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In Defense Of The Long & Slow



We live in a fast culture. We’re all in a hurry. We need it all summarized for us into tiny, compact parcels of information. We rush off to the next thing.

Millions of bits of data invisibly fly past our heads every second, faster than breathing.

Today I saw a woman write online that she is insulted when she opens up an email and it’s long. How dare they not respect my time?! She is actually that angry about it. How dare someone create a piece of art that requires her to sit down and slow down enough to read it?

I watch as several people comment indignantly, agreeing.

Slow and nuanced has become a personal affront, it seems.

Shorten your captions on Instagram photos, it will get you more followers and likes.
Blogging is dead, it’s all about short peppy videos now. Stop writing, make videos.
No one reads long posts anymore.

All of the above are pieces of advice I have received from “experts” and colleagues over the years. When I’m in a place of insecurity and self-doubt it has caused me distress and pain.

It has triggered in me all of the inner child stories about how I am not good enough. It triggers the same in everyone I talk to who received the same feedback. How can you feel good enough when the natural way in which your soul expresses is not a cute, peppy, short video, and therefore “not something anyone wants”?

Then we translate this into my soul, my heart, the expression that brings me joy is unwanted. Unloved. Rejectable. Unworthy. Unacceptable.

And then I’m sitting in front of a waterfall with my clients on retreat, over a long, slow, leisurely breakfast. The kind of meal that has enough space for deep, soulful conversation to emerge. And one of the woman says, I love your long messages. Every time I get one, I go make my coffee and I know I need to sit down and take the space because I’m in for a journey.

That one sentence says everything.

This is my homage to slowness and space.
This is my song for the intricate, nuanced dance of creating the space & stillness that is required when we sit with the soul of a thing.

It is not something that can be rushed. It is not always something that can be fit into a cute, neon, bite-sized blurb to be gobbled up in between subway stops.

Just like a good piece of dark chocolate, a work of art sometimes asks that we truly savor it.

It requires a slow devouring. Letting the molecules of its unique flavor burst one by one in your wanton mouth, revealing itself to you.


A good work of art is a mirror, a panoply of the human terrain.
It reveals something we never knew about ourselves, to us.

And these things…they require

Breathing. Noticing.

Not running off to the next thing, never fully taking in the moment before us.

My love, are you really too busy to allow yourself the gift of slowly inhaling the beauty around you? To let yourself be awed, overwhelmed, titillated, overtaken, broken open by the present moment?

Are we really okay with accepting empty-caloric, cheap, surface-level, artificially pigmented, bite-sized pieces of information as our new form of pleasure?

Have we really become a humankind of the fast, half-orgasm, instead of the moan that takes its time, working its way from the tips of your toes, to the crown of your buzzing head, scintillating throughout your neurons, blasting through your third eye into a whole other level of light for hours afterward?

If you find yourself offended by the long and the slow.
If you find yourself checking the time before you will even listen to the full song of a thing.
If you find yourself impatient in front of a slowly unfolding visual,

I have questions for you, for me, for all of us…

When was the last time you allowed space for your heart to unfold at its own natural rhythm?
When was the last time you allowed real, bone deep pleasure?
When was the last time you gave yourself the gift of forgetting about time and lost yourself in the sheer joy of something your heart loves?

When was the last time you heard your desires?
Listened to the voice of your soul?

This is my stand for all things long and slow.
All things real and potent.
All that requires space, silence and devotion.

Don’t sell out your soul and chop it into tiny parcels of information
for likes, views or recognition.

Open your mouth and let the thing unfold as it desires to.

If you find yourself offended by length and time, consider that sometimes the length
of a thing is an initiation for you to slow down. Maybe the long and slow is your medicine.

If you find yourself afraid to write what your heart wants, because you hear the voices of the bite-sized, speed committee at your back, consider this:

The longest post I ever wrote, was the most viral.
The longest ad I ever created, was the highest converting.
The longest audio I ever recorded, created the biggest breakthroughs.

Open your mouth and let the thing unfold as it desires to.

Because if it’s good, length and time don’t matter.
If it’s pure, it’s a long slow orgasm for the soul.
And if it’s you, that’s what really matters.




Looking in the mirror and seeing you are whole



Two weeks ago, when I announced I was going off social media, I got a few comments and emails with some unsolicited thoughts & opinions which really triggered me and made me want to go into hiding.

But as I dove deeper, I realized they were reflecting my deepest fears back to me and I ended up going on a journey which led back to this: what does it look like to love and accept ourselves radically? What if we could use the things people do and say that trigger us as reminders that we are not broken but instead, whole?

In today’s Real Talk audio I share what happened and how I used the process of mirroring to dive deep into healing a core belief that was holding me back from fully showing up in my work.

If you have ever wondered how to work through core wounds and beliefs that hold you back or why something in your life keeps showing up for you over and over again, you’ll want to listen to this week’s audio.

Click the image below to listen to Looking In The Mirror & Seeing You Are Whole

I’d love to know what came up for you when you listened to today’s audio. What has triggered you lately that helped you have a personal breakthrough?

