I work with people who know that they’re supposed to be making a big contribution but for reasons they can’t quite pin down, they’re just not doing it. I help to light that inner spark that sets their revolution in motion.

The millionaire, the plane & the lighthouse. A modern parable for attracting soulful wealth.


Nice shoes.

The man’s voice came drifting over and I felt the appreciation in his tone wash over my shoulder like a warm breeze. For a split second, I had to chuckle at myself.

You see, I was on my way to lead a women’s retreat and I’d managed to score a seat in first class. As I stepped into the cabin and looked around I had felt paranoid about how this pseudo-bohemian-wild woman-artist-priestess with the tribal hand-made Panamanian shoes and her own soul-based online business would fit in with the well-suited executives of traditional Fortune 500 companies.

It was a sign.

Thanks, I replied, instantly feeling more comfortable. I turned to meet the face of the mystery voice–a man sitting next to me, probably in his mid 50’s, dressed very casually in jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of tennis shoes of which I could tell he had 10 more exact pairs at home in his closet.

He struck up a conversation with me and immediately I noticed it– a hint of…an emptiness almost. But an emptiness that wanted to be filled. Almost a longing that has no consciousness of itself. That doesn’t realize it is longing. It is just there, newly born and present, reaching for something it cannot yet name.

He led the conversation by revealing to me that he was the owner of a very successful, multi million dollar supplement company and as the conversation turned towards our shared passions of holistic living and authentic marketing, he motioned the flight attendant over and ordered us each a glass of red.

I politely declined. There was something about this gesture, me declining the alcohol, that took him aback. It was an almost imperceptible widening of his eyes, but I could tell that something about this was surprising to him. Maybe it was the wine coursing through his veins by this point, but suddenly this small gesture of mine seemed to trigger a turn towards more depth in the conversation.

He shared with me that he was frustrated with his dating life. He was still single and had never had a very long lasting or satisfying relationship.

Why do you think that is? I asked, delicately.

I think I’m picking the wrong kind of person to date. All of the women I date are much younger than me and they are only interested in my money. They don’t want to go very deep.

He then revealed that he had once been out to dinner with a young woman and when she got up to go to the bathroom, she left her phone on the table. A text came in from a friend saying “thank God he’s loaded with money!”. Curious, he opened up the text conversation and the entire text conversation was about how she really found him gross but she was dating him because he had a lot of money.

I felt a deep sadness and distress arise in me towards this man.

I spent so many years working so hard and building this business that I didn’t spend time developing myself as a man, he confessed.

I don’t know how to relax. I work a lot and I am afraid to stop working because I feel I will become irrelevant or that somehow I will lose what I’ve built if I’m not always driving it.
I can’t imagine that I would be interesting to the kind of woman I’d really want to be with, because I feel I have nothing to offer except money right now. I would probably not be a very good partner. I worked so hard and now what I really want is love.

We stayed like this for an hour until our flight landed. Me holding space for this man to spill secrets he had probably never shared with anyone. I gave him some encouragement and we parted ways with a hug and well wishes.

But I thought about him for a long, long time after that. There was a sadness I felt for him, not a condescending sadness, not a sadness that says my life is better than his. No, this was a sadness that pertained to a much larger issue that affects all of us.

If you want to change the world, first you must change what is within.

That was how I opened up one of my women’s retreats 3 years ago.
And it still rings true for me after all these years of doing this soul work with leaders like you.

When we have a soul calling, a deep desire to impact the world with our gifts, we also want success. We want more love, more abundance, more freedom.

And for centuries we’ve been taught that the way to achieve this is to work hard.
Do everything we can to get noticed. To be seen as the “expert”.

The way to gain freedom is to make money and in order to make money, we have to prove our worthiness to others. When we get seen by the powers that be, when we build “fame” around our image, then we can be deemed worthy enough to be considered an expert, then we can charge the big bucks. Then we are allowed to have abundance.
Then we will be free.

There’s a formula–get the high level business mentor everyone wants to work with, meet the right people, hire the publicist, attend the right masterminds, be seen in all the right ways.
The only problem with this formula is that it requires that you constantly work to stay relevant. It requires that your entire focus be on receiving external validation and proving your worth.

In this old paradigm all of your energy goes into working hard, getting noticed, meeting the right people, receiving accolades and getting attention, instead of creating the expansive space that is needed for deepening into the work of your soul.

You can make a lot of money this way. This “formula” definitely works and has worked.
That man I met on the airplane had made millions. And he had made an impact in the lives of many.

But there was an emptiness. He had spent so many years building and working that he had little time to develop himself as the artist of his life. To nourish his Soul. And as a result he was missing the internal nourishment that to him was more valuable than all of his money.

There is a parable I’ve heard told often. The parable of the lighthouse vs. the tugboat.
The tugboat, with great effort, goes out into the storm and pulls in boats that are in trouble, one by one. The tugboat definitely helps, but in the end it can’t get every ship.

