I work with people who know that they’re supposed to be making a big contribution but for reasons they can’t quite pin down, they’re just not doing it. I help to light that inner spark that sets their revolution in motion.

Trouble finding clients? Here’s the soul-aligned way to get high quality clients, fast.


There’s one thing that frustrates every change-maker I’ve worked with,
whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro in your business…

and that is getting clients.

Clients are what keep your business afloat.
If you don’t have clients, you don’t have a business, period.

And I know it can be frustrating figuring out where to find them, how to get more of
them and how to keep them coming in, especially if you want to do it in a way that
feels soul-aligned and authentic and that brings the right clients in.

Two years ago I worked with a client, Lauren, who was building a business of her own,
yet had a day job to support her family as she made the transition.
And then she was fired unexpectedly.

In the span of one day she went from having a job, to having NO income coming in.
And she had to figure out a way to get clients FAST. She had a family to support!

Lauren went into a panic and called me up. She felt overwhelmed as to what to
do, because there are so many tactics and “methods” out there for getting clients,
it can make your head spin. Plus, a lot of the ways to get clients she knew about
took a long time and, like I said before, she needed to get clients as fast as possible.

So I gave her my favorite easy (and only one step!) method to get clients.
Within 2 days she not only landed her first two clients, but she also got the
opportunity of a lifetime–an offer that many people have worked years to get.

So what the heck did I tell her? And what was this opportunity she got?

Well, one of the most important things that you need to actually get clients,
is something that most business owners miss completely.

In fact a lot of programs that teach you how to get clients gloss over this and teach
you a ton of super complicated things that take a while to implement and that many soul-aligned
business owners find a bit sleazy and don’t end up doing anyway.

There is a much easier way to get clients.
It all starts with what I like to call my “Selling with Soul™ Formula”.

Consistency + Visibility + Persistence = Clients

or to put it simply….

In order for someone to want to work with you and
become your client, they have to know you exist.

I know this sounds silly and obvious, but it’s a trap we all fall into as business
owners–we’re out and about living our lives and we forget to tell people what
we are up to. And no one knows that we are doing what we do!

Why do we forget to tell people what we’re up to? Well, mostly because:

1) We think it’s useless to tell a random person what we do

Part of the reason we don’t share with people what we’re up to is that we think,
“why would this random person I met at the hair salon want to know what I do?”
(I’ll answer that question in a minute)

2) We think we’ll come across as “salesy” when we share what we do

Another reason we don’t share is that we’re paranoid that once we actually
answer the question “what do you do?”, that someone is going to think we are
trying to “sell” them and run the other direction. So we get shy and stay quiet.
We don’t want that person to perceive us as some sleazy salesperson wanting
to get something out of them, now do we?

My client, Lauren, had the same two fears as I listed above.

But she needed clients fast.

So I gave her one, super simple and easy homework assignment based
on the Selling With Soul™ Formula:

I told her:

“for the next 2 weeks, I want you to tell one person every day what you
do in your business.

I don’t care if the only person you talk to that day is the mailman–do it
anyway. Your task is not to get new clients–and you are not sharing every
day with the intention to get a client–your task is just to share what you love
with one person every day. That’s it”.

It was so simple she almost couldn’t believe it would work.

And she was a little nervous to do it, but I gave her a simple script for how
to share in a way that feels authentic and not like you’re trying to “get”
something from the person you’re sharing with, (which you can get as part
of my program Fearless Selling™, opening up in a few weeks)…

and she started her homework.

And then a virtual miracle happened.

After I shared the Selling with Soul™ Formula with her, she went back to her
office that same day to pack up her desk and leave.

As she was packing up, a guy from the marketing department in her company
(that she had never met) walked by and asked her if she was leaving.

She shared that, yes, she was leaving the company, but that she was also
excited to have more time to focus on her true passion…and then she told
him excitedly all about her business.

His whole face lit up as he listened to her and he told her “I know someone
who can offer you a great job while you’re building that business up and I
really think my brother could use you as his coach!”

Turns out that marketing department guy knew a very famous celebrity
who needed a personal assistant.

By the end of that week, she had secured a six-figure day job (twice
what she was making in the job she got fired from), supporting this
celebrity that she had always admired AND she had her first client for
her business that she was building–the marketing guy’s brother!

As of today, Lauren left her day job a year ago and now has a full client
roster, working with people she loves.

