I work with people who know that they’re supposed to be making a big contribution but for reasons they can’t quite pin down, they’re just not doing it. I help to light that inner spark that sets their revolution in motion.

I totally blew this


I’ll never forget how badly I blew my first sales conversation.

I had just been laid off from my job, had opened up my own business and
desperately needed the money to pay my rent.

I had FINALLY gotten someone to agree to sit down and talk with me about
my offerings. I prepared for hours, going over all the questions I had been
taught I “should” ask. Questions that would “close the sale”.

But when the potential client sat across from me, enthusiastic to talk with me,
I totally froze.

Ugh. I felt so WEIRD doing this. I wanted to hide.

First, it felt like I was in some sort of beggar position having to ask for money.

Second, I felt paranoid that she was going to think I was like one of those sleazy
salesmen that lure you into a conversation just to take your money.

And lastly, I was terrified of how she would react at the end of the conversation
when I told her how much the investment in my services was.

But even though I could automatically feel myself shrinking under the weight of
these paranoid thoughts, even though I felt suddenly like I was a burden and
taking this person’s precious time, I pushed ahead like I had been taught to do
and used all the “tactics” that I had been taught by all the books and programs
I had bought to teach me about sales.

To my horror, I watched as the potential client in front of me grew more and more

I watched her shrink under the weight of the manipulative questions full of fear
tactics that I had been taught to use to “close the sale”, and by the end of the
conversation, I was so embarrassed to ask for money, that I “blanked’ and
forgot to give her the prices to work with me.

But it didn’t matter, because it was so clear by the end of the conversation
that not only was she a “no” but also that she wanted to get as far away from
me as possible.

I remember I watched her walk out of the coffee shop where we met, I walked
into the bathroom, shut the door and cried my eyes out.

That had just felt AWFUL.

I had gotten into this business to truly serve people and all the things I had
been taught about how to “close the sale” felt totally out of alignment with
how I believed in behaving in the world.

The questions I was asking didn’t feel like me at all.
And I wondered “is this really what you have to do to make money?”

Well I refused to believe that.

Because in my heart I felt that serving people and having integrity always
won out in the end over money-chasing and pushy sales tactics.
I believed in people over profit–and that that equation actually would earn you
MORE money in the long run.

There HAD to be a way to turn the sales conversation into a powerful
transformational tool, that not only shows how amazing you are at what
you do, but that leaves the potential client feeling INSPIRED into a
whole-hearted YES, because they feel so deeply served by that sales session.

So I set out on a quest to find that “way” of doing a sales conversation.
I studied all of the best methods out there and began to add in my own methods
that were more heart-centered and in alignment with truly helping people.

And soon enough, I began closing over 75% of my sales conversations.
I was attracting AMAZING clients into my business that I LOVED.
My business revenue TRIPLED in a matter of just a few months and in the
next year and half, my business hit six figures, and then it hit multiple six figures.

Business owners from all around the world began to come to me to learn WHAT
it was that I was doing and I began to teach them my new sales method, and
then THEY started seeing INCREDIBLE results in their revenue.

In fact, using my modern, soul-centered sales method, my clients pulled
in a combined total of over $3 million dollars in revenue last year in soul-aligned
businesses without having to use any sleazy, out of integrity sales tactics.

It used to be that just a few years ago you could use these tactics on people
and they worked. But the world is different now–people don’t want to be put into
a fearful place, they don’t want to make decisions out of scarcity and manipulation.
They want to be inspired and they want TRUTH.

And there is a way to have an effortless, authentic sales conversation that
inspires the easy, whole-hearted yes in your potential client.

I’m going to teach you this new paradigm of selling on my free webinar,

3 Steps to Triple Your Sales in 30 Days (Without Selling Your Soul)

Click here to register for free.