The lighthouse simply stands there beaming its powerful light. Its light can be seen by ships in distress from miles away and with its light it draws ships to it. It assists by beaming. It draws ships to it, instead of going out and getting them.

What if you could attract everything you ever wanted to yourself like the lighthouse?

What if all that time you’re using to work hard, prove yourself, stay relevant, meet the right people, find the right templates and formulas and make millions… could be spent instead on changing the world outside of you by changing the world inside of you?

What if working on your mindset, detoxing old beliefs that no longer serve you and increasing the frequency of your soul’s vibration was the “new” way to impact others and draw in the abundance you desire?

It is a radical way to view making impact.
And to be honest, for the last 4 years I feel like I often hit a wall when I propose this to people who express a desire to work with me. Half of them are too scared to explore approaching their soul’s work and life this way and end up hiring a strategy coach. (And about half of those people who walk away come back to me 2 years later, burned out, with lots of money but feeling un-nourished and out of alignment with their souls.)

And this is the crucial thing that so, so many changemakers miss.
We are driven by the ego’s need to prove, we continuously dismiss the soul work as “not serious” or the thing we do “after” we hire the coach who is going to give us the other stuff like structure and the formulas and the launch blueprints.

You can make a lot of money that way. But how will your internal atmosphere look at the end of it? Making a lot of money this way traps you in an endless cycle of having to go out and get noticed in order to generate income and success.

Learning how to attract what you desire to you through the soul tools of trust, surrender, manifestation and more, ensures that you generate what you desire when you want it.

In this paradigm, instead of looking for joy and freedom to be given to you once you have money and success, you make your joy a priority now. Because that joy becomes the guiding light that draws all that you desire to you. Your light becomes so bright, no one can ignore you, even if they tried.

This has been the focus of my work for years with soul aligned leaders and creatives.
And I can tell you it works. And it feels so much better.

What good is a pile of money if you have to constantly prove yourself to be worthy of it?
Or not be able to take vacation or disconnect from social media because you have to constantly stay relevant in order to generate income? What good is fame if you feel constantly anxious, ungrounded, unconfident or burned out inside, feeling like a fraud because your Instagram profile shows a life that you wish were actually yours?

The inquiry I am offering you today is a simple one.

What if the life and business you desire is accessible by going within and connecting with your Soul? What if seeking internal peace and joy is the true way to unlock abundance? What if all you have to do is beam your soul’s essence into the world?

I’ll leave you to ponder that this week.
And I would love to hear from you in the comments below what comes up for you when you ask yourself that question?


ps: When and if you’re ready to go deeper in this inquiry and learn the new way to revolutionize your mindset and attract soulful wealth so that you can build a life and business aligned with your soul, I’d love to invite you to this free event that I’m hosting on 2/17. Join us here.




A prayer for re-awakening your soul


She was with you when you were born.
Coaxing you gently from the Light through the portal of
Great Mother, whispering breathe
as you exited the tunnel and opened your human eyes
for the very first time.  She rejoiced when you uttered
your first cries from the darkness.
This is a different kind of light.

She was with you throwing the things you disdained
to the ground, the first time you discovered hands or felt betrayed
by your mother, your best friend, your first love,
or the daylight for not lasting as long as you wanted.

She was with you every night, painting dreams behind your tired eyes,
holding you when you were scared.  Protecting you from the monsters,
granting you wings to fly over glistening, slumbering cities as you marveled
at how easy it is for your heart to glide.
The first time you learned
the power of believing.

She was with you, nudging you gently in the direction of what you most
love, showing you how certain alignment can feel, as you spent hours laughing,
dancing, rollerskating, drawing, reading, collecting shells or gluing tiny pieces
of model planes together.

She was with you when you proclaimed what you were here to be,
at that birthday party, when some adult asked every kid at the table,
one by one.  

You said you wanted to be
a panther
and everyone laughed.

That was the first time you ever felt doubt.

She was with you, even then.

The first time you believed you and your instincts
were broken, something wrong with you,
needs to be fixed.

The first time you learned that shining can be unsafe,
that you might be too much or
not enough.

She was with you when someone taught you not to trust
the magnetic pull of what you love.  Suspect the things towards which
Desire gently draws you.

The first time you learned that love must be earned
by pleasing another and forgot
that love is what you came from,
what you are.
And that which you Are
can never be taken away or given.

She was with you every time you suppressed her,
told her to be quiet,
chose the things that gained you more outside approval.
Taught her that you don’t trust her.  Her clarity is too frightening or
she is too dangerous to listen to.

She was with you as you learned not to rock
the boat, make waves or ripples.  The first time you accepted
less for yourself in that job, relationship or home.

And over the years, as you pushed her further,
she learned to curl up in the smallest corner of your heart.
She learned to dim her light to a tiny ember.
And she fell into a deep sleep,

And you began to need things outside of you to guide you.
For how could you trust the guidance of your
unworthy vessel?  How could you trust Her guidance,
when you could no longer hear? You made your books,
your boss, your friends, your partner,
others’ dogmas of brokenness
your guru.