She got these results from using the Selling with Soul™ Formula (part of
my Fearless Selling™ program) in just ONE day (and she still uses it
to this day to keep generating clients for her business)

Still don’t buy that this works because it’s too easy?

Well just the other day, I went to the hair salon to get my hair done and I
struck up a conversation with the woman next to me about our love of
travel. By the end of the conversation she had exchanged cards with me
and by the end of that day she had emailed me to book a VIP Day.

Or how about my client Nina, who started sharing what she was working
on in her new business, after learning the Selling with Soul™ Formula?

Soon after, a mentor of hers began sending major opportunities her way,
with the chance to work with people she had always looked up to.

The mentor didn’t even know she was “open for business” because she had
never mentioned it until then!

So remember–forget selling or “getting a client”.

Instead, consistently, persistently tell one person daily, what you do.

Make that your daily goal and you will most definitely begin to drum up
interest in your business. It has worked for all of my clients who truly
dedicate themselves to it and do it every day. And it’s easy (and free!)

Use Facebook every day to share what you love about what you do,
tell people you meet at the bus stop in conversation, share with family

just tell one person every day!

Not only will you get practice doing this, so you’ll feel less awkward telling
people what you do as time goes by, but you will also get the right clients
for you in a soul-aligned, open hearted and authentic way.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below–what is your top takeaway
from this post? It helps me to know these things resonate with you and that
they are of value to you!

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

With profound devotion,
Lisa Fabrega

ps: I have a few other super easy, fun techniques to get more ideal clients
in a soul-aligned way –they’re featured as part of my Fearless Selling™
program coming up in a few weeks. Stay tuned to your inbox if you’re
curious about it!


wait til you see this take on money & spirituality


“Go f*&k yourself. You and your disgusting talk of money.
You’re everything that’s wrong with the world!”

That was a real comment under one of my Facebook ads last year.

It was an ad promoting my program Impact™, which is a program
that helps changemakers overcome the obstacles that prevent them
from making more money and more impact in the world with their

You might think I felt offended or upset by this woman’s comment.
Or that I wanted to shrink and never promote this program I deeply
believe in, ever again.

A part of me did feel like hiding.

But luckily, I didn’t shrink.

In fact, once I took a deep breath I felt so grateful for her.

Because in that moment she shone a light on something that I knew
would become one of my great “missions” in life.

Healing the wound we have around money & spirituality.

As I read that woman’s comment, I could feel how deeply triggered
she was around money. I went to her Facebook profile and found it
full of beautiful posts about spirituality and serving the world.

It was clear she and I both held the same beliefs about serving others
with our gifts–yet here she was equating me to some slimy, smarmy,
devoid-of-soul person who only cared about money.

That used to be one of my worst fears–that someone would think of
me that way, when all I wanted to do was help.

As I re-read the comment, my inner Seer could see right through to the
deep wound she had around money.

She was triggered by my suggestions that serving the world could also mean that you make good money, because she had her own fears and limiting beliefs about money and spirituality.

It’s a toxic belief that I see all the time as I work with change-makers who feel
called to serve the world positively with their businesses.

We seem to collectively think that money and spirituality
are like oil and water–they cannot mingle.

I get it. I used to think the same thing.

When I first started my business I felt so weird asking people to pay me.

I genuinely wanted to help them, could see that our work together would
have a positive effect on their lives and my heart was bursting to serve…

It was just the “asking for money” bit that felt weird.

Would they think I was a sleazy marketer for posting about my program?

Would they think I didn’t really care about them if I charged them money for the
help I offered?

Isn’t it somehow more “spiritual” to do everything for free and for the
reward to be the smile on the person’s face when you help them?

Didn’t Jesus, Gandhi or Mother Theresa, the change-makers I most
admired, do that?

Aren’t you supposed to give up money and live a totally ascetic
lifestyle in order to be truly “enlightened” and “spiritual”?

Well, I tried that.

And months later I was stressed out, unable to pay my bills,
feeling so stressed and depleted from worrying about money,
that I couldn’t really create anything that would be of help to
anyone anyway.

It was after my fourth consecutive week of having to buy ramen for
breakfast, lunch and dinner and listening to my alcoholic, chain-smoking
abusive neighbors in my low-rent apartment building have a massive
blow-out, that I realized…”there’s got to be a better way”.

