I work with people who know that they’re supposed to be making a big contribution but for reasons they can’t quite pin down, they’re just not doing it. I help to light that inner spark that sets their revolution in motion.

please don’t make this mistake

Drop The Templates

A few months ago, I said something to one of my clients during a retreat that
left her with her mouth open.

I then wrote a Facebook post about that very thing I said to her and it incited
QUITE the conversation.

But even though it shocked my client, and shook up my Facebook peeps,
my client proceeded to have a major breakthrough a week after I said “the thing” to her.

And I had my inbox flooded with emails about how much my Facebook post had helped those who read it make big changes in their businesses that ended up bringing in more income.

I’m sure you want to know what this “thing” that I said to her is.

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you in just a few seconds…

But before I do, I want you to know that this “thing” is the one thing that I think keeps so
many coaches, experts and entrepreneurs stuck at a certain point in their business, spinning their wheels and unable to move beyond that ceiling of income and impact they’ve reached.

And it’s so important, that it’s one of the core principles of the work I do with my clients that gets them results like making $100,000 in their first year of business or being asked to present their work at global peace summits so they can really make a difference.

Okay, fine, fine, I won’t make you wait any longer.

Here’s what I said to my client:

On that day, she was sitting on the couch during a retreat and we were talking about how to increase your visibility in your business.

Basically–how to get seen by more people, be noticed more and as a result increase
your impact and income, so you can really live your calling and I mean really live it!

We started talking about the best types of emails to send to your clients and how often they should be sent, in order for her to get more people to open up her emails.

She said to me, “Isn’t there some blueprint or template that you can give me that will guarantee higher open rates? I mean, I know there are templates that the marketing gurus say work – can you give me a few of those templates?”

I looked at her and I said, “Sure, there are lots of people out there who are selling you templates that guarantee more people will see your stuff and that might even convert into more sales…

I even know many of them myself (I’ve been studying marketing and how to become more visible online and offline for years) and I could give them to you….

but I’m not going to”.

She blinked twice and looked at me with her mouth agape.

“Why?” she asked me.

“Because that is not what is going to get you the meaningful impact and the type of income you want. That’s not the stuff that makes powerful thought leaders that change our world as we know it, and that’s the work you came to me to do, isn’t it?”, I said.

There was a long silence as she let it sink in…

“Well, what IS, then?”, she said.

(She was about to have a big breakthrough, so naturally she was resisting me a little,
this is totally normal.)

“YOU.” I replied firmly and with deep love.

Okay, so you might be confused right now.

So many people tell you “just be you” as a pat response to any problem you have and so naturally, I can hear you thinking “yeah, but what does that MEAN??”.

I’ll clarify for you in a second.

You see, my client was experiencing a symptom of a common “disease” I see
every day in the world of change-makers who want to make an impact through living their deepest calling…

An obsession with blueprints and templates.

Just look at common everyday marketing.

Almost every guru that is trying to sell you something guarantees you some blueprint or template to make it “easier” or give you the “magic bullet” to instant fame or success.

Now, there’s a good reason for that.

Psychologically speaking, our minds like the idea of not having to do that much work and just following someone else’s template so that we can just sit back and watch the money roll in by following some simple, easy, step by step process.

There’s only two problems with that.

1) The guru who is selling you this template/blueprint is usually selling you something
that worked for them and a handful of their clients who are similar to them.

There’s no customization to you and your uniqueness.

That’s why most of my clients come to me already having spent tens of thousands
of dollars on other popular programs and have nothing to show for it in terms of
increased income, visibility or impact with their businesses.

2) Following someone else’s blueprint is never going to allow you to step into
the type of success and impact you know you are here to make.

And in the long run, it’s actually going to make things harder for you.

Take it from me and my clients. Obsession with templates led me to almost tank my business in the first two years because I ignored my own internal guidance.

And I can’t tell you how many people come to work with me because they spent
thousands on templates and the templates didn’t work.

While I am not totally against blueprints (I think they can be very helpful in the beginning of your business) what many gurus who sell you templates and blueprints fail to see is that after a certain point in your business…

if you really want to start playing a bigger game…

if you really want to stand out in the oversaturated market of “experts” out there and start rising into the level that some of the people you really admire are in…

You’ve got to ditch the templates.

And you need to build a unique, thought leader brand that cannot be replicated
because it is a perfect reflection of you and there is no one out there like you.

Building your own brand on your own terms, in alignment with what you are here to do on this planet–that’s nothing a blueprint can teach.

And that just so happens to be what I specialize in.

Aligning you with your mission and helping you move past the things that are holding you back from taking it to the next level, so that you can have more of what you want, which includes helping others (my people are all humanitarians at heart).

THAT’S what is going to allow you to RISE into your next level, playing a bigger game.