You learned mantras to fear your own power,
wore out prayer beads with hymns of self-hindrance,
sung novenas of diminishing

Until one day you woke up to find you had lost yourself.
The life you had built was glaring sharply back at you,
the hazy colored lenses had been pulled back
and you could no longer ignore that this
was not the life you had dreamed of.

The words in that bible of brokenness now felt hollow and
alien.  You did not know who you were anymore.
What you had originally loved.  You felt confused about your
purpose.  You had forgotten your gifts.
Out to sea with no anchor,
a terrified kind of floating.

But She was still there,
waiting, hibernating.
Quietly waiting for you to reach into the caverns of your being
and take the outstretched hand she had never withdrawn.
A tiny, glowing cinder of Truth, waiting to be brought back to life.

And She is here now.
In the moment of your darkest confusion, she whispers…

Will you finally venture forth into the wilderness of your being?
Will you take the forgotten, unknown roads that most fear to travel
to reclaim the sacredness of your singular purpose?

Are you willing to drop all the excuses the world taught you for why
you cannot trust your heart…Why you must put off your Desire…
Why it is dangerous to take a leap with this strange pull as your
only evidence, your only “proof”?

Are you willing to brave a choir of unbelievers as you take
each brave step towards living the life
you came through the portal to live?

Are you willing to face the monsters of your mind, the litany of
excuses for why now is not the right time?  

Are you willing to overturn the layers and layers of illusion
that is your perceived shattered-ness?

Are you willing to finally be nothing but truthful with yourself…
Face all of the ways in which you have been bullshitting yourself…
Look in the mirror and see the damage you have done by choosing
your ego over your soul, believing voices
that were never your own.

There will come a day when you can no longer ignore Her.
When the pain of comfort will be too great.
When the tiny strings of misalignment will become
a resounding symphony of unbearable cacophony.

You will come to this fork in the road and you will know
it is time to choose.

Forego comfort for a fully lived life.
Or forego Life for comfort.

I hope that on that day you will rise to meet Her.
I hope that you will light a match to Her ember.
I hope that you will unleash Her guidance upon every
sacred corner of this one, beloved life you’ve been given.

I hope that you will honor all of creation by honoring Her inside of you.
I hope that you will never again let ego be the ruler of your soul.

On that day I hope that you will leap into the the Tunnel of the Unknown
and surrender to her divine guidance, even when your mind thinks you’ve
truly lost it.  I hope you will continue to take the scary leaps she asks you
to take.  The ones you’ve known for so long are ripe to be taken.

For that will be the day you will re-enter the portal of the Great Mother,
the way you did many years ago, when you first breathed your way into
this life of light.  That will be the day that all of life re-awakens inside you.  

That will be the day when you will join the Love that you are, always were
and always will be. That will be the day that you remember
that the greatest act is to return ourselves and others to Love
through the gift of our unique, unhindered & true

And that
will be the day when you will be




The sacred link between self-care & effortless abundance

Lisa Fabrega January 2016

That’s crazy! Are you sure that’s going to work?!, my client incredulously exclaimed over the phone. It was the end of our session together for that day and I had just given her an edgy assignment as her “homework” for the next 2 weeks.

She had been stressing out about money for the past few days and now was supposed to go on a 2 week vacation to Costa Rica that she had booked over a year ago. She was considering canceling her vacation altogether because she needed 2 more clients on her roster in order to have enough money to pay all her bills by the end of the month, after she got back from her vacation.

How could she go on vacation and be so “irresponsible” when she knew that at the end of the month she’d need those 2 clients? Shouldn’t she just stay home and work hard to get the clients and ensure her financial situation?


But, when I asked her to take a deep breath and get really present as to what her desire truly was, her soul spoke loud and clear “I need to go on this vacation. I need the break.”

Then that’s what you need to do, I told her.

2 weeks later she was back from vacation. We hopped on the phone for her next session.
And the first thing out of her mouth was: wow Lisa! I cannot believe this actually worked. I ended up having two clients email me out of the blue while I was on vacation saying they wanted to start working with me. And two more people signed up for another group program I had opened up before I left. I actually ended up making more money than I needed and now have a nice little chunk of change in savings. I didn’t “do” anything, it just flowed to me.


There is a sacred link between self-care & abundance. A profound one.

I’ve taught it to my clients in private for years and it is even one of the hallmarks of my Impact™ program. Whenever the Impact™ participants get to this module, the posts in the forum about crazy amazing things that were manifested go into overdrive!

Every single time I teach my clients about this link, they manifest abundance in a way that feels easeful and that is truly aligned with their soul. And it is a totally counterintuitive link that is not so easy to trust when we first hear about it. But it actually does work.