You’ll learn:

    • How to inspire an immediate “YES” from your ideal client, even if you dread
      the “sales” conversation.
    • A step-by-step question formula I personally use to close my clients 75% or
      more each time.
    • How the current paradigm of “selling” and growing your business is dying, andwhy now is the perfect time to adjust your approach so that your business and
      you don’t get left behind.
    • How I bust through my own resistance and turn my conversations into cash, all by being ME and serving THEM.
    • And so much more…

Come join me to explore the NEW paradigm of selling, so that you can get paid well for your great work, without ever feeling “not good” after a sales session again.

Click here to register for free.

Can’t wait to see you there!



50 Shades of…Awkward?

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 3.06.09 PM


Imagine this: you’re sitting in the gorgeous, Christian-Grey-like office of a potential
client you’d really like to work with, while his assistant’s lizard-like eyes, size you and
your outfit up & down.

You clear your throat a little as your potential client enters the room and sits across
from you with his commanding presence. Your heart flutters in anticipation.
You’ve been waiting for this meeting for a long time, because if this meeting turns
into a client, you can finance your dream, a dream that will impact the lives of many
people in a positive way.

But something is suddenly wrong.

You entered the room feeling confident, but now you’re feeling self-conscious over
how his assistant is sizing you up. Your shoulders begin to shrink as this totally
embarrassing thought enters your mind:

“Omg–this client is so busy and here I am, taking up his time in the middle of the
day to sell him something. I’m taking up his time to ask for money. Just like one
of those sleazy salesmen. Ugh.”

As this thought floods your mind, you start to feel like a burden.
And when you look into the expectant eyes of your potential client, you suddenly
feel embarrassed and clam up. What was once enthusiasm and excitement over
sharing what you do and how you can support him, has turned into shame and
wanting to hide.

Fifteen minutes later, you leave his office, red-faced and angry with yourself.
You blew the meeting because you were feeling so self-conscious.
And worst of all, you didn’t “close the sale” and now have to go do this all over
again with someone else until you can get the investments you need to get your
great work out there in the world.

Has this ever happened to you?

It probably has (it happens to all of us!).
Especially if you’re a soul-centered entrepreneur who doesn’t like the feeling of
“chasing money” and dislikes “sales conversations”… yet you DO want profit and
to serve & reach more people with your work.

I hear this story from my clients all the time.

But there’s a re-frame that I give to them, when they come up against this
obstacle, that changes everything for them.

Most of my clients (and you, in this community) are authentic people, with
high integrity, who want to truly help others with their work. They come to me
hating the sales conversation because they have this idea that it’s sleazy or
weird… after I give them this re-frame, they do things like:

make $9,000 in one month, grow their business revenue by six times in 8
months and bring in a combined $3 million dollars in revenue last year alone.
All while in businesses that truly serve people and make an impact.

Want to know what this re-frame is?

Well I’m revealing it all in my new webinar:

“3 Steps To Tripling Your Sales in 30 Days (Without Selling Your Soul)”.

There IS a way to have an authentic, warm conversation with a potential
client and INSPIRE an immediate, whole-hearted “yes” from your
potential client, even if you dread the sales conversation.

I’m going to teach it to you for free on my new webinar, where you’ll learn:

  • How the current paradigm of “selling” and growing your business is dying, and why now is the perfect time to adjust your approach so that your business and you don’t get left behind.
  • A step-by-step question formula I personally use to close my clients 75% or more each time.
  • How I bust through my own resistance and turn my conversations into cash, all by being ME and serving THEM.

And so much more…

As a gift for signing up for the webinar, I am also gifting you my Client Yes Map™, which gives you the exact system I have used to 10x my business in the last 5 years, without having to use any sleazy, inauthentic, out-of-integrity practices.

Sign up now so that you can continue to do your great work in the world, while being
paid well for your efforts.

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Can’t wait to see you there!


