I work with people who know that they’re supposed to be making a big contribution but for reasons they can’t quite pin down, they’re just not doing it. I help to light that inner spark that sets their revolution in motion.

the thing that changed everything in my life & business


picture of me in Iceland by Kym Pham

A few years ago, I started to notice a pattern with almost all of the 1:1 clients I was working with.   I kept noticing that everyone I was working with for the past 5 years was struggling with the same basic things over and over again.  It was always a combination of these things:

1. Knowing there was something they were called here to do, but not knowing exactly what that was–feeling foggy and stuck around it.

2.  Knowing clearly what they were called to do as their purpose in the world, but not knowing HOW to say it, brand it, market it & make it happen so that they could finally live their purpose in a business that felt aligned (and that was profitable).

3.  Having already spent a lot of time, energy & effort on some of the most popular business growth/training programs out there, having read all the books & absorbed all the information possible to build what they wanted to build, yet not being able to implement all of the amazing content in these programs.  Feeling overwhelmed, stuck & stagnant as to how to apply all of this info to THEIR lives and businesses to build a truly soul aligned brand.  Not a brand that was using the same tactics that everyone else was using.

4.  Having lots of fears, anxiety & limiting beliefs that were holding them back from: taking it to the next level, getting more clarity & knowing the exact soul-aligned steps to build a life and business they deeply desired.

5.  Wanting to make a positive impact in the world but not being able to because of limiting beliefs, a business that was out of alignment or not knowing HOW to make that impact with their gifts.

Every single client would say to me “Lisa, you are my last resort, I have tried everything and I still have not gotten the results I want”.   

A few weeks to months later of working with me and going through my Soul Alignment Process, they had gotten the results they had been trying to unsuccessfully get for years.

What was creating such rapid transformations in my clients?

Well, not too long ago I had been in this place myself at the end of the first year in my business.  I had bought a lot of programs and books on how to build a business that gave me the life I wanted and that was truly nourishing to my soul.  And all I had to show for it was 40 pounds of weight gain, depression, burnout from working 12 hour days every day and barely being able to pay my rent every month.

It wasn’t until I had a total break down that I realized I hadn’t done the PRE-WORK that is the most important requirement for any successful purpose-based business.

I had never stopped to really dig deep into my soul and get really clear on what my true purpose was and HOW I wanted it to manifest itself in my business.  What was the clear picture of how I wanted that to look?  NOT driven just by my ego–but what was the clear picture that allowed my soul & ego to work together?

AND, most importantly, I had never looked at all the ways I was blocking that kind of clarity and blocking the upper levels of success, the aligned income & the recognition my work could receive so I could make more impact in the world.

I had built the business I thought would make money and most people would want, but I was not happy (and for all the money and effort I had spent I wasn’t making the money I wanted to make either!).

What I wanted was a business that really reflected the uniqueness of my soul, the beauty of the art I was here to create in the world with my work and that allowed me to make great money while serving people.

Offerings that made me stand out and felt good for me to deliver vs. burning me out in the same business model everyone else had.

Blog posts that touched people deeply down to the core.

Clients/customers that I felt jazzed up to work with.

A support team that felt like a family that had my back.

And I wanted to feel GOOD running my business.  Confident, clear, always knowing the way forward, creating things in the world that truly helped people.

It’s not that the programs that I and my clients were buying were bad (though some were), there was something else in the way. There was something we were doing in our work together that was missing from those amazing courses, that was causing everything to “click” for them in a short period of time.

It was the same work I had done on myself when I had my “big breakdown” a year and half into my business.

The work of clearing out all of the stuff that was preventing me from hearing the voice of my soul, that was causing me to self sabotage, that was causing me to stay stuck, that was creating that fogginess and overwhelm that blocked me from being able to IMPLEMENT in my business and truly put myself out there.

When I did that work, what I call now my Soul Alignment Process, my business skyrocketed within a year to its first six figures, and soon after multiple six figures.  I don’t say that number to show off–but only to show you the TRUE DYNAMICS of how to create life changing impact for yourself and others with your work.

It’s not about the blueprints or getting the right “formula”–it’s about something much, much deeper.

As I began to do this work with my clients and watched their lives and businesses take off in the best of ways, I noticed that I was working on the same things with my clients, over and over again.

I realized this was actually the symptom of a much larger issue that faces those of us who want to serve the world with our gifts, who dare to desire more fulfilling, purpose-aligned lives and who want to make a great living doing what we love.