I want you to think about what happens when you engage in an act of self care.
When you make that time for yourself.
Give yourself the space to hear your soul, relax, feel your heart.

What happens when you allow yourself to enjoy your life and feel pleasure?

You feel expansive.
You feel good.
You feel happy.

The Universe responds to energy. To the frequency at which you are vibrating.
So when you are vibrating a frequency of joy, expansiveness and goodness, that’s exactly what the Universe sends back to you–things that create expansiveness, goodness and happiness in your life. Abundance is one of those things.

When you feel like an open, expansive container, the Universe gets the signal that you are open to receiving and it sends abundance your way, because your energetic container is signaling that it is ready and open to receive.

You don’t have to “work” for those things.
You simply need to change your vibration and focus on the things that make you feel GOOD.

Engaging in self care is the quickest, easiest way to feel good.

There’s another thing that curiously happens when I give my clients the homework of engaging in self care when they are stressed out about finances or responsibilities.

When we make the time to prioritize our nourishment and love ourselves unconditionally through acts of self care, we unconsciously affirm our inherent worth.

It’s easy to forget that we are born worthy. That we are of value and worthy simply by breathing. In this masculine-paradigm world we are taught that worthiness and value are only proven once we have killed ourselves working. We can only relax once we’ve driven ourselves into the ground for the day.

But in the new paradigm of bringing the sacred feminine back into our lives and our great work, the opposite is true. In this new paradigm, we are not broken things that need to prove our value. Abundance is not something outside of us being withheld by some being that will only give it to us if we prove our worthiness by working ourselves to the bone.

In the new paradigm of doing our great work in the sacred feminine we are worthy by virtue of being. We are whole. And all we have to do is work on our energy field, to invite in the abundance that is already ours to claim.

Your mind can easily forget that. Get caught up in feeling that you are not worthy to charge the prices you want to charge, who do you think you are to ask for money for your work or how dare you invest in yourself at such a level without suffering? and so forth…

When we engage in self care we are unconsciously re-affirming our inherent worthiness to our subconscious mind. Engaging in self care not only tells your ego gremlins that you are of value, but it also sends out the vibrational frequency to the Universe that says “I am of high value because I take this time every day to care for myself”. The Universe then translates that as “I am ready to receive evidence in my world that I am of high value, my work is of high value and the prices people pay me reflect that high value”.

Forget about having to battle it out with your limiting beliefs, or working for months on flipping a belief that you don’t deserve money or that you are not worthy.

The easeful, more feminine way of taking care of this abundance issue once and for all is to simply affirm your value and worthiness every day by engaging in acts that affirm your value through self care.

Simple. Easeful. Quick.

I have had moments in my soul aligned business where the sh&t was hitting the fan, we had $50 in our business account, had no idea how we were going to pay everyone, were in the middle of a launch and had so many things due or overdue.

The old masculine paradigm would have told me, keep working, bust your butt until this is taken care of and figured out. Every time I tried that, it never worked.

Instead, I began to choose to trust that the Universe WANTS me to feel good and will send me good things when I prioritize feeling good.

I experimented on myself. And the experiments worked.

Every time I chose to walk away, take a long bath, take myself on a weekend hiking trip to the mountains of Panama…did the things I loved and focused on self care, the money magically came rolling in and the ideas to solve the problems we were facing flooded in. Any aligned action we took to assist in that felt good and was not depleting, because I was nourished and ready to get back to work when I needed to.

Everything worked out.

Now this principle is so important that I teach it as one of the main modules in my Impact course and watch the forum for that course blow up with amazing stories from clients as they apply the same principles

Depleting yourself is not the answer and it never has been, love.
Can you think back to any moments in your life where depleting yourself actually manifested true, long lasting, sustainable abundance/money?

Probably not.

Your ego might think you’re crazy for turning to self care and pleasure during times of financial squeeze and/or stress (like my client’s ego was telling her that day in the story above), but when we prioritize feeling good, the Universe gets the message that you prioritize good things and it will send you more good things.

So tell me in the comments below–how will you prioritize self care today?
Do you have any amazing stories of how self care helped you manifest more abundance?
Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.




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She’s calling for you. Will you listen?

Soul Adventures Book Now

photo by Kym Pham

I spat the words out as I shut my laptop.  A vague sense of disgust mixed with
a deep exhaustion that seemed to rise from my very soul.

I had just finished writing 37 emails for a new creation I was announcing to the world.
37 emails written exactly as I had been taught to write them.
And I was bored out of my mind and drained as I typed the last word and added a period to the last sentence.  

It wasn’t a total disembodiment.  My heart was always there in what I wrote.

But it was the tricks, techniques and frameworks that I was tired of.
The frameworks that had provided so much helpful instruction for me when I was first learning them, now felt like tired cages around something inside of me that wanted to burst out in a million colors.