Why masculine/feminine balance is the key to tripling your business (and keeping you sane in the process)

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 6.46.44 PM

3 years ago, I was sitting in my parents kitchen in Florida, having a conversation
with my father about my business and I had a major eureka that changed how I
approach my business forever. (Yes it was THAT big of a realization).

Over the years, my father has been an invaluable sounding board for me,
as he is the only other entrepreneur in my immediate family.

It’s been a lifesaver to have him to talk to when no one else in my family understands
what I do or really “gets” what it’s really like to run your own business.

Well, here I was in the kitchen talking to him and as he launched into asking
me questions about what my “revenue plan” for the year was, what did I have in
my “launch calendar” and was my business model supporting my income goals…

my eyes began to glaze over.


I hated talking about this stuff in my business and had been avoiding it like
the plague for almost 2 years at that point.

I felt this part of me wanting to run away from the conversation and simultaneously
get really annoyed and overwhelmed at the questions he was asking–
“why do I have to do things like a ‘revenue plan?”, I thought to myself.

At that time I preferred to make all my business decisions solely by my intuition and
fly by the seat of my pants. I didn’t want to be “caged” by revenue plans, budgets
and business models!

Besides what if halfway through the year I decided I wanted to change what I offer?
Who knew what would happen 6 months from now? Isn’t it limiting to be so structured?

I just wanted to write my newsletters, post on Facebook, spend time creating my
programs and do the work of helping my clients.

I didn’t want to spend time on all the things in my business I wasn’t superb at–
like keeping track of the numbers and planning my entire year out ahead of time.

Yet here was this man sitting in front of me, my father, who has done well in his
business, asking me these questions. So in the back of my head, I knew I needed
to listen up–clearly if he had done well, perhaps I should listen.

As the conversation progressed, I started to think about why I was feeling
so much resistance to handling this whole other side of my business that
he was asking about.

And the answer came when I thought of something that I teach religiously to all
of my clients. It’s something that is absolutely CRUCIAL for long term success
and happiness in your life & business–maintaining a masculine and feminine
balance in your business.

What does that mean?

Masculine energy is focused, direct, forward moving and action-oriented.
It gets sh&t done.

The “masculine” in your business is the part of your business that holds the
structures, takes direct action and does all the planning.

Things like creating a revenue plan, creating budgets for your programs, creating
a launch calendar (exactly what dates you will launch your offerings), pricing your
programs…all of those things are the “masculine” side of your biz.

Feminine energy is all about beauty, creativity, inspiration and intuition.
It moves more like water, rather than in a straight line. It flows. It receives.

The “feminine” in your business is the part of your business where you spend
time being the visionary and creator.

So whenever you daydream on your couch about what you want your business to
look like in 5 years, the time you spend in your creative space when you create
your latest offerings or content and the time you spend helping your clients–
those are the things that represent the feminine side of your business.

Now–here’s the REALLY important part:

If we go too far into the masculine side of our business…
we become overworked,too structured and rigid, we suffer from exhaustion and
our creative ideas totally dry up. We feel unhappy and burdened by our business
and want to quit. We burn out.

If we go too far into the feminine side of our business…
we start to get that “airy-headed” feeling. We spend a lot of time in daydream land
and we don’t take a lot of action. We suddenly start to feel foggy and confused about
what we do and how we should express it and hold back. Then we start to feel a sense
of guilt over not taking enough action in our business and that makes our creative
ideas shut down and we feel even worse.

Has this ever happened to you?

Both have happened to me in my business. Many times, in fact.

Going too far into either masculine or feminine in your business is a recipe for
unhappiness and stuck-ness.

If you’re depleted or unhappy, you just aren’t going to put your best work
out there and that means no clients & no money, or the wrong clients and
an unsustainable business that eventually will break you down.

The OLD way of succeeding business was more in the masculine.
That became unsustainable for so many and we left it behind. We burned out.
As a result we can sometimes take a swing a little too much into the feminine
as we “rebel” against the overly masculine structures that wore us out.
Extremes on either side, are not sustainable.