I remember the day I realized this, I said a little “prayer” to the Universe to give me guidance on what I could create to help with the above common patterns I was seeing, on a greater scale.  The things that were causing so many of us to leave our purpose on the curb and spin our wheels instead.

At that time I only had 1:1 clients who invested in a $15,000/year program with me and I knew there was a much larger audience of people out there feeling the same way, but who perhaps didn’t have the time or financial resources available to them to invest at that high of a level in getting unstuck and making an impact.

The next morning I woke up with an entire program in my head.

In my dreams I had literally been shown the entire program, from end to end.

An eight-step process that teaches you how to clear out all of the limiting beliefs, anxiety and overwhelm that are holding you back from getting soul-deep clarity on your purpose and from there build a brand or business that is a true reflection of your soul in the world.

When you get that–you truly have it all.

That kind of alignment is what creates the TRUE life changing impact you crave in your life and in turn allows you to make that impact in the lives of those around you.

When we show up in alignment with our deepest gifts, we liberate others to do the same.

So, I pulled out my big white sheets of sketching paper, my favorite color markers and I spent the whole day dreaming this program up from the memory of my dream.

I took all of the best work I was doing with my 1:1 clients and distilled the core truths into 8 value-packed audio modules with worksheets.  I interviewed my most successful and brilliant friends and colleagues for a series of bonus interviews and the program was complete.

I launched it a few months later and it was an absolute HIT.

My original goal was to get 10 people in the program–we ended up with 50.

And in the next 8 weeks of the program, the breakthroughs that began to happen in that group were nothing short of a miracle. The forum for the program was buzzing with people having massive breakthroughs that they had been trying to have for YEARS.

I knew something special had been born.  

To this day Impact™ remains my most popular, transformative program for soul & purpose driven business owners who want to overcome all of the things that are holding them back from getting clarity, building profitable businesses & truly making a positive impact in the world.

The results have been nothing short of spectacular (you can check out all of the amazing testimonials here).

After months or even years of struggling, people come to this program and tell me THIS is the program that made all the difference for them.  

“I WISH I had this program several years ago when I started my business—this should be a prerequisite to coaches, entrepreneurs and thought-leaders looking to start or grow their business.”  -Sirena Bernal, www.sirenabernal.com

And my favorite part is that they tell me that after they get clear & soul-aligned in Impact™, they are able to return to all the old programs they bought before and never implemented and actually implement the amazing content in those programs.

This has been the most powerful program I have ever invested in even at a fraction of the cost of other trainings I have attended. There are so many specific teachings that have guided me to new insights both in my own life and ideas that I have already used with clients. It has helped me to be bolder, trust myself and move faster than before (and not only in my business). Lisa’s support was spot on, there for both good council and accountability. Thank you for the impact program!” –Elis Shine– Coach, Entrepreneur

I only open Impact™ for enrollment LIVE once a year.

And it is finally open for enrollment this year.

I’ve kind of done something a bit crazy this year–I decided to offer it at 50% off this year.

But that offer is only open until October 10 at midnight eastern time.

So, I want to invite you to come check out the program by clicking here.

And I hope to see you on the other side in our Impact™ community after you sign up!

When you join, you get lifetime membership, so you can do the program every year with the growing list of alumni of the program and get to network with an incredible community of soul-driven business owners like you.

In 8 weeks you could be exactly where you are right now, or you could be on track to finish 2015 in a profitable, soul-aligned business, with an amazing community and network of supporters you met in the Impact™ program.

You decide, love.

Come join us in the program everyone calls “the game changer” for creative, soul centered business owners.

With love & devotion,

Lisa Fabrega

ps:  Have you been catching the AMAZING live interviews I’ve been doing on Periscope this week with Impact™ alumni?  If not, make sure you’re following me on Periscope @LisaFabrega.  (You can download the f.ree app from your phone’s app store–you should have this app if you’re a business owner, trust me.)

Here are the interviews you’ve missed so far (click each alum’s name to watch their interview):

Maisha Hudson → the Impact alum who made me weep with the video she posted in our Impact forum about her incredible breakthroughs just that first week.  Click here to watch Maisha’s inspiring interview.

Nina Andrijanic → within 8 weeks in impact, she had a clear direction on her business, was no longer afraid to put herself out there, had her first clients & got invited to be part of a large international expert summit!  Two years later, she is still using the tools she used in Impact™–find out how Nina achieved results so quickly by clicking here to watch her interview.