I wasn’t actually helping anyone because I was struggling to survive.

I was depressed and I couldn’t coach any clients properly when my
neighbors decided to have a huge fight and you could hear it through
my walls and on my phone call with my client.

But at the time, it was the only place I could afford to live.

My focus was so much on survival and I was so stressed all the time
that I wasn’t able to do my best work.

Luckily, I found that better way.

I now run a multi-six figure business that has helped over 5,000
change-makers make a real impact in the world with their great work,
without having to feel slimy, smarmy or like a sell-out.

I believe in this so much that I even created a program called
“Fearless Selling™” out of these realizations (and I’m happy to report
that my clients collectively brought in $3 million in revenue in soul-aligned
businesses last year due to that little program!)

And I’m sharing that “better way” with you today, because one of the biggest
things that gets to me is seeing change-makers with brilliant ideas, with a
deep desire to truly change the world, hold themselves back because of the
money piece.

You cannot serve the world if you’re held back!

We have a huge wound in our collective around money.

Right now, think of the top “negative” things you were taught about money.

(“Money is the root of all evil”, “money is hard to come by”, “people with a lot
of money are selfish and don’t care about the poor”, “money makes you greedy”,
those were some of the things I “learned” about money growing up).

Look at your list now and see what story it tells you about money.

Is it any wonder that woman left that comment under my Facebook ad?

I don’t blame her, considering that we are constantly taught to have a
negative emotional charge around all things money-related.

I cannot tell you how passionate I have felt about healing this collective
wound around money ever since that woman commented under my ad.

So if you’re struggling with the money piece in the good work you do
in this world (or feel called to do in the world), here are 3 things that prove
that money can be spiritual and soul-aligned…

because it’s time we begin to heal this wound once and for all.

1. You cannot help anyone if you can’t help yourself first

I had a client once, let’s call her Anna, who was a very talented healer
and psychic. Her work with people was incredible–she had the capacity
to heal people of lifelong physical ailments, help them get pregnant after
years of trying unsuccessfully, help people find missing relatives and more.

Yet, she came to work with me because she was miserable.

She was chronically undercharging and giving away services for free
because she felt bad for people who couldn’t afford it.

The result of all of this was not that “their smiles were all the reward she

Actually, she was chronically fatigued, was developing some serious health
problems that required hospitalization and was stressed out all the time about
making her rent. With not enough money coming in, she wasn’t even sure
she would be able to afford the procedures she needed to feel better.

She told me when we first spoke that she felt like she would die
if she kept this up.

Is this really the way to change the world?

If you have a calling to change the world with your unique gifts, what good
do you think you will be to the world if you’re so exhausted from overworking
to bring in enough money that you cannot get out of bed, or worse, dead?

I know it’s kind of blunt, but when I told Anna this, she realized how true
this was. As we worked together, she doubled her prices, cut out the
pro-bono clients and in a matter of months she was feeling better.

She was now making two times the amount of money she was before,
had more free time on her hands for self care and for LIVING her life
and her work with her clients was better than ever because she was
nourished, happy and inspired.

She had so much time now that she was able to get to writing her book
and her blog posts–which allowed her to impact a larger amount of people
who may not be able to afford her 1:1 services.

She now makes enough money that she has the time to offer pro-bono
sessions to people once a month.

Lesson: you cannot help others if you’re stressed out and depleted. Like the airplane safety manuals say–put your own oxygen mask on first!

As a fellow spiritual person, I get it that when we view things from a higher
plane, money has no true meaning and “it’s all energy” and “doesn’t matter”.

But we also live in a world where things cost money.

Things like food, a trip to a beautiful place that leaves us inspired, or that
course we would like to take to increase our skill set and help others in
bigger and better ways.

And as we grow our businesses, we have to invest in things that cost
money so we can get our message out there in bigger ways and help
more people than ever.

All of these things cost money.

2. Spirituality & Money have always co-mingled

One of the most common things I hear when I try to show people that
money is not “evil” or inherently “un-spiritual” is that people like Jesus or
Mother Teresa didn’t have a lot of money, yet they did a lot of good work
in the world.

That’s actually total BS.

Some spiritual leaders may choose to take on ascetic lifestyles, but that
doesn’t mean they don’t make any money or don’t need it.

In fact, Mother Theresa regularly traveled to petition millions of dollars
for her charity, which she received. Those donations were what helped her
make a big impact in the world with her work and help many people.