The NEW paradigm of success in business involves balancing both the
feminine and the masculine in your business. And understanding that success
isn’t just about how much you made last year, it’s about how happy and well
resourced you were while doing it.

How do we balance our masculine and feminine in our businesses?

Here’s how:

The masculine energy works best when it sets up structures and holds the perimeter
for the feminine energy to do her dance and do her flowy, beautiful, creative thing.

When the feminine energy has a structure/perimeter to hold her while she does
her thing, she suddenly feels really safe and happy, because there is this lovely
perimeter/structure to keep her safe while she floats around.

As a result, she becomes even MORE creative and pregnant with juicy ideas that
are soul-aligned and that magnetize people to you.

So, if you really want true inner and outer success in your business,
you will put your masculine in service of the feminine in your business.

When I put the masculine in my business in service of the feminine, my income
tripled and everything became SO much easier.

Creative ideas just poured out of me and I created and released my two best
programs–Impact™ and Fearless Selling™ (which is coming soon!).

Putting the masculine in service of the feminine in your business, means
taking the time to set up the proper structures (your revenue plan, your
launch plan, your yearly budget), so that your feminine can relax and
surrender into that structure because she knows exactly what her goals are
for that year and exactly how she’s going to go about it.

Clarity leads to unbounded creativity.

That takes a lot of stress off of you and releases you from “not knowing what
might happen”, so that you can go off and be the creative genius that you are
and do your great work, while the “annoying left-brained stuff” is taken care of.

Fortunately I developed a method of doing this, that allows you to have fun
while setting up these structures and makes it much easier (and less annoying).

And I’ve put it all into a workshop I call VISUALIZE™: A live, interactive, 3 hour
online workshop to help you put the masculine in service of the feminine in
your business.

For the past few years I have only offered this workshop to private mastermind

But the results have been so mind-blowing for my clients after completing this
VISUALIZE™ process with me, I decided to invite a small group of individuals
in my larger community to be my “beta” group for offering VISUALIZE™ to
the public–for only $177!

If you’re reading this–that means you’re invited!

Now because this is a beta group, I am going to keep this group small.

I can only take up to 25 change-makers like you, and 7 spots are already taken.

So I’m personally inviting you to participate.

Here’s what you get when you join us in VISUALIZE™:

  • All of the revenue planning worksheets that I personally use to plan my year for success and abundance.
  • A clear plan for determining what services/products or programs you should offer so that your offerings truly reflect the soul of your brand.
  • Live coaching from me on your budget and revenue plan for the year
  • My super effective pricing method–that allows you to price your offerings in a way that feels good to you and that magnetizes high quality, ideal clients to you.
  • A few of my fun tricks I use to manifest money quickly when I need it.
  • FAST ACTION BONUS: On the spot, 3 minute website reviews to maximize your profit & traffic using your website.

All of that for only $177.
I am only pricing it this way this one time (because it is a beta group).

If I do decide to offer this program again, it will never be that price again.
And you can quote me on that.
To register for one of only 18 spots left for this live, interactive, online workshop
and to learn more about the date of the workshop and all other details, please click here.

I’m looking forward to helping you start your 2015 off right, so that you can maximize your
profits and get there without being exhausted, burned out or feeling icky.

It’s possible–I and my clients are living proof.

Come grab your spot now for the VISUALIZE™ workshop before it fills up.

So, I’d love to know in the comments below–have you ever struggled with masculine/feminine balance in your business? If so, what did you do to get
yourself back into balance?


Trouble finding clients? Here’s the soul-aligned way to get high quality clients, fast.


There’s one thing that frustrates every change-maker I’ve worked with,
whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro in your business…

and that is getting clients.

Clients are what keep your business afloat.
If you don’t have clients, you don’t have a business, period.

And I know it can be frustrating figuring out where to find them, how to get more of
them and how to keep them coming in, especially if you want to do it in a way that
feels soul-aligned and authentic and that brings the right clients in.