Maia Macek → .finally stepped into the business that reflected her true calling, overcame visibility fears & booked her highest paying client with her new message, just one week after joining Impact™  Click here to see how Maia did it and watch her interview.


the secret to attracting a “soulmate” tribe


Do you ever feel like everyone’s programs and offerings are the same and you want to create something different? Something that truly makes you stand out and reflects the uniqueness of you?  

Or maybe you feel like you’re doing everything you can to attract more clients so that you can do your great work in the world…but they just don’t seem to notice you?

Or maybe the clients you’ve attracted all feel “out of alignment” for you–maybe they constantly ask for discounts or tell you they “can’t afford” your stuff, or maybe you’re hiding a part of you in your work because you’re unsure of how your clients would react?

I used to ogle at other amazing thought leaders in my industry, feeling jealous that they seemed to have such creative offerings that everyone wanted to buy and be a part of.
I felt like my stuff was so boring in comparison to theirs and it used to really get me down, so believe me, I get it!

If you’ve ever felt like this,  I have an amazing story to tell you about a client that is going to make you feel so much better. (Don’t worry she’s authorized me to tell this story)

I had a client who joined my Impact™ program last year because even though she consistently put content out there and was doing everything “right” according to all the programs and books she had purchased to get clients…

she didn’t have a single client after 2 years of putting herself out there.

She came to me at the end of her rope, confused, frustrated and ready to quit.

“You’re my last resort, Lisa.  I’ve spent the last two years spending so much of my time and dollars trying to get more clients and I still haven’t attracted a single one”, she said to me when she joined Impact™.

Well, on the first group call, we took a look at her offerings and within seconds I knew exactly what was wrong and why she hadn’t gotten any clients.

As I suspected, the “thing” that was wrong–the thing that was blocking her ability to attract clients–also happened to be the one thing that most programs and books that teach you how to craft programs, COMPLETELY MISS.

It’s a simple formula that allows you to go from confused about what you offer & feeling invisible to highly magnetic, soul-aligned trend-setter in your industry.

Once you get this formula and apply it, you’ll have everything you need to start creating gorgeous, unique, one-of-a-kind offerings that are aligned with your soul, wow your community & peers and magnetize the perfect “soulmate” clients to you.

Even better, when you apply this formula, you will also stop looking like every other cookie-cutter business owner out there, with the same programs and offerings and have your own unique suite of offerings that feel really good to you, reflect the unique gifts you bring to the table and establish you as a trend-setter and thought leader in your industry.

That’s how the world’s most successful business owners stand out and make impact.

So…within a few weeks of implementing this formula I gave her, my client’s results totally bowled me over.

Want to hear what happened to her and her business as a result?
(you won’t believe it!)

I tell the whole story in Video 3 of my f.ree Impact Video Training Series, which is now open.

This is the last video in the series and I’ll be taking them down in a few days, so make sure you head on over and watch it asap before they’re no longer available, if you haven’t already.  All you have to do is enter your name and email and you’ll automatically get access to all three videos!

In these no-cost videos are all the tools you need to get started on building a business that is aligned with your soul, makes more money and more positive impact in the world.

Head on over to Video 3 of the free Impact Training Series – see how you can make the adjustments to your business model and offerings so that you love the business you are in and so that your customers say YES to working with you, effortlessly.

Check out Video 3 right now…and then respond in the comments below and share the video with your tribe by tagging #impactprogram and @LisaFabrega to qualify to get a scholarship for my upcoming Impact™ Coaching Program.

I can’t wait to read all of your comments – you’re not only qualifying for a potential scholarship, you might just be helping a fellow soul aligned business owner gain the courage, clarity or ask the question they were too shy to ask.

With profound devotion,
Lisa Fabrega

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How soul-alignment led to $5 million in revenue



No, my subject line for today’s email is not meant to be a gimmicky marketing title or “hook” to get you to open.  It’s just the simple truth that I am so passionate about making sure you understand.  I’ll tell you why in just a few seconds if you keep reading below…

You know, there’s an old paradigm that says that people who want to serve & help others with their business and make that kind of an impact with their work, “shouldn’t” also be prosperous and make good money.  That it’s “out of alignment” to do that.

And there’s also this belief that people who have service-oriented hearts in their business, actually can’t make that much money and never will do as well as those who don’t inject soul into their business.