Her charity was just as much of a business as any other business out there.

Jesus had many wealthy benefactors that helped him further his mission
of compassion and healing the sick & poor.

So this “myth” that money and all things spiritual don’t mix is total hogwash.

If we want to get “spiritual” for a moment–consider this:

Nothing in this world has any meaning other than the one we assign to it.
A chair is only evil if we say it’s evil.

And very often objects or people will take on the qualities that WE
assign to them.

Money is a piece of paper.
It is not inherently “evil” or “non-spiritual”.
A piece of paper can’t be evil or saintly.

We choose what we want to do with that piece of paper and what energy we want to infuse it with.

So if you don’t want money to be “evil”, do good things with it like Mother Theresa
and Jesus did. Period.

As I mentioned in the first point above–reaching large amounts of people
with your business so that you can help them, costs money.

That’s making and then spending money to do good things in the world.

Use money for good and money will be a very “spiritual” practice.

3. “Selling” is not a dirty word–it’s a deep service to the world.

Most people who feel called to be of service with their businesses,
and are soul-centered, cringe a little bit internally when they hear
the word “selling”.

And I don’t blame you if you feel a little weird about that word.

We have had many examples of people who were not heart-connected
manipulating and tricking people into buying things that did not deliver
on their promises.

We even have a term for it: “snake oil salesman”.

So it doesn’t surprise me that “selling” gets a bad rap and is associated
with inauthenticity, dishonesty and stealing people’s money.

I have worked with so many entrepreneurs who have a world-changing
idea that is just sitting around collecting dust because they have such
deep resistance to “selling” their idea, program or product.

One thing I teach to my clients all the time is that we are powerful creators.
We get to choose to create our experience for the most part.

So, just like in point #2 above, we can make “selling” evil or good.
It’s your choice.

You don’t have to “sell” like the people out there who sell in a way that
feels out of alignment or sleazy.

You can define your own version of “selling”.
(That’s exactly what I did when I created my Fearless Selling™ course)

So let’s take a moment to redefine “selling”, okay?

Selling is merely letting people know what you’re up to in the world
and inviting them in to have an incredible, life changing experience
with you.

When you “sell” someone you are offering them a potentially life changing service.

It’s as simple as that.

You don’t have to do anything creepy or manipulative when you have
attracted the right potential client.

All you have to do is share from your heart, the work that you so
deeply believe in.

Your passion is what will “sell” them anyway.

So let’s reclaim the word “selling” once and for all, shall we?

It doesn’t serve you or the world to hold back from telling people
about your incredible products and ideas, because you have one
silly belief about “selling” being a dirty word.

If no one knows about what you do, then you aren’t really serving
the world are you?

All you’re really doing then is sitting at home, being “judgy” about the word “selling”
and no one gets to benefit from the powerful work that only YOU
can do on this entire planet & universe.

So, I’d love to know in the comments below, what are your most negative
beliefs on money, selling & spirituality? And how has this post helped
you to turn those around today?

I love hearing from you!

PS: I haven’t had private clients now for over 2 years. Recently I felt a
calling to open up my calendar for only TWO private 1:1 coaching clients.

If you’re feeling called to work with me privately on building your soul-aligned
business, you can click here to apply. Once we receive your application and
you’re accepted, my team member Michelle will reach out to schedule a chat
and share all the details.

Please note: this is only for truly motivated change-makers who are ready
to make a real investment in their dream in 2015 and who are prepared to
experience lightning speed growth. If that’s you, click here to apply now.
First come, first-served.


[Case Study] You won’t believe what she did!

Good morning!

I am just jumping up and down with excitement today!

Many of you have applied and written in about the Rise Mastermind now being open
for applications and enrollment! I’ve really enjoyed reading your applications
and seeing some of the big things you want to create with your business & your calling
this year! This is the kind of stuff I LOVE to help you with.

Some of you feel a little on the fence still and I totally know how that goes!

Before I made the decision to join a group mastermind (the decision that changed
my entire life for the better!), I was also feeling really hesitant and a bit afraid.

What helped me to make the decision was to read real-life stories of women
just like me who had taken the leap for themselves and their businesses and
who had had real, tangible results.

So for the next few days I will be sending you some case studies of our past
Rise Masterminders and their inspirational stories.

