I believe that everything you want in life happens when you align with your soul. I'm here to help you do that so that you can create and lead with powerful impact.

Why You’re Like An Exploding Star

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In this very moment your heart is pulsating life throughout your entire body.


In this very moment a star has run out of hydrogen at its core
and is collapsing upon herself.


In this very moment that same star is now exploding into little bits
of stardust all over the Universe. And in this dust she is creating
a breeding ground for thousands of new stars. As she dies she births
a thousand tiny points of new light into the dark, cold emptiness.


In this very moment your lungs are whispering the song of your aliveness
into your blood.

Inhaling, expanding.
Exhaling, contracting.



Collective rage, privilege and what I wish men were actually craving: an open letter to the creator of the video “What Men Are Craving”


Dear Gentleman of the video that ignited fire in me,

I watched your video, “What Men Are Craving” a few weeks ago and I have not been able to shake it from my heart and head since. About 15 seconds in I felt a strong feeling of urgent dismay rise up in my throat. I decided it was pointless to come to conclusions until I watched your entire talk, so I waited. In the next 10 minutes watching your video, I observed myself as I floated between agreeance on some things you said, but then more dismay, deep rage burning in my throat and disheartened confusion.

The video ended and I found myself feeling slightly panicked. I felt the collective pain of all women over the centuries in my belly. I sat with what could possibly be my trigger here, I worked with what was truly my own shit and released it.

Still I felt the dismay and the sadness.

I spoke with a male friend whose perspective is always balanced and who will call me out on my BS. He told me he felt similarly when watching the video and that my perspective was important, write it. I spoke with my mentor to unravel why I was having such a strong response to your video. I wanted to make sure I spoke from a place of integrity if I did choose to speak, a place of love not a place of reaction. She heard me and also encouraged me to speak what I felt was missing from your video, which also felt so urgently important to insert into the conversation your video started.

So here I am. Writing it. Finally. Read More


The Problem of Separation


It’s been a rough week for an empath, hasn’t it?

I’ve been observing my emotions swing all over the place with the disappointing and distressing outcome of the Stanford rape trial and then waking up to hear of the devastating Orlando shootings just 40 minutes away from me here in Florida.

All week, I have felt helpless as tears have stained my face reading the letter Emily Doe wrote to her attacker in court then watching him get a too lenient sentence and really show no remorse for what he did I felt the collective rage of the oppressed feminine in the world, in all of us. Hundreds of years of being violated and abused rising up in my body like a great bloodthirst that can never be quenched. I felt gutted when I saw the pictures of all those who lost their lives in the Orlando shooting. I made the mistake of turning on the news and saw even more pain and devastation. I felt incapacitated. This grief felt like a rabid animal sitting down on my chest, baring its teeth and threatening to rip my throat out.

I have felt the primitive part of me rise in anger, wanting to punish those who have perpetrated these crimes and I have felt the compassionate part of me see all of the pain and separation from self that must be present inside of these individuals to incite them to such violence and harm of their fellow human beings (though believe me, that does not justify their horrific actions in the least).

And as I observed my emotions swing from extreme grief, to sadness, to anger, to helplessness, I decided to sit with all of it, feel it all and then do my best to sit as empty presence. I call this “sitting practice” and I give this assignment to most of my clients to help them build a stronger connection to their soul and what is really true for them.

I believe that in empty presence we connect to our soul and the divine intelligence of the Universe. So I sat in emptiness, with these questions:

What can we truly do now to stop this madness. How can I help create a change that will put an end to this pain and violence? What is the root of all of this violence?

From the emptiness, a word arose in my internal vision.



Spiritual Manipulators, Psychic Hysteria & True Sovereignty



If you’ve ever been told to be careful about exploring your gifts because you “never know what dark stuff you could uncover” or you’ve been manipulated by a spiritual healer/worker into becoming codependent on them.  If you’ve been told you had some dark entity attached to you and that you will need several sessions to clear it.  If you’ve ever been afraid of diving deeply into your soul gifts because you’re afraid of being corrupted by the power.  If you’re afraid to “come out” in your woo because you fear how very religious or fearful family members will react, this audio is for you.

I’m calling BS on a lot of beliefs in the spiritual world, that a lot of soul workers use to keep clients co-dependent.  I talk about the subtle victimhood that we can find in our fear of our gifts and how to become powerful creators of what we actually desire.

Click the image below to listen to this week’s Real Talk Audio.


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What I most want for you to know

for you to know-blog

I want to tell you that it’s okay for you to be confident
without it meaning that you’re a bitch, conceited
or full of yourself.

For you to be proud of yourself
and not hold back on celebrating the amazing things you’ve achieved.
It doesn’t mean you’ve got a big head if you speak your wins loudly into the wind.

I want you to know that your voice is beautiful and needed in this world
and that if YOU love it, that’s all that matters.

I want you to know it’s okay to know you’re beautiful.
Don’t hide your light simply because you don’t fit someone’s standards of beauty, weight or size.  Knowing your beauty doesn’t make you narcissistic, it’s just true.
You are beautiful. Read More