In fact the other day, I was on Facebook and caught a discussion on a well known entrepreneur’s wall, where a few people were making fun of “spiritual, soul-centered or heart-centered entrepreneurs”, saying that they never make any money or that calling yourself that is code for “broke and trying to make myself feel better”.

Well, I call BS on all of the above.

In fact, what I have been teaching my clients for the past 5 years is that being in alignment with your purpose is actually what will make your business not only MORE prosperous, but will ensure that your business is sustainable for the long term–meaning it will outlast all those other non-soul centered businesses.  

Because anything that is not aligned with your soul eventually becomes too painful to keep up and falls apart.  

And the other day, I was taking a look at my clients’ combined earnings and I found actual “proof” that both beliefs I mentioned above are total bs.

What was revealed as I looked at their results literally had tears of joy streaming down my face as I realized that last year, they made a combined $5 million in earnings in totally soul-aligned businesses.

To think of my clients earning great income while making a big difference in the world with their incredible work, brought me to happy tears.  Because I remember the times when they were about to give up, before they came to work with me.  And I remember the times I felt that way too.

One of the biggest ways I see us soul centered business owners sabotage our results is by believing in the two beliefs I mentioned above.
And there are a million other money, marketing & selling beliefs in there that hold us back from making the money and the positive impact we want to make.

I’m sharing this with you because Video 2 of the f.ree Impact Video Training series I created for you is up now, and it’s one that I know you need – because it’s something that I needed so badly.  It’s what all of my current clients continue to need.

(It’s also the most popular lesson in my 8-week Impact™ Program, which this video training series leads into, so I decided I just needed to just give you some of the juiciest stuff from that week’s training in the no-cost video training series).

So, here it is.

What are some of the words that come up when you think about SELLING your products and services?

I’ve heard these:

“Not me”

For a lot of us, “selling” or inviting people into work with us, for a fee, brings up fear and emotions that feel like the biggest risk we can take in our business.

We almost get frozen around it and then don’t “sell” our products or services at alI, or we do but it feels so awkward that we come across that way or we avoid it like the plague.  I understand, because I used to hate selling too.

Because the truth is, if you want to make an impact in the world and serve more people with your unique gifts, selling your products and services is a requirement. 

You will need money to invest in things in your business that allow you to help more people and If you don’t have clients or customers, you’re just dabbling in a hobby. 

Furthermore, how are you supposed to create the life you dream of, without making any money at all?

See, what I know is, you’re not doing this for a hobby, it’s just the limiting money beliefs and the fear of “selling” that’s keeping you from offering your great work & improving your financial results in your business.

But what if I taught you a way to not have to sell anymore?  Instead, what if what you got to do was INSPIRE your clients into a whole-hearted YES to you, your products and/or your services?

Notice I said the word INSPIRE (instead of “sell”).  

What if inviting someone to work with you no longer felt scary or like you want to run away from it, or like you might come across as sleazy, pushy or inauthentic?

What if sales conversations with clients felt like easy, effortless, fun chats with friends?

This right here, is the essence of what I call Fearless Selling™.  Which, by the way, is what  Video 2 of the free Impact Video Training Series is all about.

In that video I teach you the same techniques that my clients learn and start to see selling as the highest level of service you can possibly give to the people waiting for you (your paying clients)…

Don’t miss out – because this is our second to last video in the series, and we want you to get access to all of it.  Video 2 may make all the difference in your business results, but if you’re not taking advantage of this no-cost training, I can’t help you help yourself!

Sign up for no cost at all here:
I’m ready to inspire my potential clients into a yes, Lisa!

With profound devotion,
Lisa Fabrega

P.S.  I have a client that used to actually lose her voice right when she would have to sell her products…and using the very same techniques I teach you in Video 2, she got past her “fear laryngitis”.  This is worth the entire time you’ve already invested in the training so far.  Join us now and comment & share on social media (don’t forget to tage me @LisaFabrega and hashtag #impactprogram and #lisafabrega so we can keep track of your shares!) to qualify for the one full ride scholarship I’m awarding to the “top sharer & participant” in my upcoming Impact Program.



do the crazy thing


Last year I undertook a project that was CRAZY.  At least my mind told me so.  

But my soul knew it had to be done.

I moved to the jungles and mountains of Panama for a month to shoot a new video training series that was the culmination of 4 years of intense work with clients on helping them get soul aligned to get unstuck, make more money and more impact with their purpose (and their businesses).

The series and the program it led into had come to me in a dream–and when that happens I know I’m being called to create something that is needed.