Today I want you to meet Nina Fry!

Just reading her story will create so much inspiration and momentum in your
heart towards your desired income and impact! You won’t believe what she
was able to accomplish in just 6 months and how far she’s come!


1. What were the challenges you were facing in your life & business
when we started working together?

I was feeling completely stuck around my work life! I have been a professor in
holistic health education for 5 years and getting paid next to nothing, but I love it
so much and it’s clearly my calling. I just didn’t know how to create work of my own
that would be fulfilling and financially sustainable. I was simply paralyzed
emotionally around it and didn’t know what to do or how to move forward.

I felt really crappy about myself and my ability to create a joyful and fulfilling life for myself.
I wasn’t able to make some changes to my self-care which would allow me to be healthier
and feel more comfortable in my body. I was not taking risks, I was avoiding socializing.
I was depressed.

2. Before we started working together, did you have any doubts
about me or our work together?

Definitely! You had come highly recommended to me, but I was so stuck at the time,
that working with anyone felt scary. So it wasn’t you I was doubting but really my ability
to do the work, or that it was the “right” program. Honestly, I didn’t know what I needed.

3. In what ways did you find the Rise Mastermind to be supportive?

You were able to really cut through the bullshit that was clouding my mind, to the real
issues I was struggling with and address those instead of all the other things that were
clouding my thinking.

You were both really compassionate but really firm with me when I needed it.
You were able to hold the vision of what was possible for me even when I wasn’t.
And, you really held me accountable for my own work.

4. What were some of the things in the Rise Mastermind that you found most
effective or meaningful?

Aside from all of the great group coaching calls and the individualized support that
I got on the group calls, I thought the IMPACT program that came for free as a bonus
in the program was incredible!

It introduced a whole new way of thinking about work and purpose to me.
It really taught me to see things through a different lens.
The accountability was invaluable to me as well as the incredible sisterhood
that the program provided.

5. What differences have you noticed in yourself since beginning
our work together?

I’ve identified how I want to move forward with my work, and begun diligently
working towards that vision (consistent small steps forward has never been
my forte, but now I find it easy and really powerful to work that way).

I feel more confident, I am excited about my work.

And the best part is that amazing opportunities for my business have started
arising for me “out of the blue” with incredible people and organizations I
previously dreamed of working with.

What would you say to someone who is considering the Rise Mastermind?

If you are serious about making changes in your life, do it!
This Mastermind had been a total game changer for me!
I’m so glad I took the leap and signed up, even though I was scared.

I can say without hesitation that this is the most forward movement I have made
on my work in… well, forever, actually. It feels FANTASTIC!!

I feel like a different woman.

A more passionate, motivated and confident woman.
So thank you. Thank you actually doesn’t even begin to cover it!


Isn’t that so inspiring? Nina had some incredible results and movement forward
and I just knew I had to share them with you!

So my love, if your heart is asking you to RISE into the next level of your leadership
this year and step into the next level of your calling & business…

Apply now for the Rise Mastermind.

Just a few days until the application deadline now and we have limited spots.


my cheating ex-boyfriend and your business


Right about now, I’m sure you’re thinking “what the heck does my business
have to do with Lisa’s cheating ex-boyfriend”?

Oh, but it has everything to do with him.

I’ll tell you why…

When I was in my mid-twenties, I made a decision to give a chance
to a man that my intuition had always been a “no” to.

I heard rumors that he had a major thing for me for 2 years.

Still, I had always rebuffed his pointed looks and his attempts to flirt
with me when I was out with friends and ran into him, because the idea
of dating him had never really entered my mind.

For some reason, 2 years later, I decided to ignore my inner guidance and
give him a chance and I began to date him.

About 6 months into the relationship, not only was he emotionally abusive

to me on a regular basis, but he also cheated on me.

He chose to never tell me.
And I didn’t find out about this indiscretion until a year later.

And I only found out because he left his emails open on my computer,
and forgot to close out a long email from the woman he had cheated
on me with, who was furious with him for how he treated her.
(I didn’t blame her, honestly!)

Now, I had never been cheated on–I had always dated some amazing,
open-hearted men–I had been lucky up until that point!

I remember when I found out, I felt like the ground fell out from underneath me.

Still, I went against my better judgment (once again) and gave him a second chance.
(this is what happens when you get wrapped up in an unhealthy relationship)

Another year went by.