I was tired that these were the hoops I had to jump through in order to be seen and “convince” people to want to join me in this new offering that I had birthed as such a deep labor of love.  Have you ever had to convince someone of something? It sucks.  And it’s draining.  But this is what I had been taught.  So I did it, shrugging off the slight sense of misalignment it gave me as “resistance”.

As much as I believed in what I was inviting my community into, as much as I had seen the work and what transformation it created…following that industry template of inviting people into this sacred work felt very much like just being a slightly more authentic version of the same mannequin that is used in every single store.  Perhaps different clothes.  A few bulges and wrinkles drawn on to denote more “realness”.  But still.  It was the same mannequin.

It had been a busy year.  A successful year.
But I was tired.  Soul-weary.  To a point that was not acceptable to me and raised a red flag.
I had nights where I lay in bed feeling empty, questioning the meaning of it all, of my work. 

I was filled with a strange longing that I could not pinpoint.

At first I thought I was longing for a lover.  A great love affair.
But soon it became obvious that it was not another person I was longing for.
It was an affair much greater for which my entire body was calling.

It was a return to my sacred creativity.
A remembrance of the sacred feminine within me.  The part of me that creates art.
It had gotten lost along the way and the moment I shut my laptop in disgust I realized it.


There it was.
A glaring sign that something was entirely off.
Because life is anything but boring, so when we become bored we have become disconnected from the divine within us–the very thing that gives meaning to our lives and keeps us going.

Boredom is a warning sign.

I should not feel this way about my work, I thought, as the realization churned within me, making me feel even more nauseous.

Something was terribly amiss.

I had been an artist my entire life.  When I was 6 I wrote my first song lyrics on a tiny scrap of paper I found on the floor next to the bathroom trash can.  I sang it in there, the ceramic tiles providing the perfect place for my voice to echo and give the song the slightly haunted feel I was going for.

On weekends when most of the girls in my school were out meeting boys, shaving their legs or buying cute outfits, I was drawing furiously with my cousin in a sketchbook, or hand writing and illustrating my first book.  Helping my mother sew curtains and plaster wallpaper on my dollhouse.

As I grew older I filled notebook after notebook with otherworldly dreams from the night before, envisioning them one day as a magical collection of odd stories or movies yet to be made.  Often, when journaling, I heard instructions from the divine, telling me that to be a creative was how I was here to inspire others.  As a child I always knew this.

I majored in English in college, won poetry contests, read my written works to a large audience of people.  Sculpted.  Took photographs.  Sang.  Taught myself piano and guitar.  I went on to study acting and get an MFA, all the while painting, singing and creating.  

And then I started my business.
And the more I learned about marketing and selling the more my creativity began to move into the background.  And now I was here, bored, feeling like a machine after having written 37 emails, the same emails dressed in different clothing, that I was tired of writing, over and over again.

This is not a rant against marketing or selling.  

There are many who rant against it who are actually covering up their own shadows of scarcity and justifying their own unhealthy beliefs about money by making marketing and money “evil”.  That’s not what I’m doing here. I love marketing and I think it is a beautiful service to humanity when done in alignment with one’s unique soul gifts.

And I want to make it a point to say, when we are new at something, we naturally look for frameworks that will show us the way.  It’s a necessary step in our development to seek out structures and ways others have done it before us and it is important.  

Mastery often requires practicing what others have done first, taking what works for you and discarding the rest eventually.  I did this when I started and I learned a great many helpful things that I still think apply today.  If you look at Picasso’s early works, you will see his painting was very traditional as he was learning.  He didn’t move into his unique expression until he had mastered the other techniques first.

One cannot skip straight to mastery if one has not learned the basics first.

But at a certain point, like many of the people I support today in my work, I started believing the claims that “unless I did it this way, nobody would buy what I was offering”.  That the popularly accepted way was the only way to be successful.  And if I didn’t follow this exact step by step technique, my soul’s work would go crashing down in flames, all because I hadn’t created a false deadline or used some special NLP trick in my marketing.

And so I began to view the generally accepted marketing frameworks as wiser than me.
And I surrendered to them.  And though I still appeared creative and unique to many people, I knew that deep down inside, I was not letting my creative genius soar as much as it was capable of soaring.

And that meant I was disconnecting from my internal sacred feminine.
The creator part of me and that is in all of us.
The womb from which all potential springs.

Instead I was subtly molding myself to fit an old paradigm of running one’s own soul aligned business  in which the masculine is hyper-emphasized and the feminine has little room to breathe.

Ever feel guilty for taking a break?
Tried to take the weekend off to do nothing or go to the beach but you can’t stop thinking about the work you aren’t doing while you’re off enjoying yourself?
Eat rapidly in front of the computer to save time or eat crappy food because you’re busy?
Never have time to take a luxurious bath or have 10 minutes to sit with yourself in the morning?
Feel tired all the time but can’t figure out why?