I’ll never forget how HARD that was.  I had a vision that came to me in a dream that said that the videos HAD to be shot outside.  It was my soul talking to me.

But let me tell you…

if you have ever filmed anything outside in tropical heat with bugs flying around your face and ruining takes, cicadas singing at random intervals and ruining your audio, rain clouds coming in whenever they feel like it, ruining the lighting etc.. with your hair frizzing from the humidity, your makeup melting & you forgetting your lines here and there because you’re trying to focus while all of this is going on around you, you will know how hard it was!

I was also scared to death while I was making these videos because they would make me SO visible.  I was 45 pounds heavier than I am now, I was afraid of being judged for not looking “perfect” in the videos, for the videos to end up not being of the quality of some other videos I had seen and I was saying some stuff in the videos that a lot of people don’t talk about when it comes to being soul aligned, profitable and impactful when it comes to doing your great work in the world.

But I persevered.   Deep down I had this strong drive in my soul to create this for my community (you!), because I KNEW it was time for this message to get out there in a big way.  I wanted MORE people to have access to these tools that have utterly transformed so many of my clients’ lives for the better.  It was time for this not to be a best-kept secret anymore.  

So to make this idea happen in the way my soul was telling me, I had to borrow $10,000 dollars for FB ads and to pay for the launch, spent thousands getting the videos produced and getting the website designed etc…  I stretched my bank balance and my own mental financial limits to the max.

Every bit of this project was an edge-pusher for me, financially, emotionally, spiritually, physically…

But I went forward anyway.

Because my biggest passion is to help people get unstuck and do the work they were called here to do so they can impact the world positively with their purpose.

You see, when I was a little girl, my parents adopted two little boys from the ghetto of Panama.  I watched them receive every opportunity and help we could possibly give them at the time to succeed…and I watched them succumb to the gang mentality of their neighborhood–one of them died and the other is in jail for life.  This experience broke my heart and it shaped me profoundly.

I wanted to know WHY these brilliant boys had not been able to overcome their circumstances.  

WHY do people repress their deepest calling?  Why do people sabotage their dreams?  Why do some people succeed and overcome their obstacles while others fail?  

And this, of course, shaped the work I do with my clients–working on the foundation of what makes us self-sabotage, doubt and hold back what we were most called to do in this world.  

In the back of my mind, I always think that maybe, just maybe, if I can help you in that way, you will go out there and help too…and that together, through our combined impact, we can save more people like the two boys my family adopted from the ghetto.  

Help more people stop denying themselves the lives they really long to live.

Help more people gain the tools that will help them overcome their obstacles.

Obstacles like the fears, the limiting beliefs..the ways we don’t trust our vision.

How we shut up our soul’s voice and favor the opinions of others to dictate how we should look, express or “be”, give up our power to the outside opinions of others, tell ourselves we can’t have what we want, hold back our truth for fear of being judged, compare ourselves to others & use that to justify not starting our own projects, tell ourselves we can’t succeed, or can’t handle success or think we don’t have what it takes to succeed.

Or any of the other ways in which we sabotage our dreams & our purpose for being on this earth.  That beautiful work of art only YOU are meant to express in this lifetime.

When I went to acting school, one of my teachers told me every person has a “string” in their heart, that when it gets pulled it affects them deeply and it drives them in their lives.

My “string” gets activated when I see people have a dream, then squelch it and not do it.   Or second guess it and do something that pales in comparison to what they REALLY want to do.

And this squelching, second-guessing & fear affects us at every level.  

I have worked with extremely successful business owners who have built million dollar businesses that were making them miserable and suppressing who they truly were…as well as the new business owner who is afraid to step out of the box and just speak their truth in their business (which is the same as being aligned with your soul).

But there’s one thing I know for sure, after doing this for over 5 years and working with over 5,000 people just like you.

When we clear out the gunk, the limiting beliefs, the fears and the self-sabotage that lurks in our mindset without us even realizing it sometimes,  that is when soul-deep clarity comes.  And what I have seen my clients create from there has been mind-boggling, to say the least.  

I’ve seen them do things like go from 0 clients for 2 years, to 5 clients in a week.

Going from $2,000 a month in revenue to $50,000 a month.

Leaving an old, tired business to start a new one that was sold out with a waiting list on the first day it opened.

Feeling confused and stuck to growing a powerful team with a network marketing business that is now one of the fastest growing teams in her area.