He ended up moving in to my apartment for a few months–I wanted to help him out
while he searched for his own job and apartment. But 6 months went by, I was
suddenly paying for almost everything and he still had no job or apartment
to speak of.

Then one day, he left his cell phone at my house and he called me from
another phone, asking me to check his voicemails for an important message
about a job he had recently gotten as a teacher.

When I went into his voicemail to retrieve the information from the message
for him, I stumbled upon the wrong voicemail and found out that he was
having an affair with one of his students!

Cheating on me, once again. Yup.

At that point, I had been doing a lot of personal development work and knew that I
had to value myself enough to end the relationship and chalk it up to a lesson learned.

Shortly after that, I met the next person I would date for 6 years.

I remember in the beginning of dating this new person, I could feel all of
my trust issues wanting to come up and take over.

What if this new person cheated on me?
Could I trust them when they were talking with their female friend on the phone?
What if this happened to me all over again?

If I had picked this deadbeat boyfriend before, could that mean my “partner picker”
was off and that I had picked another cheater again?

How could I be sure that I wouldn’t be cheated on again?

But I also realized that if I chose to bring my old experiences from that
bad relationship into the new one…

I would be miserable, paranoid and suffering in the new relationship
all the time and would never get to truly enjoy it and experience it fully.

I would create a bad experience for my new partner and never give the
relationship a chance to succeed because I’d be projecting all my old fears
from previous bad experiences onto the new relationship.

So in that moment I decided I wanted to choose to feel good.

I told myself, I am NOT bringing my baggage from the last relationship
into this new one. I refuse to be jealous.

It was as simple as making the choice to trust.
And I did.

And guess what happened?

My new partner was loyal and totally different than my cheating ex.

I got to enjoy that relationship fully.
It was one of the relationships where I grew the most as a person.

And even though it ended 6 years later, we amicably parted ways
and still to this day remain very close friends with a lot of love for each other.

I never would have grown and had the experiences I had in that relationship
had I brought in the baggage from the old one into it.

And I’m telling you this story because there are definite correlations
between my story about my cheating ex-boyfriend and the success
of your business.

As I’m currently talking with and enrolling people who applied for the
Rise Mastermind, sometimes they share a fear with me…

And it’s a fear that I have found to be pretty common in many change-makers
who are ready to play a bigger game and who have invested in their businesses
before through other programs or products.

Even though they feel highly called to join RISE, they tell me
they had coaching before or did a program already and they had
a bad experience…or they didn’t end up DOING anything with the
information they invested in and they’re still stuck where they were before.

They are afraid to leap into what their heart is telling them to do,
because they keep being afraid that what happened in the past,
will happen again.

Can they trust themselves to finally do the work?
Can they be sure that this time things will finally be different?

They bring all the old “baggage” of their old experiences and project it
into the new experiences they are trying to have.

And when they do that, they become too afraid to take the leap,
and never give themselves the chance to truly flourish and go for their dreams,
because they are still stuck in the experiences of the past.

My love, I’m here to tell you that this is a hidden form of self sabotage.

Because what ends up happening is that you project into the future your fear
that you might have that bad experience again.

And you are a powerful creator–so by allowing those fears to rule your
decision-making abilities you actually end up creating a negative experience
for yourself in the future before it has even happened.

You will literally create a bad experience once again, no matter
how hard that program or coach tries to make it a good experience for you.

If your attention is on the fear of repeating a bad mistake again, then
that is what you will create.

And I don’t want you to keep doing that to yourself, because I want
you to be able to say yes to experiences that could be great for you,
whatever those experiences might be. (not just my programs)

So here’s the deal:

Next time you feel called to do something, join something or work with
someone, think of my cheating ex-boyfriend story and the decision I
made to NOT bring that baggage into the relationship after that.

Don’t bring your past baggage into your future business decisions.

It will weigh you down.

And you’ll never get to truly fly on your journey forward into the
life and business you really want to create.

In fact, it will probably weigh you down so much that you’ll never
get off the ground.

So here’s the deal–if you’ve been sitting on the fence about applying
for the Rise Mastermind because you’re afraid that it will be just like a
bad experience you had in the past, or you’re afraid you won’t do the work,
like you didn’t last time…

I invite you to feel into your heart and ask it what it wants.

What is your Soul called to do?