Two years ago I worked with a client, Lauren, who was building a business of her own,
yet had a day job to support her family as she made the transition.
And then she was fired unexpectedly.

In the span of one day she went from having a job, to having NO income coming in.
And she had to figure out a way to get clients FAST. She had a family to support!

Lauren went into a panic and called me up. She felt overwhelmed as to what to
do, because there are so many tactics and “methods” out there for getting clients,
it can make your head spin. Plus, a lot of the ways to get clients she knew about
took a long time and, like I said before, she needed to get clients as fast as possible.

So I gave her my favorite easy (and only one step!) method to get clients.
Within 2 days she not only landed her first two clients, but she also got the
opportunity of a lifetime–an offer that many people have worked years to get.

So what the heck did I tell her? And what was this opportunity she got?

Well, one of the most important things that you need to actually get clients,
is something that most business owners miss completely.

In fact a lot of programs that teach you how to get clients gloss over this and teach
you a ton of super complicated things that take a while to implement and that many soul-aligned
business owners find a bit sleazy and don’t end up doing anyway.

There is a much easier way to get clients.
It all starts with what I like to call my “Selling with Soul™ Formula”.

Consistency + Visibility + Persistence = Clients

or to put it simply….

In order for someone to want to work with you and
become your client, they have to know you exist.

I know this sounds silly and obvious, but it’s a trap we all fall into as business
owners–we’re out and about living our lives and we forget to tell people what
we are up to. And no one knows that we are doing what we do!

Why do we forget to tell people what we’re up to? Well, mostly because:

1) We think it’s useless to tell a random person what we do

Part of the reason we don’t share with people what we’re up to is that we think,
“why would this random person I met at the hair salon want to know what I do?”
(I’ll answer that question in a minute)

2) We think we’ll come across as “salesy” when we share what we do

Another reason we don’t share is that we’re paranoid that once we actually
answer the question “what do you do?”, that someone is going to think we are
trying to “sell” them and run the other direction. So we get shy and stay quiet.
We don’t want that person to perceive us as some sleazy salesperson wanting
to get something out of them, now do we?

My client, Lauren, had the same two fears as I listed above.

But she needed clients fast.

So I gave her one, super simple and easy homework assignment based
on the Selling With Soul™ Formula:

I told her:

“for the next 2 weeks, I want you to tell one person every day what you
do in your business.

I don’t care if the only person you talk to that day is the mailman–do it
anyway. Your task is not to get new clients–and you are not sharing every
day with the intention to get a client–your task is just to share what you love
with one person every day. That’s it”.

It was so simple she almost couldn’t believe it would work.

And she was a little nervous to do it, but I gave her a simple script for how
to share in a way that feels authentic and not like you’re trying to “get”
something from the person you’re sharing with, (which you can get as part
of my program Fearless Selling™, opening up in a few weeks)…

and she started her homework.

And then a virtual miracle happened.

After I shared the Selling with Soul™ Formula with her, she went back to her
office that same day to pack up her desk and leave.

As she was packing up, a guy from the marketing department in her company
(that she had never met) walked by and asked her if she was leaving.

She shared that, yes, she was leaving the company, but that she was also
excited to have more time to focus on her true passion…and then she told
him excitedly all about her business.

His whole face lit up as he listened to her and he told her “I know someone
who can offer you a great job while you’re building that business up and I
really think my brother could use you as his coach!”

Turns out that marketing department guy knew a very famous celebrity
who needed a personal assistant.

By the end of that week, she had secured a six-figure day job (twice
what she was making in the job she got fired from), supporting this
celebrity that she had always admired AND she had her first client for
her business that she was building–the marketing guy’s brother!

As of today, Lauren left her day job a year ago and now has a full client
roster, working with people she loves.

