I’m a writer, a coach and a Courage Curator™.

When I was a little girl, growing up in a dictatorship in Panama, my family adopted two little boys from the ghetto. My mom took them under her wing and gave them anything that they would accept, in order to help them transcend their circumstances. Years later, we moved away from Panama. One of the boys wound up in jail, the other one ended up dead.

Ever since then I’ve been fascinated by what it is about the human spirit that allows one person to become the next Gandhi, the next Martin Luther King, the next Mother Theresa—to transcend all of their circumstances and become a legendary leader, while another does not.

And I’ve devoted my entire life to answering that question.

That’s why today I work with people who feel called to do big, great work in the world, but for whatever reason are not doing it. I’m here to light that spark within you, your inner Gandhi, your inner MLK, your inner Mother Theresa, so that you can do your big work in the world, whatever that is.

Sometimes my work looks like leading leadership retreats in the lush mountains of Panama, running digital programs that help you release the fears that keep you from making more money and more impact, writing a kick-in-the-ass blog post to get you into action…

and sometimes it looks like me quietly holding space for you in a room without saying a word,
while you have your biggest shift yet.

My clients include documentary filmmakers showing their work at global peace summits, authors who want to redefine the paradigms of how we deal with cancer, coaches who want to change the world & live abundantly while doing so and mothers whose biggest contribution to the world is the legacy they leave behind through their children.

If you’re ready to find that part of your human spirit that allows you to be a leader and change the paradigm of leadership, choose your adventure by clicking here to view the different ways you can work with me.