascara off.

How many times does someone tell us  “Call me if you need anything”
and we assume “yeah right, they’re just saying that” and then we don’t
take them up on their offer?

How many times are we in a room full of people who want to adore us,
yet we choose to believe they don’t care and that we don’t belong?

And then we get angry and bitter at the very people who offered us
support and blame them for not offering us the support that we need
when it’s us who rejected the support in the first place?

What if you’re the only one that thinks you are unworthy of support?
And so, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy?

I would be willing to bet on this….

that if you actually chose to believe that there ARE people out there
that can support you and you chose to actively look around you for
the myriad of ways that you are supported & many people who are
around you, just waiting for you to truly ask for the support you need…

that you’d actually end up with an EXCESS of support.

It’s all in how you choose to look at it.

Trust me, I know this one from personal experience.

For years I judged the people around me as “too superficial” to lend
me the support I needed… “too self-centered”… etc…

And in reality it was me not asking for the support I needed and
not actually giving them a chance to support me…

Eventually, lying there, surrounded by my tribe on that day, getting
mascara all over everything, I allowed a whole other layer of support in.

I allowed myself to look deeply into the eyes of each woman there.
I finally saw that it was safe to surrender into their support.
I finally saw that they DID mean it when they told me “I’m here for you
whenever you need it, just text me or call me”.
I finally saw that they WANTED to support me and that there were no
bad intentions in those loving eyes.  There was no dishonesty.

And I let it in.

A huge wave of love and gratitude washed over me and my heart
cracked open as tears streamed down my face.

For the first time in a long time, I felt truly, truly HELD.
At the deepest core of my being.


well that is the level of support that has allowed me
to move mountains in my life and business.

If you’re a visionary, a future leader (or a current one), a person with
a deep calling to make a difference in the world with your gifts…

then the most important thing you need to know,
is that you cannot do this alone.

So stop shutting out all the support that wants to come your way, okay?

Start learning from now, how to RECEIVE support.
It will make a HUGE difference in your business and life.

Because when it feels like everything is falling apart around you,
you will never lose your center amidst the chaos.
Because that support will be your anchor and carry you through.

The entrepreneurial journey is a crazy one.
Living your purpose is not always easy.
There’s no way I would have made it this far, without ALLOWING
myself to truly feel and make use of the support that is always around me.

So tell me, how have you been rejecting support…
and what is the one thing you plan to do today to allow in the support
that wants so badly to come to you?

Let me know in the comments below.


So a few weeks ago, I met a man on Tinder.
If you don’t know what Tinder is, it’s a popular dating app.

I stayed away from it for a long time, because I heard
at first that it was only for random hookups…
and that’s just not my thing.

But then a few friends of mine met some awesome
people on Tinder and I decided to give it a try.

Let me tell you, it is addictive.
In fact, I’m quite convinced it is the most genius app
that has ever been invented.  No matter where you
are, you can basically use location services on your
phone to find a date.

I mean that is pretty cool, isn’t it?
Taking matchmaking to a whole other level.

So a few weeks ago I “swiped right” for a man who
I found attractive.  This means I approve of his profile.
If he swipes right for me too, that means he would like
to be matched with me too.

Lo and behold, he swiped right too, and we matched.
We quickly began to chat back and forth and became
fast friends.  We each spoke at least three languages,
we found we had some things in common…

But he was a little slow to ask me out…

so by the time he asked to meet me, I had already left
to go from the city to the mountains, 6 hours away, for a month.
(Hey, you gotta be quick to catch me!)

His response?

“Okay, well I’ll just hop on a plane and come visit you then”.

“Well this will be a fun adventure”, I thought to myself,
“no man has ever flown across a country to come see me”

24 hours later he had booked his flight, his hotel room & rental car.
It was settled.  I was getting excited and a little fluttery in anticipation.

And then…
nothing went the way I thought it would.

2 days later, he asked me if he could “bring a friend along”.
Um. that’s kind of lame.
Was he afraid of meeting me alone or something?
My ego wanted to go nuts and take offense.