What they all have in common is that they are now crystal clear & aligned with their soul’s purpose.

THIS is what creates the most successful businesses.  Because when you’re clear about what you’re here to do, the plan for “how” to do it naturally unfolds before your eyes with ease.  

Suddenly you know how to get those clients, you know how you need to market yourself, how to invite someone in to work with you in a way that feels good, what your tag line should be, what programs, products or services you want to offer & who you serve.

When you speak and share your message from a clear and aligned place, your energy is like a powerful force that magnetizes the right people to you.  Clients, opportunities, invitations that help you spread your message even further, that increase your prosperity.  And I don’t just mean money.  I mean a business that is filled with deep financial, emotional, spiritual, mental & physical abundance.

So…this is why I pushed through during the filming of my video series.  

Because I BURN with this desire for you to have this in your life & business too.

So, I had to do the very work I was teaching in that series on MYSELF to get through the filming of the video series.

I knew that even though I wanted to quit many times, even though I felt afraid, even though I was coming up against my OWN limiting beliefs (as we will at every level of our businesses and purpose) this was a message that had to get out there.  This work had to get out there to more people.  

And after two grueling weeks, we finished the video series.

It has ended up being one of the most rewarding projects I have done to date.  

It was also the most difficult, most scary and most testing.

And it was worth it.

It’s worth it to do the crazy thing your soul is asking you to do.

To this day it has been the biggest growth experience in my 5 years of business

and it has created a very powerful impact.  The video series has reached over 4,000 people to date and over 100 people have graduated from the accompanying program of the video series, Impact, with incredible results.  

They’ve gone from feeling stuck, confused and out of alignment, to confident, clear, prosperous and free while living the lives they always dreamed of.

You may have seen this last week, but if you haven’t yet, I wanted to let you know one last time that I’ve once again decided to release this video series after many requests to do so.  And it’s open NOW.    I’m going to keep bugging you about this because I know if you’re here, you’re meant to be there with us.  No more excuses, love.

You’re never too busy to listen to the voice of your soul.

Video 1 is already live and Video 2 comes out tomorrow.

And these videos are damn good. (check out one of the comments one of the participants left under the video a few days ago)


If you are ready to stop feeling stuck and you’re done feeling foggy on how to move forward and you’re truly ready to step into the prosperity and impact you were put here to make, I’m inviting you to join us by clicking here.

Because we can’t wait til we have it “all figured out” before we put our voice out there.  

We can’t wait til it’s all perfect before we share our calling with the world.  

The only time we have is NOW.

If you are someone who feels called to live your purpose and build a business that truly reflects your calling and you want to break through to clarity so that you can create a business that not only is profitable but makes a positive impact in the world…

then you’ll join us here.  

And I think that is pretty much everyone getting this email.

So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t join us (unless you don’t feel it’s important to be devoted to your dreams).

This is not for newbies only or seasoned business owners only…

this series is for everyone.  I’ve had people of all levels in business participate and have massive breakthroughs.

It’s totally complimentary, so you have nothing to lose, love.

Plus, I’m giving away one full ride scholarship to Impact (worth $597) to the person who shares & participates the most in the video series!

Do the crazy thing, love.

Join us.

I hope to see you there.

With devotion,


ps: there’s an opening sequence in the videos after you sign up that a colleague told me a few months ago, was “the most amazing opening sequence to any video training series she has ever seen and that no one has ever done anything like that”. There’s a whole cool story about how that came to be–but if you wanna see it–sign up.  ;-)

pps:  I will be doing live Periscope interviews with former Impact program participants in the next 2 weeks plus live q&a sessions that correspond with each video, so come follow me on Periscope @LisaFabrega to catch these inspiring stories! (Periscope is a new free live video app that is all the rage right now and every business owner should have it if they want to stay ahead of the curve!)

ppps: the above picture is of me on the first day of filming the series.  The power of that land behind me is why I filmed it outside–I wanted you to get the powerful transmission this land emanates while you’re watching the videos.  It’s why I do retreats here every year!   


Are you placing strategy over soul?



Twenty minutes into our call, she burst out crying.  
Deep, heavy sobs.  The kind of sobs that denote a deep catharsis or release of a frustration that has been pent up for a long, long time.

At first I was a little stunned, I wasn’t sure if something I had said had upset her or if I had royally messed up with what I had just shared and worked through with her.