When was the last time you touched your body, slowly and felt the little hairs on your arm rise up in pleasure?  When was the last time you gave yourself the space to be and do nothing?
Dance naked without a care?  Read a book that has nothing to do with your business?
Travel somewhere just to be overtaken by its beauty and to have a soul experience, letting the land work on you and teach you…instead of only traveling to conferences and events where you will be taught more information in a workshop or in front of a powerpoint slide?

When was the last time you created something that was so utterly, uniquely you that no one in the entire world could ever replicate it?


Whenever I ask these questions of the people around me who feel called to create something that is aligned with their soul and serves the world, a certain realization begins to spread across their face.

Take time off?  But I can’t.  I will stop making money.
Give myself the space to allow the answer to come?  I can’t afford that!
Everything I built will come crashing down!  

Dress for a photoshoot like I really want to?
But that’s not what I see “successful” people doing!  

Market in the way I feel guided?  But that’s so different than what I have seen out there and what the gurus say has been proven to work!  So I can’t afford to make a mistake and go with my gut, I have so much riding on this launch!

Invest in my own pleasure and joy, instead of investing in a business program?
I can’t afford that right now.

These things are symptoms of an illness my love.

They are symptoms that we are caught in an old paradigm of doing our great work in the world.  An old paradigm that completely disregards the feminine and over-hypes the masculine in business.  A paradigm that says we are broken and cannot trust the creative instincts that spring from our soul.  Where killing one’s self with work and driving ourselves into the ground with action is the only way to prove one’s worthiness, be successful and impact the world.

The masculine energy in all of us is the part of us that creates the structures, pushes us forward to succeed and get the work done.  The feminine is the part of us where our creativity resides, where we create, dance in pleasure and give ourselves space to feel our way into our latest creation.

The masculine is necessary, without it we would get nothing done and be in an idea and dreaming phase our entire lives, and in turn we would be miserable because as humans we need a balance of both, an interplay.

But tip over too far into the masculine and you have lost all your creativity.
You have burned out creators who feel disconnected from their purpose.
Who may be making great money but can’t figure out why they still don’t feel happy.
Or who may be following all the “formulas” but are still not making any money…because they are not honoring their own unique creative instincts which would make them stand out as thought leaders in their field.

In the old paradigm, the masculine ruled supreme.  There was little room for the feminine to give input.  And we have suffered for it.  I still see so many of us approaching our soul’s work and our businesses in this way.

There is a mass of people seeking a more balanced way of offering their soul’s work to the world without having to kill themselves and their soul in the process.

We are craving creative offerings instead of the same cookie cutter frameworks we have become accustomed to seeing.  And as a result, the old ways aren’t working as effectively anymore.

The new paradigm of creative leadership is bringing the feminine back into the way we offer our great work to the world, so that there is a better balance.

That means bringing back our creative instincts and trusting those as much as we trust time tested techniques.  It means honoring one’s process vs. pushing for fast but disembodied results.   It means tapping into your soul and asking yourself how much money feels aligned to make this year, vs pushing for six figures because it makes you look important.

The new paradigm of integrating the feminine back into our leadership believes in giving one’s self space to hear one’s soul, while taking aligned action.  It champions one’s own soul and creativity as the only “guru” you need.  

It understands that time for pure pleasure, experience and enjoyment is not only fun but actually a crucial ingredient in creating something truly unique that impacts the world profoundly.

And yes, we must still learn the frameworks that are required for all of us to learn mastery, just like Picasso and all the great artists and world-changers did.

It’s time for us to reclaim the sacred feminine within all of us, whether you are a man or a woman.  I just so happen to work with mostly women (and enlightened men too).

If you want to truly be creative and stand out in your unique soul gifts that only you are here to be bring to the world–those gifts that were gifted only to you to create sacred impact…
then it starts by reclaiming the sacred feminine within you.

It means learning how to balance work with play.
Redefining your relationship with pleasure and joy.
Expanding your capacity to do nothing and enjoy it.
Honor your process while taking aligned action.
Trusting in the answers unfolding on their own time, divine time, and not pushing.
Prioritizing space, joy and time to just be in the world without “doing” anything.

And these things are not easy to re-learn.
We are still in the old paradigm, coming out of it, but still in it.
And it’s easy to fall back into fear and old beliefs that we must work ourselves to the bone to be worthy of success.  That we will somehow be punished and be poor if we follow our own creative instincts and deviate from the norm.  That investing in things solely for pleasure is not as much of a priority as something more structured and masculine-oriented.

The only question remaining, then is this:

The sacred feminine is calling to you.  She is calling you back to your creativity.
Back to the truth of who you are.  Back to your innate joy and pleasure.
Back to profound happiness with your life, back to meaning and depth, back to nature
and being a citizen of this beautiful world…

will you answer her call?