But a little voice inside of me said “eh, just go with it”.

“Sure, sounds fun”, I said in response to him.

Then on the day of his arrival, we had made plans to have dinner.

An hour before dinner, he texts me to tell me he met this amazing
American tourist woman while he was white water rafting with his
friend and “can she come to dinner too?”.

Oh man, I felt my ego get prickly at that one.
“Wait, you were supposed to come meet me for dinner,
and suddenly you meet some random woman and want to
bring her to dinner with us?  WTF?”, I thought to myself.

My inner queen was not happy.
And my attraction suddenly began to wane.
“This guy is not very smooth at all”, I thought.
“Either that or he is trying to “friendzone” me because he’s afraid.
Or because suddenly he’s really into this woman he just met.
And that’s not very attractive either…” I mused.

And yet I heard a voice in me say “hmm…what would happen
if you just went with this experience, just to see where it takes you?”

Even though he had planned to meet me at my hotel restaurant
for dinner, suddenly I found myself later that evening,
original dinner plans totally diverted, at a whole other restaurant
in town, an hour later, sitting at a table with Tinder man,
his friend and this lovely young American woman, who I had just
met 20 minutes ago, having a fabulous conversation.

This woman and I totally hit it off as friends, within 3 minutes of meeting,
so now I had a new friend I had never planned on making that night.

And the four of us, laughed, told jokes and discussed our
favorite movies over margaritas.  And all in all, I had a great night.

A night I would not have had, had I gotten all angry, let
my ego direct the evening and stayed home pouting about
“what a jerk” this guy was being by totally changing up the plans.

(even though that was just one of the weirdest “dates” I have
ever gone on… in fact, I would not call that a date at all.)

Was it a match?

Turns out, I wasn’t really attracted to him.

He smokes like a chimney (dealbreaker for me)
and generally, I like a man who is more into me,
more attentive, and isn’t afraid to go on a date with me,
alone. (and not bring random women to our dinner date).

But I actually had a blast that night when I released
my expectations of what the night SHOULD look like
and just went with the flow of the evening.
And I ended up making a new friend.

Why am I telling you this story?

Well, think about it.

The world’s most successful entrepreneurs, visionaries
and thought leaders get to where they get because they are
willing to experiment, take risks and try new things…

Is there a “Tinder man” in your business that you keep
ignoring because you think things should be “this way”
and not “that way”?

Where in your business can you relax a little and surrender
more to the flow?

What would happen if you did surrender to the flow?

Would it really be all that bad?

What new thing might you discover?

What new experience might you have?

You don’t have to marry the “Tinder man” in your business.
You can try it out, see if you like it and if it doesn’t work,
send “him” love and keep on going.

But if you’re feeling stuck, feeling like you’re spinning your wheels…
starting to feel bored in your business or uninspired…

then perhaps its time you give a delightfully quirky,
chain-smoking French man a try, so to speak, when it comes
to your business…

You never know what you might discover.

And in the end, if you get nothing out of it,
you’ll know for sure what you don’t want to do
in your business.

But we only learn by sticking our necks out there,
opening up to new experiences and trying it out.

Not only did I make new friends by applying this philosophy,
but I also got much clearer on what I “do” want when it
comes to dating.  And now I am even better at picking
the right guys for me on Tinder as a result.

Experimentation is the mother of innovation. Click to Tweet

In the comments below, I’d love to know what you plan
on experimenting with in your business (or life) this week.

I’m dying to know!


You know how sometimes your Soul just tells you
to do something and your mind is like “??!!!???”.

Yeah, that’s what happened to me last month when
I heard my Soul say–”spend the month of August living
in the middle of nowhere, immersed in nature.”

Well, I’m now in my third week of this experiment,
and even though I have had freezing cold showers,
power outages that require me to sleep in the pitch black,
no working washer and dryer, a couple of screaming fits
over a huge-ass beetle flying into my hair and
no grocery store within miles…

I have to say it’s been absolutely amazing and it has
inspired me to create so much content for you.

