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meet my “surprise kids”

I made a pretty big decision three weeks ago that I’ve kept pretty quiet. Until today. Meet my “surprise kids” Sadie (left) and Luna (right). There will be more stories on them and the incredible journey it took to get here in the future, but for now, I want to share one of the major lessons they’ve already taught me about expanding your capacity…

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he lied

In graduate school years ago, I shared a house with a male classmate. What I loved about our relationship is that it was 100% platonic, so the boundaries were clear between us (you’ll know why I’m saying this in a moment). Which meant we could have some pretty deep conversations about relationships, sex, and connection in general, knowing there’d be no “unspoken expectations”.

One night after I made us a housemate dinner, he opened up to me…

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redirecting couch

A few years ago, I found myself sitting on my couch, lost in a long train of thought. It’s a train of thought my brain has been habitually trained to go down, based on childhood physical/emotional abuse I experienced. This train of thought says, “yes, you’re successful, all is great, you’ve achieved all these amazing…

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guardians not walls

In our first conversation about boundaries, I showed you where you might be experiencing boundary capacity issues (even if you think your boundaries are locked in and solid). And then in our second video, we talked about all the hidden ways you avoid doing the work to expand your boundary capacity.

Y’all LOVED this particular conversation — the comments and engagement we got on this video were off-the-chain. Let’s dive DEEPER into boundary capacity today.

Your BOUNDARY capacity is your ability to not only guard your time and energy, but to make specific, clear, and easily granted requests from the Universe.

Let’s explore further into how life can look and feel for you when your boundary capacity is fully expanded…

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