If you’re ready to create a positive experience for yourself, where you’ll
have an award-winning, master coach & Seer (that’s me!) fiercely dedicated to
your success, a group of amazing people who are cheering you on and loving
accountability so that you keep your commitments to yourself…

then I invite you to apply now for the Rise Mastermind.

We’ve had more applications than available spots now and at the rate
that people are enrolling, I think we’ll be sold out in a week.

Click here to apply now.

The application deadline is February 8th at 5pm EST.

Choose to trust.
Choose your experience and it will be just as you chose it to be.

You are the creator of your life.

In the comments below, I’d love to hear what your top takeaway from this is.
It always helps me to know how these things are landing with you!

ps: are you coming to my free Live Seer Call on Monday at 8pm EST?
You will get LIVE on the spot intuitive seeing from me about anything you need
help with right now in your business and I will be doing a Seer Transmission based
on all the downloads I’ve been getting for us all as we step into our next level this year.

The downloads have been big and I have some very important intuitive messages
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I’m hosting a free, live Seer call next week!

A few months ago, I “came out” with the fact that I am a Seer.

It got a HUGE response and to this date, that blog post and the
few Seer Transmission videos I did on the blog, remain some of the
most popular blog posts of all time!

For those of you who missed that blog post and are wondering
“what the heck is that?”, let me explain…

My entire life I have been blessed with the ability to “see”.

I remember being a kid and observing adults talking to each other
and seeing that there was so much more happening behind their
words that they themselves were not even aware of.

I remember getting random images in my brain or deep hunches
about people.

When I was in high school, my girl friends would bring me pictures of
the guys they were interested in and with one look I would tell them all
about that guy and whether or not they were a good match for them.

I don’t call what I do “psychic”, it’s so much more than that.

Being a Seer is not about being psychic, it’s not about being right or
wrong or proving your abilities.

What being a Seer is all about is SEEING.

It’s where you get to be fully SEEN.

It’s what my clients have come to me for, for years.

“Lisa, you just have this laser vision that cuts through all the BS
that is clouding my mind and you immediately find the source of
the issue. In 5 minutes, you’ve solved a problem or given me an
insight that took me months to figure out on my own”

That’s a common thing I hear from my clients.

My clients in the Rise Mastermind got my full on Seer in the program
last year, during our group calls and on the private forum.

As a result, many of them had huge breakthroughs in their businesses,
things like:

  • Finally getting clarity on WHAT her business was about
  • Getting the perfectly guided marketing copy for her website
  • Being invited into incredibly exclusive, high level work with big clients
  • Going from $5,000 a month in revenue to $11,000 a month
  • Doing a complete re-brand and launching in the six figures in the first month
  • going from 500,000 to 1 million dollars in revenue in one year
  • Going from 3 clients to 22 in 3 months

When you work with me, not only do you get my years of experience of
running a successful, multi-six figure business…

You also get my powerful seeing abilities to make sure you don’t make the wrong
decisions in your business, and that you make the soul-aligned decisions that will
bring you the most income, ease and impact.

And I do it quickly, so that it’s easy for you to just get on with your great work and
not be toiling away for months and months, still stuck.

In the Rise Mastermind you get my expert seeing for 6 whole months.

And now I want to offer you a “taste” of what it feels like to be coached by
a master coach and Seer as you step into your next level of your business.

So I’ve decided to, for the first time EVER, host a live, Seer call!

I’ll start out the call with a Seer Transmission for the entire group, to talk
about what’s going on for the collective right now in our businesses and
what we most need to focus on right now…

and then I will pick a few people on the call live, to get on-the-spot 5 minute
Seer sessions, where I will incorporate my intuition, my Seeing and my laser
coaching abilities to help you bust through whatever is keeping you from your
desired income and impact.

But you have to come to the call LIVE to get the chance to get your
question answered live in a mini-seer session.

I’ll also answer any questions about the Rise Mastermind during the call as well!

I am so excited for this! This is the first time I have ever done this and the first
time I offered Seer insights on Facebook, the post went viral and we had more
than 245 comments and tons of beautiful messages saying what a big breakthrough
the insights I provided for each person provided.

Now I’m looking forward to doing that with you LIVE on this brand new event!

Sign up here for the Free Live Seer Call with me.

I’m keeping spots for this one limited, because I get a bit tired if I do too
many people at once. :-)

Can’t wait to see you there!