But she broke the silence in between the sobs by saying “Lisa, I’m crying because I have literally spent thousands of dollars trying to resolve this and have spent two years feeling completely lost as experts bombard me with templates and tactics…

[more sobbing and deep breaths]

and this is the first time I feel like someone has actually listened to me and helped me listen in on what my soul wants to do in my business and what is actually, truly aligned for me!   We’re only 15 minutes in and I’ve finally gotten the clarity that I’ve been seeking for years.”

I honestly couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

Listen, I might piss some people off with what I’m about to say, but it’s a pattern that has become so prevalent, that I feel it’s worth mentioning.

Time and time again, in the last 5 years, I have had business owners come to me telling me they worked with someone who pushed them into a template or blueprint, pushed them into a niche, or pushed them into a business model that didn’t feel right for them.

This was the blueprint that had worked for that expert  
This was the expert’s proven success model.

They then end up spending a ton of money on graphic designers, website, systems and a team, built up around the business model & message they had been pushed into… and it’s usually a business model and message that is totally out of alignment with them.

By the time I meet them, they have spent a few years struggling in their business.  Not making enough money, not attracting enough clients, feeling weird about marketing themselves in general, feeling confused about what to share with their potential clients, riddled with self-doubt and desperately craving clarity and alignment but not knowing where and how to get it.

Or they’ve created a business that made a lot of money, but they are burned out, exhausted, miserable inside and want to shut down their business and walk away from everything.  There is something “missing” in their business and a large part of them feels suppressed and unexpressed.

And almost every time in our first few sessions they tell me…

“Lisa, you’re the first person who has actually listened to me in years, instead of pushing some proven system on me without asking me what I think, feel and want first.”

To be honest, this ticks me off and makes me kind of sad.

Why do I keep hearing this over and over again?

I’m certainly not arrogant enough to think I’m the only one telling people to listen to their intuition when they are making decisions in their life and business.  

But the barrage of comments like this from my community in the last five years leads me to believe that there are few who do.  And I really, really don’t want to believe that.

Now let me be clear–I truly don’t think that the business strategist or coach who was previously helping my clients with those blueprints and strategies actually meant any harm.  I think there are people out there who have systems that worked really well for them and that can work really well for a lot of people who work with them, if they happen to be aligned with that same system for success.

But that doesn’t mean it will work really well for every single person.
Businesses and people’s purposes are not one size fits all–they are living, breathing, mutable entities.

And secondly, it boggles my mind how many experts push entire success systems and models on their clients, without ever stopping to address the soul level matters that have to be addressed first before you can build a truly successful, fulfilling & aligned business.

To go along with that point, it baffles me how many of us business owners so easily abdicate the authority of our own soul’s voice, and allow a business model & message that is out of alignment, to be thrust upon us…and just “do as we’re told” without saying “hey this doesn’t feel quite right to me!”, so that the person who is helping us can say “okay, let’s pivot and see what will feel right to you”.

Furthermore, I still get super frustrated when I see business owners actually think they can “skyrocket to success” by skipping the deep soul work that is needed to have a long-term sustainable & successful business.

Strategy, blueprints, systems & flashy promises of “it girl/it guy status” get placed above soul alignment.  We think that there is actually a one size fits all template that will get us the results we want, that will be the “easy pill” we get to take to solve all of our problems.  The ego loves that stuff.

So we fall for the “quick fix” hook, line and sinker…and before we know it, we’re sitting on a heap of confusion, mis-alignment and misery and we don’t know why we’re not getting the results we want in our business, why we feel more confused than ever and why we feel deeply unhappy in what we’ve spent all that time, money & energy to build.

Here’s the straight truth.

You can have the most elite coaches, the best programs, the most popular books…but if you have not looked within to address the soul matters within BEFORE or WHILE you start using all those systems and strategies…

none of those things will work.  Period.

If you haven’t done the work to find out what it is that you want to do, what is actually aligned for you, what your true calling is…

then all you’ll be doing is superimposing other people’s systems onto your calling.  That’s like trying someone else’s custom fit clothes on your frame and expecting them to look as fabulous on you as on them.

And listen, if there’s one thing I know about you–you’re not a cookie cutter model of someone else’s template or blueprint.

And yes, some of those blueprints and templates can generate a lot of money–I’m not bashing systems & models for good business.  But at the same time, what makes your business a long term success has much more to do with the unique expression of your essence/self shining through in everything you do.

That’s what makes your business “stand out” as a unique brand.

