Boundary Capacity

I’m doing a big scary thing

For the next 60 days, I’m doing something radical that goes against all the rules, and which several people told me they weren’t so sure I should do. Today, I’m inviting you to participate in this experiment if you want to follow along and see what happens. First, some backstory… I recently hired a new…

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I bailed last minute

I was about to head out the door to an event last week when I made a radical decision. I had my makeup on, was fully dressed, and ready to go—I even took this picture as I was about to head out the door… And then I realized the venue was a 45-minute drive for…

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Someone stole my content

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve received multiple alarmed messages from different sources telling me others are ripping off my IP on capacity – my ideas, my words, and even my whole vibe.  Back when I first started talking capacity (YEARS ago), nobody else was. It was just me, the lone voice, bringing something…

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she didn’t like me

she didnt like me

I was at a gathering recently (outside, wearing masks, very physically distanced and just five people) and I mentioned I probably wasn’t going to fly on any planes until next year and even then it would have to be on a private plane, with everyone onboard tested for COVID. One woman who I get along…

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