I’ve got a free call where I’m teaching you exactly how to do that coming up
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Listen, I know you, you’re here to really make a difference in the world with your
unique gifts and your mission. Playing small or being stuck means your message
won’t get out there, not in the way you want it to.

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When Amy first came to me, she was a child psychologist working for the school system.
Her business was filled to the gills but she was barely getting by and was not feeling that passionate about her work.

A year later, working with me to transcend the blueprints and instead build something
totally unique to her, we removed her limiting beliefs around what she could charge
and what she could do in her biz, and she’s made $100,000 in her first year of business.

She’s loving her work more than ever and is quickly becoming a top parenting coach,
being sought-after for her expertise.

So here’s the deal, love.

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here’s that call info I promised you…


Yesterday you heard the crazy story of how I unexpectedly became a land owner
last year, something that I had never imagined in my wildest dreams as being a

And we talked about why you can sometimes feel foggy or a lack of clarity
around what you are feeling called to step into and embody in your work.

Today I want to talk about one of the most common questions I get from people
just like you, who feel really called into making impact in the world with their purpose,
but feel held back from doing that in some way or other.

The question is:

So let’s say I get up the courage to finally create what I’ve been longing to create…
There are so many people out there doing the same thing I’m doing–so how the
heck do I stand out enough to make the type of income and impact that I really
want to make?

That’s a very good question.

You see, a few years ago, when I started my business, the market wasn’t that
saturated with coaches, thought leaders and visionaries.

But now, 4 years later, it’s FULL of them.

So, unfortunately, it’s become increasingly difficult to get noticed and get
your message out there.

I know because many of you write me telling me that you’re doing everything you can
but you’re still not making the real level of income and impact you want to make.

And I really want to make sure that your great work gets out there–because if
you’re reading this you are part of my community and I know that means you are here
to really make a difference in the world.

Luckily, I’m here to tell you exactly how to do that.

So here’s the deal…

The world needs your particular uniqueness now, more than ever.
So we really can’t afford to have you going unnoticed and playing small.  

You know all those amazing change-makers that you admire?

The ones who seem to be fully self-expressed in their brands, super creative
and who have an amazing following of people who just wait on the edge of
their seats for more?

You know, the ones who just effortlessly fill their programs, get an amazing book
deal or get invited to huge events to impact hundreds, thousands or even hundreds
of thousands of people?

They are really no different than you.

I’ve met many of them.

They’re just like you and me.

So how come they’re making amazing income while doing what they love and building beautiful, large followings while actually making a significant impact in the world…

and you aren’t (yet)?

It’s because they understand the power of building a thought leader brand.

You see, in this totally oversaturated market of “gurus”, it’s no longer enough to just be a business owner, entrepreneur or someone with an inspiring message.

To really stand out, to really make that impact with your great work, you have to
get past your fears of speaking your truth…

stop holding yourself back from putting out the stuff that your heart is dying to put
out there in the world…

and build the inner confidence to hold the space for larger amounts of people so that
you can handle the visibility your soul is calling you into with your great work.

The reason those entrepreneurs are doing so well is because they have totally unique, aligned, true-to-their-Soul, creative brands that are unlike anyone else’s.

So they stand out. They get noticed.

And people know who they are.

And when you are truly aligned with your calling, people can feel that.
And we all want to be near it, because it’s inspiring.

Plus, if you’re more visible due to that uniqueness and people are exposed to you
more often because of that, they will trust you much more than other people out
there doing similar things.

And that means they will be more likely to sign up for your program, buy your
book or pick up your product.

That’s the big “secret”.

And you can do the same thing.

The problem is that we have all sorts of hidden fears and limiting beliefs about
what it means to step into greater leadership, more visibility and more impact.

So our brain sabotages us by making us believe we “aren’t clear” about what
we are supposed to be doing, that we aren’t enough, and that it will be too
overwhelming to handle once we’re there.

And then we stay stuck in a place of limbo, feeling the nudge to take it to the next level,
but not knowing how…

or simply just not doing it out of fear that we’ll lose everything we’ve already built.

If you feel like this, I can totally relate, every time it’s time to “uplevel” in my work,
I experience the same exact thing.

But here’s what gets me through and what I really want you to know:

Your perspective in this world is totally unique.
There is no one like you in this entire world!

And you’re alive right now, in this time and place, reading this, because you have
a very specific role to play on this planet.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t exist.

And your unique perspective IS the thing that will allow you
to make the impact you are destined to make in this world.  

NOT someone else’s formula.

That unique perspective is what successful change-makers have in common.

It can feel challenging to figure out “what” your unique thing is, to move past
the fears of putting that out there and making sure that you do it in a way that
really lands with your ideal audience.

So I decided to teach a f.r.e.e teleseminar on January 28 at 8pm EST, where I’m
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The Sacred Wisdom Of Your Wildest Desires

Sacred Wisdom

There I was, hands trembling, in a tiny room with 4 sets of eyes bearing
down upon me, waiting.