A “proven system” without you, fully aligned in your message, in it, is just a system.  It’s robotic.  There’s no soul.

And if you were just in this to create a robotic system for the money, you wouldn’t have found your way over to me anyway.  This I know.

Running your own business is a spiritual process.
All of your shit* comes up when you run your own business.

*Shit = limiting beliefs.

Beliefs that say:

“am I good enough to put myself out there?”
“Does anyone actually care what I have to say?”
“Am I worthy of success and financial abundance?”
“No one really wants to pay for what I REALLY want to do”
“Do I really have what it takes?”
“She’s doing it so much better than me, so why try?”
These voices will be LOUD every time you try to move forward.

They will sabotage you, keep you stuck, foggy-headed and confused.

They will keep you from moving forward, because we ALL hit ceilings as we sprint forward in our personal growth, no matter what level we are at in our businesses (and owning a business is one of the biggest personal growth accelerators that exist!).

And owning your own business is like being on a roller coaster–some months you’re coasting along, some months you’ve got tons of money, some months you’re freaking out wondering how you’re going to pay your team…

and as your business grows, as your visibility increases, you will have to deal with all of the trappings that come as an influencer and leader in your field.

So if you haven’t taken care of the internal, non-tangible, spiritual aspects of being a business owner, if you haven’t learned how to not let your limiting beliefs sabotage you, if you haven’t learned to not let your emotions make you suffer as you navigate the ups and downs of business ownership…

well, then, to put it plainly, you will not survive.

And no system, blueprint, “proven success template” or strategy addresses THAT.

A “proven success system” in a one size fits all template doesn’t stop to ask you what YOU want.

It doesn’t teach you how to dive deep to access the voice of your Soul and listen to your soul’s instructions on what your purpose truly is in this world and how that looks when it’s merged with your business message & model.

It doesn’t sit with you, dig deep and pull out the threads of your purpose so you can weave them into a beautiful web that expresses your unique art in the world.

A template doesn’t teach you how to work with the limiting beliefs that will come up as you proceed in your business & hold you back from living your purpose.

Yet, time and time again, I see business owners picking strategies and templates and superimposing them on their businesses, before doing the soul work that will actually allow them to apply those templates in a way that is unique to them and that helps them build a business that is truly soul-aligned and fulfilling (and wildly successful too!)

I think this is one of the biggest problems I see in the world of entrepreneurship and owning a business.  The placing of strategy above soul.

The obsession with getting to six or seven figures fast or becoming a celebrity coach spawns a variety of quick fix offerings that don’t actually stop to ask you first, what is true for you and what is it that you are truly called to create.

And we allow that obsession to take over what our Soul wants and forget to check in with ourselves before we spend thousands of dollars on getting famous overnight in our businesses or whatever other impossible promise we have invested in.

And for those of us who are guides for other business owners in the process, I think it’s time we stop and ask ourselves–are we serving our clients when we are pushing a system on our clients without asking them what they truly desire?

Are we taking the time to ask them what they want?

Are we helping them tap into their OWN intuition and soul’s purpose or at least guiding them to something/someone that will before they begin to use templates & blueprints?  

Are we checking in to see if their limiting beliefs are handled before we push them into another “proven system” that has worked for us?

I think if we are truly here to give our clients value and to create transformation, we’ve got to be asking these questions of our clients, before asking them to spend thousands of dollars on programs that they will not be able to implement because they have not done the work of connecting with their soul’s voice & clearing the limiting beliefs that will sabotage their ability to succeed with the systems we teach them.

I for one, am tired of seeing us all–coaches and coachees, business owners & customers, shortchange ourselves by constantly choosing the mindless plug and play system as a priority over the voice of our Soul.

That’s what has created so much of the burnout and disillusionment I’ve been seeing lately in our industry.  So many people are feeling it right now.

In the end, do we want to build/help people build legacies?
Or do we want to sell them some quick fix solution that might help temporarily, but in the end leave them feeling more confused and out of alignment than ever before?

Are we here just to collect people’s money?
Or are we here to truly serve them by making sure they have the things in place first, that will set them up for success (the non-tangibles like soul-work & working with limiting beliefs).

I’d love to know in the comments below if you’ve ever placed strategy above soul and what the results were, or if you’ve recently decided to start placing soul over strategy & seen any difference in the results you’ve wanted?

ps: This discovery I had many years ago in my business led me to an aha that caused me to create something a few years ago to address this issue of trying to run before we learn to walk.

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With devotion,