I’m practically busting at the seams with good stuff for you.
And I’m so excited to deliver it to you that I have to practically
force myself to not just give it all to you right now!

But finally I can tell you about ONE thing :-)

While I was here, the sights were so beautiful,
I got the inspiration to do a whole bunch of videos…

and I wanted to show you the first one!

And I have a very special invitation for you that I lay out
in the video (and you won’t believe what’s behind me
in the video, holy mama–just click on through to see!)

Eeeee!! I’m so excited for you to see it :-)

Go ahead and click here to see something jaw dropping.



Click here to listen to this as a performance piece.

When did you stop
waking up to the teasing
brambles of the sun?

When did you stop
enjoying the feeling of mud
between your toes?

When did you stop
playing with the elements,
ideas, yourself?

Who told you it was impractical
to spend hours daydreaming in
a clear blue stream?

Who told you it was to be this
way or that?

Who told you your voice is
weak, uninteresting
and undeserving?

Who told you your song
is not to their liking,
and therefore to none?

Who proclaimed leisure
useless and empty of
passion or purpose?

Who told you it’s wrong
to want that and not this?

Who made evil out of your Desire?

Who said you cannot build castles
in the ground and
the sky?

told you that all these obstacles
are real,

Look around you.

Everything is a dream.
It is a large collective dream made out of
all of the individual stories we are weaving
into it, as one large consciousness.

Our stories, what we give credence to,
what we give power to,
what we choose to believe as “real”
becomes a story that ultimately weaves
itself into that collective dream of All.

If you don’t like the stories of the collective dream,
if they make you suffer or feel
less than
not enough
too much
too loving
shut down

then change the story.

Choose to live the story of
love, enoughness, connection
oneness, unique truth,
celebration, inclusiveness,
aligned power,
devotion, purpose & impact.

All of the stories of the one, collective dream,
that humans have been creating and weaving into it
all of these years, the ones that are small,
that make you feel bad,
are just that.

someone’s story that they created and thus
lived and assumed as truth or fact
and then placed into the collective dream
that we are all creating and contributing to
second of the day.

All of the shoulds and the should nots…
are just that— a dream.

An illusion.
A piece of someone’s story.

Here is your choice:

What is the story you want to place into the collective dream of All?

What is the work of art you want to create from your life, lived?

The canvas is blank.

The dream is ready to be dreamed.

You are the artist and the creator.

What is the dream that you want to dream in the story of your life?

What is the story that you want to live
and then place into the collective?

One of fear, judgment, separation, repression,
self-hatred, and violence?


a dream that not only changes YOUR story,
but once placed into the collective dream of All,
begins to transform the dream of All to one of contraction
into one of Expansion?

Have you ever placed a drop of blue dye in water?

The droplet begins to merge with all of the molecules
and ribbons of blue begin to permeate the water until
the whole glass of water is now blue.

That is what it is like
when you change your story.

When you consciously choose to step out of
Nightmare and instead,
step into a dream of your own making,
where you feel good and expansive and IN love,
and connected to your

Let your heart fill your creation.
Let that creation be your dream.

Let that dream be the drop of blue
that permeates the entire collective dream of All

and CHANGE the collective nightmare of humanity…

into a Dream of Expansion.

Choose a different story.
Choose to

Choose life.
Choose love.

And you will see all of humanity
change around you.

If you say you want to change the world,
this is how we start.


For every thought, feeling & story that you
unconsciously take on and live out
influences your actions,
influences the collective dream of All
and each action can contribute or not contribute
to the nightmare.

Choose expansion.
Choose kindness, compassion & love.

That is how we change the world.

That is how we change the world.


Okay, love.

Here’s the deal.

I’ve never done this before.
And I wasn’t planning on doing this at all.

But after getting so many emails about it,
I’ve decided it and I’m super excited to share with you
that I’ve extended the application deadline for the
Rise Mastermind until Friday, August 8 at midnight EST.