I took a deep breath and signed on the dotted line.

I felt numb as I looked up at the faces surrounding me, now grinning.

I fumbled my way past the exit and into my car, mind blank.

What I had just done, I had never in a million years imagined myself doing.

But with the stroke of a pen, I had just changed something major in my life.
And I knew from now on life would never be the same.

I had just become a land owner.

Huh? A land owner?

Never in a million years did I ever think that I could be a land owner.
“That’s ridiculous–not even a possibility within my realm of reach”,
I would have said.

In my mind, owning property was something for uber-wealthy magnates,
not a “regular person” like me.

But one day, as I was out looking at possible retreat locations in Panama.
I stumbled upon this magical place.


I will never forget what happened the moment my foot stepped onto this land.

From deep within me Desire spoke.

She said “this is yours”.

I was totally stunned.

But Desire, she had made herself very clear to me.

And desire is the GPS of your soul.

She has a direct connection to both the divine and your purpose.
So when she speaks, you better listen.

She can see the things you don’t see.
She can see that it is possible even when you think it’s impossible.
She sees the bigger picture that you cannot see in this present moment.

Her voice, if you listen to it, will guide you to the most perfect path for you.

But she won’t hand it to you on a silver platter.

She provides the spark & the inspiration, but it’s up to us to figure out HOW
we’re going to make it happen.

She demands that we embody the future self that already has those things
that we desire and behave like that now, in the present.

If we do that, we can manifest all that we desire.

So, at first I dismissed the idea of owning this piece of land as pure unrealistic
fantasy–I was sure I would never be able to afford it.

But I knew that if Desire had spoken, then this was the correct direction to take.

So I behaved as if I was someone who could just waltz in and buy property,
whenever she felt like it…

To my surprise, I found out the price was much lower than I expected.

It was possible.

From then on I let Desire guide me through every step of the process
and behaved as if this piece of land was already mine….

everything fell magically into place!

And now, here I was, walking numbly past the set of government officials
who had just watched me sign the deed to my first piece of property ever.

As soon as I got in my car, I cried.

Thinking back to all the years I struggled to get by, the first years of my business
when I would dream about being a property owner but feeling like it was a dream
still 20 years away…

And here was the deed in my hands.

Why am I telling you all of this?

I’m telling you this story because so often we don’t reach for the things that are
our hearts’ wildest desires because we can’t see the “how” of how they can
come to be.

So we put it on a shelf and think of it as something that “one day” might happen
to us, though we aren’t sure how.

And Desire gets suppressed.
Stifled into silence.
Waiting for you to come in and reclaim her.

And we lose direction, get foggy-headed and wake up every morning feeling
like we are called into something greater…but we don’t know what that “thing” is.

Ever felt like no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get clarity on what you
are here to do?

Fogginess about your purpose and what it looks like embodied in the world (whether
it be in a business, a book or some kind of offering)  is the biggest indicator that
you have been suppressing your Desire and that you are off track.

And when you do that you cut off the most important guiding voice in your life.

If you’ve been feeling a nagging feeling, like you’re being called into something
greater this year…if you’re feeling that it’s time to take it to the next level, but
are feeling afraid to take action because you don’t have the clarity you need…

That’s exactly how I used to feel before I discovered the secrets that led me to
start a successful business and build a dream life where I got to do things like
become a  property owner of a paradisiacal piece of land.

I want 2015 to be that year where you finally heed the gently nagging voice
of your Desire and make your biggest dream a powerful reality.

So I’ve decided to offer a totally complimentary training next week where I’m
going to teach you all of my secrets to getting clarity and making your Desire
a reality.

Stay tuned to your inbox, the details are all coming to you tomorrow!

It’s a limited seating offer and it’s totally complimentary, so stay close to your inbox
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In the meantime, I’d love to know one thing you got out of this post in the comments
below.  It always helps me to know where you are and what you find helpful!


Primordial Egg Of Atomic Desire


“Just as life gestates in the egg, so in ancient healing rituals would initiates withdraw into a dark cave or hole to “incubate” until a healing dream released them reborn into the upper world, in the same way the chick crawls out of the egg. Alchemy depicted the germ of the egg contained in the yolk as the “sun-point”, the infinitesimally small, invisible “dot” from which all being has its origin. It is also the creative “fire-point” within ourselves, the “soul in the midpoint of the heart,” the quintessence of golden germ” that is set in motion by the hen’s warmth” of our devoted attention”
— The Book of Symbols –

It’s been 28 days since Lucy died.
It feels like forever ago.
It feels like just 2 days ago.

Time heals all wounds, she says.  I wonder if that’s true.
Maybe there are some wounds that always feel as fresh as the day they were born.
Maybe ‘healing’ just means we’re distracted from the wound more easily over time.