She got these results from using the Selling with Soul™ Formula (part of
my Fearless Selling™ program) in just ONE day (and she still uses it
to this day to keep generating clients for her business)

Still don’t buy that this works because it’s too easy?

Well just the other day, I went to the hair salon to get my hair done and I
struck up a conversation with the woman next to me about our love of
travel. By the end of the conversation she had exchanged cards with me
and by the end of that day she had emailed me to book a VIP Day.

Or how about my client Nina, who started sharing what she was working
on in her new business, after learning the Selling with Soul™ Formula?

Soon after, a mentor of hers began sending major opportunities her way,
with the chance to work with people she had always looked up to.

The mentor didn’t even know she was “open for business” because she had
never mentioned it until then!

So remember–forget selling or “getting a client”.

Instead, consistently, persistently tell one person daily, what you do.

Make that your daily goal and you will most definitely begin to drum up
interest in your business. It has worked for all of my clients who truly
dedicate themselves to it and do it every day. And it’s easy (and free!)

Use Facebook every day to share what you love about what you do,
tell people you meet at the bus stop in conversation, share with family

just tell one person every day!

Not only will you get practice doing this, so you’ll feel less awkward telling
people what you do as time goes by, but you will also get the right clients
for you in a soul-aligned, open hearted and authentic way.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below–what is your top takeaway
from this post? It helps me to know these things resonate with you and that
they are of value to you!

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

With profound devotion,
Lisa Fabrega

ps: I have a few other super easy, fun techniques to get more ideal clients
in a soul-aligned way –they’re featured as part of my Fearless Selling™
program coming up in a few weeks. Stay tuned to your inbox if you’re
curious about it!


wait til you see this take on money & spirituality


“Go f*&k yourself. You and your disgusting talk of money.
You’re everything that’s wrong with the world!”

That was a real comment under one of my Facebook ads last year.

It was an ad promoting my program Impact™, which is a program
that helps changemakers overcome the obstacles that prevent them
from making more money and more impact in the world with their

You might think I felt offended or upset by this woman’s comment.
Or that I wanted to shrink and never promote this program I deeply
believe in, ever again.

A part of me did feel like hiding.

But luckily, I didn’t shrink.

In fact, once I took a deep breath I felt so grateful for her.

Because in that moment she shone a light on something that I knew
would become one of my great “missions” in life.

Healing the wound we have around money & spirituality.

As I read that woman’s comment, I could feel how deeply triggered
she was around money. I went to her Facebook profile and found it
full of beautiful posts about spirituality and serving the world.

It was clear she and I both held the same beliefs about serving others
with our gifts–yet here she was equating me to some slimy, smarmy,
devoid-of-soul person who only cared about money.

That used to be one of my worst fears–that someone would think of
me that way, when all I wanted to do was help.

As I re-read the comment, my inner Seer could see right through to the
deep wound she had around money.

She was triggered by my suggestions that serving the world could also mean that you make good money, because she had her own fears and limiting beliefs about money and spirituality.

It’s a toxic belief that I see all the time as I work with change-makers who feel
called to serve the world positively with their businesses.

We seem to collectively think that money and spirituality
are like oil and water–they cannot mingle.

I get it. I used to think the same thing.

When I first started my business I felt so weird asking people to pay me.

I genuinely wanted to help them, could see that our work together would
have a positive effect on their lives and my heart was bursting to serve…

It was just the “asking for money” bit that felt weird.

Would they think I was a sleazy marketer for posting about my program?

Would they think I didn’t really care about them if I charged them money for the
help I offered?

Isn’t it somehow more “spiritual” to do everything for free and for the
reward to be the smile on the person’s face when you help them?

Didn’t Jesus, Gandhi or Mother Theresa, the change-makers I most
admired, do that?

Aren’t you supposed to give up money and live a totally ascetic
lifestyle in order to be truly “enlightened” and “spiritual”?

Well, I tried that.