What keeps showing up for you, asking for you to integrate it?

Let me know in the comments below.


Keeping the faith when honoring your calling: a poem for believing



Faith is knowing that when you release that nightmare client,
the gates of abundance will open and more prosperity will flow.

Faith is trusting in the whisperings of your soul, even when you’re scared.

Faith is letting them walk out the door even when your head is screaming
you’ll forever be alone.

Faith is waking up every morning and giving it your all,
even when not a single person has signed up for your offering.

Faith is believing in your soul’s impulse and still seeing the beauty of your vision
even when you’re a million dollars in debt.

Faith is walking away from whatever doesn’t serve you,
no matter how lucrative it was. Even when you can’t see what’s next.

Faith is getting a second job, putting it on a credit card,
because your soul told you it was time.

Faith is booking that solo trip to the Faroe Islands, because your heart
leaped when it saw that picture in the magazine and a voice said yes.

Faith is not settling in love and knowing your king or queen will arrive.

Faith is going silent to hear your soul,
even when your ego has no idea how you’re supposed to make money doing that.

Faith is going to live in a cabin in the jungle for a month with no electricity,
because your soul instructed you to do so.

Faith is taking two steps forward into the darkness of the unknown,
guided only by the whispering of your fluttering heart.

Faith is turning down the easy payday,
because you know in the long run it will drain you
and turn you away from your true mission.

Faith is remembering there are a thousand angels ready to help you,
if you would only just surrender and ask.

Faith is doing it anyway,
even when 99% of the people around you think it will never work.

Faith is trusting that that person knew exactly what they were doing
when they chose what they chose. Everyone is on their own journey,
even when it doesn’t make sense to you.

Faith is knowing everything is going to be ok,
no matter what.

Faith is wishing for the thing you’re afraid to wish for.

Faith is flying through the air at 30,000 feet in a metal box
called an airplane. Think about it.

Faith is knowing that you will float.

Faith is understanding you’re not here to save everyone
and that it’s not your job to wake everybody up,
some people don’t want to be woken.

Faith is not needing evidence, immediate results or proof.

Faith is the absence of thought needed to breathe,
your heart, beating.

Faith is knowing you will never run out of love.

Faith is trusting that your body will guide you.

Faith is the planets orbiting the sun.

Asking for help even when you’re afraid no one will give it.
Believing you were never broken to begin with,
knowing you are whole.
And that with faith,
you will one day look back on your life and see
you created everything you ever desired.




It’s not enlightenment, it’s spiritual bypassing



In the last few years, we’ve become more spiritual. We’re less afraid of calling ourselves intuitive, priestesses or standing fully in our soul gifts. Personal development has boomed as we seek more ways to honor our soul & create more joy & peace internally and in the world around us. But the downside to all of these tools that we learn for internal harmony is that it can result in “spiritual bypassing”. Where we use spiritual tools and mindsets to deny or avoid our true feelings.

This is like putting a bandaid over a gaping wound that needs stitches. It slows down healing and keeps us in denial, which in turn can slow down our growth.

In today’s audio blog, I share deeply personal stories from my life where I show you how I spiritually bypassed in my relationships and in my work and what I have learned from it. I also talk about the importance of feeling all of our feelings and accepting that no matter how enlightened we become, we’re all going to be less than perfect sometimes…and that’s okay. Want to find out if you’re spiritually bypassing?

Click the image below to listen to this week’s Real Talk Audio.

I’d love to know what you thought of this week’s audio and how it landed.
Post your thoughts & reflections in the comments below.

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Transmuting anger, loving your shadow & the power of feeling it all



For as long as I can remember, I have been holding the space for people to hear, honor & align with their soul. That also means that for my entire life, I’ve had a lot of conversations with fascinating people who have opened up to me at parties, in airport bars or hiking glaciers in Iceland. They’ve told me incredible tales of how they risked everything to follow their soul, how they failed spectacularly and ultimately how they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams…all by honoring the pull of the soul.

I know that for me, seeking out the stories of people who have done the “crazy” thing of following and trusting in their soul, has helped me tremendously to stay on my soul’s path and not be afraid, when everything inside of me was screaming to turn back.

So I decided to interview some of these amazing people I’ve met and coached along the way, once a month and share these no-holds-barred, wide-open conversations with you, as extra inspiration for you on your own soul journey.

This month I’ve interviewed Gena Shingle Jaffe, the sparkly lawyer for entrepreneurs & a client in my Soul Alchemy 1:1 mentorship program. Gena and I have been working together for 2 years now and I’ve watched her incredible and inspiring journey from burned out corporate lawyer and total non-believer in the woo to a woman who has created a thriving community and business while following the pull of her soul & being her authentic self.

In today’s Soul Alchemy Journey we talk about the power of learning how to transmute your anger, fully feeling your feelings and what the heck that all has to do with building a successful, soul aligned business. Make sure you watch until the end, because there’s a special announcement in there for you that I think you’ll want to know more about.

Check out our first Soul Alchemy Journey interview below.

Did you resonate with Gena’s story?

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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