With devotion to your soul,



ps:  A return to the sacred feminine is the EXACT theme of my Soul Adventure™ retreat, taking place in Languedoc/Provence, France this year.  For 5 days we will be entirely focused on answering the call of the sacred feminine.  Re-learning the sacred feminine practices of play, creativity, joy and pleasure.  We will run through fields of lavender and flowers, drink wine and play in the French countryside and end with a sacred pilgrimage to the cave where one of the bastions of the sacred feminine herself lived for 30 years, Mary Magdalene.

If you’re ready to reclaim your creativity, joy and reconnect with the sacred feminine within so that you can truly stand in your unique soul gifts in your work, you can apply for a chat with me right here.  Before 1/29 there are amazing early bird pricings and many payment plan options, so click here to learn more, apply and let’s get on the phone and get you back into connection with your pleasure, love.




the glacier that saved me


It was 1am.
This was a strange land, filled with magic, so it was not yet completely dark.

The sun had set at 11:30pm.  We had stopped to have a picnic lunch in the volcanic fields in front of the Black Waterfall and since then had been riding in our warm, cozy camper vans
for the last few hours, silent in our excited anticipation.

And then I saw it through the window.

It was a blur of car doors opening and shutting, feet shuffling, to get a glimpse of it in the half-light.  A few yelps of awe emitting from the small, 7 person party I was traveling with.

And there it was.  

I was standing in front of Vatnajokull’s glacial lagoon, Jokulsarlon.
Vatnajokull is one of the largest glaciers in all of Europe and is 2,500 years old.
It is one of the most famous glaciers in Iceland.

And as I stood there, with massive blue-ice icebergs creaking in the profound silence, I watched a perfect crescent moon reflected in the lake in front of me, as two seals came swimming by, a picture of pure joy and freedom.  

How is this real? I asked myself, stunned by the sheer perfection of this scene before me.

For the last year I had been undergoing a dark night of the soul.  A period where I was questioning everything–who I was, what the purpose of my life was, whether or not things had any meaning, what I was actually called here to do…

I had hired coaches, psychics, intuitives, tarot readers, shamans and even therapists to help me find my answers.  Nothing had helped so far.  I was panicked at this feeling I always had…

floating in the middle of the Universe with nothing to hold onto, as I described it to one of my coaches at the time.

What had always been so clear to me before, had become muddied in the last 16 months.  I was frozen in a panic all the time because I was terrified of what this confusion would do to the business I had built…would it make me lose everything?  Would people feel confused and therefore stay away?  Would people want to hear about the new directions I was being called into as my business evolved along with my soul?

One night in the middle of a panic attack, as I sat there soaked in sweat, begging the Universe for answers, a sign, something

My heart whispered a tiny, almost unnoticeable word: travel.
And my ego freaked out.  

That costs money, I could be spending this money on business building programs or more coaches to help me figure out why I feel so stuck and confused.

I need to figure. this. out.  What good is traveling going to do?  

I can’t afford to spend money on such extravagances when I need to worry about how I’m going to keep everything up and bring in income all while going through this confusing period.

Everything seems to be hanging in the balance here, going on a trip somewhere is not the answer–what if you’re just escaping from the problem.  Isn’t that irresponsible to do this now?

But my soul, she kept pulling me to go..  
She kept saying, I want to go.  I need this.  Trust.

Well I had already been trying to figure things out the logical, “responsible” way, and no coach, book or healer had been able to give me the answers I was looking for in over a year.

With nothing to lose, I decided to listen to my soul.  I picked a country that I knew nothing about, but that had been calling to me–Iceland.

And now here I was standing in front of the most jaw-dropping thing I had ever experienced.



Jokulsarion in the daytime, after sleeping at its banks in our cozy, warm camper van.

A strange thing began to happen.

I felt the icy block of fear, anxiety & confusion that I had been feeling about my purpose and my place in this world begin to melt.  And underneath was my raw, pulsating, tender heart.

Warmth rushed up through my chest and into my whole body and tears began to roll down my face.  My body began to shake, overcome by the absolute wonder of this thing I had the honor of standing in front of.  

A living altar demanding tears as worship.

Do you know what it is to stand in front of a thing that has seen the world change and evolve for a thousand years? That has literally carved out mountains and cleaved the earth in two?

Do you know what it is to experience, not with your mind or eyes, but with your BODY, a thing of such beauty and wisdom?

To feel the heart of a thing 2500 years old, beating in rhythm with the song of all of existence, in rhythm with the blood running through your very veins?

It does something to you, let me tell you.  To your body.  To your soul.
You are never the same again.  In the best of ways.

I felt this glacial Elder beckoning to me, surrender.

I took a deep breath and fell into its metaphoric arms.  I sat down by the banks of its lagoon.
I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of this miracle before me.  This snowy, gentle beast pierced its gaze right through me and beneath the power of its ancient witnessing, I wept like a child at its banks, my tears mixing with its salty water.

I felt the kind warmth of a divine father holding me as I released all of the confusion and frustration I had been feeling for so many months.

I emptied myself out into the vast pools of love that this icy behemoth offered me.