It’s been 8 days since I lay in bed for 5 days straight, puking my guts out.
It’s been 5 days since I lay in bed for 2 days with no voice.
It’s been 7 days since I’ve been able to eat a proper meal.

It’s been 2 days since I lay in bed with my 3 year old nephew, cherishing the way his foot barely rested on my calf. Almost afraid to breathe for fear he might move it.
Filling with tenderness at the sound of his stuffy-nosed breathing, the flutter of his tiny heart.

It’s been 2 months since I began this transition.

In the place I go to be in the womb of Great Mother,
in the place where my brain goes to die and my third eye opens wide
I pulled a card from the deck, cicadas buzzing.

What I pulled sent chills through my spine.

The Queen of Death.

I felt my womb brace herself. I felt her breathe and open to surrender.

You cannot cheat death. You cannot outrun her.
You can only ride the River Styx in her skirts of surrender.

Okay. So this is what I’m in for now.
Okay. Okay. Okay now.

This was August.
It is now the eve of the New Year.

The Black Queen is still with me.

In the shape of a vulture she has walked
beside me with a pomegranate in her hand,
the sickly intoxicating scent of jasmine pours from her eyes,
fixed straight on me, drawing a five-pointed star on my heart.

In the beginning, the god Chronos placed seeds within five corners of the earth.
From these corners the cosmos appeared. Out of pure Desire.

I was preparing to speak to a room full of women about desire.
I was preparing to speak to a room full of women about Desire.

In my meditation, the white owl handed me this key,
“you are the keeper of the primordial flame”, she said.

And in my investigation of 15 different creation stories, I found that all
except two, started the same way.

In the beginning, there was the void.
In the beginning, there was blackness.
In the beginning the Creator lay fallow and empty, reclined.
And from her longing sprung the seed, the seed sprung
from Desire. And the seed grew and multiplied.
All of creation sprung from the fallow lap of nothing.
All of creation sprung from Primordial Desire.
The seed is Desire. Desire sprung open the seed.

I think of the seed. I think of the egg.
Which came first, the seed or Desire?

Inside that tiny hole, inside that yolk of incubation there is the bright point
of longing. There is the orange flame of desire, germinating.
From this tiny dot of light comes all of life.

At the center of the atom, there is a tiny dot of energy, so powerful that when
released it can obliterate an entire city, country, planet.
This miniscule spot of illumination has, since the beginning of time, destroyed
planets and from their ashen bones and carcasses new stars have come to life.

The Queen of Destruction, she places the open pomegranate in my hands,
she says ‘think of what it takes for the seed to become life, the egg to crack
open into a living, dangly-limbed thing…Of course you’re tired.”

I’ve just experienced a loss.
They tell me I shouldn’t be alone right now.
They tell me I am supposed to distract myself.

But I remember this from a book of symbols I read a long time ago:

“[In regards to the symbol of the Egg], alchemy depicted the germ of the egg contained in the yolk as the “sun-point”, the infinitesimally small, invisible “dot” from which all being has its origin…[this point of light] is set in motion by the hen’s warmth” of our devoted attention”

“Think of what it takes for the seed to become life, the egg to crack
open into a living, dangly-limbed thing…”

A complete turning inside.
Turning the great eye of our attention inward, to the center point of the egg.
All energy must be saved for the process of the nucleus bursting forth into life, light.

Think of the energy it takes for the living being inside the egg to crack open the shell and take it’s first breath in its new form.

“All of your energy must be reserved for this process”, she says.

My brain has stopped working. “I cannot access my brain”, I tell her.
I’m having trouble making sense of what it is that I’m supposed to do.
“I’m on the brink of something huge, something huge and I need to figure it out”.

Now is not the time, she says.

Now is not the time.
Now is the time to become the egg.
Now is the time to lie, suspended and reclined.

It is winter. It is the eve before the New Year.
Everything is barren and twigs.
The ground is hard and fallow.

In the beginning, the Creator lay there, reclined and fallow.

Now is not the time for pushing, or birthing.
Now is not the time for yellow bursts of energy or
solar flares of Sun.

Now is the time for black holes and dark matter.
Now is the time for Ereshkigal to hang you up in the underworld,
naked and heaving on her meat hook, your rotting mixing in with
the scent of the jasmine laced around your neck.

It’s been 2 weeks since I was seized with an uncontrollable urge for pomegranate seeds.

I brought them home, anomalies in this obscenely fertile third world country of mangos and papayas. I held both of them in my hands, gently carving the seeds out, swallowing them whole, while the blood red juice ran down my chin and stained the corners of my mouth.

I could not get enough,
watching my belly grow,
full of pomegranate seeds.

If you were to enter a black hole, within seconds you’d be ripped apart and there would be nothing of you left. But the most amazing thing is, the rate at which you are ripped apart is so intense, that the very act of your destruction emanates light.


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