And months later I was stressed out, unable to pay my bills,
feeling so stressed and depleted from worrying about money,
that I couldn’t really create anything that would be of help to
anyone anyway.

It was after my fourth consecutive week of having to buy ramen for
breakfast, lunch and dinner and listening to my alcoholic, chain-smoking
abusive neighbors in my low-rent apartment building have a massive
blow-out, that I realized…”there’s got to be a better way”.

I wasn’t actually helping anyone because I was struggling to survive.

I was depressed and I couldn’t coach any clients properly when my
neighbors decided to have a huge fight and you could hear it through
my walls and on my phone call with my client.

But at the time, it was the only place I could afford to live.

My focus was so much on survival and I was so stressed all the time
that I wasn’t able to do my best work.

Luckily, I found that better way.

I now run a multi-six figure business that has helped over 5,000
change-makers make a real impact in the world with their great work,
without having to feel slimy, smarmy or like a sell-out.

I believe in this so much that I even created a program called
“Fearless Selling™” out of these realizations (and I’m happy to report
that my clients collectively brought in $3 million in revenue in soul-aligned
businesses last year due to that little program!)

And I’m sharing that “better way” with you today, because one of the biggest
things that gets to me is seeing change-makers with brilliant ideas, with a
deep desire to truly change the world, hold themselves back because of the
money piece.

You cannot serve the world if you’re held back!

We have a huge wound in our collective around money.

Right now, think of the top “negative” things you were taught about money.

(“Money is the root of all evil”, “money is hard to come by”, “people with a lot
of money are selfish and don’t care about the poor”, “money makes you greedy”,
those were some of the things I “learned” about money growing up).

Look at your list now and see what story it tells you about money.

Is it any wonder that woman left that comment under my Facebook ad?

I don’t blame her, considering that we are constantly taught to have a
negative emotional charge around all things money-related.

I cannot tell you how passionate I have felt about healing this collective
wound around money ever since that woman commented under my ad.

So if you’re struggling with the money piece in the good work you do
in this world (or feel called to do in the world), here are 3 things that prove
that money can be spiritual and soul-aligned…

because it’s time we begin to heal this wound once and for all.

1. You cannot help anyone if you can’t help yourself first

I had a client once, let’s call her Anna, who was a very talented healer
and psychic. Her work with people was incredible–she had the capacity
to heal people of lifelong physical ailments, help them get pregnant after
years of trying unsuccessfully, help people find missing relatives and more.

Yet, she came to work with me because she was miserable.

She was chronically undercharging and giving away services for free
because she felt bad for people who couldn’t afford it.

The result of all of this was not that “their smiles were all the reward she

Actually, she was chronically fatigued, was developing some serious health
problems that required hospitalization and was stressed out all the time about
making her rent. With not enough money coming in, she wasn’t even sure
she would be able to afford the procedures she needed to feel better.

She told me when we first spoke that she felt like she would die
if she kept this up.

Is this really the way to change the world?

If you have a calling to change the world with your unique gifts, what good
do you think you will be to the world if you’re so exhausted from overworking
to bring in enough money that you cannot get out of bed, or worse, dead?

I know it’s kind of blunt, but when I told Anna this, she realized how true
this was. As we worked together, she doubled her prices, cut out the
pro-bono clients and in a matter of months she was feeling better.

She was now making two times the amount of money she was before,
had more free time on her hands for self care and for LIVING her life
and her work with her clients was better than ever because she was
nourished, happy and inspired.

She had so much time now that she was able to get to writing her book
and her blog posts–which allowed her to impact a larger amount of people
who may not be able to afford her 1:1 services.

She now makes enough money that she has the time to offer pro-bono
sessions to people once a month.

Lesson: you cannot help others if you’re stressed out and depleted. Like the airplane safety manuals say–put your own oxygen mask on first!

As a fellow spiritual person, I get it that when we view things from a higher
plane, money has no true meaning and “it’s all energy” and “doesn’t matter”.