And then suddenly, for the first time in 2 years, everything inside of me was silent.

The fear, the confusion, the brain chatter, the suggestions of all the mentors I had hired, the lessons from all the books I had read, the shoulds and the should nots, the limiting beliefs that ran like a tape through my head…

they just stopped.

I spent the next 5 days traveling through this world in a state of total emptiness.



The silence of this vast, magical land overwhelmed and drove out everything inside of me that was unnecessary to my essence.   And all I was left with was pure presence, pure experience and… ME.  In my purest, most raw form.

The red, raw truth of my heart, beating.
Finally, the space I had been needing for so long in order to hear myself.

In Iceland, I came back to the basics of what was actually real for ME.
None of the bullshit that weighed me down or the petty details of my life, mattered here.

Perspective on what truly mattered to me came as my days were dedicated to letting this land do its deep, energetic work on me.  It was continuously emptying me out of all the stuff I had accumulated over the years that was preventing me from hearing my soul’s truth.

One afternoon, after filling my thermos with clear water from a spring underneath a waterfall, and drinking it (the most delicious water I have ever tasted), I lay down on the ground, on the edge of a cliff overlooking an endless field of rivers and dried black lava and I felt an ecstasy and freedom moving through me that I hadn’t felt since I was a child.



Selfie to capture my joy after drinking pure spring water from a waterfall.

Jumping into natural hot springs with not a soul in sight,  surrounded by icy valleys.  Driving next to wild packs of Icelandic horses.
Witnessing waterfalls that flowed upside down and watching the sun set over the place where Jules Verne began his tale, A Journey To The Center of The Earth, I began to get connected to what had been wanting to be born for 2 years, but that the “noise” had not allowed to come through.

I didn’t know it at the time, but Iceland, I found out later, is considered one of the great  “power spots” of the world.  A country that the earth is still giving birth to.  Where the paradox of ice and fire co-exist.  

A place that empties you out and finally gives you the space to hear the truth of your soul.

And why should we care about giving ourselves the space to hear our souls loud and clear?

Because, my love, your soul holds the blueprint to your purpose, your calling, the most epic, joyful life that you were called here to live.

And it’s when you finally give yourself the space and magic to HEAR your soul, that the divine blueprint for your life begins to become crystal clear.  And anything you’ve been feeling confused about, foggy about…it vanishes.

The plan magically unrolls before you and suddenly you know.
You know what decisions you need to make, what you need to say, who you need to say it to.

This was the gift Iceland gave me.  That is its magic.

I learned that there are some places on this earth that function as “shortcuts” to our growth.
They amplify our progress and allow us to step into our power in a way that a book, coach or program cannot do.

There are places so full of potent magic that they allow you to clear out years of limiting beliefs..years of confusion…years of fears holding you back from stepping into the abundant, soul-aligned life you were born to live..in just one moment.  Just like my experience in front of the great Vatnajokull glacial lagoon, Jokulsarlon.

It became so clear when I was in Iceland, that this is part of my purpose, to create the space for you to be able to hear the voice of your Soul and from there align every part of your life with your soul.  

If you want this to be a year where you truly step into the life and business you’ve always wanted.  If you want to draw in true prosperity like never before.  If you want to make this the year where you connect to your soul more deeply than ever before, then I would love to invite you to come with me this year on a Soul Adventure™ to Iceland.

We have only 8 spots for this magical adventure.

(Men and women are both welcome for the Iceland trip)

With devotion to your soul,


ps: want a sneak peek at the itinerary for this trip?  This is just a small bit of what we have in store for you…

Our itinerary will include:

  • A visit to the Blue Lagoon Spa, Iceland’s most famous hot springs and one of the 25 Wonders Of The World.  Soak with fellow soul travelers in this amazing place.



  • 2 days/nights in Reykjavik, sampling the local fare, where we will visit the “elf & fairy school” (and you can get certified!)  The people in Iceland still very much believe in elves, trolls and fairies and it is a rich part of their folklore.  Later we will see all of Reykjavik from the top of its tallest tower (see below)



  • A boat tour through the glacial lagoon, Jokulsarlon in front of the icebergs of the 2500 year old Vatnajokull (one of the most beautiful and largest glaciers in Europe)



  • Stops at Secret Waterfalls, the black sand beach (Vik) where two rock formations are said to be two trolls frozen in time, swimming in a natural hot water river, sleeping in front of glaciers and other magical locations (Iceland is FILLED with them)



  • We will end our trip at ThingVellir–a UNESCO World Heritage Site, sacred to the Icelandic people.  It is the place where you can actually see the continental plates divide.  It is said leaving a wish here amplifies it!  We will end here with a ritual to set your intention with powerful earth energy.



Now the only question left to ask is this, are you ready to connect with your truth like never before, give yourself the space to hear the voice of your soul and step into the prosperity and leadership you were born to embody?

Then I’d love for you to check out the Iceland Soul Adventure here.

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