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this is why you’re drained.

A few years ago, I was on the phone with my friend Dyana, talking about an old flame I’d recently reconnected with. We’d always liked each other, but somehow things between us had never materialized, due to timing and a variety of other factors. Then, out of the blue, 10 years later, he reached out….

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You don’t always have to be good at everything, you know: A love letter to my fellow high achievers.

The pain sizzled through my leg and up to my spine and neck. Bright, red rivulets of blood were sprouting from my knee and the whole first layer of my skin was gone. I squinted my face tight to resist the next wave of pain about to hit as my nerves sent the signal of this gruesome sight to my brain.

My mother walked over to me and said, “Honey are you okay? Are you hurt?” She could tell I was in a lot of pain and wanted to comfort me.  

She’s told me this story a few times in my life. How I looked at her as she went to comfort me, moved her arm away and said, “I’m fine.” How she saw me suppress the pain on my face, brush off the gravel from my knee, and stand up and keep going.  

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blowing up your socks

The other day I watched a video of a soccer player that blew my socks off! As the owner of a highly successful business approaching 10 years in existence, I felt every piece of that womxn’s journey trying to get that ball into the net! And that level of relentlessness is the exact level of…

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the secret I learned about Oprah

“If one more person tells me to go do self-care for two hours with champagne, bubbles, and chocolate in a tub I’m going to tell them to shut up.”

I was on the phone with a client and she was venting. She was recently the newly-minted CEO of a very successful, multi-million dollar family-owned business, and in her words, this powerful badass felt like “life wasn’t working anymore”.

She was showing early signs of adrenal fatigue, couldn’t imagine adding another single thing to her plate, her marriage was showing strain, and she was having serious issues dealing with the team she was now managing.

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