Well after Monday’s deadline for application, we got
a ton of emails from people who still wanted the opportunity
to sign up.  They’ve been hearing “around town” about the
amazing women in the mastermind and about how powerful
the Rise Mastermind has been for past participants who
are getting results like making 5 figures in the first 4 months
of their new business idea or getting products they created
picked up for national attention & distribution etc…

And it’s clear you are one motivated, committed bunch of badasses.

So I want to reward those of you who are really serious about
making your dreams, your purpose and your impact happen.

One of the things that I’ve noticed in working with over
4,000 entrepreneurs in the past several years is that the ones
that end up having amazing results, like my mastermind client,
Amy, who through the work she did in the mastermind, transitioned
out of her day job to a private practice that made $100,000
in her first year of business, is that they all have one thing in
common—wanna hear it?

They’re afraid, but they do it anyway.

So right now, you might have been on the fence about applying.

And your brain starts to come up with all sorts of questions like:

“Yeah, but how much does this cost?”

“I’m moving soon, and I have the money to invest for a massive return
on value in my life and business, but shouldn’t I be careful with my money
because of the move?”

“I’m too overwhelmed with the programs I’ve already bought, let me
finish those first and then I’ll do this next year”.

“I’ve been burned before by other coaches and programs, how do I
know that this isn’t history repeating itself?”

“Can I trust myself to do the work?”

“Who are the people in this mastermind?  Will they truly benefit me?”

Before you know it your Soul which is a YES YES YES to signing up,
has been totally shushed and pushed down and your brain has taken over.

And your brain, unfortunately is also filled with limiting beliefs, fears and
excuses for why you shouldn’t move powerfully ahead in your business.

So who are you going to listen to you?

Your limiting beliefs, fears and excuses?

Or your Soul, which is the GPS to the life and business you were meant
to embody and lead with on this planet?

Thought leaders and change-makers take risks.
They are afraid, they have doubts, but they listen to their Souls and LEAP.

If you want to make impact with your work and become one of the most
sought-after thought leaders in your industry, you have to act like one.

People who flounder for years and never get anywhere always have
tons of reasons, excuses and “logical” explanations for why they should
just keep doing what they are doing and not invest in their businesses.

If you’ve been doing this–there’s no shame in this.
I used to do the same.

But my question for you is, are you really going to stand by again
in the sidelines, for another day, another month, another YEAR while
you stay stuck, frustrated, struggling and in fogginess about the very
thing you were put on this planet to do?

The very thing you are alive for?

We’re more than halfway through the year now.
By December you could have a thriving business that is aligned
deeply with your soul and your great work in the world.

You could be enjoying seeing your impact reach far and wide
and really start to see the difference your work is making in the world.

Or you could be exactly where you are right now and keep on doing
the same thing.  And then January will come around and everything will
be the same.  When you could have been out of this frustrating, fearful
place months ago had you joined the mastermind and gotten deep support
from your fellow Sisters and me, a master coach with laser-focused insight.

It’s time to wake up my love.
Step out of that slumber.

The world cannot afford to have you sleeping.
Life is short and every day is precious.

Do you really want to be just comfortable?

Or do you want to be alive, changing the world and helping others
with your great work, feeling deeply fulfilled and connected?

And I don’t know of a safer, more loving container of amazing women
to take your business and life to the next level in, than that of the
Rise Mastermind.  This year’s women are BAD-ASS and are already
supporting each other in the forum, networking and making connections.

So listen–I’ve told my team member Michelle to stand by for the next
3 days to be there to answer all of your fears, doubts and questions
about the Rise Mastermind.

Use us!

We want to help you.

And if there is something Michelle can’t answer I will personally
respond to you myself.

Because I can’t stand to watch you put yourself aside for one more
day.  It’s time to Rise, my love.

Quit the BS excuses and come take my hand.

I’m waiting for you on the other side of this threshold, with a warm hug,
a group of smiling supportive women and one of the most powerful
containers for stepping into your power as the thought leader you
were mean to be, that exists.

Apply now.


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