But we also live in a world where things cost money.

Things like food, a trip to a beautiful place that leaves us inspired, or that
course we would like to take to increase our skill set and help others in
bigger and better ways.

And as we grow our businesses, we have to invest in things that cost
money so we can get our message out there in bigger ways and help
more people than ever.

All of these things cost money.

2. Spirituality & Money have always co-mingled

One of the most common things I hear when I try to show people that
money is not “evil” or inherently “un-spiritual” is that people like Jesus or
Mother Teresa didn’t have a lot of money, yet they did a lot of good work
in the world.

That’s actually total BS.

Some spiritual leaders may choose to take on ascetic lifestyles, but that
doesn’t mean they don’t make any money or don’t need it.

In fact, Mother Theresa regularly traveled to petition millions of dollars
for her charity, which she received. Those donations were what helped her
make a big impact in the world with her work and help many people.

Her charity was just as much of a business as any other business out there.

Jesus had many wealthy benefactors that helped him further his mission
of compassion and healing the sick & poor.

So this “myth” that money and all things spiritual don’t mix is total hogwash.

If we want to get “spiritual” for a moment–consider this:

Nothing in this world has any meaning other than the one we assign to it.
A chair is only evil if we say it’s evil.

And very often objects or people will take on the qualities that WE
assign to them.

Money is a piece of paper.
It is not inherently “evil” or “non-spiritual”.
A piece of paper can’t be evil or saintly.

We choose what we want to do with that piece of paper and what energy we want to infuse it with.

So if you don’t want money to be “evil”, do good things with it like Mother Theresa
and Jesus did. Period.

As I mentioned in the first point above–reaching large amounts of people
with your business so that you can help them, costs money.

That’s making and then spending money to do good things in the world.

Use money for good and money will be a very “spiritual” practice.

3. “Selling” is not a dirty word–it’s a deep service to the world.

Most people who feel called to be of service with their businesses,
and are soul-centered, cringe a little bit internally when they hear
the word “selling”.

And I don’t blame you if you feel a little weird about that word.

We have had many examples of people who were not heart-connected
manipulating and tricking people into buying things that did not deliver
on their promises.

We even have a term for it: “snake oil salesman”.

So it doesn’t surprise me that “selling” gets a bad rap and is associated
with inauthenticity, dishonesty and stealing people’s money.

I have worked with so many entrepreneurs who have a world-changing
idea that is just sitting around collecting dust because they have such
deep resistance to “selling” their idea, program or product.

One thing I teach to my clients all the time is that we are powerful creators.
We get to choose to create our experience for the most part.

So, just like in point #2 above, we can make “selling” evil or good.
It’s your choice.

You don’t have to “sell” like the people out there who sell in a way that
feels out of alignment or sleazy.

You can define your own version of “selling”.
(That’s exactly what I did when I created my Fearless Selling™ course)

So let’s take a moment to redefine “selling”, okay?

Selling is merely letting people know what you’re up to in the world
and inviting them in to have an incredible, life changing experience
with you.

When you “sell” someone you are offering them a potentially life changing service.

It’s as simple as that.

You don’t have to do anything creepy or manipulative when you have
attracted the right potential client.

All you have to do is share from your heart, the work that you so
deeply believe in.

Your passion is what will “sell” them anyway.

So let’s reclaim the word “selling” once and for all, shall we?

It doesn’t serve you or the world to hold back from telling people
about your incredible products and ideas, because you have one
silly belief about “selling” being a dirty word.

If no one knows about what you do, then you aren’t really serving
the world are you?

All you’re really doing then is sitting at home, being “judgy” about the word “selling”
and no one gets to benefit from the powerful work that only YOU
can do on this entire planet & universe.

So, I’d love to know in the comments below, what are your most negative
beliefs on money, selling & spirituality? And how has this post helped
you to turn those around today?

I love hearing from you!

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